Book-quet Bundles!

❤️ Do you want to answer a short personality quiz and send a bundle of books, hand-picked, fancily-wrapped and home-delivered to your loved one’s address, anywhere in Australia, for only $50? Yes, I thought so … 😬

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News @ 24.3.2021

Hi everyone!! The Bookplate bookshop in Hornsby has a new venture! =)

Why send someone a bouquet of flowers when you can send them a BOOK-QUET of books instead?!?!?! Give the ultimate gift with a delivery of 5-7 books, chosen especially for them through our Personality-Based Book Bundle quiz thingie. It’s only $50, delivery Australia-wide included! All I need you to do is answer a few questions about them. Go on, buy a pretty book-quet for your pretty!

Please share this update with all your friends!! And also your enemies!! Everyone needs a good book, these days, haha! Stay safe, people. ❤️ from Tanya (and her dad, Gerard) at the Bookplate.