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Anthony Adverse Allen, Henry43408120Cl01-01
Action At Aquila Allen, HenryCl01-02
The Fables Of Aesop With Designers On Wood Bewick, Thomas08407-006XCl01-03
Little Women Alcott, Louisa May0440-44768Cl01-04
King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round TableGreen, Roger Lancelyn Cl01-05
Aesop's FablesWinder, BlancheCl01-06
Great Writer'sAusten, Jane1854109605Cl01-07
Mansfield ParkAusten, Jane0-734301464Cl01-08
Northanger AbbeyAusten, JaneCl01-09
EmmaAusten, Jane158279945Cl01-10
The ChaseAlcott, May Louisa99664119Cl01-11
Jo's BoysAlcott, May LouisaCl01-12
Little Women and Good WivesAlcott, May LouisaCl01-13
Watership Dawn SOLDAdams Richard140306013Cl01-14
The Folks That live on the hillAmis, Kingsley0-091741378Cl01-15
Stanlyey And The WomenAmis, Kingsley91562406Cl01-16
Russian Hide And SeekAmis, KingsleyCl01-17
Jakes ThingAmis, KingsleyCl01-18
The Old DevilsAmis, Kingsley0-140101330Cl01-19
House Of MeetingsAmis, MartinCl01-20
The Old DevilsAmis, Kingsley0-140166538Cl01-21
The Anti Death LeagueAmis, KingsleyCl01-22
That Uncertain FeelingAmis, Kingsley0-575034807Cl01-23
Lucky JimAmis, Kingsley0-140278702Cl01-24
The EgyptologistsAmis, Kingsley & Conquest, RobertCl01-25
Lucky JimAmis, KingsleyCl01-26
I Like It HereAmis, KingsleyCl01-27
Words Of The StateAdamson, Robert0-207174040Cl01-28
The Green MareAyme, MarcelCl01-29
Old Saint Paul'sAinsworth, Harrison WilliamCl01-30
The Regiments Lives Of Nuns, Married Women ...850950309Cl01-31
Farewell, GulsarryAlimotov, Chingiz0-34012864Cl02-01
Love For LydiaBates, H.E0-14001165Cl02-02
Love For LydiaBates, H.E0-14001165Cl02-02a
The Triple EchoBates, H.E.0-14003563Cl02-03
The Darling Bud Of MayBates, H.E & Joseph, Michael Cl02-04
The Feast Of JulyBates, H.E.Cl02-05SOLD
A Breath Of French AirBates, H.E.Cl02-06
A Breath Of French AirBates, H.E.Cl02-07
A Breath Of French AirBates, H.E.Cl02-08
A Breath Of French AirBates, H.E.Cl02-09
A Breath Of French AirBates, H.E.Cl02-10
The Purple RainBates, H.E.Cl02-11
Death Of A HuntsmanBates, H.E.Cl02-12
The Darling Buds Of MayBates, H.E.Cl02-13
The Jacaranda TreeBates, H.E.Cl02-14
When The Woods LaughBates, H.E.Cl02-15
The Sleepless MoonBates, H.E.Cl02-16
A Moment in TimeBates, H.E.Cl02-17
The Stories Of Flying OfficerBates, H.E.Cl02-18
The BrontesWaving, Heather High1857995457Cl02-19
The PoacherBates, H.ECl02-20
VilletteBronte, CharlotteCl02-21
The DecameronBoccacio, GiovanniCl02-22
The Way Of All FleshButler, SamuelCl02-23
MesserByrne, DonnCl02-24
The Old wives TaleBennett, ArnoldCl02-25
ClayhangerBennett, ArnoldCl02-26
Testament Of YouthBrittain, VeraCl02-27
Old Father RiotBalzac, H.D Cl02-28
The Shifting HeartBeyon, Richard0-207133271Cl02-29
Dawton's Death Leonce and Lena WoyzechBuchner, George0-192818279Cl02-30
Ready Money MortiboBesant and RiceCl02-31
Thuvia Maid Of MarsBurroughs, Edgar RiceCl02-32
The Roman RyeBorrow, GeorgeCl02-33
Mrs ParkingtonBromfield, LouisCl02-34
Seven MenBeerbohm, MaxCl02-35
The Thirty Nine StepsBuchan, JohnCl02-36
The Ingoldsby LegendsBarnham, R.H.Cl02-37
The Way Of All FleshButler, Samuel1853262285Cl02-38
The Safety NetBoll, Heinrich0-810112108Cl02-39
The ProfessorBronte, Charlotte185326208Cl02-40
The Bread Of Those Early YearsBell, Heinrich0-810111632Cl02-41
The Twenty One BallonDu Bois, William Penn 0-14240330-XCl02-42
Trout Fishing In AmericaBrantigan, RichardCl02-43
The DecameronBoccaccio, GiovanniCl02-44
The Phantom Musketeer SOLDBrandon, CharlesCl02-45
Everything Is NiceBowles, Jane1853810525Cl02-46
The Bronte StoryLane, MargaretCl02-47
Little Lord FauntleroyBurnett, Frances Hodgson140621687Cl03-01
ByrneBurgess, Anthony0-091792045Cl03-02
The Pilgrim's ProgressBunyan, John0-140430040Cl03-03
The Roman RyeBurrow, GeorgeCl03-04
A Vision Of BattlementsBurgess, AnthonyCl03-05
The Last Of The MohicansCooper, Fenimore, JamesCl03-06
Adventures In Two WorldsCronin, A.J.Cl03-07
Shipwreck Of The Whaleship EssexChase, OwenCl03-08
ClochemerleChevallier, GabrielCl03-09
Burke, ConciliationPayneCl03-10
Sainte CollineChevallier, GabrielCl03-11
History Of The Australian Gold Rushes(Those Who Were There) ed, Keesing0-207133549Cl03-12
A History Of AustraliaBarnard, Marjorie0-207133476Cl03-13
Seven Poor Men Of SydneyStead, ChristinaCl03-14
Adventures In Two WorldsCronin, A.J.Cl03-15
The Cid, The Theatical IllusionCornielle, Pierre0-140443126Cl03-16
Red CottageCholmondeley, Mary800686906Cl03-17
Hadrian The SeventhRolfe, Fr. & Corvo, Baron FrederickCl03-18
The MoonshineCollins, Wilkie0-451520319Cl03-19
The Worst Journey In The WorldGarrard, Apsley & CheungCl03-20
Mister JohnsonCarey, JoyceCl03-21
The Stories Of John Beever0-345284364Cl03-22
Bullet ParkCheever, JohnCl03-23
The Canterbury TalesChaucer, GeoffreyCl03-24
Mister JohnsonCary, JoyceCl03-25
Explosion In A CathedralCarpenter, Aletjo0-1400370XCl03-26
VictoryConrad, JosephCl03-27
The Horse's MouthCary, JoyceCl03-28
The Horse's MouthCary, Joyce0-14006485Cl03-29
The Prologue To The Canterbury TalesCunningham, John140771964Cl03-30
The Franklin's TaleChaucer, GeoffreyCl03-31
John Halifax, Gentleman, Craik, MrsCl03-32
Franklin's Prologue And TalkChaucer, Geoffrey0-521046246Cl03-33
The MoonstoneCollin's, Wilkie0-196382335Cl03-34
Crime Collection, Caught By The Thumbs,etc.Christie, Agatha0-701814659Cl04-01SOLD
Crime Collection, A Caribbean Mystery, Taken By The FloodChristie, Agatha600766185Cl04-02SOLD
Ordeal Of Innocence, One Two Buckle My ShoeChristie, Agatha600766186Cl04-03SOLD
Adventures Of The Christmas Pudding, Christie, Agatha600766187Cl04-04SOLD
Crime Collection-Halloween Party etc.Christie, Agatha660766271Cl04-05SOLD
Crime Collection- Nemesis etc.Christie, Agatha6607 66 241Cl04-06SOLD
curtain: poirots last caseChristie, Agatha
hallowe'en partyChristie, Agatha
dumb witnessChristie, Agatha
the mysterious mr quinnChristie, Agatha
the hound of deathChristie, Agatha
the murder of roger ackroydChristie, Agatha
murder on the orient expressChristie, Agatha
the mysterious affair at stylesChristie, Agatha
they do it with mirrosChristie, Agatha
sad cypressChristie, Agatha
after the funeralChristie, Agatha
Moll FlandersDefoe, DanielCl04-07
Doctor Finley Of TennochbraeCronin, A.J.1850180202Cl04-08
The Man In The Iron MaskDumas, Alexandre0-14021295Cl04-09
The Amorous Adventures Of Moll FlandersDefoe, DanielCl04-10
Oliver TwistDickens, CharlesCl04-11SOLD
An Emerson TreasuryPennels, J.Cl04-11a
Oliver TwistDickens, Charles
Great ExpectationsDickens, Charles
Bleak houseDickens, Charles
Great ExpectationsDickens, CharlesCl04-12
A Tale Of Two CitiesDickens, Charles9.78E+12Cl04-13
David CopperfieldDickens, CharlesCl04-14
Complete WorksDickens, CharlesCl04-15
Old Curiosity ShopDickens, CharlesCl04-16
Old Curiosity ShopDickens, CharlesCl04-16aHeron Books
Bleak HouseDickens, CharlesThe Queensway Press
Martin ChuzzlewitDickens, CharlesThe Queensway Press
A Christmas CarolDickens, CharlesThe Queensway Press
A Child's History of EnglandDickens, CharlesThe Queensway Press
The Life and Characters of DickensDent H CThe Queensway Press
The Masterpieces of Guy de M - IIde Maupassant, Guysold
The Masterpieces of Guy de M - IVde Maupassant, Guysold
The lily of the Valleyde Balzac, Honore
Eugenie Grandetde Balzac, Honore
The Country Doctorde Balzac, Honoresold
BaudilionoEco, UmbertoSOLD
Robinson CrusoeDefoe, Daniel0-140622748Cl04-17
Mr SteadfastBuchan, John0-140622748Cl04-18
Tom JonesFielding, HenryCl04-19
The Bleeding HeartFrench, MarilynCl04-20
The Mill On The Floss SOLDEliot, GeorgeCl04-22
Moll FlandersDefoe, DanielCl04-23
Daniel Martin, Fowles, John289590Cl04-23a
CranfordGaskel, Elizabeth,Cl04-24
Jesting LatelyHuxley, AndousCl04-25
MoonrakerFleming, IanCl04-26
The Man with The Golden GunFleming, IanCl04-27
You Only Live TwiceFleming, IanCl04-28
ThunderballFleming, Ian Cl04-29
GoldfingerFleming, IanCl04-30
Tom JonesFielding, HenryCl04-31
Penguin IslandFrance, AnatoleCl04-32
The AristosFowles, JohnCl04-33
The Ebony TowerFowles, JohnCl04-34
The MagusFowler, John0-586045120Cl04-35
Howard's EndForster, E.M.0-140003118Cl04-36
The Great GasbyFitzgerald, F, ScottCl04-37sold
Anatole, FranceNoziere PierreCl04-38
FaustGoethe, Wolfgang, Johann0-1404483233Cl04-39
The Fifth QueenFord, Madox, FordCl04-40
Mother PearlFrance AnatolieCl04-41
Pierre NozierFrance AnatolieCl04-42
ThaisFrance, AnatoleCl05-25
The Life To ComeForster, M.E.,0-71315651Cl04-43
Howard's EndForster, M.E.,Cl04-44
The ComediansGreene, GrahamCl04-45
The Silver SpoonGalsworthy, John, Cl05-01
The Thief's JournalGarret, JeanCl05-02
Straight Is The GateGide, AndreCl05-03
Maid In WaitingGalsworthy, JohnCl05-04
The Paper MeinGalsworthy, John0-156708000Cl05-05
Flowering WildernessGalsworthyCl05-06
The Forsythe Saga- The Man Of PrpoertyGalsworthy, JohnCl05-07
The Forsyte Saga Vol OneGalsworthy, JohnCl05-08
Oedipus And ThesseusGide, AndreCl05-09
The Beggars OperaGay, JohnCl05-10
The Epic Of GilgameshSander's , N.K.,Cl05-11SOLD
The WhirlpoolGissing, GeorgeCl05-12
The Isles Of UnwisdomGraves, RobertCl05-13
The Call Of The ToadGrass, GunteCl05-14
Cat And MouseGrass, GunterCl05-15
Local AnaestheticGrass, GunterCl05-15a
Local AnaestheticGrass, GunterCl05-16
Local AnaestheticGrass, GunterCl05-17
Cat And MouseGrass, GunterCl05-18
Lawrence And ApocalypseCorks, HelenCl05-19
The Vicar Of WakefieldGoldsmith, OliverCl05-20
Sara DaneGaskin, CatherineCl05-21
Flowering WildernessGalsworthy, JohnCl05-22
Birdman Of AlcatrazGaddis, E. Thomas.,Cl05-23
CatalinaMaugham, Somerset, WCl05-26
Les MiserablesHugo Victor0-451521579Cl05-27sold
The House Of MirthWharton, Edith0-140187294Cl05-28
Eighty Four Charing Cross RoadHanff, HelenCl05-29
The House Of The Seven GablesHawthorne, NathanielCl05-30
Tanglewood TalesHawthorne, NathanielCl05-31sold
SteppenwolfHesse, Herman0-140023321Cl05-32SOLD
The Prisoner Of ZendaHope, Anthony0-140367675Cl05-33
The Go BetweenHartley, P.L.0-140183078Cl05-34
The Go Between (purple ed)Hartley, P.L.0-14187786Cl05-35
Hippocratic WritingsLloyd, R.E.140444513Cl05-36
Far from the Medding crowdHardy, ThomasCl06-01
Far from the Medding crowdHardy, ThomasCl06-02
Tess of the D'UrbervillesHardy, Thomas333168852Cl06-03
Tess of the D'UrbervillesHardy, Thomas333168852Cl06-04
Far from the medeling crowdHardy, Thomas333168801Cl06-05
Jude The ObscureHardy, thomas0-140431314Cl05-24
The Return Of The Native SOLDHardy, Thomas333021878Cl06-06SOLD
Rabaiyat Of Omar KhugyanFitzgerald EdCl06-07
Trumpet Of MajorHardy ThomasCl06-08
Tess Of The UbervillesHardy, Thomas330344708Cl06-09
The Collected Stories Of Ben EchtGrosset, DunlapCl06-10
CappricorniaHerbert, XavierCl06-11
Proper StudiesHuxley, AldersCl06-12sold
Disturbing ElementsHerbert, XavierCl06-13
The Hunchback Of Notre DameHugo, Victor1853260681Cl06-14SOLD
Tess Of The D'Urbervilles, The Mayor Of Casterbridge, Far From The Madding CrowdCl06-15
Hardy, Thomas
Jude The ObscureHardy, ThomasCl06-17
The Remains Of The DayIshiguvo, Kazuo0-571121273Cl06-18
The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories0-14043769Cl06-19
Collected Ghost StoriesJames,K.M.1853260533Cl06-20
My Brother JackJohnston, GeorgeCl06-21
My Brother JackJohnston, GeorgeCl06-22
From Here To EternityJones, JamesCl06-23
Altop CastleKingsley, CharlesCl06-24
The Portrait Of A LadyJames, Henry13579108642Cl06-25
Casting The Ruins And Other StoriesJames, R.M.0-192857191Cl06-26
The Awkward AgeJames, HenryCl06-27
The History Of RasselasJasper Somel0-192834136Cl06-28
DublinersJoyce, JamesCl06-29
DublinersJoyce, JamesCl06-30
Rubaiyat Of Omar KhayamCl06-31
The Magical World Of Isleister CrowleyKing, Francis0-099515709Cl07-01
A Diversity Of CreaturesKipling, RudyardCl07-02
Ten StoriesKipling, RudyardCl07-03
CosetteKalpathian Laura0-00647911Cl07-04
The Complete Barrnite Room Ballads Of Rudyard KiplingKipling, RudyardCl07-05
Zorba The GreekKazantzakis, Nikos0-57177077Cl07-06sold
OneKarg, DavidCl07-07
The Recollection Of Geoffrey HamlynKingsley, HenryCl07-08
The Portable Australian AuthorsKingsley, Henry0-702217506Cl07-09
The Hillyars And The BurtonsKingsley, Henry0-424065002Cl07-10
The Recollections Of Geoffrey HamilynCl07-11
Rubaiyat Of Omar KhayamFitzgerald, EdwardCl07-12sold
The Portable Australlian AuthorsMellick, S.D.J.0-702217506Cl07-13
Rewards And Fairies0-702217506Cl07-14
Selected StoriesKipling, RudyardCl07-15
Captains CouragerKipling, Rudyard1853262471Cl07-16
The Daye WorkKipling, RudyardCl07-17
Recollections Of Geoffrey HamlynKingsley, HenryCl07-18
To Martin EdenLondon, JackCl07-19
In The Caste Of My SkinLamming, GeorgeCl07-20
Selected StoriesLawson, Henry0-727015710Cl07-21
Best StoriesMann, CecilCl07-22
To Kill A Mocking BirdLee, HarperCl07-23
The Boys From BrazilLevin, IraCl07-24
Poet's PubLinklater, ErikCl07-25
While The Billy BoilsLawson, Henry908505015Cl07-26
Joe Wilson's MatesLawson, Henry1863021558Cl07-27
The Penguin- Short StoriesLawson, Henry0-140092153Cl07-28
Adventures Of UlyssesLamb, CharlesCl07-29
Briefing For A Descent Into HellLessing, Doris0-006548083Cl07-30
In Pursuit Of The EnglishLessing, DorisCl07-31
The Phantom Of The OperaLerox, Gaston0-006929931Cl07-32
The Phantom Of The OperaLerox, Gaston0-006929931Cl07-33
Lucratia Or The Children Of The NightLytton, LordCl07-34
Eugene Aromi- A TaleLytton, LordCl07-35
A Strange StoryLytton, LordCl07-36
The Romance Of The RoseGuillaume de Lorris & De Meun, JeanCl07-37
The Virgin And The Gypsy And Other StoriesLawrence, D.H.,Cl04-46
Sons And Lovers/ Lady Chatterley's LoverLawrence,.D.H.Cl08-01sold
The RainbowLawrence, D.H.Cl08-02
Sons And LoversLawrence, D.H.Cl08-03
The Virgin And The GypsyLawrence, D.H.Cl08-04
The Virgin And The GypsyLawrence, D.HCl08-05
Sons And LoversLawrence, D.H.Cl08-06
Kangaroo, Lawrence, H.D.Lawrence, D.HCl08-07
The RainbowLawrence, D.HCl08-08
The RainbowLawrence, D.HCl08-09
Sons And LoversLawrence, D.H.0-1402097294Cl08-10
The RainbowLawrence, D.HCl08-11
The TrespasserLawrence, D.H0-586-052402Cl08-12
Sons And LoversLawrence, D.HCl08-13
Short Stories IILawrence, D.HCl08-13a
One Hundred Years Of SolitudeMarquez, Gabriel GarciaCl08-14sold
The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The SeaMoshima0-140028668Cl08-15
Seven Pillars Of WisdomLawrence, T.E.Cl08-16
The Time Of IndifferenceMoravia, AlbertoCl08-17
Complete Works-Cakes And AleMaungham, Sommerset, W.Cl08-18
CatalinaMaugham, Sommerst,W.Cl08-19
The Man From The Snowy RiverMitchell, Elyne0-2071488589Cl08-20
Runaway HorsesYuhio MishimaCl08-21
The AdolescentsMoravia, AlbertoCl08-22
The Story Of San MicheleMurray, JohnCl08-23
EncoreMaugham, Sommerset, W.Cl08-24
The Story Of San MicheleMunthe, Axel0-583125158Cl08-25
A Ghost At NoonMoravia, AlbertoCl08-26
Dramatic ValuesMontagne, E.C.Cl08-27
The Story Of San MicheleMurray, JohnCl08-28
Masterpieces of MaupassantJean-TE PierreCl08-29
Adventures Of OdysseusMArvin, F.S.Cl08-30
VittoniaMeredith, GeorgeCl08-31
The EgoistMeredith, George1853262668Cl08-32
The EgoistMeredith, George1853262668Cl09-01
The EgoistMeredith, GeorgeCl09-02
The EgoistMeredith, GeorgeCl09-03
A Mummer's WifeMoore, GeorgeCl09-04
Down Second AvenueMphahlele, Ezekiel0-571097162Cl09-05
The Member Of The WeddingMcCullers, Carson0-140082484Cl09-06
TypeeMelville, HermanCl09-07
Billy Budd Sailors AndMelville, HermanCl09-08SOLD
TypeeMelville, HermanCl09-09
TypeeMelville, Herman1853262307Cl09-10
Bliss And Other StoriesMansfield, KatherineCl09-11
The Cadet Edition Of The Cruel SeaMonserrat, NicholasCl09-12
Anne Of Green GablesMontgomery, J.M.055321313-XCl09-13
The Road To Wigan PierOrwell, GeorgeCl09-14SOLD
And Again?O'Faolin, Sean0-140086358Cl09-15
The Secret OmnibusOrczy- BaronessCl09-16
I Saw EsauSendak Opio1564020460Cl09-17
Hrafnkel's Saga and other storiesPalsson, Hermann0-140442383C109-17A
The MagicianPriestley, J.B.Cl09-18
Bright DayPriestley, J.B.Cl09-19sold
Works, Plays, Priestley, J.B.Cl10-01
Sands-The Story Of A DoctorPlesch, JohnCl10-02
The Good CompanionsPriestly, J.B.Cl10-03SOLD
Eight Tales Of TerrorPoe Edgar Allan0-590411365Cl10-04
The Last SummerPasternak, BorisCl10-05
Cry, the Beloved CountryCl10-06
Prescott's MontezumaPrescott, Dickling, WilliamCl10-07
The Four MillionHenry, OCl10-08sold
The Sensational And Other Stories By...O'Harra, JohnCl10-09
Of World And Other MasterpiecesHenry, O0-706419499Cl10-10sold
Remembrance Of Things Past:2Proust, MarcelCl10-11
Plutarch: Fall of Roman RepublicPlutarchCl10-12
Three Jacobean TragediesCl10-13
Plutarch: Makers Of RomePlutarchCl10-15
Confessions Of English Opium EaterDequicy, Thomas1853260967Cl10-16
The End Of A ChildhoodRichardson, Handel, Henry0-207173230Cl10-17
The Cloister And The HearthReadeCl10-18
The Post MasterPushkin, S.A.Cl11-01
Oxbridge BluesRaphael, Frederic0-140072349Cl11-02
On Lies, Secrets, SilenceRich, Adrienne0-860681564Cl11-03
Pamela SOLDRichardson, SamuelCl11-04
The Complete Works Of Rabelais Gargantua, and PantagruesLeClercq, JaquesCl11-05
River Over ChinaSnow, EdgarCl11-06
Henry Handel RichardsonGuest, Maurice1863302344Cl11-07
The Chronicles Of The Fortunes OfRichardson, HandelCl11-08
More Things That MatterRiddelCl11-09
The DagwoodsRudd, SteeleCl11-10
For LifeRudd, SteeleCl11-11
Australia FelixFelix, RichardsonCl11-12
Dad and DaveRudd, SteeleCl11-13
Sesame And Lillies The Two PathsRushkin, John140700293Cl11-14
Portboys ComplaintRoth, PhillipsCl11-15
The Fortunes Of Richard MahonyThule, Ultima & Richard, Handel, HenryCl11-16
A Time To Love And A Time To DieReMarque, Mark, ErichCl11-17sold
Educating RitaChelpstow, Peter0-352413560Cl11-18
The Fortunes Of Richard MahonyThule. Ultima & Richardson, Handel, HenryCl11-19
The Black ArrowStevenson, L.R.Cl11-20
Wide Sargasso SeaRhys, Jean0-140028781Cl11-21
The Silverado SquattersStevenson, Robert LouisCl11-22
The Master Of BallantraeStevenson, Robert Louis0-1400070842Cl11-23
Time Of HopeSnow, P.C.0-140017631Cl11-24
Great Stories Of The South Sea IslandsStead, ChristinaCl11-25
IvanhoeSir Walter ScottCl11-26
The Crock Of GoldStephens, JamesCl11-27
One Day In The Life Of Ivan DenisovichSolzhenistyn, Alexander0-140020535Cl11-29SOLD
The First CircleSlozhenstyn, AlexanderCl11-30
Family HistoryWest, Sackville, Vita0-860685977Cl11-31
Counters Of RudolstadtSand, GeorgeCl11-32
The Fair Maid Of PerthScott, Walter0-140441328Cl11-33
Conspiracy Of Juguritine WarCatilire, SallustCl11-34
The First CircleSolzhenistyn, Alexander0-006136389Cl11-35
Vita Sackville West- Family History0-860685977Cl11-36
Countess Of RudolstadtSand, GesCl11-37
The Fair Maid Of PerthScott, Walter, SirCl11-38
Quentin DurwardScott, Walter, SirCl11-39
Rodier RandomScott, Walter, SirCl11-40
IvanhoeScott, Walter, Sir0-600551636Cl11-41
WaverleyScott, Walter, Sir0-140430717Cl11-42
IvanhoeScott, Walter, Sir81899092Cl11-43
Quo VadisSienkiewiczCl11-44
Second Journal To ElizaSterne, LaurenceCl11-01
For Love Or MoneyRees, RichardCl12-02
The Poor Parson Dad In PoliticsRudd, SteeleCl12-03
In AustraliaRudd, SteeleCl12-04
Quo VadisStenkiewiea, H.Cl12-05
For Eime With Love And SquadorSalinger J.D.Cl12-06
The Gabriel HoundsStewart, MaryCl12-07
Gulliver's TravelsSift Johnathan1-853260274Cl12-08
Glory And BondageSnow, EdgarCl12-09
Saturday Night And Sunday MorningSilitoe, Alan0-352300981Cl12-10
The Best Of Ernest ThompsonSeton, Adams, Richard0-0006164528Cl12-11
The Black ArrowStevenson, R.L.Cl12-12
A Town Like AliceShute, NevilCl12-13
Of Mice And MenRow, CanneryCl12-14
The Chequer BoardShute, NevilCl12-15
Pied PiperShute, NevilCl12-16
MarazanShute, NevilCl12-17sold
In The WetShute, NevilCl12-18sold
A Town Like AliceShute, NevilCl12-19
Thucudides IVSmith, Forster, C.Cl12-20
The Literature Of AustraliaDutton, Geoffrey0-140700080Cl12-21
The Gulag ArchipelgoSolzhemistyn, Alexander0-006336426Cl12-22sold
Stories And Prose PoemsSlozhemistyn, Alexander0-140035478Cl12-23
The Gulag ArchipelgoSolzhemistyn, Alexander0-060803320Cl12-24
East LynneWood, Henry, MrsCl12-25
Journal Of A NovelSteinbeck, JohnCl12-26
Iron In The SoulSartre, Paul, Jean0-140181792Cl12-27
Tao-Teh-ChingWu, C.H, JohnCl12-28
A Conneticut Yankee At King Arthur's CourtTwain, Mark0-140430644Cl12-29
The Adventures Of Huckleberry FinnTwain, Mark0-140430180Cl12-30
The Death Of Ivan Ilych And Other StoriesDostoyevsky0-451528808Cl12-31sold
Barchester TowersTrollope, AnthonyCl12-32
Doctor ThorneTrollope, AnthonyCl12-33
Christian ScienceTwain, MarkCl12-35
ThackerayEsmond, HenryCl13-01
ThackerayEsmond, HenryCl13-02
The Adventures Of Tom SawyerTwain, Mark0-140390839Cl13-03
The Way Of All FleshButler, SamuelCl13-04
Tom JonesFielding, HenryCl13-05
CrawfordGaskell, ElizabethCl13-06
The Picture Of Dorian GrayWilde, OscarCl13-07
Barchester TowersTrollope, AnthonyCl13-08
Barchester TowersTrollope, AnthonyCl13-08a
The Virgin And The Gypsy And Other StoriesLawrence, H.D.Cl13-09
KimKipling, RudyardCl13-10
The ComediansGreene, GrahamCl13-11sold
Bliss And Other StoriesMansfield, KatherineCl13-12
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The Art Of Malcolm LowrySmith (Ed.)Cl14-28
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Most SecretShute, NevilCl16-13
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Readers Digest How Far To BethlehemCondensed BooksCl16-18
Readers Digest-Sadiers Flood etc.Cl16-19
Select Editions To Catch A KingSelect EditionsCl16-20
Readers Digest To Catch A KingCl16-21
Readers Digest Condensed BooksCl16-22
Select EditionsCl16-23
Readers Digest Condensed BooksCl16-24
Five Past MidnightR.D.Cl16-25
Thunder PointR.D.Cl16-26
Condensed BooksR.D.Cl16-27
Condensed BooksCl16-28
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Valley Of LagoonsReaders DigestCl16-36
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The Brother's Karamovsky IIDostoevskyCl17-04
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Virgin SoilTurgenevCl17-08
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Trough RussiaGorky, MaximCl17-10
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Through RussiaGorky, MaximCl17-13
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Selected TalesLeskov, NickolaiCl17-17
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the penguin book of the citydrewe, robert
the restoration and the eighteenth centuryprice, martin
jude the obscureHardy, Thomas
down and out in paris and londonOrwell, George
the art of livingReaders Digest
animal farmOrwell, GeorgeSOLD
the time machineWells, H G
war of the worldsWells, H G
The collectors book of SFWells, H G
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