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Australia, an Aerial ViewSutherland, Neil0-862833418Au01-01
Beachcomber's ParadiseBanfield, E.J.0-207147566Au01-02
Discover AustraliaWIlson, Robert0-725408073Au01-03
Discover AustraliaWIson, Robert1863023968Au01-04
Motoring Guide to AustraliaReader's Digest0-864380356Au01-05
Australia, We Remember the 20s and 30sWilliams, Matthew0-867773898Au01-06
Australia's National ParksServenty, Vincent0-670902594Au01-07
Jeff Carter's Great Book of the Australian OutdoorsCarter, Jeff0-727001582Au01-08
Australia, Portrait of a ContinentLöffler, Love & Warner0-091304601Au01-09
In the Sweet Bye and ByeMarrington, P.0-589503022Au01-10
No Stranger in ParadiseAdams, Vera MayAu01-11
The Imagined City (Melbourne)Arnold, John (Ed)0-868610534Au01-12
Spirit of NoosaAllan, H, Rosemary0-867861908Au01-13
Natural History of the Adelaide Region0-959662707Au01-14
A City Lost and Found (Melbourne)Annear, Robyn1863953892Au01-15
Around the Cassowary RockBritten, R.J.0-727006290Au01-16
Melbourne Markets 1841-1979Cole, Colin E. (Ed)0-95948700XAu01-17
Winds of FuryCole, K.0-717005553Au01-18
Play Together, Dark Blue Twenty (Melbourne Grammar)Eagle, Chester0-869140310Au01-19
In the Land of Kangaroos and GoldminesComettant, Oscar0-727010859Au01-20
Held in Trust, Brisbane in the 80sGreen, Anne0-908175116Au01-21
Australia in the South PacificDeacon, Kevin0-731800044Au01-22
Redcliffe, First Settlement and Seaside CityJones, MichaelAu01-23
The Colonial Era Cemetery of Norfolk IslandDalkin, R. NixonAu01-24
This Is Norfolk IslandHillier, R.S.Au01-25sold
This Is Norfolk IslandHillier, R.S.Au01-26
The Adelaide Park Sands, a Social HistorySumerling, Patricia9.78186E+12Au01-27
Germans (in South Australia)Monteith, Peter (Ed)9.78186E+12Au01-28
Making Their Mark (The Victorians)Priestley, Susan0-949288039Au01-29
Hail VictoriaUssher, KathleenAu01-30
The History of BundabergWalker, J.Y.0-909162123Au01-31
A Short History of Western AustraliaCrowley, F.K. & De Garis, B.K.0-333045122Au01-32
A Coral Island (One Tree Reef)Heatwole, Harold0-002164426Au01-33
The Last Islands (Whitsundays & Cumberlands)Bates, John0-646007874Au01-34
The Last Islands (Whitsundays & Cumberlands)Bates, John0-646007874Au01-35
Garry Owen's Melbourne 1835-1852Weidenhofer, MargaretAu01-36
Written in Sand (Frazer Island)Williams, Fred0-701614919Au01-37
Written in Sand (Frazer Island)Williams, Fred0-701614919Au01-38
Fraser Island and CooloolaSinclair, John186302476XAu01-39
The Whirlwind CountryKnowles, PeterAu01-40
Looking Up, Looking Back (Brisbane)Readshaw, Grahame & Wood, Ronald0-864390327Au01-41
An End to SilenceTaylor, Peter0-454002416Au01-42
An End to SilenceTaylor, Peter0-454002416Au01-43
Settlers of the La Trobe ValleyZubrzycki, JerzyAu01-44
Creeks and Harbours of Western PortHawkins, Richard0-959257802Au01-45
Queen of the NorthPike, Glenville959896058Au01-46
My TerritoryDeichmann, Gunther & Dale, Mike0-727017772Au01-47
Character and CircumstanceCohen, K.T.0-646105337Au01-48
A Time to Care, Tasmania's Endangered WildernessBell, Chris & Sanders, Norm0-959475400Au01-49
Edge of EmpireWebb, Martyn & Audrey0-864450281Au01-50
Historic Melbourne Sketchbook0-727002899Au01-51
Queensland Political Portraits 1859-1952Murphy, D.J. & Joyce, R.B. (Eds)Au01-52
Melbourne on the YarraTipping, Marjorie0-701810084Au01-53SOLD
Historical Sketch of Queensland0-701813474Au01-54
Starlight's Trail, Harry Reford's Epic Journey ...Cowan, James0-868241695Au01-55
Piping Through Time (Victorian Police Pipe Band)Evans, Judith White186252565XAu01-56
Red and Blue BloodedCoward, MikeAu02-01
First History of the Australian ClubAu02-02
Committed to Saving Lives (CSL)Brogan, A.H.0-947062653Au02-03
A College in the Wattles (Hahndorf, S.A.)Butler, Reg0-731674634Au02-04
End of a Beginning (Australian Inland Mission)Ford, MargaretAu02-05
Rottnest Island in HistorySomerville, Legend W.Au02-06
Wild Life of KakaduMiles, GregAu02-07
Swann's South AustraliaSwann, Bruce0-858640031Au02-08
Australia's Earliest Mining Era (South Australia 1841-18510Auhl, Ian & Marfleet, Dennis0-851798861Au02-09
Towards a More Sustainable CanberraNewman, Peter & Kenworthy, Jeff0-869051849Au02-10
Tales and Legends of Canberra PioneersShumack, Samuel0-708107257Au02-11
An Open Account (State Bank of Victoria)White, Kate0-959170820Au02-12
Sent Forth a Dove, Discovery of the DuyfkanHenderson, James1876268255Au02-13
Little Big TopLord, Fred A.Au02-14
In the Wake of the Pack Tracks0-959300805Au02-15
Gadsden, the First 100 YearsFeldmann, Jules0-959490507Au02-16
Gadsden, the First 100 YearsFeldmann, Jules0-959490507Au02-16a
Gadsden, the First 100 YearsFeldmann, Jules0-959490507Au02-16b
Lincoln's PlaceThiele, Colin & Ingpen, Robert0-727005170Au02-17
Box HillChapman, Geoff & Young, Bob0-95041431XAu02-18
The Top EndRobertson, StuartAu02-19
Australia's Northern TerritoryRobertson, Stuart0-957723083Au02-20
Australia's Northern Territory0-85858076XAu02-21
Never Say Never (Couran Cove)Clarke, Ron0-95857295XAu02-22
In Search of KingsDe Bolfo, Tony0-732275733Au02-23
A Portrait of TasmaniaWebb, Sharon0-64623717XAu02-24
Bridgeheads of Northern HealthTearn, John & Carter, Peggy0-867766514Au02-25
My Bush BabiesAnderson, Iris0-333252373Au02-26
A Great and Glorious Reformation (S.A. Law)Taylor, Greg1862546754Au02-27SOLD
The Copper Crucible (Mount Isa)Collins, BettyAu02-28
The Queensland ExperienceBowen, Jan0-731801466Au02-29
Australia's Gold CoastAu02-30
The Petrie Family, Building Colonial BrisbaneDornan, Dimity & Cryle, Denis0-702223468Au02-31
Guide to Port ArthurAu02-32
Pine Trees, Lord Howe Island 1842-1992McFadyen, Kerry0-646101892Au02-33
Pine Trees, Lord Howe Island 1842-1992McFadyen, Kerry0-646101892Au02-33a
Lord Howe IslandRabane, HaroldAu02-34
The Peaks of LyellBlainey, GeoffreyAu02-35
Serenade to SydneyClune, FrankAu02-36
The Gippsland LakesGreen O.S.0-727005820Au02-37
Australia, Land of ContrastAu02-38
Moreton Bay and How to Fathom ItBell, Joshua P.0-949381152Au02-39
Heard Island Expedition 19830-959256806Au02-40
Australia's Great Barrier ReefServenty, Vincent0-725105283Au02-41
Great Barrier ReefDakin, William J.Au02-42
The Australian Great Barrier Reef in ColourGillett, Keith0-589070096Au02-43
Discover the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park1862562997Au02-44
On the Barrier ReefNapier, ElliottAu02-45
Wonders of the Great Barrier ReefRoughley, T.C.Au02-46
By Tropic Sea and JungleDevanny, JeanAu02-47
A Fool's GoldSilver, Lynette Ramsay0-70161983XAu02-48
Still the TerritoryRoff, Derek & Woerle, FrankAu02-49
Celebrating Western AustraliaParrish, Steve0-947263268Au02-50
Sydney SketchbookVan Sommers, Tess & White, Unk0-340374500Au02-51
Brisbane SketchbookWhite, Unk & Newell, P.Au02-52
Perth SketchbookWard, Kirwan & Rigby, PaulAu02-53
Gold Coast SketchbookSmall, Bruce & Nicholas, MikeAu02-54
Broken Hill SketchbookBeck, Frank & McLean, DonaldAu02-55
Grenfell SketchbookPile, Stephen & Lindsay, HilarieAu02-56
Behind the Mountain (Tasmania)Conrad, Peter0-671673734Au02-57
The Romance of the Australian Land IndustriesWatt, Robert D.Au02-58SOLD
Historic Australia in ColourSmith, RobinAu02-59
ScartwaterSmith, Anne0-959016481Au02-60
A Light in the Bush (Canberra CEGGS)Waterhouse, Jill0-959907211Au02-61
Shaping Melbourne's FutureMcLoughlin, J. Brian0-521439744Au02-62
The IllawarraKendrick, Sue & Brian & Cumming, G.0-95867454XAu02-63
The Peninsular Story, Port Phillip Heads Quarantine StationWelch, J.H.0-959089713Au02-64
Hobart TownRowntree, FearnAu02-65
Canberra Botanic Gardens0-642984395Au02-66
Snow Saga (Snowy River)Au02-67
A Journey through StonePlimer, Ian0-730104990Au02-68
Hospitals Are People, Mooroopna Base HospitalNice, Geoffrey0-725601647Au02-69
The Scenic Swan River, Perth to FremantleAu02-70
90 Golden Years, the Story of the Perth MintThomas, AtholAu02-71SOLD
Cave Wonderlands of Western Australia0-646147070Au02-72
Conflict and CoalHince, Kevin0-702216321Au02-73
The Living HeartFlynn, FrankAu02-74
Melbourne on my MindABC Television0-642975450Au02-75
The Way through, the Story of NarroginPustkuchen, O.E.0-864450109Au02-76
Point Piper, Past and PresentGriffiths, G. Nesta72540017XAu03-01
Point Piper, Past and PresentGriffiths, G. Nesta72540017XAu03-01a
Point Piper, Past and PresentGriffiths, G. Nesta72540017XAu03-01b
By Appointment, the History of Hardy Brothers, JewellersFranzmann, Gail0-333299744Au03-02
Bushwalks in the Sydney Region0-959916075Au03-03
Well Played, a History of the Mothers' Union In AustraliaHawkin, Marjorie (Ed)Au03-04
Whaling around AustraliaColwell, MaxAu03-05
A Cloud of Witnesses (Tryon Rd, Lindfield Uniting Church)Stacy, G.Au03-06
So Great a Heritage (New England Girls' School)Grose, Kelvin & Newall, Jean0-044422229Au03-07
Under the Friendly Walls, New England Girls' School Centenary0-646249967Au03-07a
From Spear and Musket, Caboolture Centenary0-959564403Au03-08
The History of Cromer Golf Club 1926-1991Forsyth, Les & Innes, David0-646049739Au03-09
The Australian Wine Pictorial Atlas 1998/99Hardy, Thomas K.187630300XAu03-10
New South Wales Coal Strategy 1981Au03-11
Kill or CurePhillips, Peter J.0-727008943Au03-12
Kill or CurePhillips, Peter J.0-727008943Au03-12a
Historic Towns and Buildings of NSW Hunter RegionCrago, Tony0-725404779Au03-13
The City's Centrepiece (Sydney GPO)0-868063045Au03-14
Fifth Biennale of Sydney 19840-95966193XAu03-15
Living Stones, Sacred Heart Convent, Rose Bay 1882-1982Barlow, Leila0-959309608Au03-16
The Highlanders (Gordon Rugby Football Club)Wilkins, Phil0-949256064Au03-17
First Light, 150 Years of GasBroomham, Rosemary0-868062863Au03-18
Lasting Influences, Memories of FrenshamAu03-19
Australian MemoriesWoman's DayAu03-20SOLD
Our Club and It's Community, Hornsby RSL 50 YearsMarchbank, Margo0-975987101Au03-21
Aquarium, Sydney, Darling Harbour GuideAu03-22
Jenolan Caves, New South Wales GuideAu03-23
Jenolan Caves0-724048707Au03-23a
The Myth of EqualityRoper, TomAu03-24
The Way We Were, City and Country 1860-1920sAu03-25
The Way We Were, Leisure and SportAu03-26
Australia Contrasts in ColourAu03-27
Australia, Our Land Down UnderO'Dee, JudyAu03-28
The Strange Case of Eugene Goossens and Other Tales ...Bubble, Ava0-732224497Au03-29
Uplands Pastures, Crookwell, New South WalesBayley, William A.0-959821503Au03-30
Uplands Pastures, Crookwell, New South WalesBayley, William A.0-959821503Au03-31
What's Good for Australia ... The Story of BHPTrengove, A.0-726987212Au03-32
The Making of the Labor Party in New South Wales 1880-1900Markey, Raymond0-868403709Au03-33
A History of AustraliaBarnard, Marjorie0-207133476Au03-34
River Murray ChartsWright, Maureen0-959846301Au03-35
Carnarvon GorgeMcDermant, Duncan0-727005650Au03-36
Australian Caves and CavingKahrau, Wolfgang701802634Au03-37
This is SydneyZiegler, Oswald L.0-909586101Au03-38
Exploring Historic New South WalesBell, Kathrine & Wigney, Ian0-867772247Au03-39
How to Be Normal in AustraliaTreborlang, Robert0-958770808Au03-40
The Land BoomersCannon, MichaelAu03-41
Over Cherry Tree HillPiddington, Margaret (Ed)0-731663985Au03-42
Cooranbong, First Town in Lake Macquarie 1826-1996Chamberlain, Michael0-646329588Au03-43
Sydney, the City on the HarbourCarnemolla, JohnAu03-44
The history & description of Sydney Harbour SOLDP R StephensenAu03-44A
A Short History of AustraliaClark, Manning0-333337352Au03-45
The Reader's Digest Book of Historical Australian Towns0-90948693XAu03-46
History of AustraliaClark, Hooper & Ferrier0-868966851Au03-47
A Pictorial History of BushrangersPrior, Wannan & NunnAu03-48sold
A Pictorial History of BushrangersPrior, Wannan & NunnAu03-49
A Big CountryIddon, Ron & Mabey, John0-642975760Au03-50
Beautiful Australia in PicturesHiggins, Geoff0-867772387Au03-51
Discover AustraliaReader's Digest0-864381352Au03-52
Australia, the Timeless ContinentSmart, Ted & Gibbon, David0-862831598Au03-53
The Australian VerandahBaglin, Douglass & Moffatt, PeterAu03-54
Australia, Colourful ContinentDavey, I.0-851794602Au03-55
Australian HistoryExhibition Sydney 2003Au03-56
Going Places, History of Transport in New South WalesDavies, Walkman & Wilson0-959222952Au03-57
Wollongong Street Directory 13th EditionUBD0-731907728Au03-58
Tasmania, Australia's Island State0-858581175Au03-59
Why I Live Where I LiveMcNamara, Ian0-733315992Au03-60
On the Road with MaccaMcNamara, Ian0-733313280Au03-61
On the Road with MaccaMcNamara, Ian0-733313280Au03-61a
Macca's AustraliaMcNamara, Ian0-93330608XAu03-62
Across the OutbackReader's Digest0-864490194Au03-63sold
Across the OutbackReader's Digest0-864490194Au03-64
Bush Walking in Kosciusko National ParkWarner, Charles0-959203605Au03-65
Australian Family Life in 1938Kenny, Joan M.0-170072150Au03-66
Manly 1788 to 1968Swancott, CharlesAu03-67
The Never Ending BushwalkTrémont, Steve & Ruth0-958704902Au03-68
Bushwalking and CampingPallin, PaddyAu03-69
Twentieth Century SydneyRoe, Jill (Ed)0-908094620Au03-70
Explore Victoria0-140293728Au04-01
The Great Ocean Road0-858581345Au04-02
Buildings of Early Australia0-859212246Au04-03
Outside Country SOLDMayne, Alan & Atkinson, Stephen (Eds)9.78186E+12Au04-04
The First FleetBoardman, Alan & Harvey, Roland0-006620396Au04-05
Steele Rudd's AustraliaPutnis, Peter0-949414247Au04-06
Asquith Bowling Club Golden JubileeAu04-07
From Sydney Cove to DuntroonKerr, Joan & Hugh Falkus0-575030399Au04-08
No Mere Mouthpiece (Sydney Bar Association)Lindsay, Geoff & Webster, Carol0-409319929Au04-09
Heroes, Hard-hats and Horses (Sydney Showground)Au04-10
From Wilderness to Eden (Griffith, NSW) SOLDKelly, B.M.0-731639944Au04-11
The Beardie's Heritage (Glen Innes, NSW)0-959945806Au04-12
Fort Street (School) SOLDHoran, Ronald S.0-959222944Au04-13
The Killara Golf Club 1899-1999Bastian, Earle0-646366807Au04-14
Australia's Early Dwellings and ChurchesSmolicz, R.A. & Sharp, W.W.0-207147264Au04-15
Towards the FutureDawes, John0-64610294XAu04-16
Changes of a LifetimeWoollard, Tom0-646239171Au04-17
The Nature of Things (Royal College of Pathologists)Winton, Ronald0-959335501Au04-18
Archway to Vision (Royal Blind Society of NSW)Ollif, Lorna0-95991837XAu04-19
Port JacksonKerr, Colin & MargaretAu04-20
Fish the Hawkesbury (Guide)Wisely, Bill0-975099108Au04-21
From Millions to Sydney (Sydney Club)Alpen, JohnAu04-22
SydneyMorris, Jan0-670827452Au04-23
Gordon Golf Club 1935-2000Au04-24
Mallee Roots to New HorizonsCust, SylviaAu04-25
A Brief History of Leeton SOLDBowmaker, A.E.Au04-26
The Framework of Government in New South WalesRose, L.J.Au04-27
They Will Be Changed Like a Garment (St Stephen's N'hurst)Percival, Keith0-646398113Au04-28
Pen Points of Old Sydney and Historic New South WalesClark, Albert N.Au04-29
Politics in a Suburban Community (Manly 1965)Power, John (Ed)424057207Au04-30
The Parliament of New South Wales 1856-1965Hawker, G.N.Au04-31
The Premier and the PastoralistMorgan, James Waite9.78186E+12Au04-32
The Premier and the PastoralistMorgan, James Waite9.78186E+12Au04-33
An Australian Odyssey from Giza to GallipoliHutchinson, Garrie0-733603874Au04-34
Servant of a Century (Mercantile Mutual Insurance)Mayfield, H.Au04-35
Servant of a Century (Mercantile Mutual Insurance)Mayfield, H.Au04-36
Printers and PoliticsHagan, J.Au04-37
The Face of AustraliaLaseron, Charles F.Au04-38
The Face of AustraliaLaseron, Charles F.Au04-39
The Face of AustraliaLaseron, Charles F.Au04-40
Australia in FocusBonnor, Chris0-701628731Au04-41
Mosaic of Memories, James Wilson HoggBonnell, NeilAu04-42
Sydney, AustraliaAu04-43
The Bell-Wether, William Adams Company0-170064557Au04-44
Journey Around AustraliaJeane, Dave0-949558028Au04-45
The Book of Sydney SuburbsPollon, Frances0-207144958Au04-46
Astride the River, a History of Hamilton, NSWGibbons, P.J.Au04-47
The Newspaper Press in New South Wales 1803-1920Walker, R.B.0-424000237Au04-48
Box Hill (Vic)Lemon, Andrew0-850910641Au04-49
Focus on ParramattaSargeant, Doris A.0-959970509Au04-50
Sydney Church of England Girls' Grammar School 1895-1955Au04-51
Growing Up at Government HouseHarmar, Rosemary0-207163472Au04-52
A Job Worth Doing (Flinder's Island Soldier Settlement)Konke, Claire0-958182000Au04-53
Australian Urban PolicyNeutze, Max0-868612324Au04-54
The Grain and Threepenn'orth of PharmacyHaines, Gregory0-909706476Au04-55
Tales from a Sunburnt Country Vol 1Reader's Digest0-864493657Au04-56
Tales from a Sunburnt Country Vol 2Reader's Digest0-864493665Au04-57
Conveyancing Manual for New South WalesBryant, Robin0-949553328Au04-58
Backyard of MarsBarcs, Emery0-908463030Au04-59
The Salinity CrisisBeresford, Bekle, Philips & Mulcock1920694161Au04-60
Sydney Has an Opera House0-909586063Au04-61
The Development of AustraliaCondliffe, J.B.0-702229091Au05-01
Warrigal's WayAnderson, WarrigalAu05-02
Conned!Fesl, Eve Mumewa D.0-702224979Au05-03
Australian LandscapesFarwell, GeorgeAu05-04
Presenting AustraliaElder, Bruce1864365277Au05-05
Patterns of Urban Settlement, Consolidating the Future0-644255307Au05-06
Long Time Coming HomeWoodrow, Marjorie0-957907109Au05-07
People of the DreamtimeBaglin, Douglass & Moore, DavidAu05-08
Children's Narungga Dictionary1862547076Au05-09
Survival, History of Aboriginal Life in New South WalesParbury, Nigel0-730515583Au05-10
Death upon a SpearBrown, Hosanna0-575037539Au05-11
Papunya School Book of Country and History1865085251Au05-12
Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody 1992-93Au05-13
Little Black BastardTovey, Noel0-733617980Au05-14
WalkaboutMarshall, James Vance0-140312927Au05-15
Shadow ChildFraser, Rosalie0-868066583Au05-16
Son of AlyandabuMcGinness, Joe0-702223352Au05-17
Uluru National Park Plan of Management0-642166757Au05-18
Black HoursKing, Wayne0-207190135Au05-19
Treading LightlySveiby, Karl-Eric & Skuthorpe, Tex174114874XAu05-20
Safe Outback TravelAbsalom, Jack0-867880287Au05-21
Canyons near SydneyJamieson, RickAu05-22
The Country of Lost ChildrenPierce, Peter0-521594405Au05-23
Burnum BurnumNorst, Marlene J.0-864179782Au05-24
Aboriginal People of New South Wales0-644101520Au05-25
Aborigines in SportTatz, Colin0-858376032Au05-26
Doctor Wooreddy's Prescription for Enduring ...Mudooroo0-947062025Au05-27
Wild Cat FallingMudooroo0-207174466Au05-28
Wild Cat FallingJohnson, Colin0-207143935Au05-29
Wild Cat FallingJohnson, Colin0-207143935Au05-30
From Our Hearts, Anthology of Aboriginal Writing from S.A.0-646407430Au05-31
Brimming BillabongsHarney, Bill0-851793355Au05-32
BooriScott, Bill0-195505506Au05-33
The Aboriginal StoryWilliams, Ruth C.Au05-34
Little Black Book for Strong Black Women 20101741900328Au05-35
Adam in OchreSimpson, ColinAu05-36
Australia's Flying DoctorsWoldendorp, Richard & McDonald, Roger1863683909Au05-37
Flying Doctor CallingHill, ErnestineAu05-38
The Moving FrontierStanbury, Peter (Ed)0-58907203XAu05-39
Australian LandscapesJohnstonAu05-40
Sydney Savages (Club) 1934-1955Au05-41
Coming Together (Mission Australia)Chambers, Charles1875357114Au05-42
The Two Worlds of Jimmie BarkerMatthews, Janet0-85575110XAu05-43
One Man's WarArneil, Stan0-725103914Au05-44
WanamurraganyaMorgan, Sally0-94920658XAu05-45
White OutNeil, Rosemary1865088552Au05-46
The Courteous SavageDurack, MaryAu05-47
Taken at Tilba0-642992932Au05-48
River RivalsMudie, Ian0-001950258Au05-49
After Mabo (Videotape)Au05-50
Duyfken and the First Discoveries of AustraliaMurdoch, PriscillaAu05-51
Killers of EdenMead, Tom0-20712762XAu05-52
Cape York, an Adventurer's GuideMoon, Ron & Viv0-958826404Au05-53
Our Sunburnt CountryBaillie, ArthurAu05-54
Australia, Land of Things to Do0-642938806Au05-55
The Rhythm of the ShoeErikson, HansAu05-56
Back BurningPetter, Sylvia9.78188E+12Au05-57
Cyclone TracyBunbury, Bill1863681124Au05-58
Fatal StormMundle, Rob0-732269237Au05-59
Captain TomMcLean, G.T.1862520517Au05-60
Translating LivesBesemeres, Mary & Wierzbicka, Anna9.7807E+12Au05-61
A Song for NagasakiGlynn, PaulAu05-62
The Colonial MinstrelAnderson, HughAu05-63
Naught to Thirty-ThreeBedford, Randolph0-522841015Au05-64
Pacific WonderlandBarrett, CharlesAu05-65
Cavalcade of TransportAustralian Exhibition 1941Au05-66
Cherish the Earth, the Story of Gardening in AustraliaBligh, Beatrice0-72540129XAu05-67
Canberra, Past, Present and Future (booklet 1972)Au05-68
Rockchoppers, Growing Up Catholic in AustraliaCampion, Edmund0-140064451Au05-69
A Sea Change, Australian Writing and PhotographyShoemaker, Adam (Ed)0-958599602Au05-70
The Rush that Never EndedBlainey, Geoffrey0-522841457Au05-71
Australia in MindThomas, Mark0-868063460Au05-72
How Australian Are You?Younessi, O.J.9.7816E+12Au05-73
Oz Shrink ItField, Michele (Ed)0-140067078Au05-74
Around the Boree LogO'Brien, John0-207129770Au05-75
The National Trust in New South WalesRichards, Bill0-727016970Au06-01
Great Australian Gold Rush and Eureka StockadeWalshe, R.D.0-646453955Au06-02
Great Australian Gold Rush and Eureka StockadeWalshe, R.D.0-646453955Au06-03
The Great Nyngan FloodDormer, Marion (Ed)0-949734144Au06-04
Australia 2000Fabien, Don304299774Au06-05
Keep the Billy BoilingBrennan, R.M. & White, G.Au06-06
The Bulletin Book 1960sAu06-07
The Australia Club, the First 150 YearsAngel, J.R.0-959282211Au06-08
As You Were, the Australian Services 1788-1948Au06-09
Townsville at WarMcIntyre, Darryl0-959112383Au06-10
Favourite Australian Bush SongsLong, Lionel & Jenkin, GrahamAu06-11
Nor'Westers of the Pilbara BreedHardie, Jenny0-959415505Au06-12
Gallipoli IllustratedDenton, Kit0-727014625Au06-13
Woodleigh (School)Norman, Michael0-859242331Au06-14
Two FrontiersBrady, E.J.Au06-15
Departure DelayedVan Apeldoorn, JanAu06-16
Anzac Day, the Undying DebtPavils, J.G.9.78192E+12Au06-17
Voices from the FortressRea, PaulAu06-18
Australia Since 1900Hunt, O.W. & Marshall, K.W.Au06-19
Flanders in AustraliaDwyer, Jacqueline0-864179693Au06-20
A Kind of CattleRoberts, Barney0-006542581Au06-21
Where Dead Men LieLeyland, Mike & MalAu06-22
Soldier BoyHill, Anthony0-141003308Au06-23
Young DiggerHill, Anthony0-141000627Au06-24
Young DiggerHill, Anthony0-141000627Au06-25
Vietnam and AustraliaAu06-26
Caught in the DraughtBrady, Veronica0-207179433Au06-27
For Australia's SakeSimmelhaig, H. & Spenceley, G.F.R.0-170062023Au06-28
Prisoners of War, Australians under NipponNelson, Hank0-642527369Au06-29
Eyewitness to War, Australia's Pacific Campaign0-949193003Au06-30
The Last Plane Out of BerlinWatson, Jeffrey0-733615163Au06-31
Australia's Mountain CattlemenMcLeod, Ashton & MooreAu06-32
Starting Out In Western (Magazine)Au06-33
The First 200 YearsPalmer, Helen, MacLeod, Jessie0-582682576Au06-34
Change and Challenge (Canterbury, NSW) SOLDLarcombe, F.A.0-95956540XAu06-35
AustraliaTaylor, GriffithAu06-36
Christmas at LongtimeBrinsmead, Hesba0-207145431Au06-37
A Peculiar People, Australians in ParaguaySouter, Gavin207950377Au06-38
Grass Roots, the Early Years, Craft and Self-sufficiencyAu06-39
The History of the ACTUHagan, Jim0-582711150Au06-40
Pharmacy in AustraliaHaines, Gregory0-73162652Au06-41
Australia Celebrates, January 1988Australian Women's WeeklyAu06-42
Australia Celebrates, January 1988Australian Women's WeeklyAu06-43
Historic AustraliaAu06-44
Historic AustraliaCoupe, Sheena0-855588454Au06-45
Robbery under ArmsBoldrewood, RolfAu06-46sold
Robbery under ArmsBoldrewood, RolfAu06-46a
Was It Only Yesterday? Australia in the 20th Century WorldCoupe, Sheena & Andrews, Mary0-582663237Au06-47
Gold and PaperBlainey, GeoffreyAu06-48
Genetic Manipulation, the Threat or the Glory, Gov. Rep.1992Au06-49
AustralianaBaker, Sidney J.Au06-50
Australia, Moments in HistorySwain, Victor1864368187Au06-51
Australian FinanciersAppleyard, R.T. & Schedvin, C.B.0-333476913Au06-52
Driving Force, History of the TWUBowden, Bradley1863733825Au06-53
Australia, Year by YearAndrews, Michael0-867770228Au06-54sold
Australia in the Global EconomyMeredith, David & Dyster, Barry0-521637309Au06-55
Australian Political InstitutionsAitken, Don & Jinks, Brian0-858961563Au06-56
Australia, World of DifferenceBéchervaise, JohnAu06-57
Challenges of Change (Lend Lease)Murphy, Mary0-959212809Au06-58
The AustraliansLuck, Peter0-701815515Au06-59
Australia, First Century 1788-1888Morris, E.E. (Ed)Au07-01
Australia, First Century 1788-1888Morris, E.E. (Ed)Au07-02
The ShearersAdam-Smith, Patsy0-170058840Au07-03
The Magic of AustraliaElder, Bruce1864360739Au07-04
Australia Motoring Guide0-091831849Au07-05
Australia, the Essential Touring AtlasGregory'sAu07-06
Historic Places of Australia Vol 10-726900109Au07-07
Historic Places of Australia Vol 20-727900117Au07-08
Historic Places of Australia Vol 20-727900117Au07-09
Historic Places of Australia Vol 20-727900117Au07-10
Australia's YesterdaysReader's Digest0-909486239Au07-11
A Pictorial History of Australians at War0-600396560Au07-12
The Bedside Book of Colonial DoingsHeaton, J.H.0-207154473Au07-13
Australia and the Olympic GamesGordon, Harry0-702226270Au07-14
The Bateman Concise Encyclopaedia of Australia0-949135232Au07-15
Two Hundred Years Vol 1 (Magazines)Au07-16
BicentennialGordon, Harry0-958771448Au07-17
The Story of the Australian PeopleHorne, Donald0-949819670Au07-18
Australian Adventures in LeisureMoult, AllanAu07-19
Australian Family Album0-949707023Au07-20
Australian Album1862900027Au07-21
Off the Beaten TrackReader's Digest0-86438999XAu07-22
Story of the Snowy MountainsLarkins, John0-589502018Au07-23
Complete Book of Australian WineEvans, Len0-727103318Au07-24
Who's Who in Australia 1985Au07-25
Who's Who in Australia 1993Au07-26
Historic Buildings of Australia Vol 1Australian National Trust0-726900087Au07-27
Australia's First Parliament0-73053183XAu07-28
Sapphires in New South Wales0-731064046Au07-29
Australia's Beautiful Places0-947116869Au07-30
This Is Australia0-701815590Au07-31
Australia, Image of a Nation 1850-1950Moore, David & Hall, Rodney0-002164477Au07-32
The Big Picture, Diary of a NationSydney Morning Herald9.78186E+12Au07-33
High Life Magazine December 2006/January 2007Au07-34
High Life Magazine February/March 2007Au07-35
High Life Magazine April/May 2007Au07-36
Change and Tradition, University of Melbourne0-732505100Au07-37
The Explorers of the Morton Bay DistrictSteele, J.G.0-702206970Au08-01
Whirlwinds in the Plain (Ludwig Leichhardt)Webster, E.M.0-522841813Au08-02
Up CountryWilkinson, Anne0-726992836Au08-03
Up CountryWilkinson, Anne0-726992836Au08-04
Up CountryWilkinson, Anne0-726992836Au08----
Penelope Goes WestBowden, Tim1865080667Au08-05
The Australians, How They Live and WorkLearmonth, A.M.0-715358731Au08-06
Tourist to the Antipodes, William Archer's Journey0-702210072Au08-07
Tourist to the Antipodes, William Archer's Journey0-702210072Au08-07a
These Are My PeopleMarshall, AlanAu08-08
AustraliaSpence, Percy & Fox, Frank0-868980285Au08-09
Creeks and Harbours of Port PhillipHawkins, Richard0-959257829Au08-10
Welsh Swagman 1869-1894Evans, William0-725102462Au08-11
Wodonga, over River and PlainDunlop, Alan J.0-725601485Au08-12
KyabramBossence, W.H.Au08-13
Cunderdin-MeckeringStokes, Joseph Placid0-908090986Au08-14
Heritage of Pines, a History of CottesloeJames, Ruth Marchant0-959640401Au08-15
Further off the Beaten TrackLeyland, Mike & MalAu08-16
Old Bush Schools (in Western Australia)McKenzie, John A.0-729800326Au08-17
Country Cavalcade (Shire of Tambellup)Parnell, Judith0-959303804Au08-18
Classrooms a World Apart (Broken Hill School of the Air)Gibb, Phyllis0-867861010Au08-19
Redlands, the Story of an Australian ShireTownsend, Derek0-947074007Au08-20
Australia's Red Heart and Top EndPaton, Neil0-949773905Au08-21
Outback by CamelEllis, Rex0-864179081Au08-22
OutbackKeneally, Thomas0-340336692Au08-23
LasseterEngland, Kathryn1862914591Au08-24
LasseterEngland, Kathryn1862914591Au08-25
Settlers and Selectors, Tangil Hills to Tanjul SouthHasthorpe, John & Rogers, J.G.Au08-26
Struck by Lightening (opals)Taylor, Les0-949192015Au08-27
Australia, the Fifth ContinentMcQuillan, ErnAu08-28
Journey Among MenMarshall, Jock & Drysdale, RussellAu08-29
Crossing Australia's NorthThorn, Julie0-864173059Au08-30
Cold Beer and Crocodiles H/BSmith Roff0-792279522Au08-31
Cold Beer and Crocodiles P/BSmith Roff0-792263650Au08-32
Australian LandscapesFarwell, GeorgeAu08-33
Stagecoach Stories of Old AustraliaWannan, Bill0-725102985Au08-34
Stories of Australia's Old WestWannan, Bill0-725103469Au08-35
I Left My Hat in AndamookaAustin, Clifford0-858850249Au08-36
Doctor Hunger and Captain Thirst (explorers)Hooper, Meredith0-454003641Au08-37
The Pitty Families in AustraliaPitty, Keith D.0-959392114Au08-38
Battery Point Today and YesterdayRountree, AmyAu08-39
The Tyranny of DistanceBlainey, Geoffrey0-732911176Au08-40
Outdoors in AustraliaHolden, Philip0-727011987Au08-41
Grass and DustRadford, Niki186252808XAu08-42
The TerritoryHill, Ernestine0-207171300Au08-43
My Bush BookMuir, Marcie0-727017349Au08-44
The Proving GroundsAllen, Benedict0-246136332Au08-45
Ring, Rock and RiverBolton, BarbaraAu08-46
Fremantle PrisonKerr, James Semple0-724498567Au08-47
Water into GoldHill, ErnestineAu08-48
Ayres Rock, the Olgas and YularaStapleton, Austin0-858641194Au08-49
Australian Desert LifeDavey, KeithAu08-50
Lion and KangarooSouter, Gavin0-002114453Au08-51
Lion and KangarooSouter, Gavin0-002114453Au08-52
Eaters of the LotusWilley, KeithAu08-53
Chronicles of BoobyallaWannan, Bill0-727010913Au08-54
If Only I'd Listened to GrandpaMcAdoo, Martin0-701813326Au08-55
Central AustraliaCarter, JeffAu08-56
For the Term of His Natural Life soldClarke, MarcusAu09-01
For the Term of His Natural LifeClarke, Marcus207147485Au09-01a
For the Term of His Natural LifeClarke, Marcus0-207169012Au09-01b
RaindanceFlanagan, A.C.0-646459716Au09-02
The Quest for GraceClarke, Manning0-140143351Au09-03sold
Devil Lord's DaughterBaume, EricAu09-04
The Merry-Go-Round in the SeasStow, Randolph0-140028358Au09-05
Supper at Happy Harry'sMcNally, Ward1863021434Au09-06
The LawsonsMeredith, GwenAu09-07
I Saw a Strange LandGroom, ArthurAu09-08
Black GoldBoyd, Garry9.78065E+12Au09-09
Old Eko's NotebookSpielvogel, Nathan F.Au09-10
Green Dolphin CountryGoudge, ElizabethAu09-11
This Is Your LifeMitchell, David (Ed)0-670041254Au09-12
Love Me SailorClose, RobertAu09-13
Slippery When Wet, Australian Short Stories on CDAu09-14
Eureka StockadeButler, Richard0-207148546Au09-15
Picnic at Hanging RockLindsay, Joan0-140031499Au09-17
Picnic at Hanging RockLindsay, Joan0-140031499Au09-17a
BrigalowPorteous, R.S.Au09-18
When the Snow Gums DanceRennie, Anne0-731810198Au09-19
Australia Felix, from The Fortunes of Richard MahoneyRichardson, Henry HandelAu09-20
The Fortunes of Richard MahoneyRichardson, Henry HandelAu09-21
Australian Stories for the Spirit1876825103Au09-22
Spirit ManO'Conner, Elizabeth0-20714298XAu09-23
Boys by the SeaDonnelly, Barry0-732225175Au09-24
Beyond Blue HillsMeredith, GwenAu09-25
My One True LoveLlewellyn, Caro0-091841879Au09-26
McCabe, PMRowe, John0-330234226Au09-27
A Town RisingTimms, Alma0-20714219XAu09-28
Modern Australian Short StoriesEwers, John K.Au09-29
Fictions 88Moorhouse, Frank0-642531072Au09-30
Sandy's SelectionRudd, Steele0-207129339Au09-31
The Recollections of Geoffrey HamlynKingsley, HenryAu09-32
While the Billy Boils, Henry Lawson's PoemsLawson, HenryAu09-33
The Bush Undertaker and Other StoriesLawson, Henry0-207145725Au09-34
The Ballad of Desmond KaleMcDonald, Roger1741661145Au09----
DopelandBirmingham, John1740510305Au09-35
Short Shift SaturdayCasey0-207135835Au09-36
The PermitHorne, DonaldAu09-37
Australian People, Australian Tales SOLDMarks, Neil073225969XAu09-38
A for ArtemisWoodfield, SuttonAu09-39
Stories for Senior StudentsLawson, HenrhyAu09-40
Storm BoyThiele, Colin0-727002279Au09-41
Chilla'a ApprenticeSimpson, Bruce0-733310141Au09-42
The Tantanoola TigerBonney, Neville0-869462326Au09-43
Spear and Stock WhipGraves, Richard H.Au09-44
Now Listen, MateO'Grady, John0-701815922Au09-45
Summer Days - Stories from Childhood186368248-1Au09-45A
Australian Stories for the Heart187682509XAu09-46
Australian Stories for the Spirit1876825103Au09-47
Australian Stories for the Soul1876825561Au09----
Australian Stories for the Soul1876825561Au09----
Australian Stories for the Heart and Soul1876825537Au09-48
Australian Stories to Inspire the Spirit9.78192E+12Au09-49
Off One's TitsBirmingham, John174051128XAu09-50
Leaves of Life Vol 1Cobern, Patricia (Ed)0-958819807Au09-51
Free and Easy LandClune, FrankAu09-52
A Gallop of FireBeasley, Jack0-95891382XAu09-53
Family PicturesYahp, Beth (Ed)0-207185328Au09-54
The Half Open DoorGrimshaw, Patricia & Strahan, Lynne (Eds)0-868060496Au10-01SOLD
My Wife, My Daughter and Poor Mary AnnKingston, Beverley170019926XAu10-02
My Wife, My Daughter and Poor Mary AnnKingston, Beverley170019926XAu10-03
Australian ThemesNuttall, Barbara0-53310968XAu10-04
Golden Harvest, Stories of Australian Women186368185XAu10-05
Once in BroomeBin Demin, Sally9.78192E+12Au10-06
ManganinnieRoberts, Beth0-725103582Au10-07
The White Chrysanthemum (Australian Mothers)Keesing, Nancy (Ed)0-207135177Au10-08
The White Chrysanthemum (Australian Mothers)Keesing, Nancy (Ed)0-207135177Au10-09
Newtown TartsLilienthal, Sonja1864483547Au10-10
From Pasta to Pavlova (Italian migration)Huber, Rina0-702214108Au10-11
The WaterlilyLlewellyn, Kate0-949873160Au10-12
The WaterlilyLlewellyn, Kate0-949873160Au10-13
My God, It's a WomanBird, Nancy0-207168245Au10-14
Scribbling SistersSpender, Dale & Lynne0-868061646Au10-15
Scribbling SistersSpender, Dale & Lynne0-868061646Au10-16
Confessions and MemoirsWilding, Michael & Myers, David1876780908Au10-17
The Divine MistakeByrnes, Theresa0-732910099Au10-18
Sheilas, a Tribute to Australian WomenLarkin, John, Howard, Bruce0-727002074Au10----
Every Occasion (Guide to Etiquette)Buttrose, Ita0-858593920Au10-19
Where Do We Go from Here?Howard, Ann0-646021389Au10-20SOLD
Where Do We Go from Here?Howard, Ann0-646021389Au10-21
You'll Be SorryHoward, Ann0-73168091XAu10-22SOLD
You'll Be SorryHoward, Ann0-73168091XAu10-22a
Melba, the Voice of AustraliaRadic, Therese0-333414780Au10-23
A Wealth of WomenAlexander, Alison1876631090Au10-24
A Wealth of WomenAlexander, Alison1876631090Au10-25
Hold High the FlameBurke, Frances1875169695Au10-26
The Smile of a Rag-pickerGlynn, PaulAu10-27
The Smile of a Rag-pickerGlynn, PaulAu10-28
Nothing to SpareCarter, Jan0-140058249Au10-29
IntermissionBaxter, Anne0-207145113Au10-30
The Road to CoorainConway, Jill Ker0-749303603Au10-31
Kerryn and JackieMitchell, Susan1741141389Au10-32
Gender at WorkGame, Ann & Pringle, Rosemary0-868612618Au10-33
Brumby Innes and Bid Me to LovePrichard, Katharine Susannah0-868190861Au10-34
Caddie, a Sydney Barmaid (autobiography)0-725100141Au10-35
The Confessions of a BeachcomberBanfield, E.J.0-855582200Au10-36
Dangerously InnocentJoseph, Nesrine9.78192E+12Au10-37
Tirra Lirra by the RiverAnderson, Jessica0-140069453Au10-38
SistersModjeska, Drusilla0-732257921Au10-39
Cave in the SnowMackenzie, Vicki0-747543895Au10-40
Australia for WomenHawthorne, Susan, Klein, Renate (Eds)1558610952Au10-41
Nymphs and GoddessesHoney, Ennis0-646174363Au10-42
The Old Man Comes Rolling HomeHewett, Dorothy0-869370499Au10-43
Tall PoppiesMitchell, Susan0-140072101Au10-44
Tall PoppiesMitchell, Susan0-140072101Au10-45
Tall Poppies TooMitchell, Susan0-140122044Au10-46
The Shepherd Was SleepingHowell, Max0-958364494Au10-47
Gold Beyond Your DreamsTurland, Heather & Tarling, Lowell1863502483Au10-48
Children of the OpalSmith, Brian St Alban0-868882364Au10-49
Eliza FraserCook, Kenneth0-725102349Au10-50
The Mud HouseGlover, Richard9.78073E+12Au10-51
The Mint LawnMears, Gillian1863732705Au10-52
Wings of MadnessBuchanan, Jo1741101786Au10-53
Tagebuch 1Goernitz, Sonja K.1921019689Au10-54
Tagebuch 1Goernitz, Sonja K.1921019689Au10-54a
Party Girls, Labor Women NowDeverall, Huntley, Sharpe & Tilly (Eds)1864031174Au10-55
Dead Man RunningNiland, D'Arcy0-340150211Au10-56
Strolling PlayersClark, Mavis Thorpe701800054Au10-57
Strolling Players (includes note & card from JenniferPritchard)Clark, Mavis Thorpe701800054Au10-57a
Aunts up the CrossDalton, Robin0-140288287Au10-58
The MatriarchsMitchell, Susan0-140086595Au10-59
Razzle DazzleWatson, Moira0-207166781Au10-60
Manly GirlsWynhausen, Elisabeth0-140074724Au10-61
From Tweedledum to TweedledeeCatley, Robert & McFarlane, Bruce0-855520221Au10-62
Australian Women, New Feminist PerspectivesGrieve, Norma & Birns, Ailsa0-195546601Au10----
A Woman's LifeElse, Anne & Roberts, Heather0-140106634Au10----
Pioneer Women, Pioneer Land SOLDDe Vries-Evans, Susanna0-949135127Au10-63
Safari to the CentreOllif, Lorna0-959918345Au10-64
Safari to the CentreOllif, Lorna0-959918345Au10-64a
Au RevoirMoody, Mary0-330364480Au10-65
The Dauntless Bunch (YWCA)0-949525200Au10-66
The Dauntless Bunch (YWCA)0-949525200Au10-67
New South Wales Women's Hockey 1908-1983Hodges, Lena0-959078002Au10-68
Country Women at the CrossroadsFranklin, Short & Teather (Eds)1875821120Au10-69
Serving the CountryTownsend, Helen0-868242942Au11-01
No Place for a Nervous LadyFrost, Lucy0-14007340XAu11-02
The Akubra HatBowen, Jill0-947116524Au11-03
No Mean Destiny (Australian War Widows Guild)Clark, Mavis Thorpe0-908090935Au11-04
Her Natural DestinyKyle, Noeline0-868403857Au11-05
Yield Not to the WindClarence, Margaret0-90963307XAu11-06
The Story of the Australian BushrangersBoxall, George0-140700390Au11-07
Desert Queen (Daisy Bates)De Vries, Susanna9.78073E+12Au11-08
The Winter SparrowsLiverani, Mary Rose0-17005182XAu11-09
A Foreign AffairBarnes, Valerie1863255214Au11-10
Daggshead RevisitedDagg, Fred0-170061817Au11-11
Strange FlowersScott, Ronnie (Ed)9.78174E+12Au11-12
Pig Bites BabyConnor, Michael (Ed)1876631880Au11-13
Be Our GuestThe Hills Writers0-959649859Au11-15
The Quality of SprawlMurray, Les1875989560Au11-16
The Quarterly Essay Vol 15 2004, Latham's WorldSimons, Margaret1863951970Au11----
The Quarterly essay Vol 19 2005, Relaxed and ComfortableBrett, Judith186395094XAu11----
The Qusrterly Essay Vol 21 2006, What's Left ...Hamlton, Clive1863951822Au11----
The Quarterly Essay Vol 28 2007, Exit RightBrett, Judith9.78186E+12Au11----
The Quarterly Essay Vol 22 2009, Quarry VisionPearse, Guy9.78186E+12Au11----
10 Short Stories You Must Read9.78186E+12Au11----sold
Alan Marshall, His Best Stories Marshall, Alan0-855504323Au11----
Mutant Message Down UnderMorgan, Marlo1855384841Au11----
Sunset (Short Stories)0-143002724Au11----
The ShiraleeNyland, D'Arcy0-140105484Au11-17
Things You Learn Along the WayMenadue, John1863550739Au11-18
Beautiful LiesGriffiths, Tony1862545901Au11-19
On Second ThoughtsPringle, John Douglas0-207123217Au11-20
The Happy ChildrenRaffa, Joseph0-864450346Au11-21
On the Smell of an Oily RagYu, Ouyang9.78186E+12Au11-22
The Ballad of Les DarcyFitzsimons, Peter0-732286360Au11-23
The Politician Who LaughedDaly, Fred0-091482003Au11-24
Stick This in Your Memory HoleClark, Tristan9.78098E+12Au11-25
The Colony (SBS TV)Gibbon, Belinda1740513770Au11-26
Shelter from the StormMcHugh, Siobhan1865081604Au11-27
John Laws Book of Uncommon SenseLaws, John0-330357239Au11-28
Love Me SailorClose, Robert S.Au11-29
The Magic Shoulder (Far West Children's Home, Manly)0-959092706Au11-30
The Chance of PoliticsHasluck, Paul1875847375Au11-31
Sheer GritMurdoch, Arthur0-868402176Au11-32
Colony to NationSadler, John1740080483Au11-33
Among the BarbariansSheehan, Paul0-091836360Au11-34
Reinventing AustraliaMackay, Hugh0-207183147Au11-35
Reinventing AustraliaMackay, Hugh0-207183147Au11-35a
Reinventing AustraliaMackay, Hugh0-207183147Au11-35b
Turning PointMackay, Hugh0-732910013Au11-36
A Man's Got to Have a HobbyMcInnes, William0-733620787Au11-37
Cats, Cradles and Chamomile TeaDell'Oso, Anna Maria0-900882530Au11-38
The Secret State (Australian Secret Service)Hall, Richard0-726937258Au11-39
Not Only in StoneSomerville, Phyllis9.78095E+12Au11-40
Kerr's King HitLloyd, Clem & Clark, Andrew0-726950270Au11-41
Rifling ParadisePoster, Jem0-34092165XAu11-42
Hell West and CrookedCole, Tom0-732224039Au11-43
The Sea Journals of Annie and Amy HenningThomas, Joan0-909134685Au11-44
Oyster (ASIS)Toohey, Brian & Pinwill, William0-855612509Au11-45
Hot SpottingReeve, Rod9.78186E+12Au11-46
Journey to MourilyanSidney, Neilma1875703004Au11-47
Pioneers on ParadeFranklin, Miles0-207159254Au11-48
Of Mines and MenGriffiths, Max0-864179847Au11-49
Enough RopeDenton, Andrew0-733319734Au11-50
Good CompanyGullett, Henry 'Jo'0-70222443XAu11-51
Run O'WatersFairfax, JohnAu11-52
I Saw a Strange LandGroom, ArthurAu11-53
Isle of MountainsBarrett, CharlesAu11-54
Educating AustraliaMarginson, SimonAu11-55
YackerBaker, Candide0-330270648Au11-56
It Doesn't End ThereLaws, John & Stewart, Christopher9.78141E+12Au11-57
Jump CutsSoldatow, Sasha & Tsiolkas, Christos0-091833310Au12-01
Attitudes and ExperiencesMcPherson, Deb0-195510267Au12-02
Shattered Lives (Asbestos disease)Miller, Miriam9.78186E+12Au12-03
Fathers, Sons and LoversWest, Peter0-646288364Au12-04
Bad Ground, Beaconsfield Mine RescueWright, Tony9.78192E+12Au12-05
Ordinary People, Extraordinary LivesCarroll, Margaret1864366850Au12-06
Tales of Old AustraliaBeatty, Bill1864360135Au12-07
Australia, AustraliaWallace-Crabbe, Robin0-732225523Au12-08
Accidental HeroesDuff, Xavier1741247195Au12-09
The Fine PrintWilshire, Brian0-646078208Au12-10
The Fine PrintWilshire, Brian0-646078208Au12-11
The Fine PrintWilshire, Brian0-646078208Au12-11a
The Fine Print 2Wilshire, Brian0-646144049Au12-12sold
Goodbye JerusalemEllis, Bob0-091832241Au12-13
And So It WentEllis, Bob9.78067E+12Au12----
Goodbye BabylonEllis, Bob9.78067E+12Au12-14
Goodbye BabylonEllis, Bob9.78067E+12Au12-14a
Australia in the Making SOLDHarris, H.L.Au12-15
Australia in the MakingHarris, H.L.Au12-15a
Two Weeks in LilliputVizard, Steve0-140279830Au12-16
The Australian Story and Its BackgroundMitchell, BruceAu12-17
Great Australian Women Vol 2De Vries, Susanna0-732271266Au12-18
BeginningsWillsmore, M.J.0-959364102Au12-19
Fair DinkumLockwood, DouglasAu12-20
Who We AreDale, David1741750873Au12-21
Will She Be Right?Kahn, Herman & Pepper, Thomas0-702215694Au12-22
Adventure in Service (Rotary International)Au12-23
Legalities, Guidelines for Running a Community Organisation0-909776881Au12-24
Australia's Progress Magazine November 7, 1945Au12-25
Penguin Australian Homebuyer's GuideHumphrey, Nicholas0-143002163Au12-26
Not Happy, John!Kingston, Margo0-143002589Au12-27
What Matter I (Ivanhoe Grammar School)Harper, J.B.Au12-28
The Australian LegendWard, Russell0-195502868Au12-29
Political SpeakLyneham, Paul0-733300804Au12-30
The Puzzled PatriotsMuirder, Bruce52283907XAu12-31
Public Power and Public AdministrationWilenski, Peter0-868062677Au12-32
Political AnecdotesMacCallum, Mungo1876631740Au12-33
The Way AheadByrski, Liz1864363452Au12-34
Creating a NationGrimshaw, Lake & McGrath0-869140957Au12-35
The Truth of the MatterWhitlam, Gough0-14070079XAu12-36
Central Power in the Australian CommonwealthMenzies, RobertAu12-37
A Short History of AustraliaClark, Manning0-140247475Au12-38
Australia Since FederationAlexander, Fred170047334Au12-39
The Quiet RevolutionCairns, Jim0-869320076Au12-40
The Lucky CountryHorne, DonaldAu12-41
The Lucky CountryHorne, DonaldAu12-42
Death of the Lucky CountryHorne, DonaldAu12-43
Is Australia an Asian Country?Fitzgerald, Stephen1-864484012Au12-43a
Retreat Australia FairHardy, Frank0-091826705Au12-44
The Best Australian Essays 2004Dessaix, Robert1863952373Au12-45
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Dismissal of a Premier (Philip Game)Foott, B.Au12-47
Dismissal of a Premier (Philip Game)Foott, B.Au12-47a
Australian Pioneers0-726904406Au12-48
The Thallium EnthusiastsSanders, Noel0-949793256Au12-49
Getting a Job in AustraliaVandome, Nick1857036646Au12-50
The Settlement and Growth of MosmanCarrol, JackAu12-51
Poor Little Rich CountryWalsh, Maximilian0-14070082XAu12-52
Netting a Job in Australia and New ZealandRawling, Steve1876438460Au12-53
Confronting the FutureBirch, Charles0-140219374Au12-54
Physiography of VictoriaHills, E.S.Au12-55
The Australian Jamboree 1988/89 (Scout Guidebook)Au12-56
Gluepot RememberedGobbett, Don1862547297Au12-57
SurvivalDiver, Stuart0-732909813Au12----
SurvivalDiver, Stuart0-732909813Au12----
Australia Foots the Bill (War Finance 1939-41)Butlin, Critchley, McMillan etcAu13-01
History of the Australian Labor Movement ...Campbell, E.W.Au13-02
Coast to Coast, Australian Stories 1944Palmer, Vance (Ed)Au13-03
Living Is Giving (Volunteering)Smith, Laurie0-949853771Au13-04
Pens and EmsFinch, AlanAu13-05
Pens and EmsFinch, AlanAu13-05a
With Banner UnfurledWyner, Issy0-86806081XAu13-06
The Big ShowMant, Gilbert0-725501634Au13-07
Remember Smith's WeeklyBlaikie, GeorgeAu13-08
1850, A Very Good Year in South AustraliaSmith, Russell0-855582871Au13-09
A Medical School for QueenslandDoherty, R.L. (Ed)0-86776192XAu13-10
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A Flair for Trade (Craig Mostyn & Co) SOLDMeredith, PeterAu13-13
Wool Past the Winning Post (The Chirnside Family)Ronald, Heather B.959652205Au13-14
The National Trust in New South WalesRichards, Bill0-717016970Au13-15
The National Trust in New South WalesRichards, Bill0-717016970Au13-16
Eureka StockadeButler, RichardAu13-17
Nation of TreesMillington, RosemaryAu13-18
Two Nations1863951776Au13-19
The End of CertaintyKelly, Paul1863732276Au13-20
Great Flying Doctor StoriesMarsh, Bill0-73330835XAu13-21
In Champagne Country (Roma, Bungil)Stachan, Rod & Scott, JoanAu13-22
The Great, Great Australian DreamBoyd, RobinAu13-23
The Reluctant RepublicTurnbull, Malcolm0-855613726Au13-24
Paving the WayNewland, Simpson0-851793797Au13-25
The Mining Act 1906Au13-26
Future Seekers, Refugees and the Law in AustraliaCrock, Mary & Saul, Ben1862874034Au13----
The New Right's Australian FantasyCoghill, Ken (Ed)0-140104739Au13-27
Out of the Bakelite BoxKent, Jacqueline0-733300375Au13-28
John Knatchbull, from Quarterdeck to GallowsRoderick, ColinAu13-29
Mungo, the Man Who LaughsMcCallum, Mungo1876631503Au13-30
Post Scripts, 1988 Boyer Lectures0-642128480Au13-31
Manufacturing Industry in AustraliaNorman, Neville R.Au13-32
Social Policy in Australia 1901-1975Roe, Jill0-72697367XAu13-33
Australian Economic Development in the Twentieth CenturyForster, Colin (Ed)0-04330172XAu13-34
The Little Aussie Fact BookNicholson, Margaret0-140274626Au13-35
Spirit of the Night SkyBurra, LaksarAu13-36
An Energetic Colonist (Thomas Holt)Holt, Henry E.725600683Au13-37
Silencing DissentHamilton, Clive & Maddison, Sarah9.78174E+12Au13-38
From Fraser to HawkeHead, Brian W. & Patience, Allan0-582712338Au13-39
House HuntingTyrrell, Jerry0-869142984Au13-40
Gamble for PowerSummers, Anne0-170062813Au13-41
The Big Shift, the Bernard Salt ReportSalt, Bernard187671929XAu13-42
The Power StruggleReid, AlanAu13-43
On Australia's ConstitutionWhitlam, E.G.0-869320300Au13-44
Australia's Political InstitutionsSingleton, Aitkin, Jinks et al.0-733903738Au13-45
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Government, Politics, Power and Policy in AustraliaSummers, Woodward & Parkin (Eds)0-73399900XAu13-47
Australian Trade UnionsMatthews, P.W.D. & Ford, G.W.Au13-48
Australia, a Client StateCrough, Greg & Wheelwright, Ted0-140224467Au13-49
Australia in the World EconomyPerkins, J.O.N.0-725101180Au13-50
State of DenialKenny, Chris1862543003Au13-51
Reluctant RefugePalmer, Glen0-864178581Au13-52
Aussie Style, MateHulm, Neil0-95900324XAu13-53
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Naught to Thirty-ThreeBedford, Randolph0-522841015Au13-55
Australian CatholicsCampion, Edward0-670816957Au13-56SOLD
Other Peoples MoneyMain, Andrew0-732276659Au13-57
Crusade or ConspiracyDuncan, Bruce0-868407313Au13-58
Family History of the Rea FamilyAu14-01
City Life in Australia0-730205843Au14-02
Australia the Beautiful, Great Gardens0-949708038Au14-03
Going to Extremes (Antartctic)Chester, Jonathan0-868241717Au14-04
I See No End to TravellingMiller, Ann0-858358131Au14-05
The World and AustraliaAu14-06
Business, Charity and Sentiment Part 2Marshall, Susan9.78186E+12Au14----
Business, Charity and Sentiment Part 2Marshall, Susan9.78186E+12Au14----
Dear Robertson, Letters to an Australian PublisherBarker, A.W.0-207146683Au14-07
Letters from the AntipodesButor, Michel0-702216275Au14-08
The Greats, Fifty Men and Women Who Shaped Australia0-20715337XAu14-09
Australia IllustratedWhite, Oscar, Ross, John et al.0-701804351Au14-10
Australia, This Land, These PeopleReader's DigestAu14-11
Australia, This Land, These PeopleReader's DigestAu14-12
The Pursuit of ExcellenceShears, Richard & Gidley, Isobelle0-454008996Au14-13
Family BusinessCarew, Edna0-646193384Au14-14
Australia Post, Delivering More Than EverHunter, Marcelle1875359680Au14-15
The Oz FactorCoyne, Michael & Edwards, Leigh0-859241475Au14-16
The River PeopleCowan, James & Beard, ColinAu14-17
Angry AustralianRandell, RalphAu14-18
Life in the Country h/bCannon, Michael0-859022811Au14-19
Life in the Country p/bCannon, Michael0-670900540Au14-20
Who's Master? Who's Man?Cannon, Michael0-670900532Au14-21
The White Family of BelltreesWhite, JudyAu14-22
Tomorrow's World, the Australian InitiativeAu14----
Tomorrow's World, the Australian InitiativeAu14----
Tomorrow's World, the Australian InitiativeAu14----
Tomorrow's World, the Australian InitiativeAu14----
Tomorrow's World, the Australian InitiativeAu14----
Tomorrow's World, the Australian InitiativeAu14----
Tomorrow's World, the Australian InitiativeAu14----
Life on the Australian GoldfieldsStone, Derrick J. & MacKinnon, Sue0-589503588Au14-23
The Complete Book of Australian FolkloreScott, Bill0-725403381Au14-24
Yellow, Green and Red (Mount Isa)Williams, C.W.Au14-25
Australia's Mineral WealthCoghill, Ian0-909752028Au14-26
Australian Discovery and ColonisationBennett, Samuel0-90800124XAu14-27
An Eyewitness History of AustraliaGordon, Henry0-851798489Au14-28
Dynamic AustraliaRiddell, D.V. (Ed)Au14-29
The ManufacturersHall, C.R.0-207120730Au14-30
Australia's Domestic Product & Foreign Borrowing 1861-1939Au14-31
Australia's Most Scenic DrivesReader's Digest1876689137Au14-32
Presenting AustraliaConlon, Dalys0-867772085Au14-33
Beautiful AustraliaRoss, John701801131Au14-34
Australia in ColourSmith, RobinAu14-35
Australia's Wild HeartKnowles, Peter0-851794106Au14-36
Explore Historic Australia0-670900249Au14-37
Australia's Natural HeritageHutton, Geoffrey (Ed)0-002172196Au14-38
A Pictorial History of AustraliaRienits, Rex & Thea0-727100831Au14-39
The Prime Ministers of AustraliaPage, Michael0-94718325Au14-40
Wild AustraliaReader's Digest0-864383134Au14-41
Australian Journey (1930s)McGuire, PaulAu14-42
Robert Dickie WattYeates, Neil0-958786607Au14-43
Australian and New Zealand Jewish Yearbook 19870-95898770XAu14-44
The White Roof of AustraliaBeatty, BillAu14-45
Ben Hall (ABC TV)Baylin, Douglas & Austin, Yvonne0-725402571Au14-46
JabilukaGrey, Tony1863720405Au14-47
Australia's Nobel LaureatesAuBio01-01
Goodbye, GirlieAdam-Smith, Patty1875939008AuBio01-02
Hear the Train GoAdam-Smith, Patty0-170069133AuBio01-03
From Cabbie to Chairman (Larry Adler, FAI)Denton, Peter1875359036AuBio01-04
Indiscretions of a HeadmistressArchdale, Betty0-207124035AuBio01-05
To Fight the WidAnsell, Rod & Percy, Rachel0-90914433XAuBio01-06
I Know Why the Caged Bird SingsAngelou, Maya0-86068511XAuBio01----
Life Story of William AnglissAngliss, J.V.AuBio01-08
The Voyage of Their LifeArmstrong, Diane0-732268680AuBio01-09
Inside OutAdamson, Robert1920885609AuBio01-10
Body at the Melbourne Cup (Bertram Armytage)Burke, David9.78186E+12AuBio01-11
Neville Bonner, a BiographyBurger, Angela0-333252365AuBio01-12
Samuel Bate, Singular CharacterBate, Frank0-958785104AuBio01-13
Samuel Bate, Singular CharacterBate, Frank0-958785104AuBio01-14
Better than Dancing (Mary Brennan)McKenna, Elaine0-864360592AuBio01-15
One Foot in the GraveBurchell, DaveAuBio01-16
All the Trees Were GreenBush, Roger0-727011154AuBio01-17
The Rise and Fall of Alan BondBarry, Paul1863590013AuBio01-18
The Rise and Fall of Alan BondBarry, Paul1863590013AuBio01-19
Going for Broke (Alan Bond)Barry, Paul1863251979AuBio01-20
A Different Drummer (E.J. Banfield)Noonan, Michael0-702217646AuBio01-21
Barbara BayntonHackforth-Jones, Penne0-140111948AuBio01-22
Against Time and PlaceBackhouse, Elizabeth0-949206822AuBio01-23
Life on the WaterfrontBull, Tas0-732267927AuBio01-24
A Radical ToryBarwick, Garfield1862871604AuBio01-25
Barwick (Garfield Barwick)Marr, David0-868610194AuBio01-26x2
The Way My Father Tells ItBowden, Tim0-733300103AuBio01-27
The Barefoot Bush WalkerButler, Dorothy0-733300790AuBio01-28
IntermissionBaxter, Anne0-207145113AuBio01-29
Head over HeelsBailey, Sam & Jenny9.78073E+12AuBio01-30
Head over HeelsBailey, Sam & Jenny9.78073E+12AuBio01-31
Glass after GlassBlackman, Barbara0-670872725AuBio01-32
Doctor Agnes BennettManson, Cecil & CeliaAuBio01-33
The Amorous Dentist (Louis Bertrand)Travers, Robert0-207135231AuBio01-34
Buck Jones, Where Are You?Ball, Vincent0-091832624AuBio01-35
Burke (Brian Burke)Hamilton, John0-867780363AuBio01-36
Bob Brown, the Gentle RevolutionaryNorman, James1741144663AuBio01-37
The Will to Win (Frank Beaurepaire)Lomas, GrahamAuBio01-38
Edmund BartonReynolds, John1863953779AuBio01-39
The Workings of a WatchdogBosch, Henry0-855613769AuBio01-40
Who Am I?Barber, Tony174051002XAuBio02-01
Who Am I?Barber, Tony174051002XAuBio02-02
MemoirsBrookes, Mabel0-333139895AuBio02-03
Riders of TimeBrookes, MabelAuBio02-04
PassportBurchett, Wilfred17001906AuBio02-05
Foreign CorrespondenceBrooks, Geraldine0-385482698AuBio02-06
The Divine MistakeByrnes, Theresa0-732910099AuBio02-07
The Difficult Young ManBoyd, Martin0-140187618AuBio02-08
When Blackbirds SingBoyd, Martin0-140187634AuBio02-09
Day of My DelightBoyd, Martin0-701801085AuBio02-10
The Journeys to Coolangatta (Alexander Berry)Sealy, Malcolm1740181085AuBio02-11
Men and Machines, The Brambles StoryMarmel, D.L.725400161AuBio02-12
Beazley (Kim Beazley)Fitzsimons, Peter0-732258766AuBio02-13
Don't Die with the Music in YouBennett, Wayne0-733311075AuBio02-14
Turn Again HomeBroughton, G.W.AuBio02-15
Ladies Legs and LemonadeBonython, Kim0-72701191XAuBio02-16
Early Edition h/bButtrose, Ita0-333401492AuBio02-17
Early Edition p/bButtrose, Ita0-864360339AuBio02-18
Freedom RideCurthoys, Ann1864489227AuBio02-19
All on One Good Dancing LegClarke, Joan0-868065463AuBio02-20
Dr Helen Caldicott, a Passionate LifeCaldicott, Helen0-091831067AuBio02-21
Of Salt and EarthClose, Robert0-170051951AuBio02-22
Australian Father and SonCasey, LordAuBio02-23
Australian Father and SonCasey, LordAuBio02-24
The Puzzles of ChildhoodClarke, Manning0-140139370AuBio02-25
The Quest for Grace p/bClarke, Manning0-140143351AuBio02-26
The Quest for Grace h/bClarke, Manning0-670830348AuBio02-27
Salvation CreekDuncan, Susan1863254749AuBio02-28
Ruth Cracknell, a Biased MemoirCracknell, Ruth0-140275886AuBio02-29
Casey's WifeCongdon, Dorothy Casey0-864450206AuBio02-30
The Road from Coorain h/bConway, Jill Ker0-855613211AuBio02-31sold
The Road from Coorain p/bConway, Jill Ker0-749398949AuBio02-32sold
The Road from Coorain p/bConway, Jill Ker0-749398949AuBio02-33
The Road from Coorain p/bConway, Jill Ker0-749398949AuBio02-34
True North h/bConway, Jill Ker0-091784751AuBio02-35
True North p/bConway, Jill Ker0-09947901XAuBio02-36
Now in RemissionClezy, Ken9.78174E+12AuBio02-37
Now in RemissionClezy, Ken9.78174E+12AuBio02-38
Peter Costello SOLDAubin, Tracey0-732267293AuBio02-39
Peter CostelloAubin, Tracey0-732267293AuBio02-40
The Uncensored Story of Martin CashEmberg, Joan & Buck0-949459434AuBio02-41
A Wild LifeCarter, Mare1863252932AuBio02-42
Nothing over Half a Crown (George Coles)McLaughlin, Judith1875308075AuBio02-43
The Life of BrianCorrigan, Brian0-733314430AuBio03-01
First LadyCottee, Kay0-330271741AuBio03-02
Life on the Left (Clyde Cameron)Guy, Bill1862544794AuBio03-03
Casey (Richard Casey)Hudson, W.J.0-195547306AuBio03-04
A Foolish, Passionate Man (James Ford Cairns)Ormonde, Paul0-14005975XAuBio03-05
The Measure of SuccessClarke, Ron0-734407076AuBio03-06
ChippChipp, Don0-454013450AuBio03-07
ChippChipp, Don0-454013450AuBio03-08
Searching for CharmianChick, Suzanne0-330356542AuBio03-09
Searching for CharmianChick, Suzanne0-330356542AuBio03-10
Ada CambridgeTate, Audrey0-522845223AuBio03-11
(The Almost Late) Gordon ChaterChater, Gordon1863597972AuBio03-12
The Big YinMargolis, Jonathan1857977386AuBio03-13
Bread and RosesDavies, Sonja0-90862008XAuBio03-14
A Showman's StoryDavidson, Jim0-72701871XAuBio03-15
Passages of TimeDavid, Mary Edgeworth0-702209511AuBio03-16
All Manner of PeopleDebenham, A.E.AuBio03-17
Without Fear or FavourDebenham, A.E.AuBio03-18
A Most Unique RuffianO'Sullivan, J.S.AuBio03-19
The Making of a Sentimental Bloke (C.J. Dennis)Chisholm, AlecAuBio03-20
ResilienceDeveson, Anne1-864486341AuBio03-21
Royal Engineer (Edmund DuCane)Hasluck, Alexandra0-207124825AuBio03-22
Jane Dodds, a Swan River Colony PioneerHeal, Lilian0-731616707AuBio03-23
Brilliant Dan DeniebyPearl, Cyril170019713AuBio03-24
Mary Thomas, Founding MotherDuncan, Beth9.78186E+12AuBio03-25
Deliver Us from EvilDanes, Kay1740950259AuBio03-26
Calwell (Arthur)Kiernan, Colin0-170051854AuBio03-27
Be Just and Fear NotCalwell, Arthur855503521AuBio03-28
A Mavis SingingCordner, Cherry0-947189017AuBio03-29
Diary of Emily Caroline CreagheMonteath, Peter1876247142AuBio03-30
Diary of Emily Caroline CreagheMonteath, Peter1876247142AuBio03-31
Nowhere PlaceDunlop, Roger9.78186E+12AuBio03-32
Nowhere PlaceDunlop, Roger9.78186E+12AuBio03-33
Nowhere PlaceDunlop, Roger9.78186E+12AuBio03-34
Aunts up the CrossDalton, Robin0-140288287AuBio03-35
FiringDutton, Ninette1875892079AuBio03-36
Anna's StoryDonaghy, Bronwyn0-207191840AuBio03-37
The Ballad of Les DarcyFitzsimons, Peter0-732286360AuBio03-38
It's All GoodDaddo, Andrew9.78073E+12AuBio03-39
Out in the OpenDutton, Geoffrey0-702228109AuBio03-40
DingoDingo, Sally0-091837278AuBio03-41
DawnFrazer, Dawn0-73361342XAuBio03-42
DawnFrazer, Dawn0-73361342XAuBio03-43
Weary (Dunlop)Edwards, Hazel9.78192E+12AuBio03-44
June EpsteinEpstein, June0-947062416AuBio04-01
WeatherburnEvans, George WilliamsAuBio04-02
Keep in TouchEdwards, GraemeAuBio04-03
The Mangle Wheel, My LifeFiney, George0-949924032AuBio04-04
Not Without Dust and HeatFitton, DorisAuBio04-05
Cathy, Her Own StoryFreeman, Cathy0-670906492AuBio04-06
Heralds and Angels (Fairfax family)Souter, Gavin0-522844499AuBio04-07
My Regards to BroadwayFairfax, James0-207176698AuBio04-08
Australia, What Is It?Williams, Henry0-851792812AuBio04-09
The FightFlanagan, Martin & Uren, Tom0-975770829AuBio04-10
John Flynn, Apostle to the InlandMcPheat, W. ScottAuBio04-11
As Good as a Yarn with YouFerrier, Carole (Ed)0-521393140AuBio04-12
Northern GatewayFlynn, FrankAuBio04-13
The Living HeartFlynn, FrankAuBio04-14
Janet FrameFrame, Janet0-704350726AuBio04-15
Her unknown (brilliant) career - Miles Franklin in AmericaColeman, Verna0-207145369AuBio04-16
With Spirit and CourageFeatherstone, Paul0-732911486AuBio04-17
Days Like TheseGurr, Michael0-522852823AuBio04-18sold
Wealth in the WildernessGroome, ArthurAuBio04-19
Jennie GeorgeBrad Norrington1-865080500AuBio04-20
The Best of GeevesGeeves, Philip0-207149690AuBio04-21
For the Love of the LandGoode, Angela0-704350726AuBio04-22
A Light That Shone (J. Gunn)Gunn, Dorothy RuthAuBio04-23
Galbally for the DefenceGalbally, FrankAuBio04-24
Matthew Blagden HaleRobin, A. deQ.0-725601671AuBio04-25
The Unknown Great AustralianHarris, Max0-725104244AuBio04-26
The Tactless Philosopher (Johann Reinholt Forster)Hoare, Michael E.0-725601213AuBio04-27
Big Wheels and Little WheelsHartnett, L.J.AuBio04-28
UndauntedHolmes a Court, Ethnee0-725107626AuBio04-29
Escape of the Notorious Sir William HeansHay, WilliamAuBio04-30
Forty-Two FacesHetherington, JohnAuBio04-31
Rogue Bull (Lang Hancock)Duffield, Robert0-00216423XAuBio04-32
Hazel Hawke, My Own LifeHawke, Hazel1863721029AuBio04-33
Hazel's Journey (Hazel Hawke)Pieters-Hawke, Sue1405036311AuBio04-34
Hawke, the Definitive Biography (Bob Hawke)Hurst, John0-207143072AuBio04-35
The Hawke Ascendancy (Bob Hawke)Kelly, Paul0-207147272AuBio04-36
Robert J. HawkeD'Alpuget, Blanche0-867530014AuBio04-37
Hawthorn SketchesMcFarlane, Geraldine0-646085603AuBio04-38
The HentysBassett, MarnieAuBio04-39
The Howard YearsManne, Robert (Ed)0-975076914AuBio04-40
Portrait in a MirrorHasluck, Alexandra0-195542983AuBio04-41
Frank Hackett JonesChambers, Don9.78186E+12AuBio05-01
Against the StreamHowells, A.F.0-90809048XAuBio05-02
Gentleman George (Darrell)Irvin, Eric0-702215368AuBio05-03
True Colours (Lauren Huxley)Davies, Lisa9.78073E+12AuBio05-04
My Life and HarryHolt, ZaraAuBio05-05
The Strange Case of Eugene Goossens ...Hubble, Ava0-732224497AuBio05-06
Evie Hayes, 'And I Loves You Back'Crampton, John0-207174059AuBio05-07
From Rice to RichesHutcheon, Jane0-732911729AuBio05-08
The Strength in Us AllHenderson, Sara0-725107251AuBio05-09
From Strength to StrengthHenderson, Sara0-732907837AuBio05-10
Walk with MeHitchcock, Kevin0-091833949AuBio05-11
Janet Holmes a CourtEager, Patricia0-732257158AuBio05-10
W.U.J.Hohnen, John0-731620186AuBio05-11
The Little Digger (Billy Hughes)Horne, Donald0-725104155AuBio05-12
My Life as MeHumphries, Barry0-670888346AuBio05-13
Jones Town (Alan Jones)Masters, Chris174175156XAuBio05-14
No Mean FeatInglis, Mark1869415361AuBio05-15
Wild SpiritHenderson, Annette9.78174E+12AuBio05-16
Sir James HardyMundle, Robert1875574220AuBio05-17
The Pauline Hanson StoryPasquerelli, John186436341XAuBio05-19
Stories from Suburban RoadHungerford, T A G0-909144710AuBio05-20
Daughters of NazarethHughes, Patricia0-732911214AuBio05-21
Clive JamesAuBio05-22
Clive JamesAuBio05-23
Clive JamesAuBio05-24
Clive JamesAuBio05-26
Clive JamesAuBio05-27
Clive JamesAuBio05-28
Clive JamesAuBio05-29
Clive JamesAuBio05-30
Clive JamesAuBio05-31
Clive JamesAuBio05-32
Always UnreliableJames, Clive0-330418815AuBio05-33
Red Silk (Elliott Johnston Q.C.)Debelle, Penelope9.78186E+12AuBio06-01
The Man on the Twenty Dollar Note (Kingsford-Smith)McNally, Ward0-589072110AuBio06-02
George JohnstonKinnane, Garry0-170065731AuBio06-03
The Memoirs of Dorothy KnoxKnox, Dorothy0-727016784AuBio06-04
Riding the ElephantKeesing, Nancy0-044421176AuBio06-05
Ned KellyClune, Frank0-207138184AuBio06-06
Ned KellyOsborne, CharlesAuBio06-07
The TrueHistory of the Kelly GangCarey, Peter0-571209874AuBio06-08sold
The TrueHistory of the Kelly GangCarey, Peter0-571209874AuBio06-09
Coming cleanKiernan, Ian0-732908256AuBio06-09a
King (Graham Kennedy)Blundell, Graeme0-732911656AuBio06-10
Nene (King)Fitzsimons, Peter0-732275652AuBio06-11
John Knatchbull, from Quarterdeck to GallowsRoderick, ColinAuBio06-11a
The Riverman's StoryKelsale, G.M.1863402888AuBio06-12
Lanterns over PinchgutKerr, Anne0-333477081AuBio06-13
Lanterns over PinchgutKerr, Anne0-333477081AuBio06-14
A Girl Like Alice (Betteridge)Thompson, ValerieAuBio06-15
HoneyLlewellyn, Kate0-949873152AuBio06-16
HobbyhorsesLane, Terry0-733300782AuBio06-17
Ma and PaLindsay, RoseAuBio06-18
I'd Live the Same Life OverLindsay, PhilipAuBio06-19
William LightFinkel, GeorgeAuBio06-20
Among the Carrion CrowsLyons, Edith0-851794939AuBio06-21
Whole LifeLurie, Morris0-869140337AuBio06-22
BlueyLewis, Harold0-207149631AuBio06-23
Dr John LhotskyVariousAuBio06-24
Barefaced Cheek (Murdochs)Leapman, Michael0-340282118AuBio06-25
The Boy from Burinyong (Owen Lloyd)Badger, Angela0-724184589AuBio06-26
Speaking for MyselfLittle, Graham0-869140892AuBio06-27
Head over HeelsLunn, Hugh0-702224189AuBio06-28
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PoppyModjeska, Drusilla0-140258728AuBio07-21
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Maybe TomorrowPryor, Boori0-140273972AuBio08-18
Maybe TomorrowPryor, Boori0-140273972AuBio08-19
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Nothing Prepared MeQuitly, Edna Eckford0-957760809AuBio08-27
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Thanks BeTucker, Gerard KennedyAuBio10-05
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Abiding InterestsWhitlam, Gough0-702228796AuBio10-23
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Editor's OdysseySpeagle, Henry
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