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The Heidelberg SchoolSpratt, William & McLellan, Dugald0-670900613A02-01
MantegnaGaravaglia, Niny810955105A02-02
Art in the Ice AgeA02-03
Rubens and the Italian Renaissance0-642130507A02-04
Industry Support the ArtsOsborne, Alan (Ed)A02-05
Folk Art in RumaniaA02-06
Renaissance in VeniceArt Gallery of NSWA02-07
How the Rich Lived, the Painter as WitnessLucie-Smith, Edward & Dars, Celestine0-846701081A02-08
Auguste Borget, SouvenirsRobin HutcheonA02-09
DuccioWeber, Andrea3829002459A02-10
Dutch PaintingBrown, Christopher0-714816914A02-11
Five Centuries of Great ArtGaunt, William0-852291205A02-12
The Moderns and Their WorldA02-13
Augustus JohnRothenstein, JohnA02-14
Paintings by Old Masters at Christ Church, OxfordShaw, J. Byam71481315XA02-15
Western Art 1600-1800McHugh, Christopher0-750209755A02-16
El Taller Torres-GarciaRamirez, Mari Carmen0-292781229A02-17
Mexican ArtFernandez, JustinoA02-18
Spanish PaintingHendy, PhilipA02-19
Dutch PaintingManson, J.B.A02-20
French PaintingEarp, T.W.A02-21
Old Masters Paintings from the USSRExhibition, Art Gallery of NSWA02-22
USSR Old Master PaintingsAustralian Gallery Directors CouncilA02-22A
Hidden Treasures Revealed (The Hermitage, St Petersburg)Kostenevich, Albert0-297835165A02-23
Word and ImageMuseum of Modern Art, New YorkA02-24
Rubens Ceiling Paintings for the Jesuit Church in AntwerpMartin, J. RupertA02-25
Michelle NikouBolton, Ken1862546762A02-26
Airbrush in Japan Vol 19810047738A02-27
Der Frühe Japanische Holzschnitt (in German)Hajek, Lubor & Forman, WernerA02-28
The Arts of Japan, an Illustrated HistoryMunsterberg, HugoA02-29
German PaintingBrion, Marcel & Tisné, PierreA02-30
The Decorative Arts of the MarinerFrere-Cook, GervisA02-31
Harry Bensen's AmericaBensen, Harry0-810958961A02-32
Beyond JapanHolborn, Mark0-224031309A02-33
The Chinese Exhibition, Australia 1977A02-34
Chinese ArtMacKenzie, FinlayA02-35
An Introduction to Egyptian ArtRacheviltz, Boris deA02-36
An Introduction to Egyptian ArtRacheviltz, Boris deA02-37
An Introduction to Chinese ArtProdan, MarioA02-38
Clovio, Miniaturist of the RenaissanceGiononi-Visani, Maria0-933516177A02-39
Laura GrisiCelant, Germano0-847812227A02-40
BreughelGrossmann, F.0-71481511XA02-41
Ballets SuedoisHäger, Bengt0-500235872A02-42
Watteau, Paintings & Drawings from Soviet MuseumsZolotov, YuriA02-43
Niklaus Manuel DeutschA01-01
Tom RobertsA01-05
Frank Hodgkinson's Kakadu & the Arnhem LandersA01-06
World Architecture, an Illustrated HistoryA01-09
Art Treasures of the WorldA01-10
Building Sydney 2000A01-11
Open Here, the Art of instructional DesignA01-12
European and American Snuff BoxesA01-13
Illustrated Dictionary of Narrative PaintingThomas, Anabel0-719552907A03-01
British Folk ArtAyres, James0-214202690A03-02
Picasso, Folder of PrintsAustralian Exhibition 19840-642870683A03-03
History of Art: ImpressionismLassaigne, JacquesA03-04
Impressionism, Its Forerunners & InfluencesAbati, Francesco (Ed)706400690A03-05
History of Art: Post ImpressionismJalard, Michel ClaudeA03-06
Aldo JacobelliNeylon, John1862547319A03-07
Aldo JacobelliNeylon, John1862547319A03-08
Martin Mull, Paintings, Drawings & WordsMull, Martin1885203195A03-09
Martin Mull, Paintings, Drawings & WordsMull, Martin1885203195A03-10
Martin Mull, Paintings, Drawings & WordsMull, Martin1885203195A03-11
Martin Mull, Paintings, Drawings & WordsMull, Martin1885203195A03-12
Martin Mull, Paintings, Drawings & WordsMull, Martin1885203195A03-13
Italian Painting 1940-1960Australian Exhibition 19720-858480026A03-14
ManetWadley, N.A03-15sold
S.T. Gill PaintingsDutton, Geoffrey (Ed)A03-16
David Jones PaintingsGray, Nicoleta0-853315191A03-17
RodinTaillandier, Y.A03-18
After the Hunt, American Still Life PaintersFrankensteinA03-19
Homage to Thomas Eakins, etcSoyer, RaphaelA03-20
Clarence Holbrook CarterTrapp, Dreishpoon & Pau-Llosa0-847809757A03-21sold
Victor VasnetsovShanina, N.A03-22
Grandma Moses, American PrimitiveKallir, Otto (Ed)A03-23
Regency EnglandTarnahill, ReayA03-24
The Queen's PicturesLloyd, Christopher29783276XA03-25
The Queen's PicturesLloyd, Christopher29783276XA03-26
Art Treasures in the British IslesCopplestone & Myers (Eds)A03-27
Art Treasures in the British IslesCopplestone & Myers (Eds)A03-28
The Londoner's EnglandBott, AlanA03-29
Royal Academy of Arts Yearbook 1981/820-856281085A03-30
British Sporting ArtistsSparrow, WIlliam ShawA03-31
English Naive Painting 1750-1900Ayres, JamesA03-32
British PaintingGaunt, WilliamA03-33
The Country Diary of an Edwardian LadyHolden, EdithA03-34
The Country Diary of an Edwardian LadyHolden, EdithA03-35
The Country Diary of an Edwardian LadyHolden, EdithA03-36
A Short History of English PaintingUnderwood, EricA03-37
The Natural Art of Louisa AtkinsonLawson, Elizabeth0-730589277A03-38
An Introduction to French PaintingKonody, P.G. & Latham, XeniaA03-39
Journey to the Jungle, an Artist in PeruSargood, Corinne0-747502803A03-40
Of Dreams Unknown, a Study of Ronald HoganHogan, Rae0-959393609A03-41
CorotBazin, Von GermainA03-42sold
The Story of Fine Art, 15,000BC-1800ADHillyer, V.M. & Huey, E.G.A03-43
Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Invisible ThreadsYevteshenko, Yevgeny0-333337891A03-44
Farbiges Nymphenburg (in German)Kreisel, HeinrichA03-45
Rembrandt's Self-Portraits (in German)Pinder, WIlhelmA03-46
Chinese Woodcut (Picture)HengfuA03-47
Concise Encyclopaedia of Modern ArtCharmet, RaymondA04-01
Double Vision, Art History in the PacificThomas, Nicholas & Losche, Diane (Eds)0-521659981A04-02
Portuguese Art Since 1910Royal Academy of Art 1978A04-03
Hofmekler's PeopleHofmekler, OriA04-04sold
Canaletto's View of LondonSaforik, EduardA04-05
Pioneers and PaintersMarshall, Alan170019489A04-06
Painted Panorama 1800-1870State Library of NSWA04-07
Alfred Sisley, PaintingsA04-08
ArtburnConel, Robbie0-971920613A04-09
Images of Working Life 1933-1986Counihan, NoelA04-10sold
The New Golden LandHonour, Hugh0-394730844A04-11
Folk Art and Folk Artists in HungaryKaroly Gink-Ivor & Sandor KissA04-12
Three Centuries of American ArtPhiladelphia Museum of Art0-876330162A04-13
Native American Art in the 20th CenturyRushing, W. Jackson III0-415137489A04-14
Two Decades of American PaintingAustralian Exhibition 1967A04-15
Two Decades of American PaintingAustralian Exhibition 1967A04-16
Speaking with Beads, Zulu Art from Southern AfricaMorris, Jean0-500277575A04-17
The Heritage of American ArtAustralian Exhibition 1977A04-18
The Heritage of American ArtAustralian Exhibition 1977A04-19
American Still Life PaintingGerdts, William H. & Burke, RussellA04-20
Twelve American MasterpiecesSpanierman Gallery0-945936206A04-21sold
European Masterpieces from IrelandAustralian Exhibition 19940-64213023XA04-22sold
Modern and Primitive ArtWentinck, Charles0-714819573A04-23
Great Religious PaintingHalvorsen, MarvinA04-24
Rubens PaintingsHeld, Julius S.A04-25
Boris Ioganson PaintingsA04-26
Looking at PicturesClark, KennethA04-27
French & British Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture 1900-1990NSW Exhibition 1990A04-28
The Ungentlemanly ArtHess, Stephen & Kaplan, MiltonA04-29
Landscape and MemoryScharma, Simon0-002158973A04-30
God's Second DoorRoesler, J.H.A04-31
Art in America, a Brief HistoryMcLanathan0-50063008A04-32
Peter Paul RubensLondon Exhibition 1950A04-33
Landscape into ArtClark, KennethA04-34
How to Recognise Renaissance Art0-140052356A04-35
Bartolozzi, Zoffany & KauffmanKaines, S.C.A04-36
Naked I Came (novel about Rodin)Weiss, DavidA04-37
Modern German ArtThoene, PeterA04-38
Get Real, Romanticism & New LandscapesEngland Exhibition 2000A04-39
One Man ShowGreen, Christopher0-349106118A04-40
Batik Szakköri MunkakA04-41
English Watercolour PaintersParis, H.J.A04-42
CézanneTaillandier, YvonA04-43sold
French Impressionists PaintingsA04-44
European DialogueSydney Biennale 19790-959661913A04-45
European DialogueSydney Biennale 19790-959661913A04-45a
English Painting 1730-1860Stillman, Damie17307860A04-46
Americans 1942Museum of Modern Art, New YorkA04-47
The High RenaissanceBorea, EvelineA04-48
Early RenaissanceGould, C.H.M.A04-49
Early Italian PaintingPrevitali, GiovanniA04-50
German PaintingWerner, AlfredA04-51
Early Flemish PaintingDelevoy, RobertA04-52
RubensFletcher, Jennifer0-852291108A04-53
RubensLucie-Smith, EdwardA04-54
Redon, Seurat and the Symbolists0-883080125A04-55
The Art of Henri RousseauAlley, Ronald0-714818259A04-56
GoyaWright, Patricia0-732249848A04-57
Toulouse-LautrecThomson, Richard0-905368169A04-58
CézanneMarrack, Eleanor0-861247205A04-59sold
RembrandtAbbey LibraryA04-60
RembrandtAbbey LibraryA04-61
BoticelliAbbey LibraryA04-62
BoticelliAbbey LibraryA04-63
TuculescuAbbey LibraryA04-64
Frans HalsAbbey LibraryA04-65sold
TintorettoAbbey LibraryA04-66
TintorettoAbbey LibraryA04-67
CanalettoEeles, A.A04-68
Mantegna PaintingsGaravaglia, Niny810955105A04-69
Art Nouveau, Floral Ornament in ColourVerneuil, M.P. et alA04-70
The World of BreugelFoote, Timothy/Time LifeA04-71
The World of BreugelFoote, Timothy/Time LifeA04-72
The World of TitianWilliam, Jay/Time LifeA04-73
The World of MichelangeloCoughlan, Robert/Time LifeA04-74
The World of MichelangeloCoughlan, Robert/Time LifeA04-75
Man and AnimalDe Silva, Simson, Troutman (Eds)A04-76
Old Masters, New VisionsAustralian Exhibition 1987/880-642081506A05-01
RembrandtPuppi, LionelloA05-02
RembrandtDumont, HenriA05-03
Henri RousseauBouret, JeanA05-04
BoschBertram, Anthony (Ed)A05-05
MichelangeloBellosi, LucianoA05-06
GoyaDelevoy, Robert L.A05-07
UtrilloWerner, AlfredA05-08
Frans HalsBernabei, FrancoA05-09
RodinJianou, IonelA05-10
RodinJianou, IonelA05-11
Michelangelo SculptureParronchi, AlessandroA05-12
CranachDescargues, PierreA05-13
RodinCladel, JudithA05-14
TurnerHind, C. LewisA05-15
RouaultKind, JoshuaA05-18
Raphael, All His Paintings Vol 2Camesasca, EttoreA05-19
John ConstableFraser, John LloydA05-20
Total ArtHenri, Adrian0-27571580A05-21
Hieronymous BoschGibson, Walter S.A05-22
BonnardAustralian Exhibition 1971A05-23
Modern ArtLesberg, Sandy (Ed)0-856900265A05-24
South African Artists Book of Days1874959293A05-25
Fin de SiècleWallis, NevileA05-26
The Life of Paul GaugainBurnett, RobertA05-27
Conceptual ArtMazone, DanielA05-28
The Story of Modern ArtCheney, SheldonA05-29
The Art of the Modern AgeEvers, H.G.A05-30
Modern Masters Manet to MatisseAustralian Exhibition 1975A05-31
Modern Masters Manet to MatisseAustralian Exhibition 1975A05-32
Harry Anderson, the Man behind the PaintingsWoolsey, Raymond H. & Anderson, RuthA05-33
Pictures from the BarkMillard, Nancy855660031A05-34
Bitter Legacy – PicassoMcNight, Gerald0-593010345A05-35
Van GoghCogniat, RaymondA05-36
Eduard Vilde, Milkman of the ManorA05-37
Edward BurraChappell, William (Ed)0-233974504A05-38
Daisy Chains, War, Then JazzMangan, Kathleen0-091486203A05-39
Culture and History – Jack LindsaySmith, Bernard (Ed)0-868060895A05-40
Nature's PlaygroundLeigh, M. Cordelia E.A05-41
Read, HerbertA05-42
The LouvreBazin, GermainA05-43
Rembrandt, the Birth of Christ0-863472834A05-44
Prehistoric Cave PaintingCuvay, RoxaneA05-45
New Guide to Prado GalleryHerrera, Ovidio-Cesar ParedesA05-46
Korea Cultural InsightsA05-47
Tahiti Tribal Tattoo2909790266A05-48
The Painted WordWolfe, Tom0-553148435A05-49
A Small Unsigned PaintingScheding, Stephen0-091836476A05-50
La musée de musique (Paris)2718840565A05-51
Romanesque Goldsmith's Art in Hungary9631344150A05-52
Picasso (in French)Cassou, JeanA05-53
The 20th Century Art Book0-714838500A05-54
The 20th Century Art Book0-714838500A05-55
AIr India MenuA05-56
Air India MenuA05-57
Canadian Eskimo ArtA05-58
Alitalia MenuA05-60
English Naive Painting1750-1900Ayres, James0-50023308XA06-01
The Great ImpressionistsAustralian Exhibition 19840-642874654A06-02
Readers Digest Collection, Manet to Picasso0-864380852A06-03
The City of London Through Artist's EyesHowgego, J.L.A06-04
Thomas Shotter BoysRoundell, James0-706403886A06-05
MemoriesGalsworthy, JohnA06-06
Bonington, Francia & WyldePointon, Marcia0-713418184A06-07
Sculpture in England – MediaevalMolesworth, H.D.A06-08
Taken from the Life ... John Webber drawings1875567283A06-09
Ernest GrisetLambourne, Lionel0-500271607A06-10
ChagallSchmalenbach, W.A06-11
The Marine Paintings of Chris Mayger SOLD0-684145863A06-12
The National Gallery (London) 1965-66A06-13
Advertising Woodcuts for the 19th Century StageAppelbaum, Stanley0-486234347A06-14
Osborn on OsbornOsborn, Robert0-899190510A06-15
BronzinoCecchi, Alessandro0-094752001A06-16
Manet to MatisseAustralian Exhibition 19910-642130817A06-17
The Art of TahitiBarrow, Terence0-50006007XA06-18
Looking at ChildrenBehrens, June0-516088254A06-19
Glass DesignDodge, Martina0-936459034A06-20
Terracotta WarriorsAustralian Exhibition 1983A06-21
Terracotta WarriorsAustralian Exhibition 1983A06-22
Terracotta WarriorsAustralian Exhibition 1983A06-23
Treasures from the Nicholson MuseumAustralian Exhibition 1979A06-24
Fine and Decorative ArtAustralian Exhibition 1977A06-25
The Artist magazine May 1977A06-26
The Art of GreeceGardner, E.A.A06-27
Art – Students' HandbookHopwood, GrahanA06-28
Greek ArtCook, R.M.A06-29
The Rudiments of ParadiseAyrton, Michael436028506A06-30
Drawing with PastelsDean, W.R. & Jolly, H.A06-31
The Story of Sculpture462002403A06-32
The World of the PharoahsBaumann, HansA06-33
Traditional Folk ArtKlepatzki, Janet0-731802217A06-34
Man is an ArtistBradford, JohnA06-35
Monuments of India (Folio)A06-36
Four watercolour prints of early AustraliaNational Library of AustraliaA06-37
Miniatures and Frescoes of India (Folio)A06-38
Folk Dances of India (Folio)A06-39
Sculptures of India (Folio)A06-40
Mightier Than the SwordRogers, W.G.A06-41
The Visual ArtsSymonds, Portley & Phillips0-701603372A06-42
Akseli Gallen-Kallela 1865-1931A06-43sold
The Treasury of PaintingGaunt, William0-714817899A06-44
The Studio Magazine January 1924A06-45
Miguel Angel RocaGlusberg, Bohigas & RocaA06-46
Sulamith Wülfing Calendar 1973 SOLDA06-47
Sulamith Wülfing Calendar 1972 SOLDA06-48
Sulamith Wülfing Calendar 1971 SOLDA06-49
The Porcelain Art of Edward Marshall BoehmPalley, Reese0-810907011A06-50
The ImpressionistsPickersgill, HowardA07-01
The Indignant YearsSalisbury, Harrison E. (Ed)0-517505843A07-02
Pieter Breughel the Elder – HaymakingA07-03sold
Francis W. EdmondsClark, H. Nichols B.0-874743192A07-04
Models of ProprietyFlint, W. RussellA07-05
Three Scottish ColouristsHoneyman, T.J.A07-06
EakinsMcKinney, RolandA07-07
Modern MasterpiecesRutter, FrankA07-08
A Mission in ArtThompson, Vivian Alpert0-865543097A07-09
Dark World of AnimalsFarjeon, Eleanor & Stoney, T.A07-10
Pranas DomsaitisVan Themaat, Elsa Verloren0-869770705A07-11sold
Fred Cress, paintingsA07-12
George Caleb BinghamChist-Janer, Albert0-819002206A07-13
DuveenBehrman, S.N.0-241021790A07-14
French Painting, The Revolutionary Decades 1760-1830Australian Exhibition 1980/810-642899274A07-15
Beyond JapanHolborn, Mark0-224031309A07-16
Irises & Five MasterpiecesAustralian Exhibition 1989A07-17
Robert Owen – Different Lights Cast Different ShadowsAustralian Exhibition 2004A07-18
The World of RubensTime LifeA08-01
RenoirDaulte, François0-500860017A08-02
David Teniers the Younger5730001339A08-04
The Cafe Royal StoryFrewin, Leslie (Ed)A08-05
The Death of a WombatSmith, Ivan & Pugh, Clifton0-858850095A09-01
Great Australian Paintings701804343A09-02
The Art of Sally Morgan0-67090354XA09-03
Masterpieces of Australian PaintingGleeson, James0-701802979A09-04
Images of Religion in Australian ArtCrumlin, Rosemary1862562911A09-05
The Australian YearMurray, Les A.0-20714947XA09-06
An Artist in the GoldfieldsTipping, Margaret0-522845037A09-07
Portraits of Artists and FriendsCassab, Judy0-947349235A09-08
Early Painters of AustraliaJones, Shar186256261XA09-09
Dingo King h/bSmith, Ivan & Pugh, Clifton0-858852098A09-10
Dingo King h/bSmith, Ivan & Pugh, Clifton0-858852098A09-11
Dingo King p/bSmith, Ivan & Pugh, Clifton0-725103450A09-12
Dingo King p/bSmith, Ivan & Pugh, Clifton0-725103450A09-13
The Art of D.R. NielsonA09-14
Art Forum 1972A09-15
A Treasury of Australian Landscape Painting0-851798519A09-16
A Treasury of Australian PaintingSplatt, William & Burton, Barbara0-851798500A09-17
A Treasury of Australian PaintingSplatt, William & Burton, Barbara0-851798500A09-18
Spirit of Arnhem LandTweedie, PennyA09-19
Modern Australian DreamtimesBechmann, Jørgen0-959569146A09-20
Modern Australian DreamtimesBechmann, Jørgen0-959569146A09-21
Modern Australian DreamtimesBechmann, Jørgen0-959569146A09-22
200 Years of Australian PaintingThomas, Laurie0-85835005XA09-23
The Artist and the DesertMcGrath, Sandra & Olsen, John0-858354977A09-24
Australian Impressionist and Realist ArtRoberts, Tom0-949318051A09-25
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: ExpressionismCanaday, JohnA09-26
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: CompositionCanaday, JohnA09-27
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Composition as PatternCanaday, JohnA09-28
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Composition as PatternCanaday, JohnA09-29
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Composition as StructureCanaday, JohnA09-30
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: FrescoCanaday, JohnA09-31
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Tempera and OilCanaday, JohnA09-32
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Tempera and OilCanaday, JohnA09-33
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Watercolour, Pastel and PrintsCanaday, JohnA09-34
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Watercolour, Pastel and PrintsCanaday, JohnA09-35
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: The Artist as a Social CriticCanaday, JohnA09-36
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: The Artist as a Social CriticCanaday, JohnA09-37
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: The Artist as a VisionaryCanaday, JohnA09-38
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: The Artist as a VisionaryCanaday, JohnA09-39
Metropolitan Seminars in Art: Painting in TransitionCanaday, JohnA09-40
Victorian TreasuresGlover, Anne0-333299647A10-01
Colonial Painters 1788-1880Gleeson, James701803932A10-02
Colonial Painters 1788-1880Gleeson, James701803932A10-03
Australian PaintersGleeson, James0-701807318A10-04
Australia Lost (Robert White)Herbert, Xavier0-002215950A10-05
Australian Paintings & Tapestries of the Past 20 YearsAustralian Exhibition 1972A10-06
Australian Folk Art and Popular Art (Nat.Gallery of Aust)0-642130884A10-07
Tjukurrpa, Desert Paintings of Central AustraliaPremont, Roslyn & Lennard, Mark0-642131929A10-08
An Essential Vision, the Art of Anne GrahamAckland, Joan0-864361300A10-09
In Our Own ImageWilliams, Donald0-074710303A10-10
In Our Own ImageWilliams, Donald0-074710303A10-11
The Archibald Prize, an Illustrated HistoryNSW Art Gallery869170082A10-12
The Power Survey of Contemporary ArtAustralian Exhibition 1972A10-13
Prehistoric Art of Australia h/bStubbs, Dacre0-333139925A10-14
Prehistoric Art of Australia p/bStubbs, Dacre0-725103094A10-15
Early West Australian ArtAnderson, Roderick0-949389005A10-16
Seeing AustraliaSullivan, Graeme0-958798427A10-17
Australia's National CollectionsLloyd, Clem & Peter Sekuless0-726950319A10-18
Australia's National CollectionsLloyd, Clem & Peter Sekuless0-726950319A10-19
The Visual ArtsSymonds, Portley & Phillips0-701613785A10-20
The Visual ArtsSymonds, Portley & Phillips0-701613785A10-20a
In Our TimeWolfe, Tom0-330262246A10-21
Australian Folk Art: Treasures and ThingsFoster, Lyn0-949277029A10-22
Australian Folk Art: Flowers and ThingsFoster, Lyn0-949277010A10-23
Australian Art Auction Records 19890-646048732A10-24
The Lost Impressionist, John Peter RussellSalter, Elizabeth0-207955107A10-25
Australian Painting TodayPringle, John DouglasA10-26
Dobell RetrospectiveAustralian Exhibition 1964A10-27
Dobell RetrospectiveAustralian Exhibition 1964A10-28
Dobell RetrospectiveAustralian Exhibition 1964A10-29
Australian Present Day ArtSmith, Sidney UreA10-30
Sali HermanThomas, DanielA10-31sold
The Refining FireMendham, Dawn0-867600357A10-32
Fifteen Decades of Australian PaintingsNSW Art Gallery 1981A10-33
Donald Friend in BaliFriend, Donald0-002111705A10-34
Russell DrysdaleDutton, Geoffrey500180989A10-35
Journey to Lake Frome (Edward Frome, James Henderson)Auhl, Ian & Marfleet, Denis0-869463047A10-36
Autumn MemoriesMangan, Kathleen0-855855606A10-37
Parramatta SketchbookWhite, Uink & Ruhen, Olaf0-85179176XA10-38
Nolan at LanyonAustralian Exhibition 1975A10-39
Framing Ned Kelly (Sidney Nolan)Martin-Chew, Louise0-729508544A10-40
Masterpieces of NolanOsborne, Charles0-500940045A10-41
Quandamooka, The Art of Kath WalkerBeier, Ulli0-949267120A10-42
Pictures from BarkMillard, Nancy855660031A10-43
Colour WoodcutsPlatt, JohnA10-44
Visit to Norman Lindsay at Springwood 1918Wiley, Rebecca0-20714995XA10-45SOLD
Abstract ExpressionismEveritt, AnthonyA10-46
HarrowKeesey, Walter M.A10-47
Art in the New PacificTausie, VilsaniA10-48
Kenneth Jack0-002114275A10-49
Art Gallery of NSW Acquisitions 1975A10-50
Art Gallery of NSW Picture BookA10-51
The Pre-Raphaelites and Their CircleNational Gallery of VictoriaA10-52
Art and Artists of AustraliaSmall, Alison0-333337530A10-53
Australian ImpressionistsMonie, Jo0-642144737A10-54
Australian Painting TodayPringle, John DouglasA10-55
Australian Painting TodayPringle, John DouglasA10-56
Australian Painting TodayPringle, John DouglasA10-57
Australian Painting TodayPringle, John DouglasA10-58
Australian Painting TodayPringle, John DouglasA10-59
Paul Sandby DrawingsFaigan, Julian – Aust. Exhib. 1981/82A10-60
Douglas DundasAustralian Exhibition 1982A10-61
The Sixth Wish ( Clifford Wilson)0-858280086A10-62
Art in AustraliaRichardson, Donald0-582873045A10-63
Art Bulletin of Victoria #27A10-63A
Art and Australia, Quarterly Autumn 1982A10-64
Art and Australia, Quarterly Summer 1983A10-65
Art and Australia, Quarterly Autumn 1983A10-66
Art and Australia, Quarterly Winter 1983A10-67
Art and Australia, Quarterly Summer 1985A10-68
Art and Australia, Quarterly Spring 1986A10-69
Art and Australia, Quarterly Spring 1987A10-70
Art and Australia, Quarterly Spring 1987A10-71
Art and Australia, Quarterly Summer 1992A10-72
Art and Australia, Quarterly Autumn 1992A10-73
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the australian antique collector magazine no 42x2
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For Pleasure and ProfitMaslen, Geoffrey0-864400853An02-43
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