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paddington at large bons, michael
Hopscotch Adventures- The Great Night Journey“Chi09-03sold
Princess PJ The Stinky Giant“Chi09-04sold
Where Are You, Ernest And Celestine“Chi09-05
Man DragonAaron, MosesChi04-01
next summerabbott, hailey
The Weird Zone 3: The Beast from Beneath the CafeteriaAbbott, TonyChi04-02sold
The Weird Zone 8: Revenge of the Tiki ManAbbott, TonyChi04-03sold
The Secrets of DroonAbbott, TonyChi04-04
The Great Ice BattleAbbott, TonyChi04-05
Max Remy, Superspy: Spyforce RevealedAbela, DeborahChi04-06
max remy super spyabela, deborah
Cupid ConfusionAbels, Hariette S.Chi07-14
The Ship's CatAdams, AldridgeChi09-105
Best FriendsAdams, AliceChi04-09
Kids' Night InAdams, Jessica et al (Eds)Chi05-05a
The Civil WarsAdams, SimonChi17-85
In The War, The WarAdams, SimonChi24-87
Fast Lane: Evil LinkAdams, SpikeChi04-07
Fast Lane: Burnt upAdams, SpikeChi04-08
The PenguinAddams, CharlesChi04-12
Mapping the WorldAdes, DavidChi04-10
The Cat Sitter MysteryAdorjian, CarolChi04-11
Ten in a BedAhlberg, Alan & Anistutz, AndreChi04-18
Ten in a BedAhlberg, Alan & Anistutz, AndreChi04-19sold
The Mysteries of ZigomarAhlberg, AllanChi16-59
The Ha Ha Bonk BookAhlberg, Janet & AllanStand03-30
Peepo!Ahlberg, Janet & Allan AhlbergChi09-39
A Bundle of NervesAiken, JohnChi04-13
The Kitchen WarriorsAiken, JohnChi04-14
Purrsonalities – Life with Your CatAisbett, BevChi04-15
Me And Alves A Japanese JourneyAkio, TerumasaChi09-69
Codes for KidsAlbert, BurtonChi04-16
The Trial of Anna CotmanAlcock, VivianChi04-17
The Trial of Anna CotmanAlcock, VivianChi04-18
MammalsAlderton, DavidChi17-10
The True Story of Spit MacPheeAldridge, JamesChi04-22
The True Story of Spit MacPheeAldridge, JamesChi04-23
Mavis Road MedleyAlexander, GoldieChi04-16
Lame Duck ProtestAlexander, GoldieStand02-13
Car-mad JackAlexander, JennyChi16-43
The Castle of LyrAlexander, LloydChi04-24
The Black CauldronAlexander, LloydChi04-25
you're all animalsallan, nicholas
Rabbits in DangerAllen, JudyChi04-17sold
Black DogAllen, PamelaChi09-34
alexander's outingallen, pamela
Secret HeartAlmond, DavidChi05-01
Counting StarsAlmond, DavidChi05-02
The Fire EatersAlmond, DavidChi05-03
My Extremely Interesting Life So FarAnaconda, AngelaChi05-04
Space, Above and Beyond: The Dark Side of the SunAnastasio, DinaChi04-19
Space, Above and Beyond: The EnemyAnastasio, DinaChi04-20
Like the Darl'Anderson, BronwynChi16-03
Working For Our Future, Fighting DiseaseAnderson, JudithChi24-95
FeedAnderson, M.T.Chi05-05
Survival Guide to ParentsAnderson, ScoularChi04-20
TerrorismAnderson, SimonChi24-88
A Mouse's TaleAnderson, WayneChi16-26sold
River GirlAndrew, GlendaChi04-21
dog!andrew, prudence
the very fairy princess follows her heartandrews, juliesold
seriously silly storiesanholt, laurence
Teddy BearAnnualStand01-11
Task Force JAnsoul, RichardChi04-21
Remnants: The Mayflower ProjectApplegate, K.A.Chi04-45
Remnants: Destination UnknownApplegate, K.A.Chi04-46
Remnants: ThemApplegate, K.A.Chi04-47
Everworld: Enter the EnchantedApplegate, K.A.Chi04-48
Animorphs_ Megamorphs 1: The Andalite's GiftApplegate, K.A.Chi04-49
Animorphs – Megamorphs 2: In the Time of DinosaursApplegate, K.A.Chi04-50
Animorphs 1: The InvasionApplegate, K.A.Chi04-51
Animorphs 2: The VisitorApplegate, K.A.Chi04-52
Animorphs 2: The VisitorApplegate, K.A.Chi04-53
Animorphs 3: The EncounterApplegate, K.A.Chi04-54
Animorphs 4: The MessageApplegate, K.A.Chi04-55
Animorphs 4: The MessageApplegate, K.A.Chi04-56
Animorphs 4: The MessageApplegate, K.A.Chi04-57
Animorphs 5: The PredatorApplegate, K.A.Chi04-58
Animorphs 5: The PredatorApplegate, K.A.Chi04-59
Animorphs 6: The CaptureApplegate, K.A.Chi04-60
Animorphs 6: The CaptureApplegate, K.A.Chi04-61
Animorphs 7: The StrangerApplegate, K.A.Chi04-62
Animorphs 7: The StrangerApplegate, K.A.Chi04-63
Animorphs 8: The AlienApplegate, K.A.Chi04-64
Animorphs 9: The SecretApplegate, K.A.Chi04-65
Animorphs 11: the ForgottenApplegate, K.A.Chi04-66
Animorphs 12: The ReactionApplegate, K.A.Chi04-67
Animorphs 13: The ChangeApplegate, K.A.Chi04-68
Animorphs 13: The ChangeApplegate, K.A.Chi04-69
Animorphs 14: The UnknownApplegate, K.A.Chi04-70
Animorphs 14: The UnknownApplegate, K.A.Chi04-71
Animorphs 15: The EscapeApplegate, K.A.Chi04-72
Animorphs 16: The WarningApplegate, K.A.Chi04-73
Animorphs 16: The WarningApplegate, K.A.Chi04-74
Animorphs 17: The UndergroundApplegate, K.A.Chi04-75
Animorphs 18: The DecisionApplegate, K.A.Chi04-76
Animorphs 19: The DepartureApplegate, K.A.Chi04-77
Animorphs 20: The DiscoveryApplegate, K.A.Chi04-78
The Andalite ChroniclesApplegate, K.A.Chi04-79
Dome RaidApps, RayChi04-22
Freaky FashionsArcher, CarolineChi04-24
More Freaky FashionsArcher, CarolineChi04-25
Muddy Boots and Sunday SuitsArcher, FredChi04-23
The Eddie Dickens Trilogy: Awful EndArdagh, PhilipChi04-42sold
The Eddie Dickens Trilogy: Dreadful ActsArdagh, PhilipChi04-43sold
WishArena, FeliceChi04-26
Horrible Science: Disgusting DigestionArnold, NickChi04-34
Horrible Science: Explosive ExperimentArnold, NickChi04-35
Horrible Science: Killer EnergyArnold, NickChi04-36
Horrible Science: Space, Stars and SLimy AliensArnold, NickChi04-37
Horrible Science: Frightening LightArnold, NickChi04-38
Horrible Science: Sounds DreadfulArnold, NickChi04-39
Horrible Science: Painful PoisonArnold, NickChi04-40
Horrible Science: Microscopic MonstersArnold, NickChi04-41
The AstrolabeArnott, SusanChi04-27
KelpAronson, LindaChi04-28
The Three Investigators 11: The Mystery of the Talking SkullArthur, RobertChi04-44
a candle in her roomarthur, ruth
Running ScaredAshley, BernardChi04-29
What's Good About StampsAustralia PostStand04-12
Get Set for Life: Habits for Healthy KidsAustralian GovernmentStand03-18
What is BeautifulAvery & AveryChi09-62
A Likely LadAvery, GillianChi04-30
The Wardens NieceAvery, GillianChi04-31
The True Confessions of Charlotte DoyleAviChi04-32
The Christmas RatAviChi04-33
Thomas the Tank Engine and FriendsAwdry, W.Chi16-15
Jonathan Livingstone SeagullBach, RichardChi05-26
My Perfect ValentineBaer, JudyChi06-39
into the bluebaglio, ben
National VelvetBagnold, EnidChi05-20
Terrors Out of TimeBailey, Ian and CliveChi05-32
Talk About DrugsBailey, JacquiChi10-70
How Come the Best Clues Are Always in the Garbage?Bailey, LindaChi05-33
Megan's StarBaillie, AllanChi05-29
A Taste of CockroachBaillie, AllanChi05-30
eagle islandbaillie, allan
Old MagicBaillie, Allan & Wu, DiChi16-56
If Wishes Were HorsesBaker, IvyChi05-34
mcgrowl puppy talesbalaban, bob
Blue and Gold DayBalderson, MargaretChi05-79
Cradoc's QuestBaldry, CherithChi05-35
Emily EyefingerBall, DuncanChi05-21sold
Selby ScreamsBall, DuncanChi05-36
Selby SnapsBall, DuncanChi05-37
Selby, SupersnoopBall, DuncanChi05-38
Selby, SupersnoopBall, DuncanChi05-38a
Selby SplitsBall, DuncanChi05-39
Selby's StardomBall, DuncanChi05-40
Selby SurfsBall, DuncanChi05-41
Selby's Joke BookBall, DuncanChi05-42
The Ghost and the Goggle BoxBall, DuncanChi05-43
The Secret OceansBallantine, BettyStand04-16
The Dog CrusoeBallantye, R.M.Chi01-23
Forces And MovementBallard, CarolChi10-99
For The Name Of The WizardBalzar, EmmanuelChi09-124
The Adventures of King MidasBanks, Lynne ReidChi05-22
One More RiverBanks, Lynne ReidChi05-23
The Key to the IndianBanks, Lynne ReidChi05-24
The Mystery of the CupboardBanks, Lynne ReidChi05-25
HennessyBanville, VincentChi05-46
Victorian Life: HomesBarber, NicolaChi17-84
Homes Around the World: Waterside HomesBarber, NicolaChi17-87
Those Wicked Rats AgainBarber, ShirleyChi09-52
Tiger Tom and the Stolen SapphiresBarber, ShirleyChi16-108sold
Prayers for Young PeopleBarclay, WilliamChi05-27
the brambly hedge treasurybarklem, jill
Strange Matters: Bad CircuitsBarnes, Johnny RayChi05-47
Strange Matter: Frozen DinnersBarnes, Johnny RayStand04-19
SummerBarnham, KayChi17-53
Save EnergyBarnham, KayChi17-70
Peter PanBarrie, J.M.Chi05-51
Hippo Ghost: Summer VisitorsBarton, CarolChi05-48
Final ExamBates, A.Chi05-49
Mother's HelperBates, A.Chi05-50
TerriBates, DianeChi05-52
Badu Boys RuleBates, Dianna & Steven, HalianChi09-09sold
Badu BoysBates, Dianna & Steven, HalianChi09-10sold
Badu BoysBates, Dianna & Steven, HalianChi09-11
Aussie Kid HeroesBates, Dianne & Gardner MArjoryChi09-66
Young Heroes: Badu Boys RuleBates, Dianne & Hallam, StevenChi16-38
Tik-Tok of OzBaum, L. FrankChi05-53
The Road to OzBaum, L. FrankChi05-54
DesleyBaxter, VirginiaChi06-23
Jane And The DragonBaynton, MartinChi09-88
three's a crowdBaynton, Martin
Gloop:The Gloomy BunnyBBCChi09-108
Teletubbies: Laa Laa's BallBBCChi16-31
Tweenies Annual 2001BBCChi17-37
The Chocolate FlierBeames, MargaretChi05-57
Sir Gadabout Goes to Knight SchoolBeardsley, MartynChi05-56sold
the raucous royalsbeccia, carlyn
To Make a KillingBedford, JeanChi05-58
Juggling FunBelk, Nick HuckeberryStand03-09
Little Tiger, Get Well SoonBell, AntheaStand04-23
Good Luck ArizonaBenedict, RexChi05-74
Sunset DreamsBennett, CherieChi05-59
the icky sticky ant eaterbentley, dawn
Tim Berenstain Bear Scouts and th Humorous PumpkinBerenstain, Stan & JanChi05-73sold
Knights of the Cardboard CastleBeresford, ElizabethChi05-75
Knights of the Cardboard CastleBeresford, ElizabethChi05-76
Yum, Yum!Bergman, Mara & Malana, NickChi16-95
God's GiftsBeringer, Emily, JoanChi23-51
Jackie and the Phantom PoniesBerisford, JudithChi05-77
The Riddle of the TrumpalarBernard-Waite, JudyChi05-45
Pony Pals 1: I Want a PonyBetancourt, JeanneChi05-61sold
Pony Pals 2: A Pony for KeepsBetancourt, JeanneChi05-62sold
Pony Pals 3: A Pony in TroubleBetancourt, JeanneChi05-63sold
Pony Pals 4: Give Me Back My PonyBetancourt, JeanneChi05-64sold
Pony Pals 5: Pony to the RescueBetancourt, JeanneChi05-65sold
Pony Pals 6: Too Many PoniesBetancourt, JeanneChi05-66sold
Pony Pals 7: Runaway PonyBetancourt, JeanneChi05-67sold
Pony Pals 8: Goodbye PonyBetancourt, JeanneChi05-67asold
Pony Pals 11: Circus PonyBetancourt, JeanneChi05-68
Pony Pals 15: The Blind PonyBetancourt, JeanneChi05-69
Pony Pals 21: The Winning PonyBetancourt, JeanneChi05-70
Pony Pals 22: Western PonyBetancourt, JeanneChi05-71
Pony Pals 30: Pony 4 SaleBetancourt, JeanneChi05-72
Pony Pals 34: The Pony and the Lost SwanBetancourt, JeanneChi05-72a
the blind ponyBetancourt, Jeanne
ramona and her motherbeverly cleary
The Shifting HeartBeynon, RichardChi05-78
There's More to LifeBillington, RachelChi06-01
Star SullivanBinchy, MaeveChi06-70
Special Occasion ClothesBingham, JaneChi10-94
The Search for Savage HenryBiscuit, HarrisonChi06-02
Gemma James' Atlantis AdventureBlack, De-AnnChi11-55sold
Gemma James' Amazon AdventureBlack, De-AnnChi11-56sold
valiantblack, holly
You're Nicked, Ms WizBlacker, TerenceChi06-03sold
Karoo BayBlacklaws, TroyChi06-04
Lorna DooneBlackmore, R.D.Chi01-11
Loorna DooneBlackmore, R.D.Chi02-12
Lorna DooneBlackmore, R.D.Chi06-70a
The Shakespeare StealerBlackwood, GaryChi05-28
I Saw You FirstBlake, CindyChi06-05
Crazy Party at the House of FunBlake, JonChi06-06sold
Mystery Guest at the House of FunBlake, JonChi06-07sold
Stinky Fingers: Deadly Doll of DeathBlake, JonChi06-08sold
Aussie Nibbles: The Princess and the UnicornBlaxland, WendyChi05-55sold
Street Smart HandbookBlue LightStand03-15
Then Again, Maybe I Won'tBlume, JudyChi06-09
Tiger EyesBlume, JudyChi06-10
are you there god it's me margaretblume, judy
blubberblume, judy
superfudgeblume, judy
Go Ahead, Secret SevenBlyton, EnidChi06-11
The Blue-eyed CatBlyton, EnidStand03-23
the adventures of the wishing chairblyton, enid
What No CheeseBlyton, EridChi01-01
The Children Of Williow FarmBlyton, EridChi01-03
House At The CornerBlyton, EridChi01-04
Tell A Story Book-The Gossamer ElfBlyton, EridChi01-05
Tell A Story Book-Sneezing PowderBlyton, EridChi01-06
Mr Galliano's CircusBlyton, EridChi01-09
Little Animal StoriesBlyton, EridChi01-12
Noddy Goes To The FairBlyton, EridChi01-13
Noddy At The SeasideBlyton, EridChi01-14
Noddy And The TootlesBlyton, EridChi01-15
Noddy Gets Into TroubleBlyton, EridChi01-16
Stories For YouBlyton, EridChi01-17sold
Noddy Makes Everyone CrossBlyton, EridChi01-18
Tell A Story Book- The Little Sugar HouseBlyton, EridChi01-19
Andrew's RobinBlyton, EridChi02-16
Noddy And His CarBlyton, EridChi02-17
Fun At ChristmasBoarse, PetraChi23-11
Salt Dough FunBoase, PetraChi17-50
Step-by-Step: PresentsBoase, Wendy (Ed)Stand04-24
That Dolphin ThingBone, IanChi06-15
That Dolphin ThingBone, IanChi06-16
That Dolphin ThingBone, IanChi06-17
That Dolphin ThingBone, IanChi06-18
The Day I had to Play with My SisterBonsall, CrosbyChi16-41
No Hiding PlaceBoom, Corrie TenChi06-13
Billabong LandBopf, Lupi & HowarthChi09-70
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: Pop QuizBoris, CynthiaChi06-24
Mary Jones and Her BibleBosanquet, JuneChi06-30
The Chimneys of GreenknoweBoston, Lucy M.Chi06-26
TennisBow, PatriciaChi17-83
MidgetBowler, TimChi06-27
Tales from the Dark Side: Walking with the DeadBowler, TimChi06-28
StarseekerBowler, TimChi06-80
Sue Barton, Student NurseBoylston, Helen DoreChi06-29
Math BasicsBradford, PaulStand04-25
project earthsavebrand, kurt
Eeyore, You're the BestBraybrooks, AnnChi16-16
The Wrong Chalet SchoolBrent-Dyer, ElinorChi06-20
CrosscurrentsBrian, JaneenChi06-35
LegacyBrian, KateChi06-31
Inner CircleBrian, KateChi06-32
ConfessionsBrian, KateChi06-33
UntouchableBrian, KateChi06-34
Rhino BoyBrindley, JohnChi06-36
City of ScreamsBrindley, JohnChi06-37
No Flying in the HouseBrock, BettyChi06-40
Heartland: Taking ChancesBrooke, LaurenChi06-41
Dear Mr SproutsBroome, ErrolChi06-43
Garry Keeble's KitchenBroome, Errol & MayaChi06-42
Arthur's Teachers TroubleBrownChi09-102
Save SamBrown, AlistairChi06-55
The BodyBrown, Ashley et alStand04-02
Raising Children To Love Their NeighboursBrown, C, CarolynChi23-12
Spooky RiddlesBrown, MarcChi09-31
Dr Seuss: Spooky RiddlesBrown, MarcStand04-04
Golden Armour: The ShieldBrown, RichardChi06-44
Golden Armour: The SwordBrown, RichardChi06-45
Golden Armour: The SpursBrown, RichardChi06-46
i don't like it!brown, ruth
No ProblemBrowne, EileenChi16-112
Warriors of AlavnaBrowne, N.M.Chi06-69
Bhopal, Chemical Plant AccidentBryanChi24-05
The Café Club 5: Andy and the PrisonerBryant, AnnChi06-49
The Café Club 7: Fen's RevengeBryant, AnnChi06-50
The Café Club 8: Leah in TroubleBryant, AnnChi06-51
The Café Club 9: Luce's Big MistakeBryant, AnnChi06-52
The Saddle Club: Driving TeamBryant, BonnieChi05-08
The Saddle Club: Horse RaceBryant, BonnieChi05-08a
The Saddle Club: Horse WiseBryant, BonnieChi05-09
The Saddle Club: Horse WiseBryant, BonnieChi05-10
The Saddle Club: Rocking HorseBryant, BonnieChi05-11
The Saddle Club: Lucky HorseBryant, BonnieChi05-12
The Saddle Club: Lisa, the Inside StoryBryant, BonnieChi05-12
The Saddle Club: Trail Mates + Dude RanchBryant, BonnieChi05-13
The Saddle Club: New RiderBryant, BonnieChi05-14
The Saddle Club: Horse Crazy + Horse ShyBryant, BonnieChi05-15
The Saddle Club: Mystery RiderBryant, BonnieChi05-16
The Saddle Club: Western StarBryant, BonnieChi05-17
The Saddle Club: Carole, the Inside StoryBryant, BonnieChi05-18
The Saddle Club – Pony Tales: Jasmine's First Horse ShowBryant, BonnieChi05-19
Childhood Tales for ChristmasBryant, Mark (Ed)Chi06-48
Meet Me at the BoathouseBugler, SuzanneChi06-53
Hippo Hauntings 5: A Wish at the Baby's GraveBull, AngelaChi06-47
Treasure in the FogBull, AngelaChi06-54
No Tooth, No QuarterBuller, JanChi16-62
Someone Is Hiding on Alcatraz IslandBunting, EveChi06-21
Is Anybody There?Bunting, EveChi06-22
Charmed: Soul of the BrideBurge, Constance M.Chi06-56
Charmed: Shadow of the SphinxBurge, Constance M.Chi06-57
Our Lady of Apollo BayBurke, JanineChi06-59
Bearded Butterflies and Birds of TinBurnard, DamonChi06-60
The Secret GardenBurnett, Frances HodgsonChi05-06sold
The Secret GardenBurnett, Frances HodgsonChi05-06a
The Secret GardenBurnett, Frances HodgsonChi05-07
The Secret GardenBurnett, Frances HodgsonChi05-07a
The Secret GardenBurnett, Frances. HodgsonChi02-09
The Incredible JourneyBurnford, SheilaChi05-44
The Incredible JourneyBurnford, SheilaChi06-58
StarwalkersBursztynski, SueChi06-61
Monsters and Creatures of the NightBursztynski, SueChi06-62
The RebelBurton, HesterChi05-31
Leaving Jetty RoadBurton, RebeccaChi06-38
Ghost CatButler, BeverleyChi05-60
LeRoy and the Old ManButterworth, W.E.Chi06-63
The Eighteenth EmergencyByars, BetsyChi06-64
Wanted, Mud BlossomByars, BetsyChi06-65
The PinballsByars, BetsyChi06-66
The Two Thousand Pound GoldfishByars, BetsyChi06-67
The TV KidByars, BetsyChi06-68
Molly Moon's Incredible Book of HypnotismByng, GeorgeChi06-19
molly moon's incredible book of hypnotismbyng, georgia
The Princess Diaries Guide to LifeCabot, MegChi06-77
The Mediator 4: Young BloodCabot, MegChi06-78
The Mediator 6: Heaven SentCabot, MegChi06-79
the princess diaries to the ninescabot, meg
FiregoldCalhoun, DiaChi07-10
stowaway to the mushroom planetcameron, eleanor
Dear ZooCampbell, RodChi09-38
the boy next doorcandy apple book
the accidental cherleadercandy apple book
how to be a girly girl in just ten dayscandy apple booksold
miss popularitycandy apple book
accidentally fooledcandy apple book
life, starring mecandy apple book
totally crushedcandy apple book
drama queencandy apple book
miss popularity goes campingcandy apple book
juicy gossipcandy apple book
i've got a secretcandy apple book
the babysitting warscandy apple book
Twelve From AesopCarle, EricChi10-65
ProjectsCarlen, Trottman & WardStand03-03
torch redcarlson, melody
dark bluecarlson, melody
pitch blackcarlson, melody
deep greencarlson, melody
The CybersaurCarmichael, ClaireChi06-71
Dear JamieCarmichael, ClaireChi06-71a
Virtual RealitiesCarmichael, ClaireChi07-06
incognitocarmichael, claire
The GatheringCarmody, IsobelleChi07-09
a fox called sparrowcarmody, isobelle
Speaking to MirandaCaroline MacdonaldChi15-42
Speaking to MirandaCaroline MacdonaldChi15-43
Classic Children's StoriesCarpenter, HumphreyChi02-22
Piano BayCarr, Roger VaughanChi07-15
The Nursery AliceCarrol, LewisChi09-122
Alice in WonderlandCarroll, LouisChi07-02sold
Girl Talk 2: Twice the TroubleCarroll, SaraChi07-74
Leprechaun TalesCarroll, YvonneChi07-08
Tippu's Big DisappointmentCarruth, JaneChi17-02
heidicarruth, jane
Th Hand of the DevilCarter, Dean VincentChi07-67
Bury the DeadCarter, PeterChi07-71
The CollectorsCarter, RobertChi07-16
For a JokeCartwright, PaulineChi16-33
Gemma James' Pirate AdventureCary, KateChi11-59sold
Gemma James' Egyptian AdventureCary, KateChi11-60sold
An Irish PilgrimCaselli, GiovanniChi23-07
gracelingcashore, kristin
Wizard BalloonCassidy, AnneStand04-29
A Cage of ButterfliesCaswell, BrianChi06-74
DeucalionCaswell, BrianChi07-11
Teresamoran SoldierCatran, KenChi07-17
Doomfire on VenusCatran, KenChi07-18
Summer TigerCatran, WendyChi07-19
Face PaintingCaudron, Chris & Childs, CaroChi17-76
Angel on SkisCavanna, BettyChi07-05
Zap!, Blink, Taste, Think!Chahrour, Parks JanetStand02-16
375 Things to Do in Science and NatureChalland, Helen & Brandy, ElizabethChi17-56
BreaktimeChambers, AidanChi07-20
BreaktimeChambers, AidanChi07-21
Postcards from No Man's LandChambers, AidanChi07-51
People at Work: Treating and Caring for PeopleChampney, JanChi17-22
Moving To Britain From UkraineChancellor, DeborahChi10-87
my mum's afraid of lionschapman, jean
My Secret Unicorn: The Magic SpellChapman, LindaChi06-72
My Secret unicornChapman, Linda
Explorers Wanted: Under the SeaChapman, SimonChi07-23
Little Jean and the GoatChatwynd, L. & P.Stand03-13
The Wishing TreeChew, RuthChi07-22
the witch at the windowchew, ruth
i am too absolutely small for schoolchild, lauren
i will not ever never eat a tomatochild, lauren
what planet are you from clarice beanchild, lauren
who's afraid of the big bad book?child, lauren
utterly me clarice beanchild, lauren
nature in dangerchildcraft book 4
Seven Magic OrdersChinese TradChi16-21
Pix and MeChing, CarolynChi07-59
The White MountainsChristopher, JohnChi07-24
The Lotus CaveChristopher, JohnChi07-25
The House on Mango StreetCisneros, SandraChi07-29
Medicine in the Industrial WorldClare, John D.Chi17-66
My Animal Kingdom: All About LionsClaridge, MattChi10-53
Hot or WhatClark, MargaretChi07-26
The Chickabees: Sugar, SugarClark, MargaretChi07-27sold
The Chickabees: BewitchedClark, MargaretChi07-28sold
New Golden MountainClark, Mavis ThorpeChi07-31
Night TrainClarke, JudithChi06-76
Friend of My HeartClarke, JudithChi07-30
Secret Girls' stuffClarkson, MargaretChi07-68
Aussie Angels 8: A Horse of CourseClarkson, MargaretChi07-69
What to Do When Life SucksClarkson, Margaret & Fox, ClaireChi07-70
the adventures of ulyssesclaybourne, anna
Ramona, the PestCleary, BeverlyChi07-04
GroverCleaver, Vera & BillChi07-34
Radical DivesCleland, JimChi07-33
counting on frankclement, rod
Double TRouble in Walla WallaClements, AndrewStand04-36
Tales of Hopping Wood: Larry's CaravanCloke, ReneChi16-85
the glass mermaidclymer, susansold
Hootcat HillCoats, LucyChi07-72
Eyewitness AssembliesCobb, GaynorChi23-55
Bet You Can'tCobb, Vicki & Darling, KathyChi07-36
Saying No To NickCoghill, Vicki & Longmuir, CraigChi09-08sold
Young Heroes: Saying No to NickCoghill, Vicki & Longmuir, CraigChi16-39
Saying No To NickCoghill, Vicki & Longmuir,CraigChi09-114
The Step Tween Survival GuideCohn, Lisa & Glasser, DebbieStand04-18
VolcanoColbert, JuneChi07-37
A Few Thoughts on TroutCole, HaroldChi16-106
The Last ParadiseCole, TomChi06-75
The Bear Kingdom: The Hunting ForestColeman, MichaelChi07-38
Going StraightColeman, MichaelChi07-39
Artemis FowlColfer, EoinChi07-12
Artemis FowlColfer, EoinChi07-13
artemis fowlcolfer, eoin
airmancolfer, eoin
the best fairy stories of the worldcollectors library
gat lavinia goodbodycollinson, roger
PinocchioCollodi, CarloChi02-17
Global Organisations The World Health OrganisationsConnolly, SeanChi24-73
She's ApplesConnor, Jenny et al (Eds)Chi07-42
Unbelievable Poems for Twisted KidsConnor, MattChi07-40
Fril-Necked FrenzyCook, KennethChi07-35
Enter the RatCook, PatrickChi07-73
girl stuffcooke, kazz
Mary and BillCookson, CatherineChi07-41
Time WatchCooling, Wendy (Ed)Chi06-70b
Aliens to EarthCooling, Wendy (Ed)Chi07-07
Stars in Your EyesCooling, Wendy (Ed)Chi07-76
dorrie and the haunted housecoombs, patricia
here is christmascooner, donna
Flesh FireCooney, Caroline B.Chi06-73
king of shadowscooper, susan
ThrowawayCorbet-Singleton, PaulChi07-43
After the First DeathCormier, RobertChi07-44
After the First DeathCormier, RobertChi07-45
After the First DeathCormier, RobertChi07-46
The Bumble Bee Flies AnywayCormier, RobertChi07-47
the chocolate warcormier, robert
Blood BrothersCorris, PeterChi07-48
Animal Research And TestingCoster, PatienceChi10-32
maisy's christmas evecousins, lucy
maisy goes campingcousins, lucy
happy christmas maisycousins, lucy
maisy's first flap bookcousins, lucy
Bow Down ShadrachCowley, JoyChi07-49
The Cheese TrapCowley, JoyChi16-76
The Drover's DogCox, DavidChi10-103
Junior Prom GirlCraig, GeorgieChi07-50
Dinosaurs and More DinosaursCraig, M. JeanChi07-52
Somebody Will Miss MeCrawford, DeborahChi07-53
Dinnertime RhymeCrebbin, June & Ana Larrang. MartinChi09-73
Angel's GateCrew, GaryChi07-54
No Such CountryCrew, GaryChi07-55
The Truth About EmmaCrew, GaryChi07-56
Force of EvilCrew, GaryChi07-57
strange objectscrew, gary
The Lost Diamonds Of KilliecrankeCrew, Gary & Gouldthorpe, PeterStand01-01
Dear Venny, Dear SaffronCrew, Gary & Hathorn, LibbyChi07-58
The Blue FeatherCrew, Gary & O'Hara, MichaelChi07-03
Jurassic ParkCrichton, MichaelChi07-60
Trivia ManCroasdale, LaurineChi07-61
Demon Headmaster and the Prime Minister's BrainCross, GillianChi07-62
OutsidersCrossley-Holland, KevinChi07-63
The Mystery of Dracula's CaveCrume, VicChi07-01
What's His Name: The Story of Archie the AstronautCrush, MargaretChi17-24
What's His Name: The Story of Pierre the P{ilotCrush, MargaretChi17-25
Be The Boss Of Your SleepCulbert, TimothyChi10-75
Postman Pat's Tractor ExlporerCunliffe, JohnChi01-02
As If!Currall, DaveChi07-64
The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963Curtis, Christopher PaulChi07-65
The Watsons Go to BirminghamCurtis, Christopher PaulChi07-66
The LifeguardCusick, Richie TankersleyChi07-32
Youse TwoDaddo, AndrewChi08-16
The Bailey School Kids: Mermaids Don't RunDadey, Debbie & Jones, MarciaChi08-07sold
The Bailey School Kids: Angels Don't Know KarateDadey, Debbie & Jones, MarciaChi08-08sold
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory: A PlayDahl, RoaldChi02-16
Going SoloDahl, RoaldChi02-18
George's Marvellous MedicineDahl, RoaldChi02-20
Danny The Champion Of : The WorldDahl, RoaldChi02-21
Danny The Champion Of The WorldDahl, RoaldChi02-33
Charlie And The Great Glass ElevatorDahl, RoaldChi02-37
The WitchesDahl, RoaldChi02-38sold
The TuritsDahl, RoaldChi08-04
boy, tales of childhooddahl, roald
james and the giant peachdahl, roald
the magic fingerdahl, roald
james and the giant peachdahl, roald
Danny The Champion Of The Worlddahl, roald
james and the giant peachdahl, roald
Shining RiversDallas, RuthChi08-18
granny survivordallimore, jan
granny adventuresdallimore, jan
granny gurudallimore, jan
Pony in the ParkDaniels, LucyChi08-17
animal ark pets hamster hoteldaniels, lucysold
badger in the basementdaniels, lucysold
swan in the swimdaniels, lucysold
Paul Daniels' Magic BookDaniels, PaulChi08-24
Year of the Cat 3: The AmuletDaniels, ZoeChi08-12
The Creation Book For ChildrenDankenbring, F, WilliamChi23-18
The Siege of White Deer ParkDann, ColinChi08-14
The Divorce ExpressDanziger, PaulaChi08-19
can you sue your parents for malpracticedanziger, paula
Captain Pickles and the Wandering JaneDargin, PeterStand03-34
adopted janedaringer, h f
understanding australian historydarlington, robert
Are You For Wheel?David, TonyChi08-10
Helen KellerDavidson, MargaretChi08-20
nine true dolphin storiesdavidson, margaretsold
hellen kellerdavidson, margaret
Think Like A Champion Dance Like A StarDavies, GrantChi10-84
It's GlassDavies, Kay & Oldfield, WendyChi17-59
The Neversink 9 in Olympic OtisDavis, GiblesChi08-21
Are You For Wheel?Davis, TonyChi08-09
Man-ShyDavison, Frank DalbyChi08-58
Little Polar Bear And The Brave Little Harede Boer, HansChi23-57sold
i, juan de parejade trevino, elizabeth borton
The Children on the HillDeakin, MichaelChi08-59
Horrible Histories: DublinDeary, TerryChi08-13
The Nuclear Winter ManDeary, TerryChi08-25
BreakoutDeary, TerryChi08-26
bible storiesdeboer & tangvald
Robinson CrusoeDefoe, DanielChi01-22
The Greatest CommandmentsdeGraaf, AnneChi23-01
Dolly Fiction: Tony's ChoiceDelahunty, LoriChi08-31
Children's First EcyclopaediaDempsey, MichaelChi17-91
Just For KidsDent, MaggieChi03-01
ConsequencesDepp, LaurieChi08-05
The Magic FingerDepp, LaurieChi08-06
Roaring Lion TalesDer Mer, RonChi09-24
Possum and the PartyDevlin, Erin & Dryburgh, KirstenChi16-111
Mirror, MirrorDewar, ElizabethChi08-22
A Tale Of Two CitiesDickens, CharlesChi02-10
Children's Stories from DickensDickens, Mary AngelaChi08-23
The Dragon PainterDickins, RosieChi08-60sold
The Charm BraceletDickinson, Mary-AnneChi08-01
The KinDickinson, PeterChi08-27
The Seventh RavenDickinson, PeterChi08-28
AKdickinson, peter
tulkudickinson, peter
A Sneaking SuspicionDickson, JohnChi08-29
Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go To SleepDimbar / GlioriChi09-71
Marbles, Hopscotch and JacksDineen, JohnStand03-35
Marbles Hopscotch And Jacks Favourite Games And VariationsDineer, JohnChi09-37
dinosaurs big and small
Girlz Rock: Two at the ZooDinsbergs, Holly SmithChi08-60asold
Castles in the SandDipersio, MichaelStand04-30
The Divine WindDisher, GarryChi08-53
the jungle bookdisney
101 dalmationsdisney
Australian Netball SkillsDix, NoeleenStand04-03
The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Melted CoinsDixon, Franklin W.Chi08-56
The Hardy Boys: The Arctic Patrol MysteryDixon, Franklin W. Chi08-57
let's experiment with scienceDK books
old macdonald had a farmdodds, siobhan
down at the stationdodds, siobhan
Hans BrinkerDodge, Mary, MapesChi02-11
My First Book of OppositesDogi, Fiammetta & Ravaglia, PaolaChi17-104
Granny Was a Buffer GirlDoherty, BerlieChi08-30
Little TrollDolan, PennyChi09-07sold
UnzippedDonaghy, BronwynChi08-46
UnzippedDonaghy, BronwynChi08-47
Anna's StoryDonaghy, BronwynChi08-48
the snail and the whaledonaldson & scheffler
journey into wardonaldson, margaret
Tales Of Real HeroismDoswell, PaulChi24-42
girl in cotton wooldoubtfire, diane
The Friendship Survival GuideDougherty, BrandiChi16-53
Groupwork PracticeDouglas, TomChi08-39
The Adventures Of Sherlock HolmesDoyle, Conrad.A.Chi02-02
The Wizard Apprentice: Danger in the PalaceDoyle, DebraChi08-40
The Wizard Apprentice: Secret of the TowerDoyle, DebraChi08-41
The Wizard Apprentice: The Wizard's CastleDoyle, DebraChi08-42sold
The Wizard Apprentice: School of WizardryDoyle, DebraChi08-43
Amadans AlertDoyle, MalachyChi08-02
dr seuss book of bedtime storiesdr seuss
scrambled eggs superdr seuss
vidia and the fairy crowndriscoll, laura
The Last Week in DecemberDubrosarsky, UrsulaChi08-45
Hot MailDuder, Tessa & Taylor, WilliamChi08-55
HostageDugan, MichaelChi08-49
Stuff and NonsenseDugan, MichaelChi08-50
Lonely SummersDugan, NoraChi08-03
The Toothpaste GenieDuncan, FrancesChi08-51
The Dolphin BoyDunlop, BeverleyChi08-15
foxydunlop, eileen
happy go luckyearhart, kristin
The Donkey MakersEckford, JanetChi08-71
The Junior Encyclopedia Of The UniverseEddy EdChi10-56
SprayEdge, HarryChi08-62
Our SkeletonEducatStand04-10
Australian AnimalsEdwards, BruceStand01-23
Killer MovesEdwards, DenisChi08-69
Outback FeralsEdwards, HazelChi08-61
The Gate of IvoryEgan, DorisChi08-77
The Byzantium BazaarElboz, StephenChi08-78
the whizzkids handbookeldin, peter
The Mill on the FlossEliot, GeorgeChi08-66
The Transmogrification of Roscoe WizzleElliott, DavidChi08-63
edens lostelliott, sumner locke
The Birds of the AirEllis, Alice ThomasChi08-64
Dabble DuckEllis, Anne. LeoChi09-53
Merivale Mall: Never Say GoodbyeEllis, JanaChi08-68
Bartlett Brothers: Sudden FearEllwood, RogerChi08-65
Capture at Kangaroo SpringsElmer, RobertChi08-74
TomEmbling, JohnChi11-22
Echo Company: Welcome to VietnamEmerson, ZacChi08-70
Strange Matter: No SubstitutionsEngle, Mary M.Chi08-75
Spiderweb for TwoEnright, ElizabethChi08-79
Sarah and the Lost FriendshipEpp, MargaretChi08-80
Giggles and NigglesErlanger, JennyChi08-73
ErrataErrat Wood & AllesChi09-58
The Disappearing Card TrickErwin, Vicki BergerChi08-76
See You Later, Procrastination! (Get It Done)Espelaud, Pamela & Verdick, ElizabethChi10-77
hero of washington squareestes, rose
pillars of pentagarnestes, rose
Sealed Mysteries: Fishing for CluesEvans, AnnChi08-72
Me and My BodyEvans, DavidChi17-08
Make It GoEvans, David & Williams, ClaudetteChi10-26
Per BirdsEvans, MarkChi17-47
The Dolphin RiderEvslinChi01-28
To DadExley, Richard & HelenChi08-67
Well I NeverEyles, HeatherChi16-109
All Right Vegemite – RhymesFactor, JuneChi17-40
Roll Over Pavlova – RhymesFactor, JuneChi17-41
All Right, VegemiteFactor, JuneStand01-26
Khan, Dak, AbdurFairclough, ChrisChi23-06
Phantom Stallion: Dark SunshineFarley, TerriChi11-09
Phantom Stallion: Desert DancerFarley, TerriChi11-10
The Black Stallion's CourageFarley, WalterChi11-29
Brothers in ArmsFarmer, GraemeChi11-08
Brothers in ArmsFarmer, GrahamChi11-23
Brothers in ArmsFarmer, GrahamChi11-24
Twin TroubleFarmer, PenelopeChi11-28
Mr Pavlov's PossumFarrer, VashtiChi11-34sold
lui and the falling starfaulkner & pachela
MoonfleetFaulkner, J. MeadeChi11-07
On Those Runaway DaysFeigh, AlisonChi16-61
That Awful Molly VickersFerguson, Virginia & Durkin, PeterChi16-01sold
horeendo's cursefienberg, anna
the big book of tashifienberg, anna and barbarasold
Tashi: Lost in the CityFienberg, AnneChi11-19sold
Tashi: The Royal TombFienberg, AnneChi11-20sold
Little White LiesFisher, LoisChi11-18
FranceFisher, TeresaChi24-10
The Midnight HorseFleischman, SidChi11-27
Bolly GumFleming, GarryChi16-23
to the lightflynn, pat
Return TicketFlynn, WarrenChi11-36
World HealthFoley, RonanChi17-18
The Drugs Trade – the Impact on Our LivesFooks, LouieChi17-32
Mr Midshipman HornblowerForester, C.S.Chi11-37
Making the Most of ItForrest, LisaChi11-35
Collecting StampsForrest, PenelopeChi17-07
The Starthorn TreeForsyth, KateChi11-39
there's a mouse about the housefowler, richard
The Wind Is SilverFowler, ThurleyChi11-04
the green windfowler, thurley
Other People's CountryFox, LeeChi11-06
tough borisfox, mem
The Flint Hills FoalFrancis, Dorothy BrennerChi11-33
Edge of FearFrancis, HelenChi11-31
Dolly Fiction: My Type of WriterFrancis, JayaChi08-35
the mushroom huntfrazer, simon
The Willow Tree's DaughterFreeman, PamelaChi11-30
Mimosa FortuneFreer, EchoChi11-01
Magenta Sings the BluesFreer, EchoChi11-02
Dancing with Ben HallFrench, JackieChi11-11
Stories to Eat with BananasFrench, JackieChi11-12
Somewhere Around the CornerFrench, JackieChi11-13
Rain StoriesFrench, JackieChi11-14
The Book of UnicornsFrench, JackieChi11-15
they came on viking shipsfrench, jackie
Change the LocksFrench, SimonChi11-05
cheange the locksfrench, simon
Draglins and the BullyFrench, Vivian & Fisher, ChrisChi11-25sold
Draglins to the RescueFrench, Vivian & Fisher, ChrisChi11-26sold
BradyFritz, JeanChi11-03
The StrangerFullilove, JamesChi11-16
Dragon RiderFunke, CorneliaChi11-38
ghost hunters and the gruesome invincible lightning ghostfunke, cornelia
BruisesFusillo, ArchimedeChi11-17
Polar BoyFussell, SandyChi11-21
Millions of CatsGa'g, WandaChi16-119
StardustGaiman, NeilChi12-30
Gregory Ghost Gum and the Bushnook BunyipGalbraith, Richard and AndreaChi16-20
SixteenGallo, D.R. (Ed)Chi11-46
The First Year ExperienceGame, Ann & Metcalfe, AndrewStand03-04
Hidden HippoGannij, JoanChi16-64
Men in BlackGardner, J.J.Chi11-66
The Red NecklaceGardner, SallyChi11-67
SmithGarfield, LeonChi11-68
The Wedding GhostGarfield, LeonChi16-93
The Silent StormGarland, SherryChi11-54
The Owl ServiceGarner, AlanChi11-63
Red ShiftGarner, AlanChi11-72
Kenny's Big AdventureGarside, PhilipChi12-02
Starbright, Meditations for ChildrenGarth, MaureenChi16-81
Beneath the Southern CrossGautier, FabienChi11-52a
Goram BoyGavin, JamilaChi11-73
The Twelve Day's Of ChristmasGeddes, AnneChi23-83
Monkey Grows UpGelman, Rita GoldenChi16-07
Julie of the WolvesGeorge, Jean CraigheadChi11-47
The Reasons For SeasonsGibbons, GailChi24-82
Snugglepot And CuddlepieGibbs, MayChi01-27
Snugglepot And Cuddlepie Meet Mr LizardGibbs, MayChi09-21
Snugglepot and CuddlepieGibbs, MayChi12-06sold
Bib and BubGibbs, MayChi16-55sold
Know Your Sport BasketballGiffard, CliveChi24-86
GoalkeeperGifford, CliveChi10-31
Teenage Kicks, 101 Things To Do Before You're 16Gifford, CliveChi11-42
Muppets: Animal Go Bye-ByeGikow, LouiseChi16-08
Robin HoodGilbert, HenryChi02-06
Robin HoodGilbert, HenryChi02-07
Understanding Local MapsGilett, Meg & JackChi10-89
Towitches: Dead WrongGilmour, H.B. & Reisfeld, RandiChi12-04
Emil and KarlGlatshteyn, YankevChi12-28
RefugeGleeson, LibbyChi11-53
The Rum RebellionGleeson, LibbyChi11-69
Queen of the UniverseGleeson, Libby & Cox, DavidChi12-01sold
Sticky BeakGleitzman, MorrisChi12-08sold
Sticky BeakGleitzman, MorrisChi12-09
BlabbermouthGleitzman, MorrisChi12-10
BlabbermouthGleitzman, MorrisChi12-11sold
WorrywartsGleitzman, MorrisChi12-12sold
WorrywartsGleitzman, MorrisChi12-13
Puppy FatGleitzman, MorrisChi12-14
Puppy FatGleitzman, MorrisChi12-15sold
Boy OverboardGleitzman, MorrisChi12-16
Water WingsGleitzman, MorrisChi12-17
Water WingsGleitzman, MorrisChi12-18sold
Two Weeks with the QueenGleitzman, MorrisChi12-19sold
Adults OnlyGleitzman, MorrisChi12-20
Toad HeavenGleitzman, MorrisChi12-21
Toad RageGleitzman, MorrisChi12-22
Misery GutsGleitzman, MorrisChi12-23
Teacher's PetGleitzman, MorrisChi12-24
Aristotle's NostrilGleitzman, MorrisChi12-25sold
Worm StoryGleitzman, MorrisChi12-26
ElectricityGlendinning, VictoriaChi11-62
the big splitgo girl
kiss chaseygo girl
boys vs girlsgo girl
dancing queengo girl
the secret clubgo girl
slumber partygo girl
the worst gymnastgo girl
surf's up the legend of big zgo girl
snow playgo girl
best christmas evergo girl
puppy lovego girl
sister partygo girl
hay fevergo girl
21st Century Lives TV CelebritiesGogerly, LizChi10-101
21st Century Life: SupermodelsGogerly, LizChi17-20
Prayers for ChildrenGolden BooksStand04-37
my best friendgoldsack, gaby
Kids' Guide to the InternetGoldstone, Bruce & Perley, ArthurChi11-40
nightfallgoodis, david
Drink And Drugs And Your BodyGoodman, PollyChi10-36
The Truth About PoopGoodman, SmithChi09-72
Back to the TitanicGormley, BeatriceChi11-65
Gemma James' Oriental AdventureGowar, MickChi11-57sold
Gemma James' American AdventureGowar, MickChi11-58sold
Zoltan, the MagnificentGraham, BobStand04-20
The Wind in the WillowsGrahame, KennethChi11-49
The Wind in the WillowsGrahame, KennethChi11-50
Toad's TaleGrahame, KennethChi11-50a
Toad's TaleGrahame, KennethChi11-51
ring-a-ring a rosesgranstrom, brita
Timelines- The Cold WarGrant, G, RChi24-14
Bonny Star and the Riddles of TimeGrant, GwenChi12-03
Spy GirlGray, AmyChi11-45
Heather WhitestoneGray, DaphneChi11-74
C.E. Gull's Lucky DayGray, KenChi16-84
Geography Now, Islands All Around The WorldGreen, JenChi10-67
Hills And MountainsGreen, JenChi24-39sold
Scratch Kitten and the Ragged ReefGreen, Jessica & Vane, MitchChi12-27sold
The Luck of TroyGreen, Roger LancelynChi11-70
The Tale of TroyGreen, Roger LancelynChi11-71
Little SisterGreen, YvonneChi11-48
Frankenstein, the Monster WakesGreenberg, Martin H. (Ed)Chi11-41
The Atrocious TwoGreenwold, SheilaChi11-76
Whale RoadGreenwood, KerryChi11-75
LoserGrieco-Tiso, PinaChi11-64
The 26 Storey TreehouseGriffiths, Andy & Denton, TerryChi12-07
just disgustingGriffiths, Andy & Denton, Terry
Hansel and GretelGrimm'sChi16-51sold
BleachersGrisham, JohnChi11-51a
BleachersGrisham, JohnChi11-52
The Mouse's WeddingGross Ruth Belov&Chi09-57
Heroes And WarriorsGuchulann, StewartStand01-18
my under the sea pop up bookguile, gill
The Gold SmugglersGunn, JohnChi10-83
The World Of FlightGunston, Quigley & HowatsonChi24-70
Jetty RatsGwynne, PhilipChi11-44
deadly unnagwynne, phillip
Lost in the CanyonHall, KirstenChi17-103
Snoopy's ABC'sHall, NAncyChi10-17
Snoopy's Book Of OppositesHall, NAncyChi10-20
Snoopy's 1,2,3,Hall, NancyChi10-29
SnakeheadHallam, AnnChi12-66
DiaryHalsey, CatherineChi12-33
The Lost Kingdom of LantiaHamilton, MaggieChi12-54
Thrilling StoriesHamlynChi03-26
Marco Polo JuniorHamlyn, PaulChi09-120
The Real McCawHancock, BruceChi12-88
Born WildHanson, B. JeanChi13-16
Bionicle Chronicles: Tale of the ToaHapka, C.A.Chi12-67
Through The YearHarding, NickChi23-77
4 Celebrate; ItalyHardyman, RobynChi10-03
WoofHargraeves, RogerChi23-58
Once Upon A WormHargreaves, RogerChi23-62
Bratz Rock Angels: Ready to RockHarimann, SienaChi12-68
The Lion and the LambHarlen, JonathanChi12-85
Ice Age, the Classic StorybookHarper EntertainmentChi16-105
Our New PuppyHarper, IsabelleChi16-65
The Lost And Found LambHarrast, TraceyChi23-50
Buried SecretsHarris, ChristineChi12-36
Buried SecretsHarris, ChristineChi12-37
Fortune CookiesHarris, ChristineChi12-38
Vibes: MasksHarris, ChristineChi12-39
Vibes: JigsawHarris, ChristineChi12-40
Outer FaceHarris, ChristineChi12-41
Outer FaceHarris, ChristineChi12-42
CountdownHarris, ChristineChi12-43
fortune cookiesharris, christine
FortressHarris, DavidChi13-13
The 1960'sHarris, NathanielChi10-14
Win or DieHarris, RolfChi12-53
Rolf Harris – Your Joke TimeHarris, RolfStand02-05
HookHart, Jim & Marmo, MaliaChi12-32
Roborunner: RazorbitesHarvey, DamianChi12-34
Roborunner: AquanautsHarvey, DamianChi12-35
alice-miranda at schoolharvey, jacqueline
Shopping with DadHarvey, Matt & Latimer, MiriamChi16-14sold
Code Name UnwantedHarveyt, JacquelineChi13-02
Home Before DarkHastings, BeverleyChi12-49
Captain Prue and Her Scurvy CrewHaswell, PeterStand03-27
Jezza SezHathorn, LibbyChi12-56
All about AnnaHathorn, LibbyChi12-57
RiftHathorn, LibbyChi12-58
the painterhathorn, libby
It Always Happens to LeonaHavill, JuanitaChi12-64
A Handbook of Family MonstersHawkesworth, Jenny & McNaughton, ColinChi12-51
Young Heroes: Off-Road HarryHawkins, Tracey & Naylor, DillonChi16-36sold
Young Heroes: Off-Road HarryHawkins, Tracey & Naylor, DillonChi16-37
The House of the Seven GablesHawthorne, NathanielChi12-83
It's So NaturalHayes, AlanChi12-86
Melanie's Identity CrisisHaynes, BetsyChi12-74
Celebrity AuctionHaynes, BetsyChi12-81
beware the shopping mallHaynes, Betsy
Merry Christmas from EddieHayward, CarolynChi13-03
The LabHeath, JackChi12-46
More Than GoldHeffernan, JohnChi12-89
Rachel's ForestHeffernan, JohnChi12-90
the shrinking of treehornheide, florence parry
Totally Amazing Wipe OutHeimann, PaulStand02-14
Once a Jolly SwagpersonHeld, LawrenceChi12-69
Supergirl: The Girl of SteelHelfer, AndrewChi12-47
Tracks and TrailingHenderson PublishingStand03-28
Educating JohannahHenderson, AnneChi13-05
One Minute Bible Stories- New TestamentHenderson/ LewisChi23-16
King of the WindHenry, MargueriteChi12-84
This School Is Driving Me CrazyHentoff, NatChi13-07
Does This School Have Capital Punishment?Hentoff, NatChi13-08
Roman BritainHepplewhite, PeterChi17-16
Love, Ghosts and NosehairHerrick, StevenChi13-18
Pookie Aleera Is Not My BoyfriendHerrick, StevenChi13-19
the simple giftherrick, steven
The Ten-Speed BabysitterHerzy, Alison & Mali, JaneChi12-75
A Time of AngelsHesse, KarenChi12-70
Honey MouseHewett, AnitaChi12-65
Waste And RecyclingHewitt, SallyChi10-69
Good for Me: Meat and FishHewitt, SallyStand04-22
Tenth Avenue CowboyHigh, Oatman, LindaChi09-20
louie's lothildick, e w
ForbiddenHill, AnthonyChi13-11
A Bridge of DreamsHill, DeidreChi12-60
The Karate Kid Part 2Hiller, B.B.Chi12-91
NapoleonHilton, NetteChi12-78
NapoleonHilton, NetteChi12-79
straysHilton, Nette
favourite fairy taleshinkler books
The OutsidersHinton, S.E.Chi12-05
The OutsiderHinton, S.E.Chi12-87
Fighting Invisible Tigers – Stress Management for TeensHipp, EarlChi17-39
Bartlett and the City of FlamesHirsch, OttoChi12-71
Bartlett and the City of FlamesHirsch, OttoChi12-72
Little Bear LostHissey, JaneChi09-13
Tudor Sparks A Pig Called HenryHissey, JaneChi09-16sold
Jolly TallHissey, JaneChi13-09
old bearhissey, jane
Priscilla And The Great Santa SearchHobbie, NathanielChi23-56
Time Stops for No MouseHoeye, MichaelChi12-59
Stravaganza: City of MasksHoffman, MaryChi13-14
Nightmare Hall: The Vampire's KissHoh, DianeChi12-76
The Night BeesHolcroft, AnthonyChi12-62
awesome animal storiesholland, elizabeth
Parties For Older ChildrenHollest, Angela & Gaine, PenelopeChi24-63
I am DavidHolm, AnneChi12-73SOLD
No WorriesHolman, DavidChi12-61
No WorriesHolman, DavidChi12-80
What Do You Think, Feezal?Honey, ElizabethChi12-44
What Do You Think, Feezal?Honey, ElizabethChi12-45
Don't Pat the WombatHoney, ElizabethChi12-55
Whistle HomeHoneycraft/ & CannonChi09-44
Bean's And NutsHonour HeadChi24-03sold
We Love Yom KippurHonour Head!Chi23-85sold
Keri: The Wonderful Killi; Who FlewHopkins, B.H.Chi09-40
The 2nd Best Of Stay In TouchHoran, Wall & WalkerStand01-03
The Billygoat Goes WildHorniman, Joanne & Roannefelt, RobertChi09-131
StormbreakerHorowitz, AnthonyChi12-50
Point BlancHorowitz, AnthonyChi13-20
Skeleton KeyHorowitz, AnthonyChi13-21
Eagle StrikeHorowitz, AnthonyChi13-22
ark angelhorowitz, anthony
raven's gatehorowitz, anthony
scorpiahorowitz, anthony
the falcon's masterhorowitz, anthony
three of diamondshorowitz, anthony
the switchhorowitz, anthony
snakeheadhorowitz, anthony
ark angelhorowitz, anthony
SkateboardingHorsley, AndyChi17-38
Disney's Computer FunHoward, MartinChi10-40
Could Dracula Live in Woodford?Howarth, MaryChi12-48
The Nature of the BeastHowker, JanniChi13-01
Dear PoltergeistHoy, LindaChi13-17
Jack Black and the Ship of ThievesHughes, CarolynChi13-04
Devil on My BackHughes, MonicaChi12-52
Here Comes Charlie MoonHughes, ShirleyChi13-10
How the Whale Became and Other StoriesHughes, TedChi12-82
Tom Brown's SchooldaysHughes, ThomasChi13-15
The RomansHull, RobertChi17-09
Where Do Babies Come FromHummerl, RuthChi10-85
How To Make CookiesHumphrey, PaulChi24-90
The StrongholdHunter, MollieChi13-12
professor branestawm's perilous puddinghunter, norman
Starting Sport AthleticsHunter, RebeccaChi24-93
Rip-Roaring RussellHurwitz, JohannaChi13-06
Sugar Creek Gang 35: Runaway RescueHutchens, PaulChi12-63
The EntertainerHyde, Edgar J.Chi12-77
fairy fay's bad dayi love reading phonics
a dragon in the sandpiti love reading phonics
the busy lunchi love reading phonics
dina the rapperi love reading phonics
Britain Since World War IIImmigrationChi24-78
Robin HoodIngle, AnnieChi13-24
The Unchosen LandIngpen, RobertChi09-30
Click Go The ShearsIngpen, RobertChi10-82
Silver SkatesIrland, NancyChi13-23
Make Your Own Pop-upsIrvine, JoanChi17-78
Is That You, Mr Pinkerton-Trunks?Isherwood, ShirleyChi13-26sold
Scale of Dragon Tooth of WolfIsle, SueChi13-25
talisman of deathjackson and livingstone
seas of bloodjackson and livingstone
the rings of ketherjackson and livingstone
starship travellerjackson, steve
the shamutanti hillsjackson, steve
Sleepers WakeJacobs, Paul SamuelChi13-59
My Second World WarJames, DanielChi24-74
The Deptford Mice 3: The Final ReckoningJarvis, RobinChi13-49
The Crystal PrisonJarvis, RobinChi13-64
The Whitby Witches 2Jarvis, RobinChi13-65
The Whitby Witches 3: The Whitby ChildJarvis, RobinChi13-65a
The Sword of the WormlingJenkins, Jerry & Fabry, ChrisChi13-47
wicked all six books in onejennings & gleitzmansold
SnakeJennings, KateChi13-48
Rascal And The Dragon DroppingsJennings, PaulChi09-110
UncookedJennings, PaulChi13-34sold
UndoneJennings, PaulChi13-35
The Paw ThingJennings, PaulChi13-36sold
Bob Lea: Rascal and the MonsterJennings, PaulChi13-37sold
Bob Lea: Little Rascal to the RescueJennings, PaulChi13-38sold
The Cabbage Patch FibJennings, PaulChi13-39sold
The Beastly ArmsJennings, PaulChi13-40
UnbelievableJennings, PaulChi13-41sold
Round the TwistJennings, PaulChi13-42sold
Quirky TailsJennings, PaulChi13-43sold
Funniest StoriesJennings, PaulChi13-44
Trickiest StoriesJennings, PaulChi13-45
Rascal and the Dragon DroppingsJennings, PaulChi17-65
undonejennings, paulsold
Wicked Part 2Jennings, Paul & Gleitzman, MorrisChi13-27SOLD
Wicked Part 2Jennings, Paul & Gleitzman, MorrisChi13-28
Wicked Part 2Jennings, Paul & Gleitzman, MorrisChi13-29
Wicked Part 4Jennings, Paul & Gleitzman, MorrisChi13-30SOLD
Wicked Part 4Jennings, Paul & Gleitzman, MorrisChi13-31sold
Wicked Part 5Jennings, Paul & Gleitzman, MorrisChi13-32SOLD
Wicked Part 6Jennings, Paul & Gleitzman, MorrisChi13-33SOLD
Now You Know Science: Hot and ColdJennings, TerryChi17-15
Tyrone and the Time TripperJensen, JoChi13-60
The Future TrapJinks, CatherineChi13-52
Piggy in the MiddleJinks, CatherineChi13-53
What's Hector McKerrow Doing These Days?Jinks, CatherineChi13-54
Pagan's CrusadeJinks, CatherineChi13-55
Pagan's CrusadeJinks, CatherineChi13-56
Pagan in ExileJinks, CatherineChi13-57
The Water Babies: The Other End of NowhereJohnson, BerylChi16-24
The Water Babies: Down to the SeaJohnson, BerylChi16-25
SkeletonsJohnson, JimmyStand01-16sold
Rats and MiceJohnson, JinnyChi17-14
Lily The Little PrincessJohnson, RobynChi09-85
LamingtonJon, RonStand01-27
bumper book of hot jokes for kool kidsjones and spoor
Talisman: The Amulet of QuillaJones, Alan FrewinChi13-50
Talisman: The Elephant of ParvatiJones, Alan FrewinChi13-51
Jesus Who Helped PeopleJones, Alice, MaryChi23-32
mega hot jokes for cool kidsjones, andy
The Lives of Christopher ChantJones, Diana WynneChi13-46
the merlin conspiracyjones, dianne wynne
the fair day balljones, janey louise
Orphans of the SeaJones, KenChi13-67
Whooo's There?Jones, LilyChi16-60
The Flight of Burl CrowJones, Tim WynneChi13-62
Big WJones, Tim WynneChi13-63
BuddyJones, V.M.Chi13-69
dreamriderjonsberg, barry
Three Desperate DaysJordan, Hope DahleChi13-61
TanithJordan, SherylChi13-58
Vlad, the DracJungman, AnnChi13-66
The Wacky Witch WarKackson, EllenChi09-126
It Happened in the White HouseKarr, KathleenChi16-90
Mary-Kate and Ashley: To Snoop or Not to SnoopKatschke, Judy (Ed)Chi14-13sold
Protecting And Caring For AnimalsKaye, Berger & CathrynChi10-11
GallowglassKeaney, BrianChi13-71
GallowglassKeaney, BrianChi13-72
The Mendini CanticleKeaney, BrianChi13-73
The Haunting of Nathaniel WolfeKeaney, BrianChi13-74
Pet 4 ElvinKelleher, AnnetteChi14-23
Forbidden Paths of ThualKelleher, VictorChi14-16
ParklandKelleher, VictorChi14-17
ParklandKelleher, VictorChi14-18
Micky Darlin'Kelleher, VictorChi14-19
The MakersKelleher, VictorChi14-20
Ginger MeggsKemsley, JamesChi14-06
Wake Up, Ginger MeggsKemsley, JamesChi14-07
ginger meggskemsley, james
Make It, Shake It, Mix Things UpKennedy, Nancy B.Chi17-19
Ginger MeggsKensley, JamesChi09-117
Tough CallKent, JacquieChi14-21
Songs from the Drowned LandsKernaghan, EileenChi14-15
Mog's ChristmasKerr, JudithChi09-123
When Hitler Stole Pink RabbitKerr, JudithChi14-14
the arhenaten adventure. Children of the lampkerr, p b
Martin Bridge: Sound the AlarmKerrin, Jessie ScottChi14-04sold
Martin Bridge: Blazing AheadKerrin, Jessie ScottChi14-05sold
21st Century Science: MedicineKerrod, RobinChi17-60
emily windsnap and the land of the midnight sunkessler, liz
The Fat and Juicy PlaceKidd, DianeChi14-08sold
The Fat and Juicy PlaceKidd, DianeChi14-09
The Fat and Juicy PlaceKidd, DianeChi14-10
The Fat and Juicy PlaceKidd, DianeChi14-11
Onion TearsKidd, DianeChi14-12sold
D is for DinosoaurKightly, RosalindeChi17-88
My Life Is a Boob TubeKilleen, GretelChi13-75
My Life Is a Boob TubeKilleen, GretelChi13-76
My Life Is a Boob TubeKilleen, GretelChi13-77
My Life Is a ToiletKilleen, GretelChi13-78
My Life Is a WedgeKilleen, GretelChi13-79
My Life Is a WedgeKilleen, GretelChi13-80
mulga bill's bicyclekilmeny & nilandsold
everybody sees the antsking, a. S
The Story Behind A Loaf Of BreadKing, CharlesChi24-40
A Wish Too Far and Puffcheek's PalaceKing, DaveStand03-31
What Does The Cloud Do?Kinney, Jean & CleChi10-24
diary of a wimpy kidkinney, jeff
The PagemsterKinschner, COntreas & TirtilliChi09-25
The Second Jungle BookKipling, RudyardChi14-25
The Light That FailedKipling, RudyardChi14-26
Captains CourageousKipling, RudyardChi14-27
The Cat That Walked By HimselfKipling, RudyardChi16-29sold
miss spider's weddingkirk, david
Making The Most Of Your LeisureKirkwood, LyleStand02-21
Hating Alison AshleyKlein, RobinChi13-70
Against the OddsKlein, RobinChi14-22
boris and borschklein, robinsold
I Can Read About Alligators and CrocodilesKnight, DavidStand03-10
Fount Children's BibleKnowles, AndrewChi23-42
For Kids Who Love Animals (Sharing The Planet)Koebner, LindaChi10-28
Everest Book 1: The ContestKorman, GordonChi14-01
Everest Book 2: The ClimbKorman, GordonChi14-02
Everest Book 3: The SummitKorman, GordonChi14-03
i want to go homekorman, gordon
ET, the Extra TerrestrialKotzwinkle, WilliamChi14-29
Young Heroes: PepikKovacs, Nicola & Lau, GaryChi16-40sold
Building A SkyscraperKozak Lawrence LouiseChi10-73
Miranda and FriendsKrailing, TessaChi14-24sold
104 TIps for Being a Best FriendKrulik, NancyStand04-05
my first book of fairy taleskrutop, lee
People Under ThreatKurds, John KingChi24-09
Ten Little WizardsKurland, MichaelChi14-28
the first day of the holidaysladybird
Tales From ShakespeareLambChi03-44
the best thinglanagan, margo
PrincessLane, CarolynChi09-121
Dolly Fiction: Hard FeelingsLane, VeronicaChi08-34
With My KnifeLansdown, AndrewChi14-66
Spaghetti LegsLarkin, JohnChi14-72
CinderellaLarkin, RochelleChi16-48
Golden GooseLarkin, RochelleChi16-79
Because We Were the TravellersLasenby, JackChi14-46
Because We Were the TravellersLasenby, JackChi14-47
Rewi, the Red DeerLasenby, JackChi16-63
killer doglassoch, seff
Is This the Way to Madagascar?Laube, LydiaChi14-69
The Fire-DwellersLaurence, MargaretChi14-42
Number Fun: CountingLaw, KarinaChi24-07sold
Little WomenLawler, LaurieChi14-37
TroubridgeLawrance, PeterChi14-70
Juby's BookLawrence, MichaelChi14-40
Complete NonsenseLear, EdwardChi02-05
Complete NonsenseLear, EdwardChi02-08
the pelican choruslear, edwardsold
PogLee, Lyn & Gamble, KimStand04-13
Queen of the WolvesLee, TanithChi14-57
Wolf Star RiseLee, TanithChi14-58
Smart GirlsLeeson, RobertChi14-60sold
The HunterLeigh, JulieChi14-39
The Christmas ListLeigh, K, SusanChi23-21
Jinny 4: Night of the Red HorseLeitch, PatriciaChi14-31
Jinny 7: The Magic PonyLeitch, PatriciaChi14-32
Kestrels 5: The Stolen PonyLeitch, PatriciaChi14-33
Ride Like the WindLeitch, PatriciaChi14-34
a wrinkle in timel'engle, madeleine
The Dog RockLenore, MirielChi14-44
Indian CaptureLenski, LoisChi14-30
Mandie and the Holiday SurpriseLeppard, Lois GladysChi14-59
The Quicksand PonyLester, AlisonChi14-35
The Snow PonyLester, AlisonChi14-36
ernie dances to the didgeridoolester, alison
abclester, alison
first picture word bookletterland
Explaining Cerebral PalsyLevete, SarahChi17-79
Talking About DrugsLevete, SarahChi24-06
Journey Of Life: DeathLevete, SarahChi24-51
Talking About DrugsLevete, SarahStand03-11
The Gymnasts 10: Boys in the GymLevy, ElizabethChi14-64
The Lion The Witch And The WardrobeLewis, C.S.Chi02-27
The Lion The Witch And The WardrobeLewis, C.S.Chi02-28
The Lion The Witch And The WardrobeLewis, C.S.Chi02-29
The Lion The Witch And The WardrobeLewis, C.S.Chi02-34
Prince CaspianLewis, C.S.Chi02-35
The Magician's NephewLewis, C.S.Chi02-36
Over The Edge There Goes The Neighbourhood A Quilt For BabyLewis, KimChi09-35
the flying trunk and other stories from andersenlewis, naomi
Rugrats in paris Joke BookLewman, DavidChi14-62
striped ice creamlexau, joan
what mess?lichtenheld, tom
Midget Mouse Finds A HouseLindsay, HilarieChi09-33
The Cuckoo- ChookLindsay, Hilarie Make ModelsChi09-60
The Magic PuddingLindsay, NormanChi01-29
The Young Soccer PlayerLineker, GaryChi17-89
Maggie: The ResettlingLinguard, JoanChi14-38
Sparks Will FlyLisle, RebeccaChi14-63
The Adventures of Brer RabbitLister, JuliusChi14-56
Prom DressLittke, LaelChi14-71
The Fabulous Bouncing ChowderLittle & BrownChi09-50
The Lion King: Way to Go, SimbaLittle Golden Book – DisneyChi16-117
Lady and the TrampLittle Golden Book – DisneyChi16-118
Forest of DoomLivingstone, IanChi14-41
Plants and AnimalsLlewellyn, ClaireChi17-36
The Carbon Diaries 2015Lloyd, SaciChi14-43
Mouse TalesLobel, ArnoldChi14-61
A Brief History of the Island of DipsquittieLoder-Bull, WalterChi14-73
Rim, the Rebel RobotLogan, NoraChi14-45sold
Busy Fingers Follow The LineLoise JanieChi09-55
Monkeys and Apes – First readerLondesborough, KateChi17-64
Smoke BellewLondon, JackChi14-67
The Call of the WildLondon, JackChi14-68
rainbow fish hide and seeklong & berlin
jesus is alivelong & percival
the year of christiana cleaveslong, alexandra
The Promises Of Sacred HeartLovasik, FatherChi23-24
A Summer to DieLowry, LoisChi14-48
Number the StarsLowry, LoisChi14-49
Number the StarsLowry, LoisChi14-50
The GiverLowry, LoisChi14-51
The GiverLowry, LoisChi14-52sold
Anastasia Has the AnswersLowry, LoisChi14-53
Rabble StarkeyLowry, LoisChi14-54
The Woods at the End of Autumn StreetLowry, LoisChi14-55
HeroesLurie, MorrisChi14-65
The Giant Bamboo HappeningMacarthur-Onslow, AnnetteChi16-68
The First Day of the HolidaysMacgregor, A.J.Chi16-88
Stay Loose, Mother GooseMachin, Sue (Ed)Chi18-33
A Wonderful WayMacIntyre, ElizabethChi15-66
Easter Is For Me!Mackall, Daley, DandiChi23-19
The Wonder Of ChristmasMackall, Daley, DandiChi23-20
the leopard and the sky godmackinnon, mairi
The Earth, My Butt and Other Round ThingsMackler, CarolynChi15-64
Purnell's Picture DictionaryMaclean, MoiraChi17-51
On Your MarksMad JackStand04-33
Beautiful Dead 3: SummerMaguire, EdenChi18-48
Our World 6: Social Studies for Australian and New Zealand StudentsMahoney, DavidStand03-16
the hauntingmahy, margaret
Scrambled Legs: The Battle of the BunheadsMalcolm, JoannaChi18-16
Creative PhotographyMalkin, RussChi24-34
Guitar GirlManning, SarraChi15-25
boastful rabbitmanning-sanders, ruth
Road ClosedMark, JanChi18-49asold
The Adventures Of Tom SawyerMark, TwainChi02-18
The Thief's DaughterMarks, AlanChi15-59sold
the children of the new forestmarryat, captain
mediterranean wolfpackmars, alistair
While I LiveMarsden, JohnChi15-67
The Third Day, FrostMarsden, JohnChi15-68
The Third Day, FrostMarsden, JohnChi15-69
Out of TimeMarsden, JohnChi18-26
Looking for TroubleMarsden, JohnChi18-27
Take My Word for ItMarsden, JohnChi18-28
So Much To Tell YouMarsden, JohnChi18-29
while i livemarsden, john
while i livemarsden, john
WalkaboutMarshall, James VanceChi15-54
WalkaboutMarshall, James VanceChi15-55
WalkaboutMarshall, James VanceChi15-56
WalkaboutMarshall, James VanceChi18-41
Action CatsMarshall, Ray & Paul, KorkyChi09-87
The Babysitters' Club 14: Hello MalloryMartin, Ann M.Chi15-03
The Babysitters' Club 19: Kristy and the Missing FortuneMartin, Ann M.Chi15-04
The Babysitters' Club 20: Kristy and the Walking DisasterMartin, Ann M.Chi15-05
The Babysitters' Club 21: Mallory and the Trouble with TwinsMartin, Ann M.Chi15-06
The Babysitters' Club 37: Dawn and the Older BoyMartin, Ann M.Chi15-07
The Babysitters' Club 48: Jessi's WishMartin, Ann M.Chi15-08
The Babysitters' Club 90: Welcome to the BSC, AbbyMartin, Ann M.Chi15-09SOLD
The Babysitters' Club 100: Kristy's Worst IdeaMartin, Ann M.Chi15-10SOLD
The Babysitters' Club Myster 20: Mary-Anne and the Zoo MysteryMartin, Ann M.Chi15-11
The Babysitters' Club Super Special 11: The Babysitters RememberMartin, Ann M.Chi15-12SOLD
The Babysitters Club: Kristy and the Secret of SusanMartin, Ann M.Chi18-25sold
HughieMartin, DavidChi18-46
The X Files 9: E.B.E.Martin, LesChi15-40
CyclingMason, PaulChi10-96
Combat Sports, JudoMason, PaulChi24-38
Malcolm in the Middle: Life Is UnfairMason, Tom & Danko, DanChi18-48asold
Malcolm in the Middle: Life Is UnfairMason, Tom & Denko, DanChi15-74
The Chronicles of El Jisal: The Curse of ZohrehMasson, SophieChi18-18
Thomas Trew and the Hidden PeopleMasson, SophieChi18-19
Tremors: Phantoms in the FogMasters, AnthonyChi15-44
Danger Zone: Enemy FireMasters, AnthonyChi16-42sold
The Song of the DeadMasters, AnthonyChi18-04
Vanishing PointMasters, AnthonyChi18-47a
State of the HeartMatthew, P.E.Chi15-38
Mallory Cox and His Magic SocksMatthews, AndrewChi15-77sold
Richard IIIMatthews, Andrew & Ross, Tony (Eds)Chi15-01sold
After the FloodMatthews, L.S.Chi18-24
My Second Book Of RiddlesMatthews, PaulChi10-39
The Age Of MammalsMatthews, RupertChi24-32
Duck BoyMattingly, ChristobelChi18-45
Sop FeralMawter, J.A.Chi18-35
Joe Lion's Big BootsMay, KaraStand02-08
What's Happening To MeMayle, PeterChi24-72
Micro MonstersMaynard, ChristopherChi10-74
So You Want To Work In Banking And FinanceMcAlpine, MargaretChi10-13
Put a Saddle on the PigMcBratney, SamChi18-06
Francis Fry, Private EyeMcBratney, Sue & Blundell, KimChi15-14sold
The Perfect HamburgerMcCall Smith, AlexanderChi18-42
WavelengthMcCann, Darryl & Forbes, DebbieChi18-17
Mission Top Secret: Eagles from the EastMcCarthy, MaureenChi18-07
Chain of HeartsMcCarthy, MaureenChi18-08
Wizziwig and the Singing CarMcCaughrean, Geraldine & Smith, WendyChi15-76sold
the bravest of bearsmcclelland
Grab BagMcCormack, DerekChi15-23
The Horse Racing MysteriesMcEvoy, JohnChi15-72
Handle with Care: Making Friends with AnimalsMcGreevy, PaulChi17-101
When Moms AttackMcGuire, LizzieChi14-81
The Chosen OnesMcHenry, Janet HolmChi15-28
A Wonderful WayMcIntyre, ElizabethChi18-22
Th Secret Discovery of AustraliaMcIntyre, Kenneth GordonChi18-05
Genetic RevolutionMcLeish, EwanChi17-13
Issues In Our World Energy CrisisMcleish, EwanChi24-53
Issues In Our World Genetic RevolutionMcleish, EwanChi24-94
Dragon Slayer's Academy: Wiglag's Worst NightmareMcMullan, K.H.Chi18-40sold
Dragon Slayers Academy: Knight for a DayMcMullan, K.H.Chi18-49b
Great Advice from Lila FenwickMcMullan, KateChi15-52
PaybackMcNab, AndyChi15-13
Body GuardMcNab, ClaireChi15-24
Noah And The ArkMcnally, RandyChi23-26
Jonah And The Great FishMcNally, RandyChi23-27
There's an Awful Lot of Weirdos in Our Neighbourhood ...McNaughton, ColinChi16-18
There's an Awful Lot of Weirdos in Our Neighbourhood ...McNaughton, ColinChi16-19
Doomspell 11: The Scent of MagicMcNish, CliffChi14-82
The Wizard;s PromiseMcNish, CliffChi18-30
See How They RunMcRobbie, DavidChi14-80
The Wages of WayneMcRobbie, DavidChi18-03
Eugene Sandler PIMcRobbie, DavidChi18-10
See How They RunMcRobbie, DavidChi18-11
See How They RunMcRobbie, DavidChi18-12
dancing queenmctrustry, chris and holly
Vampire AcademyMead, RichelleChi15-46
Shadow KissMead, RichelleChi15-49
FrostbiteMead, RichelleChi15-50
Blood PromiseMead, RichelleChi15-51
Jessica, the Jazz FairyMeadows, DaisyChi08-11sold
ruby the red fairymeadows, daisy
Know The Facts RelationshipsMedina, SarahChi10-02
the totally terrifying threemelling, david
The Binna Binna ManMeme McDonald & Tryon, BooriChi15-39
The King The Cat And The FiddleMenuhin,Yenudi & Hope, ChristopherChi09-68
Sunny LeaMercalfe, JeanChi16-98
my sister the vampiremercer, sienna
Kokoda SunriseMerrick, Del & Hamill, DionStand01-21
Sunny LeaMetcalfe, JeanChi09-41
Boys of Blood and BoneMetzenthen, DavidChi15-16
Gilbert's Ghost TrainMetzenthen, DavidChi15-17
The New MoonMeyer, StephanieChi15-60
EclipseMeyer, StephanieChi15-61
TwilightMeyer, StephanieChi15-62
Breaking DawnMeyer, StephanieChi15-63
the short second life of bree tannermeyer, stephanie
twillightmeyer, stephanie
twilight the graphic novel part 1meyer, stephanie
My English BookMickunas, J. Chi03-47
The Genie from Downunder IIMidlam, AmandaChi18-39
City Hospital: EmergencyMiles, KeithChi15-65
RefugeesMiller, DavidChi09-48
Happy As a Dead CatMiller, JillChi18-49
You Be the JuryMiller, MarvinChi15-37sold
Who Dunnit?Miller, MarvinChi18-23
How the Dead DreamMillet, LydiaChi15-71
Jennifer and the Flower FairiesMills, AnnetteChi16-17
The Monster TrickMills, EvaChi15-53sold
The House At Pooh CornerMilne, A.A.Chi01-08
Christopher Robin Gives Pooh a PartyMilne, A.A.Chi15-20
Winnie the Pooh and Some BeesMilne, A.A.Chi16-72
Toad of Toad HallMilne, A.A.Chi18-38
Eeyore Has A BirthdayMilne, A.A.Stand02-11
GhostbustersMilne, LarryChi15-15sold
Coconut MonMilstein, Linda & Taylor, Munro.CherylChi09-36
where's my eggmitton & chapman
sometimes i feel like a mousemodesitt, jennie
Crystal Doors 2: Ocean RealmMoesta, Rebecca & Anderson, KevinChi15-21
Crystal Doors 3: The Sky RealmMoesta, Rebecca & Anderson, KevinChi15-22
Crystal Doors Book IIMoesta, Rebecca & Anderson, KevinChi18-01
Crystal Doors Book IIIMoesta, Rebecca & Anderson, KevinChi18-02
Marco Polo Junior: By Sea to XanaduMoldoff, SheldonChi16-96
The Book of LiesMoloney, JamesChi14-74
The Tunnels of FerdinandMoloney, JamesChi15-26
A Bridge to Wiseman's CoveMoloney, JamesChi18-20
GraceyMoloney, JamesChi18-31
CrossfireMoloney, JamesChi18-32
My First BookMoncure, Jane BelkChi17-105
My N BookMoncure, Jane BelkChi17-106
My O BookMoncure, Jane BelkChi17-107
My P BookMoncure, Jane BelkChi17-108
My Q BookMoncure, Jane BelkChi17-109
My U BookMoncure, Jane BelkChi17-110
My W BookMoncure, Jane BelkChi17-111
My X, Y, Z BookMoncure, Jane BelkChi17-112
Sticky Gum FunMongnedier & BeechChi09-12sold
Prince Jake: Sticky Gum FunMongredien, Sue & Beech, MarkChi15-27sold
Clown CalamityMongredien, Sue & Murfin, TeresaChi09-15sold
New Zealand's MountainsMonteath, ColinStand01-20
Rainbow ValleyMontgomery, L.M.Chi15-70
the haunted housemontgomery, r a
Choose Your Own Adventure 77: Killer VirusMontgomery, R.A.Chi15-18
JJ Rabbit and the Monster + CDMoon, NicoleStand03-19
Mary And The Mother Of jesusMoore, BrianChi23-52
Book of ScrapsMoore, Doris LangleyChi17-97
Hopscotch Myths, Persephone And The Pomegranate SeedsMoore, MaggieChi09-17
The Voyage Of Naram-SinMoore, NeilChi09-26
Vroom by the SeaMoore, PeterChi18-13
the kids from BADmorgan, allen
The Strange Case of WIlliam Whipper SnipperMorgan, David R.Chi15-41
Unsettled PlacesMorgan, GeorgeChi18-09
satchkin patchkinmorgan, helen
excuses excusesmorgan, keeley
my dorky dadmorgan, keeley
Our Five Senses; HearingMorgan, SallyChi10-61
Coal Oil And GasMorgan, SallyChi10-91
Sally's StoryMorgan, SallyChi14-75
Feeling Sorry for CeliaMoriarty, JaclynChi15-45
WarhorseMorpurgo, MichaelChi18-21
Fabled Lands: The War-torn KingdomMorris, DaveChi16-92
Buried TreasureMorris, DaveChi18-47sold
The Bucks of Goober HollerMorris, GilbertChi14-77
The Rustlers of Panther GapMorris, GilbertChi18-14
Kolo The Bush KoalaMorris, JillChi09-74
Rusty the Nimble NumbatMorris, JillChi16-13sold
Children's First Book of Earth and SpaceMorris, NeilChi17-54
An Aussie Night Before Christmas Pop's Up!Morrison, , NilandChi23-10
The Secret SandwichMorrison, RobertChi15-19
The Sun Is A Cupcake And Other Poems About FoodMoses, BrianChi09-101
The Young Basketball PlayerMullin, ChrisChi24-37
The Paper Bag PrincessMunsch, Robert N.Chi16-110
The Mystery of the Painted SnakeMurphy, Elizabeth CampbellChi15-29sold
The Mystery of the Messed-up WeddingMurphy, Elizabeth CampbellChi15-30sold
The Sneaky Thief MysteryMurphy, Elizabeth CampbellChi15-31sold
The Birthday Present MysteryMurphy, Elizabeth CampbellChi15-32sold
The Chalk Drawings MysteryMurphy, Elizabeth CampbellChi15-33sold
The Giant Chicken MysteryMurphy, Elizabeth CampbellChi15-34sold
The Purple Cow MysteryMurphy, Elizabeth CampbellChi15-35sold
The Flying Pig MysteryMurphy, Elizabeth CampbellChi15-36sold
five minutes' peacemurphy, jill
the king of whatevermurphy, kristen
The Slightly True Story of Cedar B. HartleyMurray, MartineChi14-76
Secret Agent Dingledorf 1: The Case of the Goggling GeeksMyers, BillChi14-79
My Life as Dinosaur Dental FlossMyers, BillChi15-75
My Life as an Afterthought AstronautMyers, BillChi18-15
Forbidden Doors 3: The SpellMyers, BillChi18-43
My Life As Invisible IntestinesMyers, BillChi18-44
McGee and Me 2: A Star in the BreakingMyers, Bill & Johnson, KenChi18-36sold
North AmericaNagle, GarrettChi17-35
The Magic CircleNapoli, Donna JoChi18-53
Toby and the Great Fire of LondonNash, Margaret & Cope, JaneChi18-50sold
Religious Lives Guru Nanak And SikhismNason, RuthChi23-04sold
Where You Live: Places Of WorshipNason, RuthChi23-08sold
what happened to zeekonasrallah, emily
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: PaleoNavarro, YvonneChi06-25
Families ChangeNelson, JulieStand04-21
The Indian Mummy MysteryNesbit, TroyChi18-52
The Cat with To NamesNewberg, LindaChi18-50b
Five Little Monkeys – 50 Action and Counting RhymesNewcome, ZitaChi17-31
There's a Bear in the ClassroomNewman, NanetteChi17-95
Spider, the Horrible CatNewman, NanetteStand04-14
What's His NameNik The Sea CaptainChi23-63
Fun To Do Beads, Badgers & BangersNikki GambleChi24-85
When the Cross Turns OverNiland, D'ArcyChi18-50a
Bright Eyes And Bushy TailsNiland, KilmenyChi09-51
NobodyNinon, Neil and JimChi16-103
moving picturesnister, ernest
The Seventh Tower 2: CastleNix, GarthChi18-54
The Eyes to the Kingdom: Mister MondayNix, GarthChi18-55
The Eyes to the Kingdom: Grim TuesdayNix, GarthChi18-56
Shade's ChildrenNix, GarthChi18-57
they keys to the kingdom - mister Mondaynix, garthx2
How Have Things Changed in the Town?Nixon, JamesChi17-12
A Foal Is BornNoel, SimonChi10-92
the barrumbi kidsnorrington, leonie
The Borrowers AfieldNorton, MaryChi18-51
The Borrowers AvengedNorton, MaryChi18-51a
Dunno's Adventures: The Mites of Flower TownNosov, NikolaiChi16-74
double delight farmnovick & halesold
The Big Book of Alphabet and NumbersNovick, Mary & Harlin, SybelChi17-43
For ZachariahO' Brien, Robert C.Chi18-67
The Church MouseOakley, GrahamChi16-115
hetty and harrietoakley, graham
ImaginingO'Brian, JohnChi16-06
The Silver CrownO'Brien, RobertChi18-63
jack russell: dog detectiveodgers
KnightfallOdgers, SallyChi18-69
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: Tiger TaleOdom, MelChi18-78
My Friend FlickaO'Hara, MaryChi18-66
Marmaduke The Possum In The Cave Of The GnomesO'Harris, PixieChi09-42
The Prodigal CatOke, JanetteChi18-68sold
Bomb AlertOldfield, PamelaChi18-64
The Intergalactic Bus TripOliver, MartinChi17-96
Colors: Peep And KnowOnish, B, LianeChi10-23
Princess AastaØrdal, Stina LangloStand04-15
Leaving It to YouOrr, WendyChi18-58
Peeling the OnionOrr, WendyChi18-59
Peeling the OnionOrr, WendyChi18-60
Peeling the OnionOrr, WendyChi18-61
Bad MarthaOrr, WendyChi18-62sold
The Dolls: Kiki's CaravanOrsini, CherylChi19-01sold
Magic Treehouse: Midnight on the MoonOsborne, Mary PopeChi16-69sold
Magic Treehouse: Day of the Dragon KingOsborne, Mary PopeChi16-70sold
Magic Treehouse: Viking Ships at SunriseOsborne, Mary PopeChi16-71sold
Magic Tree House 2: Civil War on SundayOsborne, Mary PopeChi18-74sold
Magic Tree House 3: Mummies in the MorningOsborne, Mary PopeChi18-75sold
Magic Tree House 22: Revolutionary War on WednesdayOsborne, Mary PopeChi18-76sold
Dinosaurs Before DarkOsborne, Mary PopeChi18-77sold
Enter The Corn Bunny, Volume IOsceola De Ginoschio, IbrahimStand01-05
Me and Barry TerrificOswald, DebraChi18-65
Code of DeceptionOttley, TedChi18-70
Shaping MaterialsOxlade, ChrisChi17-61
Energy SuppliesOxlade, ChrisChi17-81
Jake's LuckPackham, MegChi19-28
The Great Egg FlapPalfrey, HeatherChi19-49
Cyril and the House of CommonsPalin, MichaelChi16-05
toby joules and the secret of the missing scorecardpanckridge and lee
EragonPaolini, ChristopherChi19-02
eragonpaolini, christopher
Boy v Beast 2: TerradonPark, MacChi19-83
Boy v Beast 3: InfernixPark, MacChi19-84
Things in CornersPark, RuthChi19-15
Roger BandyPark, Ruth; Niland, Deborah & DilandChi09-135
Clue 12: the Haunted GargoyleParker, A.E.Chi19-29
Clue 17: The Clue in the Crystal BallParker, A.E.Chi19-30
The Children of Santa PetronellaParker, Henry WakeChi19-54
the underwear bookparr, todd
dinosaur factsparragon
Pelican's PrideParrish, SteveStand03-17
Amazing Facts About AustraliaParrish, SteveStand03-24
Holly The Lamb Meets DavidParry Alan & LindaChi23-84
God's Littlest AngelParry Linda & AlanChi23-03
The Land Behind the WorldParry, Anne SpencerChi19-07
The Movies and Us 4: SlapheadParsons, AlexChi19-50
Sweet Valley High: Return of the Evil TwinPascal, FrancineChi19-03
Sweet Valley High 13: KidnappedPascal, FrancineChi19-04
Sweet Valley High 36: Last ChancePascal, FrancineChi19-05
Sweet Valley High 121: The High School WarPascal, FrancineChi19-06
The Unicorn Club 4: Lila's Little SisterPascal, FrancineChi19-74
jessica's cat trick sweet valley kidspascal, francinesold
The Great Gilly HopkinsPaterson, KatherineChi19-47
Jacob I Have LovedPaterson, KatherineChi19-48
The Unscary ScarecrowPatience, JohnChi16-73
HatchetPaulsen, GaryChi19-46sold
HatchetPaulsen, GaryChi19-80
dogsongpaulsen, garysold
hatchet: the truthpaulsen, garysold
hatchet: the returnpaulsen, garysold
hatchet: winterpaulsen, garysold
hatchet: the callpaulsen, garysold
hatchetpaulsen, garyx3
mr tucketpaulsen, gary
The Paradise TreePaxson, Diana L.Chi19-57
Something to Sing AboutPayne, A.C.Chi19-10a
The Secret of DragonhomePeal, JohnChi19-10
Something Really DangerousPearce, ColinChi19-69
Something Really DangerousPearce, ColinChi19-70
Something Really TerriblePearce, ColinChi19-71
The Convertible CouchPearce, MargaretChi19-68
Tom's Midnight GardenPearce, PhilippaChi19-58
All of the AbovePearsall, ShelleyChi19-35
Winners and LosersPearson, Michael A.Chi19-65
Out of BoundsPearson, Michael A.Chi19-67
Dot and the Kangaroo: In the Court of the AnimalsPedley, EthelChi16-107sold
Beat Street Mysteries Book 1Peguero, LeoneChi19-64
Stories of Giants, Witches and DragonsPellowski, MichaelChi19-81
Thumbprint CircusPeppé, RodneyChi16-77sold
little jim lostperker-rees, guy
StormyPershall, Mary K.Chi19-73
The Skateboard Detectives: PricelessPeters, Andrew FusekChi19-17
The Skateboard Detectives: Diamonds Are for EvilPeters, Andrew, FusekChi19-18
Here Comes CharliePeters, LaneChi19-26
Clemency Pogue: The Hobgoblin ProxyPetty, J.T.Chi19-53
Who Sir? Me Sir?Peyton, K.M.Chi19-45
Scaredy Cat FishPfister, MarcusChi16-12sold
The Newspaper KidsPhillips, JuanitaChi19-38sold
The Newspaper Kids 5: Runaway Rennie & the Graffiti Gang StarsPhillips, JuanitaChi19-39sold
The Newspaper Kids 6: The Curse of the Devil Island DollPhillips, JuanitaChi19-40sold
Island of DreamsPhillips, RachelChi19-52
Rod ClementPickett, Louisa.MayChi09-46
ABCPielkowski, JanChi10-62
Spooksville 2: The Howling GhostPike, ChristopherChi19-21
Spooksville 3: The Haunted CavePike, ChristopherChi19-22
Spooksville 5: The Cold PeoplePike, ChristopherChi19-23
Spooksville 6: The Witch's RevengePike, ChristopherChi19-24
Spooksville 18: The Attack of the Giant CrabsPike, ChristopherChi19-25
learning with ernest owlpilgrim, jane
Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking ToiletsPilkey, DavChi19-75sold
Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie WomanPilkey, DavChi19-76sold
The Adventures of Super Diaper BabyPilkey, DavChi19-77sold
The Key and the FountainPinkney, JohnChi19-56
pocket positives for teenagerspinkney, maggie
What's the Big Idea: Nuclear PowerPirani, Felix & Roche, ChristineChi19-27
How They Make Things Work? In Tudor And Stuart TimePlatt, RichardChi24-41
The Long PatrolPlunkett, RichardChi19-66
The CongoPohl, KathleenChi17-75
Dinosaur Funny Bones – PoemsPolhamus, Jean BurtChi17-69
The Mummy Tomb HuntPond, RoyChi19-41
The European Union TodayPonsford, SimonChi10-100
Pelican CreekPople, MaureenChi19-51
The Tale Of Tom KittenPotter, BeatrixChi09-83
The Taylor Of GloucesterPotter, BeatrixChi09-84
The Tale of Benjamin BunnyPotter, BeatrixChi19-12
The Tale of Mr Jeremy FisherPotter, BeatrixChi19-13
The Tale of Mrs PiggywinklePotter, BeatrixChi19-14
nursery rhyme bookpotter, beatrix
What Happens When We Recycle Paper?Powell, JillianChi10-93
The Gruesome Truth About the RomansPowell, JillianChi17-77
Crisis: The Long Journey HomePower, JackChi19-61
SOmething Rich and Strange (Shakespeare's verse)Ppollinger, GinaChi16-91
On Top of the WorldPrater, JohnChi16-50
The Leader of the PackPrice, JaneChi19-11a
Hils of the Black CockatooPrice, Pat PeatfieldChi19-72
The Sterkarm HandshakePrice, SusanChi19-09
Hippo Hauntings 6: The Bone DogPrice, SusanChi19-55
Arctic AdventurePrice, WillardChi19-36
Whale AdventurePrice, WillardChi19-37
lion adventureprice, willard
An Inspector Calls (play)Priestley, J.B.Chi19-19
anne boleyn and meprince, alison
Lily Quench and the Black MountainsPrior, Natalie JaneChi19-42
The Amazing Adventures of AmabelPrior, Natalie JaneChi19-60
the lost castlepryor, michael
Wait for Me, Phantom HorsePullein-Thompson, ChristineChi19-62
Mystery of Black Pony InnPullein-Thompson, ChristineChi19-63
Ponies in the ValleyPullein-Thompson, DianeChi19-44
His Dark Materials 2: The Subtle KnifePullman, PhilipChi19-78
His Dark Materials 3: The Amber SpyglassPullman, PhilipChi19-79
northern lightspullman, philip
Ghost BoyPulman, FelicityChi19-20
The Dinosaur Who Lost His RoarPunter, RussellChi19-82sold
Roni's Dream BoyQuin Harkin, JanetChi20-01
Sugar and Spice 1: Two Girls, One BoyQuin Harkin, JanetChi20-02
Sugar and Spice 1: Two Girls, One BoyQuin Harkin, JanetChi20-03
Sugar and Spice 3: The Last DanceQuin Harkin, JanetChi20-04
Sugar and Spice 4: Dear CousinQuin Harkin, JanetChi20-05
senior year new years evequin-harkin, janet
The Baboon KingQuintana, AntonChi20-06
deep in the jungle of doomr l stine
tick tock you're deadr l stine
the tooth fairyradford, julie
Jugglin'Rai, BaliChi20-26
Let's Learn to Read with Bobbie the BunnyRainaud, MichelChi16-32
I'm a Big BrotherRandall, RonneChi16-102
Millicent the MagnificentRansom, Candice F.Chi20-34
swallows and amazonsransome, arthur
What's Cooking?RatatouilleStand04-01
From Fins To HandsRavielliChi24-81
Virtual Sexual RealityRayban, ChloeChi20-29
Viking Vik And The Chariot RaceRayner, ShnooChi09-14sold
Ricky Rocket Bubble TroubleRayner, ShnooChi10-76
Ricky Rocket- Weekend In OrbitRayner, ShooChi02-30
Ricky Rocket- Sweet DisasterRayner, ShooChi02-31
Viking Vik And The TrollsRayner, ShooChi09-63
The Midnight Feast Joke BookRayner, ShooChi20-19
Ricky RocketRayner, ShooChi20-36sold
My First Picture Joke BookRaynor, ShooChi23-64
Gecko The Lizard Who Lost His TailRees, LesleyChi09-47
Buster Bayliss 4: Custard FingerReeve, PhilipChi20-33
fairies and magical creaturesreinhart & sabuda
101 Wacky Facts About Snakes and ReptilesRetan, WalterChi21-62sold
skateboarders to the rescuereynolds, alison
Dolly Fiction: When You're PrettyRhoda, AlisonChi08-32
Puffing Bully's First DayRichards, DonChi09-59
Billy Bunter and the Crooked CaptainRichards, FrankChi20-07
Billy Bunter's Big TopRichards, FrankChi20-08
Britain: The Facts PopulationRiches, ChristopherChi10-95
FriedrichRichter, Hans PeterChi20-32
Florence Nightingale and a New Age of NursingRidley, SarahChi17-26
The Real Scientist Stuff: Materials And How They ChangeRiley, PeterChi10-88
Changing SoundsRiley,PeteChi10-97
The Magic MirrorRippin, SallyChi20-22sold
March of the GiantsRisdale, Angela, Ferguson, VirginiaStand04-11
The Silver SevenRitchie, RitaChi20-17
The Unchosen LandRobert, IngpenStand02-15
The Secret Of Life Of Redley Wheelspin, LovellRobin, David, & Miller, DavidChi09-104
Mum, You're FiredRobinson, Nancy K.Chi20-20
Just Plain CatRobinson, Nancy K.Chi20-24
Tripper and Sam: The Ghost Who Wanted to Be a StarRobinson, Nancy K.Chi20-25
Free Willy 2: The Undersea WorldRobinson, NigelChi20-23
Variant XRobinson, SueChi20-30
Our Sun And It's PlanetsRocco, AngeloChi24-18
BlubbergutsRochester, A.J.Chi20-31sold
Bob the Builder and the ElvesRodda, EmilyChi20-09
Teen Power Inc: Green for DangerRodda, EmilyChi20-09asold
Teen Power Inc: Cry of the CatRodda, EmilyChi20-10sold
Teen Power Inc: The Sorcerer's ApprenticeRodda, EmilyChi20-11sold
Teen Power Inc: Breaking PointRodda, EmilyChi20-12sold
Teen Power Inc: Green For DangerRodda, EmilyChi20-13
Teen Power Inc: Beware the Gingerbread ManRodda, EmilyChi20-14sold
Teen Power Inc: Danger in RhymeRodda, EmilyChi20-15sold
The Best Kept SecretRodda, EmilyChi20-16
dragon's nest deltora quest 3rodda, emily
Ricky, Zedex and the SpooksRodgers, FrankChi20-27sold
Puss in BootsRoss, TonyChi16-129
Trapped!Roth, ArthurChi20-35
Pure Rocket ScienceRowe, JulianChi17-05
harry potter and the goblet of firerowling, j ksold
harry potter and the deathly hallowsrowling, j ksoldx1
fantastic beasts and where to find themrowling, j ksold
harry potter whole setrowling, j.ksold
harry potter and the chamber of secretsrowling, j.ksold x2x2
Space, Above and Beyond: MutinyRoyce, EastonChi20-21
Space DreamsRubinstein, GillianChi20-18
Space DemonsRubinstein, GillianChi20-28
The Day of the DiprotodonRuhen, OlafChi16-54
the indigo girlsrusson, penni
Alain And The Bird's NestRyleeChi09-28
holessachar, louis
Camels Can Make You HomesickSadiq, NazneenChi20-66
The Dinosaur Who Forgot Her BirthdaySalmon, MichaelChi10-60
The Great New Zealand Moa HuntSalmon, MichaelChi17-21
Monsters and Other Creepy ThingsSalmon, MichaelChi21-22
Monsters and Other Creepy ThingsSalmon, MichaelChi21-23
Surfer JoeSalmon, MichaelStand01-10
Talking About RacismSanders, BruceChi17-62
Choices And Decisions: Dealing With BullyingSanders, PChi24-36sold
Choices and Decisions: Violent FeelingsSanders, PeteChi17-29
A Book Of WizardsSanders, Ruth ManningChi01-20
Flight of the AlbatrossSavage, DeborahChi21-44
Against the TideSavvides, IriniChi21-43
Panky and WilliamSaxon, NancyChi21-28
The CanyonSchaefer, JackChi21-26
The Little DonkeyScheidl, Marie, GerdaChi23-09
Media SavvySchembri, JimChi21-16
sweetheart fairiesschoberle, cecile
CreepsSchoch, TimChi21-45
The Golden Compass – Iorek and the Gyptian AllianceScholasticStand04-28
Strange Kid Chronicles: Wisenheimer WednesdayScholasticStand04-30
The Magic School Bus: Flies with the DinosaursScholastic ReaderChi17-42
Leading Little Ones To GodSchoolland, M. MarianChi23-17
Mystery at Red Top HillSchwalje, MarjoryChi21-02
Tut, TutScieszka, JanChi20-67
The Frog Prince ContinuedSciezka/JohnsonChi09-43
Shadows Among the LeavesScott, BillChi20-65
Something WatchingScott, HughChi20-58
Mr Smarty's Party ShoesScott, JanineChi16-127
IvanhoeScott, Walker, SirChi01-30
IvanhoeScott, Walter, SirChi02-23
My Fun to Cook BookSedgwick, UrsulaChi17-23
Blue Misty MonstersSefton, CatherineChi21-32
In a Blue Velvet DressSefton, CatherineChi21-42
Uncle Eli's Passover HaggadahSegal, Eliezer LorneStand04-34
IslamSelf, DavidChi23-80sold
smells like piratesselfors, suzanne
Questions and Answers About HorsesSelsam, Millicent E.Chi17-48
How To Get Your Project From A Dog's Breakfast to ...Semmler, JosieChi24-96
The Silver SwordSeraillier, IanChi20-72
the enchanted islandserraillier
Finding Out: The T BookSesame StreetChi17-27
Black BeautySewell, AnnaChi01-42
Black BeautySewell, AnnaChi01-43
Black BeautySewell, AnnaChi01-44
Black BeautySewell, AnnaChi02-14
Black BeautySewell, AnnaChi21-03
Black BeautySewell, AnnaChi21-04
Black BeautySewell, AnnaChi21-05
The Midnight Library: Blind WitnessShadow, NickChi21-56
Cup And Saucer ChemistryShalit, NathanChi24-99
terror in the fourth dimensionsharp, allen
the rescuerssharp, margery
The Demonata: Hell's HeroesShaw, DarrenChi21-11
Man Today And YesterdayShaw, John and Howard, MarkChi10-35
War In The Pacific- Documenting World War IISheehan, SeanChi24-97
Harry, the ExplorerSheldon, DyanChi20-59sold
Harry's HolidaySheldon, DyanChi20-60sold
Ride on, Sister VincentSheldon, DyanChi21-51
FrankensteinShelley, MaryChi21-60
A Christmas StoryShepherd, JeanChi20-52
letters from wolfiesherlock, patti
The Beginner's Guide To Teddy BearsShields, Gillian & Brawn, SebastienChi09-18
Magic Pony CarouselShire, PoppyChi21-10
Freddie the Frightened and the Wondrous Ms WardrobeShrapnell, PamelaChi21-33sold
Ghost CatsShreve, SusanChi20-63
Superman ReturnsSiegel, Shuster et alChi20-69
Captain Gamma – Mission To MarsSillifant, AlecStand01-13
Long Way from Home and Other Pony StoriesSimmonds, RosemaryChi21-07
Gardening Made Easy for ChildrenSimmons, DianeChi17-33
GHost HorseSimner, Janni LeeChi20-64
horrid henry's christmas playssimon, francesca
Dead AverageSimons, MoyaChi21-06
Irish LegendsSimpson, MargaretChi21-52
The Little MermaidSinger, A.L.Chi20-74sold
101 Cool Ways To Make MoneySingleton, GlennStand03-01
A Goat in My BedroomSinnamon, LizChi21-38
IvanhoeSir Walter ScottChi02-14
The Meeting PoolSkipper, MervynChi21-08
leven thumps and the gateway to fooskye, obert
An Eagle for PidginSlater, PatChi21-39
Amazing Facts About Australian Marine LifeSlater, PatChi24-44
The BoxesSleator, WilliamChi21-35
Winged MagicSleigh, BarbaraChi20-42
Broome DogSmall, MaryChi20-53
Broome DogSmall, MaryChi23-68
Rooster's AlarmSmith And JulianChi09-06sold
Sustainable CitiesSmith, AndreaChi17-45
tough chaunceysmith, doris buchanan
The Vampire Diaries Vol 2: The StruggleSmith, L.J.Chi21-48
A Series Of Unfortunate Events 5- The Austere AcademySnicket, LemonyChi01-32
A Series Of Unfortunate Events 2- The Bad BeginningSnicket, LemonyChi01-33
A Series Of Unfortunate Events 3- The Wide WindowSnicket, LemonyChi01-34
A Series Of Unfortunate Events 4- The Miserable MillSnicket, LemonyChi01-35
A Series Of Unfortunate Events 6- The Ersatz ElevatorSnicket, LemonyChi01-36
A Series Of Unfortunate Events 7- The Vile VillageSnicket, LemonyChi01-37
A Series Of Unfortunate Events 10-The Slippery SlopeSnicket, LemonyChi01-38
A Series Of Unfortunate Events 1- The Auustere AcademySnicket, Lemony Chi01-31
Come Back BouncerSnow, AlanChi17-34
More Two Minute MysteriesSobol, Donald J.Chi20-37
SMokingSonnett, SherryChi10-37
Ash RoadSouthall, IvanChi21-49
Let the Balloon GoSouthall, IvanChi21-50
hills endSouthall, Ivan
The Finishing SchoolSpark, MurielChi21-55
The Witch of Blackbird PondSpeare, Elizabeth GeorgeChi21-34
the seventh pebblespence, eleanor
The Day McDougall Topped the ScoreSpencer, Thomas E.Chi16-57
Stories In Art; Stained Glass WindowsSpilsbury, RichardStand01-17
The Mighty CrashmanSpinelli, JerryChi20-73
WringerSpinelli, JerryChi21-47
HeidiSpryl, JohannaChi02-01sold
The First ChristiansSpurgeon, AmaureenChi23-02
10 little micespurgeon, maureen
HeidiSpyri, JohannaChi21-59
Dolphin SongSt John, LaurenChi21-09
Amy's PlaceStafford, MarianneChi16-116
Hoopy HoaxesStafford, PaulChi21-24
Ludicrous LiesStafford, PaulChi21-29sold
Fully FakedStafford, PaulChi21-30sold
Chronic CrapolaStafford, PaulChi21-31sold
Elizabeth Gail and the Mystery of the Johnson FarmStahl, HelenChi20-75sold
A Dating Game Novel: Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard to DoStandiford, NatalieChi21-57
A Dating Game Novel: Ex-RatingStandiford, NatalieChi21-58
Night Without DarknessStanley, ElizabethChi16-86sold
Unicorns of Balinor 6: Secrets of the ScepterStanton, MaryChi20-68sold
the empire strikes backstar wars
Nips XIStarke, RuthChi21-12
stella by the seastarke, ruth
Two Donkeys And A BridgeSteadman, RalphStand02-01
Military InterventionStearman, KayeChi17-04
Looking At...Life On The StreetsStearman, KayeChi24-77
ArkwrightSteele, MaryChi16-97
TenterhooksSteele, MaryChi21-36
Because of the Sand WitchesSteele, Mary Q.Chi21-40
Murder on the RidgeStenhouse, TedChi21-46
Ghost TrainStephens, MichaelChi21-18
Eddy the GreatStephens, MichaelChi21-53
The Master Of BallantyeStevenson Robert LChi01-24
Treasure IslandStevenson Robert LouisChi02-26
The Black ArrowStevenson, R.L.Chi01-40
The Black ArrowStevenson, R.L.Chi01-41
KidnappedStevenson, Robert LouisChi21-17
treasure islandstevenson, robert louis
treasure island, kidnapped, black arrowstevenson, robert louis
KidnappedStevenson, Robert.L.Chi01-21
Goosebumps Official Collector's Cap BookStine, R.L.Chi20-38
You Can't Scare MeStine, R.L.Chi20-39
More Tales to Give You GoosebumpsStine, R.L.Chi20-40
Goosebumps Series 2000: Invasion of the Body Squeezers Part 2Stine, R.L.Chi20-41
Golden Sword of DragonwalkStine, R.L.Chi21-25
Be a ClownStolzenberg, MarkChi17-82
DeathmasquesStone, DaveChi21-37
The Illmoor Chronicles: The Coldstone ConflictStone, David LeeChi20-54
The Illmoor Chronicles: The Vanquish VendettaStone, David LeeChi20-55
The Illmoor Chronicles: The Dwellings DebacleStone, David LeeChi20-56
Graveyard School 7: Sleme LakeStone, Tom B.Chi21-19
Test Your ChildStoppard, WilliamChi24-43
the christmas bookstorey, rita
The Secret Of NimhStorybookChi09-27
sweet dreamsstorylandsold
more brer rabbit storiesstorytime library
MidniteStow, RandolphChi21-13sold
MidniteStow, RandolphChi21-14
GraffitiStrasser, DirkChi20-57sold
Help, I'm Trapped in My Teacher's BodyStrasser, ToddChi19-59sold
Free Willy 2Strasser, ToddChi20-70
Free Willy 2Strasser, ToddChi20-71sold
Help, I'm Trapped in a Professional Wrestler's BodyStrasser, ToddChi21-20
The PagemasterStrasser, ToddChi21-21
Lightening LucyStrong, JeremyChi21-41
great escapes of world war 2sullivan, george
Annie's WarSullivan, Jacqueline LeveringChi21-01
toy warssunderland, alan
Ratface and Snake-EyesSvendsen, MarkChi21-27
Gulliver's TravelsSwift, JohnathanChi01-25sold
Gulliver's TravelsSwift, JonathanChi20-61
Gulliver's TravelsSwift, JonathanChi20-62
When Darkness ComesSwindells, RobertChi21-15
Inside the WormSwindells, RobertChi21-54
Nice AnimalsSzekeres, CyndyChi17-94
Where Are They? Detect DonaldTallarico, AnthonyChi17-63
The Secret Gang of Oom LauTarling, LowellChi21-69
David Mortimore BaxterTayleur, KarenChi18-34
Iron in the BloodTaylor, AlanChi17-80
Fun with Simple Science: Sound and MusicTaylor, BarbaraChi17-72
Shadow ValleyTaylor, EileenChi21-63
The Kids from FameTaylor, EileenChi21-64
snapshottaylor, john robert
My African, Caribbean CommunityTaylor, Kate & Barnes, LuchianoChi17-58
Mischief at Muddy BendTaylor, LynnChi16-101
Roll of Thunder, Hear My CryTaylor, Mildred D.Chi22-03
Roll of Thunder, Hear My CryTaylor, Mildred D.Chi22-04
Fast Times at Greenhill HighTaylor, WilliamChi21-61
The Trouble with the JohnsonsTeague, MarkChi16-94sold
The Rose and the RingThackeray, William M.Chi21-61a
Father In HeavenThe Lord's Prayer For ChildrenChi23-25
StingrayTheydon, JohnChi21-72
seashores and shadowsthiele, colin
The Princess in the Pig PenThomas, Jane ReshChi22-01sold
Dolly Fiction: The Strangest YearThomas, TeganChi08-33
AztecsThomson, RuthChi17-68
ChannearyTolbert, SteveChi22-07
Darci in Cabin 13Tolles, MarthaChi21-70
Katie's Babysitting JobTolles, MarthaChi22-02sold
The FoolTolstoy, LeoStand03-14
the aardvark who wasn't suretomlinson, jill
the owl who was afraid of the darktomlinson, jill
Monster LoveTopolski, CarolChi22-06
Laughter LinesTordoff, BillChi21-71
Angie, the AirheadTowne, MaryChi21-74sold
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13½ Townsend, SueChi21-65
The True Confessions of Adrian Albert MoleTownsend, SueChi21-66
Adrian Mole, the Cappuccino YearsTownsend, SueChi21-67
Rebuilding CoventryTownsend, SueChi21-68
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13½ Townsend, Sue
Who's Who in Star TrekTownsley, JohnChi22-05
Sleep For Baby And FamilyTracey, NormaStand02-19
Snow White Pop-upTradChi16-02
Jack and the BeanstalkTradChi16-47
Puss in BootsTradChi16-82
Little Red Riding HoodTradChi16-99sold
The Snow Queen and other StoriesTradChi17-01
The Magic FiresticksTreizise, Percy & Ronghese, DickChi09-109
Bumble's IslandTreloan, BruceChi09-127
Banana Bird And The Snake MenTrezie, PercyChi09-128
space bananastulloch & worthington
A Fortunate CatastropheTurin, Adela & Bosnia, NellaChi09-54
Through The MistTurner, Franca. ForbesChi09-29
Cyclone Tracy, Diary of Ryan TurnerTurner, RyanChi21-73
Tom SawyerTwain, MarkChi02-15
The Adventures Of Tom SawyerTwain, MarkChi02-11
The Advantures Of Huckleberry FinnTwain, MarkChi02-15
Farm WomanTyndale, RayChi21-75
Farm WomanTyndale, RayChi21-76
Dookie, Sookie and Big MoUnderhill, Alice MertiChi22-08
Hopscotch Adventures- Robin And The FriarUnknow nChi09-02sold
Times PastUnstead, J.R.Stand02-18
Magician in My PocketUttley, AlisonChi22-07a
magic in my pocketuttley, alison
Jump Man, Rule 3Valentine, JamesChi22-10
children on the oregon trailvan der loeff, a. Rutgers
avalanchevan der loeff, a. Rutgers
Dragon's BaitVande Velde, VivianChi22-09
Australian Poetry for FunVariousChi17-74
Fright TimeVariousChi18-37
Pony StoriesVariousChi19-43
Slippery When Wet – Australian Short StoriesVariousStand03-12
Fun with WoolVariousStand03-26
Walker Treasury: Animal StoriesVariousStand03-29
Escape from the FutureVasil, LisaChi22-10a
All About Materials, Is It HardVaughan, JennyChi24-67
Tiger FlowerVavra, RobertChi16-58
Germs Are Not For Sharing (Bilingual Spanish)Verdick, ElizabethStand04-17
10,000 Leagues UnderThe SeaVerne, JulesChi02-25
The Man Who Invented the FutureVerne, JulesChi22-15sold
Introducing StravinskyVernon, RolandChi17-57
the summer i was lostviereck, phillip
Her Secret SelfVilott, RhondiChi22-14
possum magic birthday bookvivas, julie
The Wings of a FalconVoigt, CynthiaChi22-12
HomecomingVoigt, CynthiaChi22-13
A Christmas StarVolke, GordonChi23-23
infamousvon ziegeser, cecily
Dirty Loud And Brilliant TooVorderman, CarolStand03-02
Dinotopia: River: River QuestVornholt, JohnChi22-11sold
The Kidnapping of Susie QWaddell, MartinChi22-20
rosie's babieswaddell, martin
Going WestWaddell/ & DupasquierChi09-45
Sea SecretsWadds, GillianChi22-23
Temple of the Dragon SlayerWaggoner, TimChi22-34
Return of the NimbinWagner, JennyChi22-44sold
escape velocitywalden, mark
Magician's DaughterWalker, JustynChi22-17
Our ExcursionWalker, Kate & Cox, DavidChi16-52
House Building For ChildrenWalker, LesChi24-12
MammalsWalker, SarahChi10-34
Shipley ManorWalker, TimChi22-18
Blinky BillWall, DorothyChi02-19sold
Blinky Bill And The Rabbits Birthday PartyWall, DorothyChi10-58
Blinky BillWall, DorothyChi22-22
Thunderbelle's Flying MachineWallace, KarenChi16-104
Ben HurWallace, LewChi17-03
ExplorersWaller, LeslieChi10-98
The Tigger MovieWalt DisneyChi16-45
Sleeping BeautyWalt DisneyChi16-49
Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Robin Hood, Cassete TapesWalt DisneyChi16-78
Alice in WonderlandWalt DisneyChi16-80
Lady and the TrampWalt DisneyChi16-87
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger TooWalt DisneyChi16-89
Pinocchio and His Puppet Show AdventureWalt DisneyChi16-100
101 DalmatiansWalt DisneyChi16-120
The IncrediblesWalt DisneyChi16-121
Home on the RangeWalt DisneyChi16-122
Peter PanWalt DisneyChi16-123
Chicken LittleWalt DisneyChi16-124
Alice in WonderlandWalt DisneyChi16-125
DumboWalt DisneyChi16-126
Finding NemoWalt DisneyStand03-33
PocahontasWalt DisneyStand04-06
Winnie the Pooh: The Masked OffenderWalt DisneyStand04-35
condormanwalt disney
herbie goes bananaswalt disney
Light And IllusionsWard, AlanChi10-63
KenyaWard, ChrisChi24-11
Can't You Sleep, Dotty?Warnes, TimChi16-30
Chasing Yesterday 2: BetrayalWasserman, RobinChi22-47
Magical StoriesWaters, FionaChi22-59
the cat king's daughter and other storieswaters, fiona
Blow Up a StormWatkins, AllanChi22-58
The Three MusketeersWatson, BrownChi02-10
SIlvertail, the Story of a LyrebirdWatson, InaChi16-27
The Breaking of ArnoldWatts, StanleyChi22-53sold
Wilkes the Wizard and the SpamWebb, JackieChi22-54
Sailing to AtlantisWebb, JaneenChi22-48
Storm RiderWeir, JoanChi22-35
ShrekWeiss, EllenChi22-27
ABCwendon, lyn
Pixie Tricks: The Hallowe'en GoblinWest, TraceyChi22-19
Lucy in the Leap YearWheatley, NadiaChi22-39
Lucy in the Leap YearWheatley, NadiaChi22-40sold
Dancing in the Anzac DeliWheatley, NadiaChi22-41
The House That Was EurekaWheatley, NadiaChi22-42
The BloodingWheatley, NadiaChi22-43
No More BoysWhite, CharlotteChi22-49
The King's Daughter and Other Stories for GirlsWhite, J.E.Chi22-21sold
Gaal, the ConquerorWhite, JohnChi22-55
The Iron SceptreWhite, JohnChi22-56
The Thunder EggWhitehead, AnnChi22-32
harry and the dinosaurs tell the timewhybrow & reynolds
Discovering Kings and QueensWickham, D.E.Chi22-24
Rebecca of Sunnybrook FarmWiggin, Kate DouglasChi22-50
thor the thundercatwiggins, veralee
Wiggly Wiggly Mix-upWigglesChi16-09
Let's WiggleWigglesChi16-10
Let's WiggleWigglesChi16-11
The Selfish GiantWilde, OscarChi03-41
Little House in the Big WoodsWilder, Laura IngallsChi22-28
Dow to the Bonny GlenWiley, MelissaChi22-33
Twelve Angels from HellWilkerson, DavidChi22-31
Black SnakeWilkinson, CarolChi22-36
Black SnakeWilkinson, CarolChi22-37
Black SnakeWilkinson, CarolChi22-38
I'm Ty usWillhelm & ManzollaChi09-99
danny dunn and the homework machinewilliams and abrashkin
FarmingWilliams, BrianChi24-48sold
My Mate JockWilliams, DorothyChi22-52
BeesWilliams, KitChi16-28
trapped in spacewilliamson, jack
bear stays upwilson & chapman
Beside the Sea with Jeremy JamesWilson, David HenryChi22-46sold
Read Well 6Winch, Gordon & Blaxcell, GregoryChi17-28
Lockie Leonard: LegendWinton, TimChi22-29
bluebackwinton, timsold
Surviving High SchoolWitt, SharonStand01-06
Teen TalkWitt, SharonStand01-14
Teen Talk, Girl TalkWitt, SharonStand01-15
Hard LoveWittlinger, EllenChi22-45
Away In A MangerWolf, JillChi23-30
In a Secret PlaceWood, JohnChi22-51
Owning A PetWood, SelinaChi10-10
Finch's IslandWorthy, JudithChi22-30
Ghosts Beneath Our FeetWright, Betty RennChi22-57sold
PubertyWright, Elliot, SusanChi24-75
Poems for Over 10-year-oldsWright, Kit (Ed)Chi17-102
Moon DarkWrightson, PatriciaChi22-25
Behind the WindWrightson, PatriciaChi22-26
the nargun and the starsWrightson, Patricia
down to earthwrightson, patricia
chockywyndham, john
The MaestroWynne-Jones, TimChi22-16
The Swiss Family RobinsonWyss, JohannChi02-24
The International Space StationYes MagChi17-49
white fangyoung reading. London, jack
The Secret of Yesterday HillsYoung, ElsieChi22-60
harry the dirty dogzion, gene
Idiot PrideZurbo, MattChi22-61
Hot Nights, Cool DragonsZurbo, MattChi22-62
The Clever KittenChi01-07
The Swiss Family RobinsonChi01-10
Robinson CrusoeChi01-26
Grimm's Fairy TalesChi01-39
Mother Goose- Old Nursery RhymesChi02-03
Scholastic Junior Classics- Robin Hood Of Sherwood ForestChi02-04sold
Don QuixoteChi02-13
Lassie; Lost In The SnowChi02-19
The Secret GardenChi02-12
Companion Library: Alice In Wonderland & Through The Looking GlassChi02-13
Nasty EndingsChi02-32
The Story Of ChristmasChi03-02
Tonka Book Of PuzzlesChi03-03
Be Boss Of The BodyChi03-04
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 1 aar-armChi03-05
New Junior Ecyclopedia Vol 2 arm-blaChi03-06
Tiny Tot ABCChi03-07
New Junior Encylopedia Vol 18Chi03-08
Junior Encyclopedia Yearbook 1974Chi03-09
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 17Chi03-10
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 16Chi03-11
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 15Chi03-12
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 14Chi03-13
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 13Chi03-14
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 12Chi03-15
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 11Chi03-16
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 10Chi03-17
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 9Chi03-18
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 8Chi03-19
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 7Chi03-20
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 6Chi03-21
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 5Chi03-22
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 4Chi03-23
New Junior Encyclopedia Vol 3Chi03-24
Fantasy On Parade- The Walt Disney ParadeChi03-25
The World Of The ChildrenChi03-27
The Giant Book Of StoriesChi03-28
The Children's Treasury Of FairytalesChi03-29
Treasury Of FairytalesChi03-30
Leonard Visit's The Ocean FloorChi03-31
Leonard Visit's SpaceChi03-32
Leonard Visit's Sitting BullChi03-33
Leonard Visit's Dinosaur LandChi03-34
Leonard Discover's AfricaChi03-35
Leonard Discover's AmericaChi03-36
Fun Favourite's- The Walt Disney ParadeChi03-37
Adventure's In Fact- The Walt Disney ParadeChi03-38
Great Moments In FictionChi03-39
Vanguard Book Of Ponies And RidingChi03-40
Leonard Goes To The OlympicsChi03-42
Black BeautyChi03-43sold
Tales From ShakespeareChi03-45
Tales From ShakespeareChi03-46
Australia UncoveredChi04-80
The Bogong Bogey and Other Tantalising TalesCbi06-12
Cupid Painted BlindChi07-75
Doug and Mike's Strange Kid Chronicles: Just ThursdayChi08-36
Doug and Mike's Strange Kid Chronicles: Just ThursdayChi08-37sold
Doug and Mike's Strange Kid Chronicles: Fateful FridayChi08-38sold
Duel Masters: Lost in DarknessChi08-54
The Mouse Family- Fun With WordsChi09-01
Sleeping BeautyChi09-22
Kit WilliamsChi09-32
Magic EyeChi09-49
Care Bears Love Is All AroundChi09-56
Make ModelsChi09-61
The StorytreeChi09-64
Letters To The QueenChi09-65sold
Fun In Fern HollowChi09-67
Tales Of Hopping Wood- Tufty's Pot Of PaintChi09-76
Tales Of Hopping Wood- Fliperty's AeroplaneChi09-77
Tales Of Hopping Wood- Baraby;s Cuckoo ClockChi09-78
Nadia The WilfulChi09-80
The Lion KingChi09-81
101 DalmatiansChi09-82
The RescuersChi09-100
Finding NemoChi09-103
Who's Who At The Zoo?Chi09-106
Roman Sparks, The Guard Dog CheeseChi09-111
Roman Sparks, The Runaway DonkeyChi09-112
Amazing Scoundrels And VillainsChi09-115
Toy Story 2Chi09-116
Amazing Flops And FiascosChi09-118
Ruff Guess What I Want?Chi09-119
The Nursery Bed Time BookChi09-125
Roughsey, DickChi09-129
The Fisherman And The GoldfishChi09-130
The Farmer In The DellChi09-132
A Child's Garden Of VersesChi09-133
Peter Pan And WendyChi09-134
Britain Since 1948: Popular CultureChi10-04
Crime Scene DetectiveChi10-06
How You Are ChangingChi10-07
Re-using & Recycling RubberChi10-08
Origami FlowersChi10-09
Seaside NatureChi10-12
Australia's Prime Ministers (Australian KnowledgeChi10-15
Snoopy's Book Of ShapesChi10-16
Elementary School For LiteratureChi10-18
Boats ; A Pop Up BookChi10-19
Robin HoodChi10-21sold
Reptiles Of AustraliaChi10-22
The French RevolutionChi10-25
Would You Believe It?Chi10-27
Genetic EngineeringChi10-30
Olympics 88Chi10-33
The Sesame Street LibraryChi10-38
Just Look At The Ancient (Far) Near EastChi10-41
Picture AtlasChi10-42
My Animal Kingdom: All About LionsChi10-43
Engines And CarsChi10-44
Universal LawsChi10-45
Archaeological DiggingsChi10-46
Ball Sports For ChildrenChi10-47
Night GogglesChi10-48
Disney's Characters For ChildrenChi10-49
My Second Book Of RiddlesChi10-50
Interfact OceansChi10-51
Poems For ChildrenChi10-52
Archaeological DiggingsChi10-54
The Kids Own Book Of Stories & Things To DoChi10-55
My First Computer Library My Home Your HomeChi10-57
Bratz; Sizzlin Stencil Book And StickersChi10-59
Codex, Space MarinesChi10-64
Isaac Asimov's 21st Century Of The Library Universe: Is There Life In Outer Space?Chi10-68
Where You Live In The StreetChi10-71
Places 4 ItalyChi10-72
Cat's CradleChi10-78
Merlin The Magical Puppy; Tell The Time With MerlinChi10-79
My Book Of Faraway StoriesChi10-80
Favourite Fairy TalesChi10-81
The Young Scientist Book Of The UnderseaChi10-86
How My Body Works- The MusclesChi10-90
Nuresery Rhymes Critter SistersChi10-102
Escape to EaglehawkChi11-32
Geography for Today, Book VChi11-43
Diary of a Would-Be PrincessChi11-61
Horrible Geography: Odious OceansChi12-29
Golden MonkeyChi12-31
The Real Adventure of Johnny QuestChi13-68
Little Miss MuffetChi14-78
The Babysitters' Club Video: Dawn and the Haunted HouseChi15-02
Moses and the Bronze SnakeChi15-73
Peter Rabbit Pop-upChi16-04
Another DimensionChi16-22
Pooh, Dreaming SongsChi16-34
Count Munch, the Vampire Who Loved Chocolate (Sticker book)Chi16-35
Land of the PyramidsChi16-46
Peter and Wendy's Magic CarpetChi16-67
Playful PetsChi16-75
Rudyard, the Bunyip and the Magic SwampChi16-83sold
The Hungry Snowman ReaderChi16-113
Mr Koala's Steam TrainChi16-114
Pokemon Junior: SnowboundChi16-128
Human TraffickingChi17-06
366 and More Amazing FactsChi17-11
Excel Magic (Microsoft Excel)Chi17-17
Kingfisher First Encyclopaedia of AnimalsChi17-30
What's Inside? - Animal HomesChi17-44
Numbers Glitter BookChi17-46
Understanding the Human BodyChi17-52
Finding Out About Sun, Moon and PlanetsChi17-55
The Hamlyn Boys' and Girls' DictionaryChi17-67
Harver Junior World Encyclopaedia Vol 6Chi17-71
ABC of Nursery RhymesChi17-73sold
Windows Magic (Microsoft Windows)Chi17-86
Dorling Kindersley Picturepedia: SportChi17-90
Underwater MissionChi17-92
Tiny Tot NumbersChi17-93
Pre School: ShapesChi17-98
Pre School: ColoursChi17-99
Pre School: Big and SmallChi17-100
Two of a Kind: Mary-Kate & Ashley 3: The Sleepover SecretChi18-71sold
Two of a Kind: Mary-Kate & Ashley 4: One Twin Too ManyChi18-72sold
Two of a Kind: Mary-Kate & Ashley 11: PS Wish You Were HereChi18-73sold
Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's ChestChi19-11
Pokemon: Surf's Up,Chi19-31
Pokemon:Charizard, GoChi19-32
Pokemon: Time out for TorchicChi19-33
Pokemon: HauntedChi19-34
Slippery When Wet, Short Stories Book 1Chi20-43
Slippery When Wet, Short Stories Book 1Chi20-44
Slippery When Wet, Short Stories Book 2Chi20-45
Slippery When Wet, Short Stories Book 3Chi20-46
Slippery When Wet, Short Stories Book 3Chi20-47
Slippery When Wet, Short Stories Book 4Chi20-48
Slippery When Wet, Short Stories Book 4Chi20-49
Slippery When Wet, Short Stories Book 5Chi20-50
Slippery When Wet, Short Stories Book 5Chi20-51
Spiderman: Doc around the ClockChi21-60asold
My Life, My Religion Muslim ImamChi23-05sold
The Life That Changed The World: The Story Of JesusChi23-13
Pop Up BethlehemChi23-14
Gift Book Of Bible StoriesChi23-15
Welcome To Santa's Toy ShopChi23-22
The Empire Strikes BackChi23-28
The Blind ManChi23-29
God Has PowerChi23-31
The Master And The VineyardChi23-33
The Lost SheepChi23-34
The Good SamaritanChi23-35
The Good SamaritanChi23-36
The Good SamaritanChi23-37
The Hungry LambsChi23-38
The Singing ShepherdChi23-39
Devotions To The Sandbox SetChi23-40
The Marie's Worst ChristmasChi23-41
God Speaks To His ChildrenChi23-43
Story BibleChi23-44
Read -Aloud StoriesChi23-45
A Special PlaceChi23-46
Song For JosephChi23-47
Children's DictionaryChi23-48
Prayer's To The Boy JesusChi23-49
My Very Own BibleChi23-53
The Santa Claus BookChi23-54
Little Red Riding HoodChi23-59
The Treasure MapChi23-60
Miffy At The PlaygroundChi23-61
Learn About Easy MealsChi23-66
About GodChi23-67
Poems And Prayers For The Very YoungChi23-69
Children's Illustrated BibleChi23-69a
The Bible Book, Old And New TestamentChi23-70
Farrable Puzzler'sChi23-71
Banner's For Great Worship: 70 PatternsChi23-72
21st Century Religions: HinduismChi23-73sold
The Animal's Christmas EveChi23-74
The Christmas BabyChi23-75
The Easter StrangerChi23-76
My Religion And Me; We Are JewsChi23-78sold
Islam, (Religion In Focus)Chi23-79sold
Night Light TalesChi23-81
How You Can Read Bible Stories, Noah And The ArkChi23-82
Noah And The ArkChi23-86
A Nursery Story Of The BibleChi23-87
The First Step BibleChi23-88
Food And Farming- Farming In The FutureChi24-01sold
Student's World AtlasChi24-02
Your Body -Inside And Out- growingChi24-08
Denmark Country InsightsChi24-13
Read All About It!: FashionChi24-15
The Kid's Book Of GolfChi24-16
Mountains- Geography Fact FilesChi24-16asold
Denmark- Country InsightsChi24-17
My Sometime Soon Book: Five Best Action CareersChi24-19
Usbourne Puzzle WorldChi24-20
More For Eagle EyesChi24-21
The Tremendous Tree BookChi24-22
Making MasksChi24-23sold
The Seaside ( History Snapshots)Chi24-24sold
The Usbourne First Thousand WordsChi24-25
Treasure Book Of AnswersChi24-26
Ancient EgyptChi24-27sold
Why Are People TerroristsChi24-28
France World In FocusChi24-30
Barbie- Party BookChi24-31
Model Planes (Consumer Guides)Chi24-33
A History Of Britain: Invaders And SettlersChi24-35sold
Baby's First Nursery RhymesChi24-45
Barbie: What Time Is It?Chi24-46
Where Do Babies Come From (Girls Ages 7 to 9)Chi24-47
Everybody Has A BellybuttonChi24-50
Where Do Babies Come From? Boys Ages 7 to 9Chi24-52
Encyclopedia Of The Animal World C-DChi24-54
Building -Collins Eye Witness GuidesChi24-55sold
Ultimate Magnetic Educational Words And NumbersChi24-56
Early ManChi24-57
Prehistoric Life Collins Eye Witness GuidesChi24-59sold
Early Humans Eye Witness BooksChi24-60sold
Aztec – Collins Eye Witness GuidesChi24-61sold
Journeys Into The Past: Life Among The IncaChi24-62
The New Gold Medal Book Of More Things To Make And DoChi24-64
Picture ThisChi24-65
Polar Lands: The Book And Cd That Work Together: Inter ActChi24-66
Micro MachinesChi24-69
The How And Wonder Book Of Our EarthChi24-71
The Human Body In Focus, How We MoveChi24-76
Looking At Countries The USAChi24-79
Britain Since World War II: FashionChi24-80
Looking At Theatre- Introducing The World Of Theatre Past And PresentChi24-83
Life Times EngineersChi24-84
Australia's History In Peace: World War I And PeaceChi24-89
Understanding The Human Body: The SensesChi24-91
Computer AgeChi24-92
The Sailing Ship- A Voyage Through The AgesChi24-98
Are We Running Out Of Energy? (Global Questions)Chi24-100
Harcourt LanguageStand01-02
The Northern Territory Of AustraliaStand01-04
An American TailStand01-07
The Radish Day JubileeStand01-08
Messaging ManiaStand01-09
The Tigger MovieStand01-12
All About Royal FoodStand01-19
When Fish Got Feet Sharks Got Teeth And Bugs Beagan To SwarmStand01-22
Daffy Duck And Porky Pig In Ducks Of YoreStand01-24
Rascal And His Friends – World DistributorsStand01-25
Sleeping BeautyStand01-28
Usbourne Guide To Soccer Skills Tricks And TacticsStand01-29
My Bear's Sticky PicnicStand02-02
Kimmy And Dundy: A Day A Good DayStand02-03
Clothes Around The World: Shoes And Other FootwearStand02-04
Spooked: The Science Of FearStand02-06
Can The Earth Cope? : Population ExplosionStand02-07
Reading Roundabout – How To Make A PresentStand02-09
The Prince And The PauperStand02-10
Ten True Tales, Surviving SharksStand02-12
Nursery RhymesStand02-17
Mail Harry To The Moon!Stand02-20
Facts At Your FingertipsStand02-22
Air, Land, Sea Pop-upStand03-05
Love, Sex and God: Young MenStand03-06
Love, Sex and God: Young WomenStand03-07
Sex and the New YouStand03-08
Disney Adventure Comic September 2003Stand03-20
Dragonballz Sticker BookStand03-21
The Little Book of Magic TricksStand03-22
Odd Sports Activity BookStand03-32
Our Federation in PicturesStand04-26
The Stamp Gang Collecting Book of DinosaursStand04-27
A Simple Guide to Bicycle SafetyStand04-31
Children's Story in ChineseStand04-32
magnet scenes red riding hood
busy places lift the flap book
brainy baby animals
magic viewer jungle
my 1-2-3 bible
365 bedtime stories
chester the crab
my first math book
my very own playhousesold
professoe cockatoos amazing weather dust
my first macquarie dictionary
scottish pop up book
poohs heffalump movie
the jungle book
wally's sticker atlas
surf's up the legend of big z
childcraft - about animals
childcraft - celebrations
australian poems to read to the very young
the big picture book about jesus
harry potter poster sticker annual
harry potter and the order of the phoenixrowling, j ksold
tales of brave adventureblyton, enid
the mystery of the secret roomblyton, enid
tales of long agoblyton, enid
goodnight storiesblyton, enidsold
roald dahl charlie, james, fantastic combodahl, roald
perraults fairy talesperrault, charles
war dog heroessanderson, jeannettes
war crazy - book 3 in here's the deal trilogybone, ian
ron's racepowell, jillian
sunken kingdom series book 1 ghost shipwilkins, kim
jack sparrow the coming stormkidd, rob
the gizmojennings, paul
gulliver's storiesretold swift, jonathon
journey to center of the earth retold verne, jules
harlequin a fantasy of nightmurphy, janine
the fisherwomanbrierley, louise & ann carter
the vietnam warhillman, robert
the great big treasury of beatrix potterLeopard books. Potter, beatrix
the wind in the willowsgrahame, kenneth
toad of toad hallgrahame, kenneth
the green slimechoose your own adventure
the golden compassgolden compass movie book
bad beckyphinn, gervase
you're a bad man, mr gum!stanton, andy
nim's islandorr, wendy
the tale of squirrel nutkinpotter, beatrix
puss in bootspop up
god's littlest angelparry, alan & lindareligious children's
winnie the pooh sticker bookdisney
the mysteries of zigomarahlberg, allanbottom 2 shelves
hairy maclary's bonedodd, lynleybottom 2 shelves
off-road harryhawkins and naylorbottom 2 shelves
uncooked - 3 storiesjennings, paul
under the sea read along with cddisneybottom 2 shelves
hans andersen's fairy storiesretold by jane carruthbottom 2 shelves
zoe and the magic harpandrews, janebottom 2 shelves
shutting the chooks ingleeson, libbybottom 2 shelves
musical harrietcostain, meredithbottom 2 shelves
red riding hood and aladdingrandreamsbottom 2 shelves
sleeping beauty and the gingerbread mangrandreamsbottom 2 shelves
Fairy Talesretold by bridget hadawaybottom 2 shelves
goodnight fairy storiesbottom 2 shelves
piglet's big moviedisneybottom 2 shelves
adventures in fern hollowbottom 2 shelves
teddy's midwinter borthday partybarber, shirleybottom 2 shelves
the orchard book of bible storiesray, janereligious children's
anthology of stories and poemsworld booksbottom 2 shelves
the great hamster massacredavies, katie
strange matter frozen dinnersengle and barnes
the old man of lochnagarHRH prince of wales
Fairy Talesandersen, hans christian
bloodfeud of altheusbutterfield et al
the wind in the willowsgrahame, kenneth
little pilgrim's progresstaylor, helen
the orphan gamecohen, barbara
hating alison ashleyklein, robin