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The Campbell FileShelton, D.C.0-949926000C01-01AuSOLD
Spacecraft from beyond three dimensionsAllen, W Gordonc01-01Au
Long LegAdams, Glenda0-20716829XC01-02Au
Syd's PiratesEather, Charles F.0-949756059C01-03Au
Dancing on CoralAdams, Glenda0-207155224C01-04Au
Tempest of ClemenzaAdams, Glenda0-207179522C01-05Au
Cotters' EnglandStead, ChristinaC01-06Au
Taking ShelterAnderson, Jessica0-670829501C01-07Au
Swiss Family PerelmanPerelman, S.J.C01-08
Flies of a SummerKogan, Peter0-207157758C01-09Au
The Oak and the RamMoorcock, Michael850310954C01-10
Riding the ElephantKeesing, Nancy0-04150087C01-11Au
On the beachShute, NevilleC01-12Au
BellbirdVernon, BarbaraC01-13Au
Dream stuffMalouf, David0-701169427C01-14Au
The Hills of Apollo BayCowan, Peter0-94920644XC01-15Au
J.S. Manifold, An Introduction to the Man and his WorkHall, Rodney0-702210587C01-16Au
Sharky's MachineDiehl, William0-091360706C01-17
Dr. W.S. LittlejohnPratt, Alec EinarC01-18Au
The Search for GalinaShapcott, Thomas0-7011-33201C01-19Au
Parkinson's LoreParkinson, Michael0-90751605XC01-20
The Tracks We TravelBeasley, Jack (Ed)C01-21Aumoved to classics
Blood MusicBear, Greg0-575037776C01-22
The Wide ArchStivens, DalC01-23Au
Self PossessionHalligan, Marion0-702220353C01-24Au
A Chelsea GirlHanrahan, Barbara0-246131667C01-25Au
Clean Straw for NothingJohnston, GeorgeC01-26Au
My Father's MoonJolley, Elizabeth0-670822671C01-27Au
An Accommodating SpouseJolley, Elizabeth0-670888931C01-28Au
TIme Without ClocksLindsay, JoanC01-29Au
Save Me from the SharkFriend, Donald0-00221850C01-30Au
White Stag of ExileShapcott, Thomas0-713917164C01-31Au
The Heroic Journey of John McDouall StuartMudie, IanC01-32Au
Remember Jack HoxieCleary, JohnC01-33Au
Gossip from the ForestKeneally, Thomas0-002222418C01-34Au
A Kingdom by the SeaPhelan, NancyC02-01Au
The Harp in the SouthPark, RuthC02-02Au
AntipodesMalouf, David0-701128518C02-03Au
AntipodesMalouf, David0-701128518C02-04Au
The Great WorldMalouf, David0-701134151C02-05Au
Remembering BabylonMalouf, David0-091827825C02-06AuSOLD
Little brown Piccaninnies of TasmaniaFletcher, Jane Adascarce
Bluecap and BimbiRees, lesliescarce
Snow BumbleEldon, Magdalenvery scarce
The Thorn BirdsMcCullough, Colleen0-060129565C02-07Au
Portrait of a Country NeighbourWaugh, Evelyn6811545C02-07bAu
A Family MadnessKeneally, Thomas0-340384492C02-08Au
The SurvivorKeneally, Thomas207953120C02-09Au
The Darkness OutsideJohnston, GeorgeC02-10Au
The WillJolley, Elizabeth0-670811033C02-11Au
Bobbin UpHewett, DorothyC02-12Au
Complete AccordHyde, Miriam0-868192384C02-13Au
The Four-legged LotteryHardy, FrankC02-14Au
Disturbing ElementHerbert, XavierC02-15Au
With Every YearGaskin, CatherineC02-16Au
The Gates of IvoryDrabble, Margaret0-670842702C02-17Au
The Ice AgeDrabble, Margaret297773682C02-18Au
Tristan SmithCarey, Peter0-702226262C02-19Au
The Tax InspectorCarey, Peter0-702223913C02-20Au
Jack MaggsCarey, Peter0-702229520C02-21Au
Be Just and Fear NotCalwell, A.A.855503521C02-22Au
Mummy, Who Is Your Husband?Campbell, RossC02-23Au
The copper crucibleCollins, BettyC02-23aAu
Saltbush Bill & other versesPaterson, A.B.C02-24Au
Three Elephant Power & other storiesPaterson, A.B.C02-25Au
The Well-dressed ExplorerAstley, TheaC02-26Au
The Well-dressed ExplorerAstley, TheaC02-27Au
A Kindness CupAstley, TheaC02-28Au
The AcolyteAstley, TheaC02-29Au
Vanishing PointsAstley, TheaC02-30Au
The Technique of ActingAdler, Stella0-553052993C02-31
The Skies RememberGrenfell, A.207951675C02-32Au
Intermediate General Science Book 1Pfitzner, E.N. & Heading, E.G.C03----Au
The Story of the Camera in AustraliaCato, JackC03-01Ausold
Orthopaedics AustraliaBarry, Hugh0-959198903C03-02Au
The First Century of English PorcelainMoore Binns, W.C03-03
As Other MenPhillipson, Neill0-858851547C03-04Au
And When She Was Bad, She Was PopularRhodes, SueC03-05Au
To the Wild SkySouthall, IvanC03-06Au
The Story of the Year 1912 in the Village of Eliza DarzinsWelsh, Thea0-731801407C03-07Au
Mr Jelly's BusinessUpfield, Arthur W.0-207954348C03-08Au
Facing the Atomic FutureTitterton, E.W.C03-09Au
The Vivisector SOLD0-224619152C03-10AuSOLD
The Solid MandalaWhite, PatrickC03-11Au
The Night and the Prowler SOLDWhite, Patrick0-140050825C03-12AuSOLD
Flaws in the Glass SOLDWhite, Patrick0-22402924XC03-13AuSOLD
Brighter Than a Thousand SunsJungk, RobertC03-14Au
Jock's IslandCoatsworth, ElizabethC03-15
Summoned by BellsBetjeman, JohnC03-16
After IdeologyWalsh, David0-060692634C03-17
Glory ReflectedFreud, MartinC03-18
Treasure IslandsBinder, Pearl0-207136092C03-19
In-laws and OutlawsParkinson, C. NorthcoteC03-20
There Is a TideSaxon Mills, G.H.C03-21
The Dream of the Red ChamberHung, Lou MengC03-22
Promise of GreatnessPanichas, George A. (Ed)304933007C03-23moved to ww1 war
Fall GirlNeville, JillC03-24Au
A Place Called Lantern LightMiller, Ellen0-00185012C03-25Au
Witness of SpringNeilson, ShawC03-26Au
Deep WellRobinson, RolandC03-27Au
Making GoodMcKean, G.B.C03-28
Lord of the Second AdventKemperman, S.C03-29
Selected Poems of Henry LawsonLawson, HenryC03-30Au
My Bush BookMuir, Marcie0-727017349C03-31Au
Self-Development in DrawingBeck, WalterC03-32
The Tower of BabelWest, MorrisC03-33Au
Seven EmusHerbert, XavierC03-34Au
St Patrick's College, Ballarat College ChronicleC03-35Au
The Gardens of RomeFaure, GabrielC04----
The Toxic Plants of Western AustraliaGardner, C.A. & Bennetts, H.W.C04-01Au
Sturt Workshops 1962C04-02Au
Some Houses and People of NSWGriffiths, G. NestaC04-03Au
Australian Art Annual 1939C04-04Au
Master Printers of SydneyHunt, HaroldC04-05Au
Australian Jewry's book of HonourPynt, Gerald0-9598763C04-06Au
The Whitlam VentureReid, Alan0-855720794C04-07Au
The Australian Book of Knowledge Vol 1Blanche, Horace (Ed)C04-08Au
The Australian Book of Knowledge Vol 2Blanche, Horace (Ed)C04-09Au
The Cockatoos SOLDWhite, PatrickC04-10AuSOLD
Poor Fellow My CountryHerbert, Xavier0-002115888C04-11Au
The Tax InspectorCarey, Peter0-702223913C04-12Au
A History of Australian Literature Vol 1Green, H.M.0-2071382570C04-13Au
A History of Australian Literature Vol 2Green, H.M.0-2071425560C04-14Au
The Passing of the AboriginesBates, DaisyC04-15Au
The Second WaveHayes, W.J.0-909246483C04-16Au
Jane of Lantern Hill SOLDMontgomery, L.M. SOLDC04-17
The Queen Elizabeth Coronation BookFerrier, NeilC04-18
Frank Alreddy's FortuneFox, FranklinC04-19
The Saturday BookHadfield, John (Ed)C04-20
Afternoon of an AutocratLofts, NorahC04-21
Truant SurgeonPage, EarleC04-22
Baton TwirlingAtwater, ConstanceC04-23
The Black JacobinsJames, C.L.R.C04-24
A Pair of PrimrosesPitt, SarahC04-25
Plato's Euthyphro, Apology of SocratesBurnet, John (Ed)C04-26
Biggles Goes to WarJohns, W.E.C04-27SOLD
Identification of Textile Materials 7th EditionC04-28
Life MosaicRidley Havergal, FrancesC05-01
My LifeBewick, ThomasC05-02
Nouveaux Voyages en ZigzagTöpffer, R.C05-03
The Marvellous Adventures of Sir John MaundevileLayard, Arthur (Ed)C05-04sold
The Regality of KirriemuirReid, AlanC05-05
Gatley on Libel and Slander 6th EditionMcEwen, R.L. & Lewis, P.S.C.C05-06
The Kindling FireCruickshank, AlexanderC05-07
The English EssayistsCochrane, Robert (Ed)C05-08
Coaching Days and Coaching WaysTristram, OutramC05-09
Part of the PropertyWhitby, BeatriceC05-10
The Acquisition SocietyTawney, R.H.C05-11
The Story of Princess ElizabethPeacock, LadyC05-12
WellingtonAldington, RichardC05-13
Jesse's Anecdote of DogsJesse, E.C05-14
The Rhodes Trust 1903-1953Elton, Lord (Ed)C05-15
The Trans-Atlantic CrossingAllen WalterC05-16
Society of Engineers Transactions 1889Pryce Cuxson, G.A.C05-17
Old GlasgowMacGeorge, A.C05-18
Early Scottish LibrariesDurkan, John & Ross, AnthonyC05-19
Game and the GunnerPulling, PierreC05-20
At Heaven's GatePenn Warren, RobertC05-21
O Ye Jigs and JulepsCary Hudson, VirginiaC05-22
A Thousand SunrisesSnowden, RitaC05-23
The Greville Diary Vol 1Whitwell Wilson, PhilipC05-24
The Greville Diary Vol 2Whitwell Wilson, PhilipC05-25
The Memoirs of Marshall JoffreBentley Mott, T. (Trans)C05-26
Pickwick PapersDickens, CharlesC05-27
Selected Poems 1923-1975Penn Warren, Robert436563169C06-01
Dramas of EmpireFrewen, HughC06-02
The Book of the Thousand Nights and One NightTrad. Mardrus, J.C. & Mathers, Powys (Trans.)C06-03
The SIlent HunterBriggs, PhyllisC06-04
The Cradle of the DeepTreves, FrederickC06-05
Gilbert & Sullivan Vol 3Sullivan, Arthur & Gilbert, W.S.C06-06
Gilbert & Sullivan Vol 4Sullivan, Arthur & Gilbert, W.S.C06-07
The Barque of the BrothersBaumann, HansC06-08
Grammaire des GrammairesC06-09
Th Little World of Don CamilloGuareschi, GiovanniC06-10
Me, Thinking Things OverJacob, NaomiC06-11
Matilda Waltzes with the TommiesKent Hughes, MaryC06-12
The River and the RoadWright, JudithC06-13
Southern Phantom and Short StoriesWalters, ChrisC06-14
The Green DragonBass, Robert D.C06-15
Classical Landscape with FiguresLancaster, OsbertC06-16
The Mirror of Music Vol 1Scholes, Percy, A.C06-17
The Mirror of Music Vol 2Scholes, Percy, A.C06-18
The Wicked CityMcCormick, DonaldC06-19
The SlypeThorndike, RussellC06-20
SupermanshipPotter, StephenC06-21
The Vigilantes of MontanaDimsdale, Thomas, J.C06-22
Hitler's AngelRisch, Kris0-312154984C06-23
In the Steps of Moses the ConquerorGolding, LewisC06-24
Great Britain for the Little BritonsBully, EleanorC06-25
The Silence of Dean MaitlandGray, MaxwellC06-26
Popular Readings in Prose and Verse Vol 1Carpenter, J.E.C06-27
Popular Readings in Prose and Verse Vol 2Carpenter, J.E.C06-28
The Murder of DeliciaCorelli, MarieC06-29
The Review of Reviews 1890/1891C06-30
The Review of Reviews 1891/1892C06-31
The Red EricBallantyne, R.M.C07-01
Journal of Institute of Surveyors 1892C07-02
The Spencer Papers Vol 1Corbett, Julian S. (Ed)C07-03
The Spencer Papers Vol 2Corbett, Julian S. (Ed)C07-04
The Spencer Papers Vol 3Corbett, Julian S. (Ed)C07-05
The Spencer Papers Vol 4Corbett, Julian S. (Ed)C07-06
The King's TreasureWhite, Graham & Harper, HenryC07-07
John Gould, the Bird ManSever, Gordon C.0-701810483C07-08
The American Song BookSandberg, CarlC07-09
The Marks of CainThorwald, JürgenC07-10
Seven Foot with a Wooden LegKing, PeterC07-11
Hold Your Hour and Have AnotherBehan, BrendanC07-12
Memoirs of Catherine II and the Court of St PetersburgC07-13
One Volume Bible CommentaryNeil, WilliamC07-14
The BuildersFort Newton, J.C07-15
Mother MegShaw, CatherineC07-16
Living with ChildrenIsbister, ClairC07-16a
Crisis in the DesertAgar-Hamilton & TurnerC07-16b
The Newgate CalendarBirkett, LordC07-17
Darkness VisibleHannah, WaltonC07-18
Tales by Musaeus, Tieck, RichterCarlyle, ThomasC07-19
The Turn of the TideBryant, ArthurC07-20
Conquest by ManHerrmann, PaulC07-21
Printers and PoliticsHagen, J.C07-22
The Voyage of the Discovery Vol 1Scott, Robert F.0-815410794C07-23
The Voyage of the Discovery Vol 2Scott, Robert F.0-815411510C07-24
Bible 1870'sC07-25
Outlaws of the LeopoldsIdriess, IonC07-26
Black EurekaBrown, MaxC07-28
Fortunes of NigelScott, Sir WalterC07-27
AltronomieWolf, RudolfC07-26
Elizabeth, Crowned QueenC08-01
Knock TenBrown, Kay0-855870915C08-02
Jungle TideStill, JohnC08-03
In Ruhunu JunglesRaffel, DouglasC08-04
Tic PolongaAnderson, RossC08-05
Jungle Doctor and the WhirlwindWhite, PaulC08-06
Under Coligny's BannerLee, AlbertC08-07
Rogues and RaidersYoung, Everild & Helweg-Larsen, KjeldC08-08
Jack HintonLever, CharlesC08-09
Late OfferingO'Connor, Norreys JephsonC08-10
Rubaiyat of Omar KhayyamC08-11
Two CluesGardner, Earle StanleyC08-12
LavengroBorrow, GeorgeC08-13
Portrait of VincentHanson, Lawrence & ElizabethC08-14
Elbert Hubbard's ScrapbookC09-01
The Elm Trees on the MallFrance, AnatoleC09-02
Ovingdon GrangeAinsworth, William HarrisonC09-03
The White Peril in the Far EastGulick, Sidney LewisC09-04
Vision of PeruClifton, VioletC09-05
Birdman of AlcatrazGaddis, Thomas F.C09-06
In Palace and FaubourgC.J.G. (this is correct)C09-07
Poems of John Greenleaf WhittierC09-08
Modern English UsageFowler, H.W.C09-09
Debrett's Peerage 1970C10-01
From Diamond Jubilee to Centenary Vol 4 (Freemasonry)Kellerman, M.H.0-646017357C10-02
From Diamond Jubilee to Centenary Vol 4 (Freemasonry)Kellerman, M.H.0-646017357C10-03
From Diamond Jubilee to Centenary Vol 5 (Freemasonry)Kellerman, M.H.0-646017365C10-04
Nature Fantasy in AustraliaChisholm, Alec, H.C10-05
Boswell in HollandPottle, Frederick A.C10-06
Men's LivesMatthiessen, Peter0-002725193C10-07
The Poetical Works of Sir Walter ScottC10-08
Gems from The StatesNicholson, Thomas (Ed)C11-01
Wing TipsGreen RolandC11-02
Birds of Coast and SeaCampbell, Bruce0-192176617C11-03
Tales of the South PacificMichener, James A.C11-04sold
Memories of Fifty YearsSt Helier, LadyC11-05
John WesleyEayrs, GeorgeC11-06
Chateau Tahbilk, Story of a VineyardHeddle, Enid MoodieC11-07
Those Were the DaysMilne, A.A.C11-08
Games of PatienceJones, W.C11-09
Select Extra-Tropical PlantsVon Mueller, ?C11-10
Round TableCreasey, JohnC11-11
Reason and WorldMarx, Werner9024750482C11-12
The Honey and Pollen Flora of NSWGoodacre, W.A.C11-13
The Church of England, The Methodists and SocietyArmstrong, Anthony0-340170565C12-01
The Pick of PunchKington, MilesC12-02
The Falling StarOppenheim, E.P.C12-03
Foreign ClientelaeBadian, E.C12-04
Extracts of Vulgate Bible in GermanC12-05
Madame de PompadourMitford, NancyC12-06
The Duke of Bedford's Book of SnobsJohn, Duke of BedfordC12-07
Swiss EssaysPowys, LlewelynC12-08
Australian InsectsMcKeown, Keith C.C12-09
Hounds Are HomeFergusson, Gordon0-905947231C12-10
Bibliography of Australia 1831-1838Ferguson, John AlexanderC12-11
Welcome to Australia 1990/91C13-01
Short Stories from The StrandBeare, Geraldine (Ed)C13-02sold
Adventure Stories from The StrandBeare, Geraldine (Ed)C13-03sold
Crime Stories from The StrandBeare, Geraldine (Ed)C13-04sold
La Dolce Vita Coffee1859741606C13-05
Sacrilege in MalayaBoulle, PierreC14----
Beyond Lies the WubDick, Philip0-575044071C14----sold
The Riverside Villas MurderAmis, Kingsley0-224008625C14-01
Russian Hide and SeekAmis, KingsleyC14-02
On DrinkAmis, KingsleyC14-03
Yellow DogAmis, Martin0-224050613C14-04
The Triplehip CracksmanAdam, Nicolas0-224013769C14-05
A Lantern in Her HandAldrich, Bess StreeterC14-06
A Single Summer with Lord B.Marlowe, Derek670647098C14-07
MensongeBradbury, Malcolm0-233980202C14-08
A Scent of New-Mown HayBlackburn, JohnC14-09
Cross ChannelBarnes, Julian0-224043013C14-10
Cross ChannelBarnes, Julian0-224043013C14-11
A Very Gallant GentlemanBernacchi, L.C.C14-12
The Man Who Wasn't ThereBarker, Pat0-860688917C14-13
Just Above My HeadBaldwin, James0-718117646C14-14
Group Portrait with a LadyBöll, Heinrich0-070064237C14-15
Beard's Roman WomenBurgess, Anthony0-091284007C14-16
Death Is a Lonely BusinessBradbury, Ray0-246128305C14-17sold
Kingdom ComeBallard, J.G.0-007232462C14-18
Bunty of the Flying SquadWilcox, BarbaraC14-19
The TwitsDahl, Roald0-224018558C14-20
The WatersidersDavis, MichaelC14-21
The London DealCrisp, N.J.0-354042777C14-22
Chariots of the GodsVon Daniken, Eric285502565C14-23
Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb PartyGreene, Graham0-370303164C14-24
Bullet ParkCheever, JohnC14-25
The Wapshot ChronicleCheever, JohnC14-26
The Jungle Is NeutralChapman, F. SpencerC14-27
Pimpernel in PragueCampbell-Shaw, DonaldC14-28
WhirlwindClavell, James0-688066631C14-29
Signals of DistressCrace, Jim0-670856967C14-30
Mathinna's PeopleChauncy, NanC14-31
VortexCleary, John0-002218976C14-32
A Heritage of SpiritCoulthard-Clark, C.D.0-522841708C14-33
The ScapegoatDu Maurier, DaphneC14-34sold
Encounter at KharmelDentry, RobertC14-35
Loon LakeDoctorow, E.L.0-333306414C14-36
Sebastian or Ruling PassionsDurrell, Lawrence0-571131115C14-37
Die Like a ManDelving, Michael0-02311763C14-38
In the Heart of ParisDe Bremond D'Ars, YvonneC14-39
TamaraDutton, G.C14-40
Careful, He Might Hear YouElliott, Sumner LockeC14-41
Woman on the RoofEberhart, M.G.C14-42
With the Sun on My BackEwers, John K.C14-43
A Balance of DangersForrest, AnthonyC14-44
North; South; WestFoster, D.M.0-399134700C14-45
Death of a WorldFarjeon, J. JeffersonC14-46
Doctor's StoryHenrikson, ViktorC15----
StraightFrancis, Dick0-399134700C15-01
Charlie Muffin's Uncle SamFreemantle, Brian0-244017810C15-02
The Golden RamFearnside, G.H.C15-03
The Old GringoFuentes, Carlos0-233978623C15-04
A Painted HouseGrisham, John0-38550120XC15-05
The Warsaw DocumentHall, Adam434312029C15-06
The Big FootprintsInnes, Hammond0-002214229C15-07
The Honours BoardJohnson, Pamela HansfordC15-08
A Taste for DeathJames, P.D.0-39455583XC15-09sold
Dick Barton, Special AgentJones, Elwyn0-213166194C15-10
Soldier Surgeon in MalayaHamilton, ThomasC15-11
The Call GirlsKoestler, Arthur0-394484355C15-12
Thieves in the NightKoestler, ArthurC15-13
The Ink TrockKennedy, William356-33473C15-14
La BravaLeonard, Elmore0-670800414C15-15
A Spell for Old BonesLinklater, EricC15-16
The Naive and Sentimental LoverLe Carré, JohnC15-17
The Honourable SchoolboyLe Carré, John0-340220422C15-18
Time Without ClocksLindsay, JoanC15-19
The Naked and the DeadMailer, NormanC15-20
Harlot's GhostMailer, Norman0-718129342C15-21
Let No Man Write My EpitaphMorley, WillardC15-22
The Way to Dusty DeathMaclean, Alistair0-002219476C15-23
Rascals in ParadiseMichener, James A. & Day, A. GroveC15-24sold
The TraitorsMoorehead, AlanC15-25
MamaMcMillan, Terry0-224024310C15-26
AmsterdamMcEwan, Ian0-385494238C15-27
ByronMaurois, AndréC15-28
The ShiraleeNiland, D'ArcyC15-29
KithNewby, P.H.0-571110428C15-30
Isle of ClovesOmmanney, F.D.C15-31
Christopher UptakePrice, Susan0-571116604C15-32
The Ill-Tempered ClavichordPerelman, S.J.C15-33
The Last LaughPerelman, S.J.0-413488209C15-34
Chicken Inspector No 23Perelman, S.J.C15-35
Listen to the Mocking BirdPerelman, S.J.C15-36
Three Men in New SuitsPriestley, J.B.C15-37
No Adam in EdenMetalious, GraceC15-38
The Paper ChasePorter, HalC15-39
Mr ButterflyPorter, HalC15-40
The Right ThingPorter, Hal0-851792251C15-41
FireshipParkinson, C. Northcote0-395204283C15-42
Where Dragons DwellPoole, Frederick KingC15-43
The Fever Tree and Other StoriesRendell, Ruth0-394529162C16-01
Alien EncountersRose, Mark0-674015657C16-02
SarumRutherford, Edward0-091574005C16-03sold
The Feast of All SaintsRice, Anne0-671247557C16-04
The Republic of LoveShields, Carol0-670838756C16-05
A Sparrow FallsSmith, Wilbur0-38513603XC16-06
The Rainbow and the RoseShute, NevilC16-07
The Rainbow and the RoseShute, NevilC16-08
Slide RuleShute, NevilC16-09
The Age of the TailSmith, H. AllenC16-10
The Stalking HorseSabatini, RafaelC16-11
RadcliffeStorey, DavidC16-12
Laughter in the Next RoomSitell, OsbertC16-13
Last ThingsSnow, C.P.C16-14
Last ThingsSnow, C.P.C16-15
A Coat of VarnishSnow, C.P.0-333247663C16-16
Windmills of the GodsSheldon, Sidney0-688065708C16-17
The Chilian ClubShipway, George432147527C16-18
Tracy's TigerSaroyan, WilliamC16-19
The Thurber CarnivalThurber, JamesC16-20
Men, Women and DogsThurber, JamesC16-21
Thurber CountryThurber, JamesC16-22
Next of KinTrollope, Joanna0-747535730C16-23
Another Little DeathTurner, Bill0-094568707C16-24
The MistressPhilippe Tapon0-525944613C16-25
Lawful PursuitUnderwood, MichaelC16-26
Rabbit ReduxUpdike, John0-233957049C16-27
Problems and Other StoriesUpdike, John0-394507053C16-28
S.Updike, John0-233982558C16-29
The CloudUpdike, John0-702214078C16-30
The Witches of EastwickUpdike, John0-727020560C16-31
The House of StairsVine, Barbara0-670824143C16-32
BanditsWhalley, Peter0-333407016C16-33
BonesWallace, EdgarC16-34
Death out of FocusWhitman, Charles0-30493609XC16-35
Theodore, His Life and TimesYoung, Irwin355530642C16-36
The Beast in Man soldZola, EmileC16-37
Dr PascalZola, EmileC16-38
BruinReid, MayneC17-01
The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other PoemsDobson, AustinC17-02
Julian HomeFarrar, F.W.C17-03
Four Girls and a FortuneEnock, E.E.C17-04
Not mine But HisPratt, Emma S.C17-05
W.F. GladstoneApjohn, LewisC17-06
The Blue IslandStead, W.T.C17-07
Biographies of Prominent Personsfrom The Times 1887-90C17-08
The Complete Memoirs of George SherstonSassoon, SiegfriedC17-09
The Monkey That Would Not Be KilledDrummond, HenryC17-10
The Autobiography of Mark RutherfordRutherford, MarkC18-01
Garnered SheavesPitman, E.R.C18-02
In Ben Boyd's DayLawson, WillC18-03
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The Works of Alfred Lord TennysonTennyson, Alfred LordC18-05
The Patriot Martyr and Other StoriesVariousC18-06
Mr Punch with Rod and GunVariousC18-07
Mr Punch in the Hunting FieldVariousC18-08
The Story of San MicheleMunthe, AxelC18-09
Milton's Poetical WorksMilton, JohnC18-10
Heim und WeltTagore, Rabindra NathC18-11
Lands and Peoples Vol 1 (1963)SOLDC18-12SOLD
Lands and Peoples Vol 2 (1963)SOLDC18-13SOLD
Lands and Peoples Vol 4 (1963)SOLDC18-14SOLD
Lands and Peoples Vol 5 (1963)SOLDC18-15SOLD
Lands and Peoples Vol 6 (1963)SOLDC18-16SOLD
ShardikAdams, Richard0-671220152C19-01
The Man in the MirrorAyer, FrederickC19-02
SatyrdayBauer, Steven0-285625020C19-03
England, EnglandBarnes, Julian0-375405828C19-04
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The Crystal WorldBallard, J.G.C19-06
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Tell It to the BirdsChase, James HadleyC19-13
Figure It out for YourselfChase, James HadleyC19-14
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Don't Go into the WoodsDisney, Doris MilesC19-16
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Constance or Solitary PracticesDurrell, Lawrence0-571117570C19-18
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Good as GoldHeller, Joseph0-224015931C20-07
IslandHuxley, AldousC20-08
ArabesqueHousehold, GeoffreyC20-09
Time of the DolphinsIrish, Lola0-207123675C20-10
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NeedfulKing, Stephen0-340546735C20-12
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The Girl Who Loved Tom GordonKing, Stephen0-340765585C20-15
Unhappy ReturnsLe Marchand, Elizabeth0-246109696C20-16
The White RajahMontserrat, NicholasC20-17
Killing Mister WatsonMatthiessen, Peter0-002711389C20-18
Falconer's CrusadeMorson, Ian0-575057505C20-19
Hopalong CassidyMulford, Clarence E.C20-20
The Pumpkin EaterMortimer, PenelopeC20-21
Grizzly TrailMoffat, Gwen0-57503503XC20-22
Nothing SeriousWodehouse, P.G.C21----sold
Fandango RockMasters, JohnC21-01
Laughter on the StairsNichols, BeverleyC21-02
VinelandPynchon, Thomas0-436398664C21-03
My StoryPelyer, Dave0-752852728C21-04
Rising GeorgePerelman, S.J.C21-05
Raffles of the M.C.C.Perowne, Barry0-31266222XC21-06
The Screwball King MurderPlatt, Kin0-394412494C21-07
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Plantation Baydo Rêgo, José LinsC21-09
The Long CorridorRoyce, KennethC21-10
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A Flag for SunriseStone, Robert0-394407571C21-12
A Flag for SunriseStone, Robert0-394407571C21-13
Bay of SoulsStone, Robert0-395963494C21-14
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Two SistersVidal, GoreC21-16
Washington DCVidal, GoreC21-17
EmpireVidal, GoreC21-18
The AlmightyWallace, Irving0-718122143C21-19
A Little OrderWaugh, Evelyn0-413327000C21-20
The Home of Mankind SOLDVan Loon, HendrikC22-01sold
The Story of MankindVan Loon, HendrikC22-02
The Second World War Vol 4 SOLDChurchill, WinstonC22-03sold
The Second World War Vol 1 SOLDChurchill, WinstonC22-04sold
The Second World War Vol 6 SOLDChurchill, WinstonC22-05sold
The Government and the People 1939-41Hasluck, PaulC22-06Au
Mr Punch's History of the Great WarC22-07
Ladies Handbook of Home TreatmentRichards, Eulalia S.C22-08
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The Golden Lotus Vol 2Egerton, Clement (Trans)C23-12
The Golden Lotus Vol 3Egerton, Clement (Trans)C23-13
The Golden Lotus Vol 4Egerton, Clement (Trans)C23-14
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The Book of Great LivesC24-03
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First Studies in Plant Life in AustralasiaGillies, WilliamC24-05Au
Sweets That Have Tempted MeBooker, E.G.C24-06
Sinners Never DieMartin, A.E.C24-07
The Sydneian 1975C24-08
From Odessa to OdessaWaten, JudahC24-09
Seven Against EdinburghMasefield, MurielC24-10
Garden Open TomorrowNichols, BeverleyC24-11
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Saturn over the WaterPriestley, J.B.C24-13
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Come Like ShadowsRaven, Simon856340030C24-17
Another Road to SamarkandSergeant, PatrickC24-18
A General Guide to the Wallace CollectionCox, TrenchardC24-19
Lenin through Australian EyesVariousC24-20Au
Novelty EveningsCole, Pearl A.C24-21
Novelty EveningsCole, Pearl A.C24-22
Short Stories of TodayMarriott, J.W.C24-23
Now There's No Excuse – Guide to Good DrivingHughes, PriscillaC24-24
William the ConquerorBelloc, HilaireC24-25
Home is a TentSimpson, MyrtleC24-26
Trebartha, the House by the StreamLatham, BryanC24-27
Kidnappers at CombeBallantyne, JoanC24-28
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Modern Marriage and Birth Control 1937Griffith, E. EdwardC25-03
The Small WomanBurgess, AlanC25-04
Indoor Games for Awlward MomentsBlakeley, RuthC25-05
Hymnal Companion to The Book of Common PrayerC25-06
Anthony AdverseAllen, HerveyC25-07
Oliver CromwellBuchan, JohnC25-08SOLD
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International University Society's Reading Course Vol 7C26-06
International University Society's Reading Course Vol 8C26-07
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Model Railroader Vol 22C26-09
Model Railroader Vol 26C26-10
Model Railroader Vol 27C26-11
Model Railroader Vol 30C26-12
Model Railroader Vol 31C26-13
Model Railroader Vol 32C26-14
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Australian JourneyMcGuire, PaulC27-05Au
Christmas Picture BookVictoria & Albert MuseumC27-06
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The Modern Bricklayer Vol 2Frost, WilliamC27-09
The Modern Bricklayer Vol 3Frost, WilliamC27-10
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Letters of Lord St. Vincent Vol 2Smith, David Bonner (Ed)C27-15
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Mr Punch and the ServicesC28-03
Mr Punch in the Family CircleC28-04
Mr Punch's TheatricalsC28-05
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I knew HitlerLudecke, D.W.C28-09
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EthicaDu Spinoza, B.C29-14
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Second YouthDeeping, WarwickC29-16
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Gems of Sacred PoetryC29-18
The New Medical FolliesFishbein, MorrisC29-19
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Aids to Bible StudentsVariousC29-23
Sesame and LiliesRuskin, JohnC29-24
Rubaiyat of Omar KhayamC29-25
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Fidalgos in the Kingdom of JafanapatamDa Silva Cosme, O.M.C29-38
My Town: Sydney in the 1930sGill, Lydia0-730589102C29-39Au
Streets of Old SydneySharpe, Alan0-908272146C29-40Au
Australian Motoring Competition HandbookC29-41Au
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Spinners of the Big TopMacGregor-Morris, PamelaC29-44
Welcome to Australia, Guest InformationC29-45
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Max CarradosErnest BramahC30-12SOLD
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Opera Libretti, Verdi & Rossini (boxed set) 1948C30-16
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The Principles of PhysiologyC30-18
Land of Hope and GloryClune, FrankC30-19sold
Handbook of Obstetric NursingHaultain, Francis & Ferguson, James HaigC30-20
BradmanMoyes, A.G.C30-21
Here Comes the CopperWade, HenryC30-22
CapricornHerbert, XavierC30-23Au
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Men at the TopCasson, Herbert N.C30-27
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When We Were Very YoungMilne, A.A.C31-04
What I Must Do To Get Well and How Do I Keep So?Stuart, F.C31-05
Bush CalendarMack, Amy E.C31-06Au
The ColtersWhitfield, J.M.C31-07
Price Guide to Old Books and AutographsNFSC31-08
A.B.C. of Plain WordsGowers, ErnestC31-09
Mastering the Mother Tongue in Sixth ClassC31-10
De Burca Rare BooksNFSC31-11
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The Presbyterian Cookery BookC31-15
Why Do We Say It?0-760745994C31-16
Turn of the CenturyAndersen, Kurt0-747274703C31-17
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British Ferns and MossesC31-19
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The Crooked CoronetArlen, MichaelC31-30
In the Steps of the MasterMorton, H.V.C31-31
Ten Little NiggersChristie, AgathaC32-01
The Story of the Treasure SeekersNesbitt, E.C32-02
More than ShadowsPalmer, ArnoldC33-01
The Basque HotelLaxalt, Robert0-874171488C33-02
The Rhythm of the ShoeErikson, HansC33-03
Crime at ChristmasEvans, Gwyn0-703000586C33-04
Birds of CeylonPhillips, W.A.C33-05
Requiem for WooloomoolooFarwell, George0-340157771C33-06Au
The Torrest Strait People and HistorySinge, John0-702214175C33-07
The Playfair Book of Test CricketWebber, RoyC33-08
Handel's Oratorio SongsBest, W.T. (Ed)C33-09
His Majesty's Spanish FlockCarter, H.B.C33-10Au
Marmaduke the PossumO'Harris, PixieC33-11Au
Praise Life and Practise ArtParkinson, Roy P.C33-13
Early Artists of AustraliaRienits, Rex & TheaC33-14Au
Tether a DragonTennant, KylieC33-15Au
The Horses of the SunCrowther, JamesC33-16
Design and Development of Fighting VehiclesOgorjiewicz, Richard M.C33-17
Actors of the CenturyWhyte, FredericC33-18
John KnatchbullRoderick, ColinC34-01
The Human VoiceFarrar, J.C34-02
The Andrée Diaries – Balloon Expedition to North Pole 1897Andrée, S.A.C34-03
Ruby Pymble and Her FamilyJames, Gwen0-646319280C34-04Au
Yates Garden Guide 1949C34-05
Peacocks DancingCrocker, Claire0-958536929C34-06Au
Chester Wilmot ReportsMcDonald, Neil0-733314414C34-07Au
Two Thumbs the KoalaC34-08Au
AverilCarey, Rosa N.C34-09
The Penguin Australian Songbook0-140700048C34-10Au
The Penguin Australian Songbook0-140700048C34-11Au
Music Recollections of the Last Half Century Vol 1Cox, D.D.C34-12
Kitchener in His Own WordsRye, J.B. & Groser, H.G.C34-13
The Two FiresWright, JudithC34-14Au
Edward Wilson, Nature LoverSeaver, GeorgeC34-15
Requiem for the ResistanceFriedhof, Herman0-747501734C34-16
Pencilling PrisonerCrosbie, PhilipC34-17Au
Seven GatewaysGrey, Tony9.78192E+12C34-18
Garden DesignCautley, Marjorie S.C34-19
Mr Midshipman EasyMarryat, CaptainC34-20
Peter SimpleMarryat, CaptainC34-21
Jacob FaithfulMarryat, CaptainC34-22
MagnoliasMillais, J.G.856360058C34-23
Some Familiar WildflowersSulman, A.F.C34-24Au
The Big FootprintsInnes, Hammond0-394411625C34-25
MaggotFowles, John0-224028065C34-26
Some Poems of Lionel JohnsonJohnson, LionelC35-01
Absent in the SpringWestmacott, Mary0-00221038XC35-02
Dwarf Fruit TreesSouthwick, LawrenceC35-03
Lilac City, the Story of Goulburn, New South WalesBayley, William A.C35-04Au
Tarka, the OtterWilliamson, HenryC35-05
The Story of the World, Book 4Synge, M.B.C35-06
From Sunset to DawnOgilvie, Will H.C35-07
The Post at the Breakfast TableWendell-Holmes, OliverC35-08
Scottish One Act PlaysReid, John MacNairC35-09
My Life Vol 2Beauvoir, Simone deC35-10
Disclosures in ScarletJacobi, CarlC35-11
Messer Marco PoloByrne, DonnC35-12
Panama and What It MeansFrazer, John FosterC35-13
The Dew and the SeaDavies, Edward C.C35-14
The BuildersNewton, Joseph FortC35-15
The Power of Positive Thinking for Young PeoplePeale, Norman VincentC35-16
Green MansionsHudson, W.H.C35-17
Far, Far the Mountain PeakMasters, JohnC35-18
Life of WelingtonMaxwell, W.H.C35-19
Signal – Close ActionKent, AlexanderC35-20
North of 23?Harney, W.E.C35-21Au
Children of the DawnBuckley, Elsie FinnimoreC35-22
Westward Ho!Kingsley, CharlesC35-23
Rosalba's JournalDobson, AustinC35-24
Mr Midshipman EasyMarryat, CaptainCC01-01
The Swiss Family RobinsonKingston, William (Ed)CC01-02
Great Cowboy AdventuresBaring, Peter (Ed)CC01-03
Eric's Good News and A Thoughtless SevenLe Feuvre, AmyCC01-04
The Man in the Red TurbanMartin, David0-091309301CC01-05
Come Danger, Come DarknessPark, Ruth0-34022746XCC01-06Au
Forbidden StudyCleaver, HiltonCC01-07
Phantom PatrolChannel, A.R.CC01-08
The Adventure of the Floating FlatByers, IreneCC01-09
Captains of HarleyCleaver, HiltonCC01-10
Seven Little AustraliansTurner, Ethel0-706352897CC01-11Au
Ranger RoseTalbot, EthelCC01-12
Pegmen TalesMcFadyen, EthelCC01-13
The Golden SongbirdWalsh, Sheila F.CC01-14
The Song of the CardinalPorter, Gene StrattonCC01-15
The Forbidden StudyCleaver, HyltonCC01-16
Flower of GoldRoyce, Dorothy O.CC01-17
Softfoot of Silver CreekLeighton, RobertCC01-18
He Went with Christopher ColumbusKent, Louise AndrewsCC01-19
Darwin DramaGriffiths, OwenCC01-20
Spring Cleaning and Other StoriesSpencer, Thomas E.CC01-21
R.T., Margaret and the Rats of NimhConly, Jane Leslie0-575048328CC01-22
Mr FoxLawrence, Ann0-333262123CC01-23
The Honour of the HouseChannon, E.M.CC01-24
The Little Blue MountainCheyne, IreneCC01-25
The Case of the Missing MasterMagridge, StephenCC01-26
Martin CrusoeBridges, T.C.CC01-27
Our Own Riding StablesBell, Glenys0-589009435CC01-28
John Halifax, GentlemanCraik, MrsCC01-29
IvanhoeScott, WalterCC01-30
All Change HereBatt, ElisabethCC01-31
PenrodTarkington, BoothCC01-32
Getting to Know ThailandAyer, MargaretCC01-33
The Riddle in RedBetsy AllenCC01-34
Rebellion of the Upper FifthDennison, DorothyCC01-35
At the Mercy of TiberiusWilson, A.J. EvansCC01-36
Red Radford and Operation KidnapRobb, JohnCC01-37
The Golden AgeGraham, KennethCC01-38
Operation SpaceBall, John JnrCC01-39
The Fighting FourChanne, A.R.CC01-40
The House at Pooh CornerMilne, A.A.CC01-41
Heidi Grows UpSpyri, JohannaCC01-42
The Golden Staircase, Poems for ChildrenLouey ChisholmCC01-43
The Lady with the CrumbsKlickmann, FloraCC01-44
The Fifth Form at St Dominic'sRead, Talbot B.CC01-45
The Animal BookBlyton, EnidCC02-01
The King of the CastleLake, EdnaCC02-02
How Nell ScoredMarchant, BessieCC02-03
HeidiSpyri, JohannaCC02-04
Sailing to CytheraWillard, NancyCC02-05
Mountain TrekRoss SalmonCC02-06
Down Water StreetHadley, Samuel, H.CC02-07
English Fables and Fairy StoriesReeves, JamesCC02-08
The Adventurous SevenMarchant, BessieCC02-09
Stantons Comes of AgeLittle, SylviaCC02-10sold
Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories 36th seriesMaxwell, Arthur S.CC02-11
Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories 37th seriesMaxwell, Arthur S.CC02-12
Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories 38th seriesMaxwell, Arthur S.CC02-13
Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories 39th seriesMaxwell, Arthur S.CC02-14
Tiger in the BushChauncy, NanCC02-15
Greed, the FilibusterRizal, JoséCC02-16
Donkey WorkTovey, DoreenCC02-17
Those in PerilBraddon, RussellCC02-18
Long Way from Home and Other Pony StoriesSimmonds, Rosemary0-861633261CC02-19
Come Danger, Come DarknessPark, Ruth0-34022746XCC02-20Ausold
The MessageO'Neill, Judith0-241127092CC02-21
The Ship AgroundSmith, C. FoxCC02-22
GildaenBuchwald, EmilieCC02-23
Pioneer ShackBirtles, DoraCC02-24
Black CamelotKyle, DuncanCC02-25
PollyannaPorter, Eleanor H.CC02-25b
Pollyanna of Magic ValleyMoffitt, Virginia MayCC02-25c
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The Water BabiesKingsley, CharlesCC03-26
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The Abbey Girls in TownOxenham, E.J.CC05-05
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History MakersC-Top-35
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Harvest on the donSholokhov, Mikhail
the latin sexual vocabularyAdams, J.N
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on target with the american and australian anti-aircraft brigade in new guineamoved to war
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the origin of the kissbeadnell, c.m
manners and rules of good societya member of the aristocracy
a brief guide to the dome of the rock and al-harma al-sharifthe supreme awqaf council
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silent predatorpark, tony
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the treasure book for boys and girls
our own schoolgirls annual
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mr and mrs beargibbs, may
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lost empirespriestley, j b
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snow bumbleeldon, magdelan
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the great airport mysterydixon, franklin w
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jungle doctor fableswhite, paul
bedtime storiesBlyton, EnidSOLD
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jungle dotctr's casebookwhite, paul
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fox in socksdr seussCC
hop on popdr seussCC
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international code of zoological nomenclaturestoll et al