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The Bell CurveHerrnstein, Richard & Murray, Charles0-029146739H/P01-01
The Petticoat AffairMarszalek, John F.0-684828014H/P01-02
The Native American AlmanacHirschfelder, Arlene & De Montano, Martha0-671851121H/P01-03
The Real Discovery of AmericaThomas Hugh1559210729H/P01-04
Bolivar, the LiberatorPaine, Lauran709115636H/P01-05
The Plan of ChicagoSmith, Carl0-226764729H/P01-06
The Kingdom of CanadaMorton, W.L.H/P01-07
Irredeemable AmericaSutton, Imre (Ed)0-826308066H/P01-08
The California DonsDeu Pree Nelson, EdnaH/P01-09
That JazzMordden, Ethan399121595H/P01-10
Passage to AmericaColeman, Terry0-091104009H/P01-11
American EcclesiastesBatman, Richard0-151055785H/P01-12
Under the GunsBliven, Bruce0-060103795H/P01-13
Making the World Safe for Democracy1550010875H/P01-14
The MayflowerHeaton, Vernon0-906671140H/P01-15
The American Tradition, a Gallery of RoguesGreenway, John0-884053792H/P01-16
White Columns in GeorgiaPerkeson, Medora Field0-517067730H/P01-17
In the Spirit of Crazy HorseMatthiesson, Peter0-002712083H/P01-18
Indian CountryMatthiesson, PeterH/P01-19
A New History of the United StatesMaurois, AndréH/P01-20
American IndiansUtter, Jack0-962807524H/P01-21
The Anti Slavery Movement in KentuckyHarrison, Lowell H.0-81310243XH/P01-22
The Era of Expansion 1800-1848Fehrenbacher, Don E.471256919H/P01-23
America, a Narrative History, Vol 2Tindall, George Brown0-393961516H/P01-24
American Economic Development Since 1860Greenberg, William (EdH/P01-25
Spin CycleKurtz, Howard0-330373811H/P01-26
Christopher ColombusHouben, H.H.H/P01-27
The Great DivideTerkel, Studs0-241126673H/P01-28
The Triumph of PoliticsStockman, David A.0-370307526H/P01-29
Pillar of FireBranch, Taylor0-684848090H/P01-30
Pillar of FireBranch, Taylor0-684848090H/P01-31
Arizona Legends and LoreAnderson, Dorothy Daniels0-914846558A/P01-31a
The California TrailStewart, George R.H/P01-32
The PotomacGutheim, FrederickH/P01-33
Bound for CanaanBordewich, Fergus M.0-060775769H/P01-34
The Pacific NorthwestNuffield, Edward W.0-999392362H/P01-35
The Golden Grindstone (George Mitchell)Graham, AngusH/P01-36
The Present DangerPodharetz, Norman0-671413953H/P01-37
CommiesRadosh, Ronald189355452XH/P01-38
History of the World, the Last Five Hundred Years600357953H/P01-39
The Undreamed ShoresFoss, M.H/P02-01
The Dispossession of the American Indians 1887-1934McDonnell, Janet A.0-253336287H/P02-02
The Trail of Tears (American Indians)Jahoda, Gloria0-049700020H/P02-03
East Wind, from Greece to the Great WallGrey, Tony1875684522H/P02-04
Milestones of History: Nations and Empires0-882250744H/P02-05
Milestones of History: Reform and Revolt0-882250663H/P02-06
The Flowering of the Middle AgesEvans, Joan (Ed)0-500280436H/P02-07
Labor of Love, Labor of SorrowJones, Jacqueline0-394745361H/P02-08
The Very Rich, a History of WealthThorndike, Joseph Jnr.0-517362341H/P02-09
The ArabsMusallam, Basim0-002720108H/P02-10
Amazon Throne, Story of the Braganzas of BrazilHarding, BertitaH/P02-11
A Compact History of Mexico9681202481H/P02-12
Confederates in the AtticHorwitz, Tony0-733608523H/P02-13
Perspectives on World PoliticsLittle, Richard & Smith, Michael (Eds)0-415056241H/P02-17
The American Destiny, the Unquiet Years0-717281132H/P02-18
Jerusalem CountdownHagee, John1591858933H/P02-19
From Vinland to MarsLewis, Richard S.0-812962974H/P02-20
Foreign Sources on the RomaniansH/P02-21
With Enough Shovels: Reagan, Bush and Nuclear WarScheer, Robert0-394414829H/P02-22
The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of the Old WestNewark, Peter0-233971645H/P02-23
A Short History of the Middle AgesRosenwein, Barbara H.1551116162H/P02-24
Inside Al QaedaGunaratna, Rohan0-908011954H/P02-25
Behind the Modern SudanJackson, H.C.H/P02-26
In Denial, Historians, Communism and EspionageHaynes, John Earl & Klehr, Harvey1893554724H/P02-27
Scorpion TonguesCollins, Gail1688149146H/P02-28
Plan of AttackWoodward, Bob0-74325547XH/P02-29
Rise to GlobalismAnmbrose, Stephen & Brinkley, Douglas0-140268316H/P02-29Asold
News and PowerTiffen, Rodney0-043720439H/P02-30
The Giant Book of the 20th CenturyLewis, Jon E. (Ed)1854876147H/P02-31
The Fracture Zone, a Return to the BalkansWinchester, Simon0-670889555H/P02-32
The Bottom BillionCollier, Paul9.78E+12H/P02-33
A Force More Powerful (Non-violent conflict)Ackerman, Peter & Duvall, Jack0-312240503H/P02-34
Larousse Encyclopaedia of Modern History0-600360660H/P02-35
The Visual History of the Modern World1741508134H/P02-36
The Gold RushesMay, Robin0-333229665H/P02-37
the National Experience, the United States Since 1865Various0-15565666XH/P02-38
A History of the 20th Century0-006376614H/P02-39
The Timetables of HistoryGrun, Bernard0-67174271XH/P02-40
History and Culture Vol 2Mitchell, James0-727003119H/P03-01
We, the People, the Story of the United States Capitol0-91620006XH/P03-02
People on the Move (Nomads)Phillips, David J.0-878083529H/P03-03
Mastering Modern World HistoryLowe, N.0-333310691H/P03-04
Risk, the Science and Politics of FearGardner, Dan9.78E+12H/P03-05
The War We Could Not Stop (Iraq)Ranesh, Randeep0-571221106H/P03-06
Banana RepublicansRampton, Sheldon & Stauber, John184119946XH/P03-07
Empire of Wood (McMillan Bloedel)MacKay, Donald0-888943709H/P03-08
Preparing for the 21st CenturyKennedy, Paul0-006862985H/P03-09
Hoover and the KennedysGilmore, Christopher Cook0-312909977H/P03-10
Flight into EgyptElon, Amos0-523416237H/P03-11
AfterBrill, Steven0-743237099H/P03-12
Waldheim, the Missing YearsHerzstein, Robert Edwin0-246133813H/P03-13
From Beirut to JerusalemFriedman, Thomas0-006376002H/P03-14
Holy War Inc.Bergen, Peter L.0-753816687H/P03-15
Tomorrow Is Another Country (South Africa)Sparkes, Alistair0-74932015XH/P03-16
The Wallet of Kai LungBramah, Ernest0-19584050XH/P03-17
Last Man Down (Fireman, Twin Towers)Picciotto, Richard0-752852663H/P03-18
Bankrolling BasraAlderson, Andrew1845295103H/P03-19
Defiant Patriot (Oliver North)Meyer, Peter0-312910916H/P03-20
India after IndependenceChandra, Mukherjee & Mukherjee0-140278257H/P03-21
McLibel, Burger Culture on TrialVidal, John0-333694619H/P03-22
The Blind Horn's HateHough, Richard393054292H/P03-23
Civilisation in the West 1350-1815Kishlansky, Geary & O'Brien0-673463877H/P03-24
The Unfinished Legacy, a Brief History of Western CivilisationKishlansky, Geary & O'Brien0-673466043H/P03-25
Between Hope and HistoryClinton, Bill0-812929136H/P03-26
Germs, the Ultimate WeaponMiller, Engelberg & Broad0-74323071XH/P03-27
Head to HeadThurow, Lester1863734309H/P03-28
In the Shadow of SwordsNeighbour, Sally0-732280109H/P03-29
In the Shadow of SwordsNeighbour, Sally0-732280109H/P03-29a
The Panic of '89Erdman, Paul0-233979573H/P03-30
The Chinese DilemmaYe Lin-Sheng0-975164619H/P03-31
The Vatican, Moscow, Washington Alliance0-937958123H/P03-32
Seeing Red, China's Uncompromising Takeover of Hong KongAllen, Jamie9810080832H/P03-33
Pigtails and PetticoatsMiller, Sheila0-853631409H/P03-34
Political Theory, an IntroductionHeywood, Andrew0-333760913H/P03-35
East and WestPatten, Chris0-330373080H/P03-36
The Temple BombingGreene, Melissa Fay0-099500418H/P03-37
The First CasualtyKnightley, Phillip0-330308793H/P03-38
Brainwash, the Secret History of Mind ControlStreatfield, Dominic9.78E+12H/P03-39
Saddam, the DefiantButler, Richard0-753811162H/P03-40
John F. Kennedy, Words to RememberH/P03-41
Quebec in QuestionRioux, Marcel888620101H/P03-42
A Scattering of Seeds, the Creation of CanadaTracey, Lindalee1552780864H/P03-43
Maker of Men - The Kilcoo StoryLatimer, John0-968521800H/P03-43A
Food in CivilisationRitchie, Carson L.A.0-454003315H/P03-44
The Unredeemed Captive (Early America)Demos, John0-394557824H/P03-45
Plan of AttackWoodward, Bob0-74325547XH/P03----
Don't Know Much About HistoryDavid, Kenneth C.0-060083824H/P03----
The Dust of Empire SOLDMeyer, Karl0-349117438H/P03-46
The Soviet UnionTime Life705408418H/P04-01
Tradition and ChangeGuest, Lawrence & Eshuys0-70161756XH/P04-02
Tradition and ChangeGuest, Lawrence & Eshuys0-70161756XH/P04-02a
The Growth of Civilisation0-205067956H/P04-03
The CowboysTime LifeH/P04-04
Toward the Light of LibertyGrayling, A.C.0-195507886H/P04-05
Media and SocietyO'Shaughnessy, Michael0-195507886H/P04-06
Shoot Straight, You BastardsBleszynski, Nick174051081XH/P04-07
Milennium EyewitnessStone, Brian0-749918837H/P04-08
Life and Death in ShanghaiNien Cheng0-586071156H/P04-09
China, the Quality of LifeBurchett, Wilfred0-140219218H/P04-10
Dead Men Do Tell TalesDe Porok, ByronH/P04-11
The Big ChariotClift, Charmian & Johnston, GeorgeH/P04-12
The Other Hundred Years WarBraddon, Russell0-002163934H/P04-13
Mere MortalsLeavesley, Jim0-733314376H/P04-14
A Time to Die, the Kursk DisasterMoore, Robert0-553813854H/P04-15
The White NileMoorehead, Alan0-140036849H/P04-16
Dude, Where Is My Country?Moore, Michael0-713997001H/P04-18
The Official Politically Correct Dictionary & HandbookBeard, Henry & Cerf, Christopher0-586217266H/P04-19
A History of the World in 10½ ChaptersBarnes, Julian0-330313991H/P04-20
TrustFukuyama, Francis0-140078015H/P04-21
Business Leadership in the Negro CrisisGinzberg, Eli (Ed)H/P04-22
America at NightKolb, Larry J.9.78E+12H/P04-23
Imagining Home. Migrants and the Search for a New BelongingGlenn, Bouvet & Floriani9.78E+12H/P04-24
The New Compendium of Modern HistoryBehman, GeorgeH/P04-25
China Briefing 1981Oxnam, Robert B. & Bush, Richard C. (Eds)0-865312567H/P04-26
China Briefing 1982Bush, Richard C. (Ed)0-865315167H/P04-27
Select Documents, a Modern History SourcebookCranfield, Dalton & Stambrook0-70930015H/P04-28
Select Documents, a Modern History SourcebookCranfield, Dalton & Stambrook0-70930015H/P04-29
Will the Boat Sink the Water?Chen Guidi, Wu Chuntao0-732283051H/P04-30
Shadow over ChinaPortman, Julian & Kipfer, Jean0-770110355H/P04-31
The Programming of the PresidentPerry, Roland0-906053781H/P04-32
Palestine TwilightFox, Edward0-006384595H/P04-33
History As It HappenedKeppert, L.V.H/P04-34
Missile EnvyCaldicott, Helen0-553193848H/P04-35
To Renew AmericaGingrich, Newt0-06017336XH/P04-36
A Dictionary of Modern History 1789-1945Palmer, A.W.H/P04-37
Hawaii's Greatest MomentMullins, JoeH/P04-38
The Frank Muir BookMuir, Frank0-552980684H/P04-39
The International Economy Since 1850Ashworth, WilliamH/P04-40
Notes from a Sealed Room, an Israeli View of the Gulf WarWerman, Robert0-80931830XH/P04-41
America, Russia and the Cold WarLaFeber, Walter0-471511420H/P04-42
Can of WormsWhitton, Evan0-949054313H/P04-43
The VindicatorGriffiths, Iris0-830901728H/P04-44
Penguin Dictionary of Modern HistoryPalmer, A.W.0-140510265H/P04-45
A Short History of the World SOLDBlainey, Geoffrey0-670880361H/P04-46SOLD
Blinded by the RightBrock, David0-908011857H/P04-47
The Horn and the SwordConrad, Jack RandolphH/P04-48
Inside the White HouseKessler, Ronald0-671879197H/P04-49
Understanding American PoliticsDenenberg, R.U.0-00636313XH/P04-50
City on Leave (Berlin)Windsor, PhilipH/P04-51
SpycatcherWright, Peter0-855610980H/P04-52
The HittitesGurney, O.R.H/P05-01
Realm of the IncasVan Hagen, VictorH/P05-02
The World of the IncasPrescott, William H.0-814804462H/P05-03
The Aztec, Man and TribeVan Hagen, VictorH/P05-04
The World of the MayaVan Hagen, VictorH/P05-05
The MayaCoe, Michael D.0-500280665H/P05-06sold
What Became of the Mayas?Francis, Pamela0-800086551H/P05-06a
Son of the SunDevi, SavitriH/P05-07
On the Trail of the Sun GodsHomet, Marcel F.H/P05-08
A God Against the GodsDrury, Allen0-718115406H/P05-09
Across the Parallel (Korea)Odgers, GeorgeH/P05-10
Along the Road to SowetoTessendorf, K.C.0-689314019H/P05-11
The Search for the NigerLloyd, ChristopherH/P05-12
The Arrow WarHurd, DouglasH/P05-13
The Wisdom of IndiaLin YutangH/P05-14
The Yellow Man Looks on (South Africa)Chilvers, Hedley A.H/P05-15
From Yalta to VietnamHorowitz, DavidH/P05-16
A Far Off PlaceVan Der Post, Laurens0-140041648H/P05-17
The Making of MankindLeakey, Richard0-718119312H/P05-18
Letters of an Indian Judge to an English Gentlewoman432005005H/P05-19
Storm over the LandSandburg, CarlH/P05-20
Errand into the WildernessMiller, PerryH/P05-21
A Textbook of Modern English History Vol 2Southgate, G.W.H/P05-22
Kingdom (Saudi Arabia)Lacey, Robert0-091457904H/P05-23
The West and the World 1789-1914Meaney, N.K. (Ed)0-855830093H/P05-24
The West and the World Vol 2 1914-1970Meaney, N.K. (Ed)0-855830085H/P05-25
The Stories of Ancient HistoryWonder BooksH/P05-26
Everyday Life in the New Stone, Bronze & Early Iron AgesQuenelle, Marjorie & C.H.B.H/P05-27
Citadels of MysteryDe Camp, L. Sprague & Catherine C.0-006327915H/P05-28
Without Chains, FreeJoel, AsherH/P05-29
Worlds Beyond the HorizonLeithauser, JoachimH/P05-30
Past Imperfect, the Story of Rescue ArchaeologyJones, Barri0-43532974XH/P05-31
Africa ExploredHibbert, Christopher0-713913711H/P05-32
Power and Privilege, Russia and the Soviet Union, 19th & 20th CChristian, David0-858961970H/P05-33
Power and Folly, the Story of the CaesarsLissner, IvarH/P05-34
The Enduring Past (Archaeology)Cremin0-868401145H/P05-35
Her-bak, the Living Face of Ancient EgyptDe Lubicz, Isha Schwaller0-892810033H/P05-36
The Historical Archives of Banca di RomaH/P05-37
Deserted VillagesRowley, Trevor & Wood, John0-747802831H/P05-38
EphesusOnen, D.U.H/P05-39
An Economic History of the USSRNove, Alec0-140214038H/P05-40
No Name in the StreetBaldwin, JamesH/P05-41
The Dagger of IslamLaffin, John0-722153694H/P05-42
The First AmericanCeram, C.W.0-224011235H/P05-43
Man in the BeginningHowells, WilliamH/P05-44
Shipwrecks and ArchaeologyThrockmorton, PeterH/P05-45
All About ArchaeologyWhite, Anne TerryH/P05-46
Indian Archaeology TodaySankalia, H.D.H/P05-47
The World of the EgyptiansChampollian, JacquesH/P06-01
The NuerEvans-Pritchard, E.E.H/P06-02
Death in Ancient EgyptSpencer, A.J.0-140136894H/P06-03SOLD
Life in Egypt in Ancient TimesRomant, BernardH/P06-03
Egypt Magazine January 1997H/P06-04
The Pyramids of EgyptEdwards, I.E.S.H/P06-05
The Orion MysteryRobert Bauval & Adrian Gilbert0-749317442H/P06-5A
Act of GodGraham Phillips0-330352067H/P06-5B
TutankhamenDesroches-Noblecourt, Christiane0-140023518H/P06-06
Tutankhamen, the Last JourneyMacQuitty, William0-517531704H/P06-6A
Pharoah (computer game guide)H/P06-07
The Boy Pharoah, TutankhamenStreatfield, Noel718109864H/P06-08
The Life of the Queen of ShebaGordon, MaxH/P06-09
Ancient Egypt9774247965H/P06-10
EgyptDavies, Vivian & Friedman, Renée0-714119113H/P06-11
Egypt, the Country and Its PeopleOwen, Robert & Blunsum, TerenceH/P06-12
An Outline of Ancient History: GreeceMoe, C.J.0-207120315H/P06-13
The GreeksKitton, H.D.F.H/P06-14
The Eighth Book of Thucydides HistoryGoodhart, H.C.H/P06-15
The Last Days of PompeiiLytton, E.B.H/P06-16
Pompeii, 2000 Years AgoCarpiceci, Alberto CarloH/P06-17
PompeiiExhibition Australia 1980/81H/P06-18
Early ManTime LifeH/P06-19
The Diamond Seeker (John Williamson)Gawaine, John0-869540297H/P06-20
The African AdventureSeverin, Timothy0-241023637H/P06-20a
The Land of the Thirst King (South Africa)Steenkamp, WilliamH/P06-20b
A Cure for Serpents, a Doctor in AfricaDenti di Pirajno, AlbertoH/P06-21
My Traitor's HeartMalan, Rian0-099749009H/P06-21b
Tales of the Dark ContinentAllen, Charles0-349104980H/P06-21c
Roman Century 1870-1970Bolton, J.R. Glorney241018684H/P06-22
The Early History of RomeLivy0-140441042H/P06-22a
Everyday Life in RomeTreble, H.A. & King, K.M.H/P06-23
An Outline of Ancient History: RomeMoe, C.J.H/P06-24
The RomansBarrow, R.H.0-140135022H/P06-25
War, Women and Children in Ancient RomeEvans, John K.0-41505723XH/P06-26
A History of Rome to AD565Sinnigan, William G. & Boak, Arthur E.R.0-029796903H/P06-27
Roman History, Literature and AntiquitiesPetrie, A.H/P06-28
History of RomeCary, M.H/P06-28a
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol 3 SOLDGibbon, Edward671487647H/P06-29
Garibaldi and His EnemiesHibbert, ChristopherH/P06-29a
The Face of the Ancient OrientMoscati, Sabatino0-385013973H/P06-30
The Ancient EastHogarth, D.G.H/P06-31
Bugles and a TigerMasters, JohnH/P06-32
The People from the Horizon (Pacific Islands)Snow, Philip & Waine, Stefanie0-714820067H/P06-33
Man on the Rim (Pacific Islands)Thorne, Alan & Raymond, Robert0-207162468H/P06-34
The Spanish Empire in AmericaHaring, C.H.0-156847019H/P06-35
The Defeat of the Spanish ArmadaMattingly, Garrett224617494H/P06-36
Fire in the Blood, the New SpainGibson, Ian0-563361948H/P06-37
JapanTime LifeH/P06-38
JapanTime LifeH/P06-39
The Japanese EconomyFlath, David0-198775032H/P06-40
Japan, the Toothless TigerHayes, Declan0-80483279XH/P06-42
The History of Modern JapanStorry, Richard0-14020475XH/P06-43
Culture and Politics of Identity in Sri LankaTiruchelram, Mithran & Dattathreya, C.S.9555800332H/P06-44
India, Cultural Review Magazine Year 2 No 2H/P06-45
India, Cultural Review Magazine Year 6 No 2H/P06-46
Modern India 1884-1947Sarkar, Sunnit0-33343806XH/P06-47
India, the Challenge of ChangeGupte, Pranay0-749300302H/P06-48
Indian SummerSwayne-Thomas, April0-450048500H/P06-49
The India I Knew 1897-1942Reed, StanleyH/P06-50
The Roots of Ancient IndiaFairservice, Walter A. Jnr0-226234294H/P06-51
Clive of IndiaWatney, John0-347000088H/P06-52
Tales from the PanchatantraClark, Leonard0-237449390H/P06-53
The Golden CalmKaye, M.M. (Ed)00-670344001H/P06-54
1434 (Chinese History)Menzies, Gavin9.78E+12H/P06-55
History's Great Untold StoriesCummins, Joseph1740458087H/P06-56SOLD
Egypt, the World of the PharoahsSchitley, Regine & Seidel, MatthiasH/P07-01
Demons, Gods and Holy Men from Indian Myths and LegendsHusain, Shahrukh0-340412437H/P07-02
Hunters and the HuntedLaycock, George0-696110059H/P07-03
Oceanic MythologyPaul HamlynH/P07-04
Oceanic MythologyPaul HamlynH/P07-05
Incas, Lord of Gold and Glory0-809498715H/P07-06
An Introduction to Oriental MythologyWhittaker, Chris185348198XH/P07-07
South American MythologyOsborne, Harold0-600342816H/P07-08
South American MythologyOsborne, Harold0-600342816H/P07-09
Indian MythologyIons, VeronicaH/P07-10
Indians of the American Southwest1879924102H/P07-11
Keepers of the TotemTime Life0-809495589H/P07-12
The WesternersBrown, Dee0-718112318H/P07-13
The Search for EldoradoHemming, JohnH/P07-14
Myths and Legends of Oceania, Australia and The AmericasPears EncyclopaediaH/P07-15
Great Mysteries of the PastReader's Digest0-895773775H/P07-16
Chinese MythologyWalters, Derek0-262666576H/P07-17
Myths and Legends of SpainSpence, Lewis185170017XH/P07-18
Myth and Legends of Britain and IrelandJones, Richard184330273XH/P07-19
Myths and LegendsWhite, Anne TerryH/P07-20
The Age of God-KingsTime Life0-705409708H/P07-21
Age by Age (British Archaeology)Jessup, RonaldH/P07-22
The Gold of Ophir (Myths & legends of New World)Dahlberg, Edward0-525114145H/P07-23
Kalila and DimnaWood, Ramsay0-892811145H/P07-24
The Ancient Sun Kingdom of the AmericasVon Hagen, Victor Wolfgang0-586081518H/P07-25
The Truth of a HopiNequatewa, Edmund0-873583868H/P07-26
Life among the IncasReader's Digest0-864387415H/P07-27
The Blue NileMoorehead, Alan0-14006673XH/P07-28
History of KoreaKorean GovernmentH/P07-29SOLD
Sorrow Mountain (Tibet)Pachen, Ani & Donnelley, Adelaide0-385601786H/P07-30
Indonesia, Face to FaceH/P07-31
Tales of Tamati (Maori New Zealand)Mackay, IanH/P07-32
Curtain up on South AfricaAllighan, GarryH/P07-33
South AfricaButhelezi, Mangosuthu G.0-297811460H/P07-34
Men, Mines and Animals in South AfricaChurchill, Randolph0-869200127H/P07-35
The Tenderness of Conscience (South Africa)Boesak, Allan9.78E+12H/P07-36
African KingdomsTime LifeH/P07-37
Marco Polo's Adventures in ChinaH/P04-17
1434 (Chinese History)Menzies, Gavin9.78E+12H/P06-55
The Silk RoadMartyn, Norma0-454008368H/P07-38
110 Shanghai RoadHighland, Monica0-070287929H/P07-39
The Tiananmen PapersNathan, Andrew & Link, Perry (Eds)0-316856932H/P07-40
Dinosaurs from ChinaExhibition Australia 1982H/P07-41
Chinese ProfilesZhang Yinxin & Sang Ye0-835116034H/P07-42
The Birth of Communist ChinaFitzgerald, C.P.H/P07-43
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The Treasures and Dynasties of ChinaGascoigne, Bamber0-224009257H/P07-49
Free China in Pictures (Taiwan)H/P07-50
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PalaceEdgar, Donald0-491034016H/P08-03
RoanokeMiller, Lee0-224061062H/P08-04
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Edwardian EnglandPagett, Andrew (Ed)1860199445H/P08-22
Louisa, Lady in WaitingLongford, Elizabeth0-831756500H/P08-23
Louisa, Lady in WaitingLongford, Elizabeth0-831756500H/P08-24
Louisa, Lady in WaitingLongford, Elizabeth0-831756500H/P08-25
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The Face of LondonClunn, Harold P.H/P08-28
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Richard IIICheetham, Anthony0-297831674H/P08-38
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Dance Little LadiesPringle, Margaret0-856133515H/P08-40
Victoria VictoriousPlaidy, Jean0-709024290H/P09-01
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No Time to Wave GoodbyeWicks, Ben0-747500835H/P09-07
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Life's AdventureGibbs, PhilipH/P09-12
Thank God We Kept the Flag FlyingGriffith, KennethH/P09-13
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Historical Interpretation SOLDBagley, J.J.H/P09-22
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Charles (people with the name)H/P10-04
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Frederick the GreatReiners, LudwigH/P10-21
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Old LondonH/P10-26
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Persons and PeriodsCole, G.D.H.H/P10-30
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Days of Our YearsVan Paassen, PierreH/P11-01
Days of Our YearsVan Paassen, PierreH/P11-02
That Day AloneVan Paassen, PierreH/P11-03
That Day AloneVan Paassen, PierreH/P11-04
Europe and a Wider World 1415-1715Parry, J.H.H/P11-05
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FlorenceHutton, EdwardH/P11-10
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Voices from the Past Vol 2, Plautus to St AugustineTodd, James MacLean & Janet MacLeanH/P11-13
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Alexander the GreatFox, Robin Lane0-141020768H/P11-16sold
RussiaDimbleby, Jonathan9.78E+12H/P11-16a
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AnstrutherStevenson, Stephanie0-859623343H/P11-26
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Warwick Castle Guide BookH/P11-29
The Cabinet, Re SS Great Britain, Liverpool to MelbourneH/P11-30
Weapons in Action0-863071635H/P11-31
Weapons in Action0-863071635H/P11-31a
The Sun KingMitford, NancyH/P11-32
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Much Sounding of Bugles, The Siege of Chitral 1895Harris, John0-091245907H/P12-01
Hope (American Gold Rush)Ryan, Mary0-747267189H/P12-02
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Pathfinder No 5 (Scottish Family History)H/P12-04
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Shell Guide to Scotland 1977718130367H/P12-06
A Skinful of ScotchHanley, CliffordH/P12-07
The Prince in the HeatherLinklater, Eric58604290H/P12-07A
A Wee Guide to Mary, Queen of ScotsMiller, Joyce1899874038H/P12-08
Mary, Queen of ScotsFraser, AntoniaH/P12-09
William WallaceMackay, James185158823XH/P12-10
William WallaceMackay, James185158823XH/P12-11
Scotland, Bitter-SweetDrawbell, James356041654H/P12-12
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Prince of Spies (Henri Le Caron)Cole, J.A.0-571132332H/P12-18
The Great ShameKeneally, Thomas0-091840619H/P12-19
A Song for MarySmith, Dennis0-732264103H/P12-20
A Song for MarySmith, Dennis0-732264103H/P12-21
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The Liberator (Daniel O'Connell)MacIntyre, AngusH/P12-25
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WalesJan Morris0-140274847H/P12-26A
Warfare in the Eighteenth CenturyBlack, Jeremy0-304352454H/P13-01
Blood, Toil, Tears and SweatParkinson, RogerH/P13-01a
The Girls They Left BehindGoldsmith, Betty & Sandford, Beryl0-140132813H/P13-02
The Air War in the WestDupuy, Trevor N.H/P13-03
The Air War in the WestDupuy, Trevor N.H/P13-04
European Land BattlesDupuy, Trevor N.H/P13-05
Land Battles, North Africa and SicilyDupuy, Trevor N.H/P13-06
European Resistance MovementsDupuy, Trevor N.H/P13-07
War Games Rules 1685-1845H/P13-08
Horse and Musket Army ListsH/P13-09
Action under Sail 1758-1815H/P13-10
Army Lists 3000 BC to 75 ADH/P13-11
Army Lists 55 BC to 100 ADH/P13-12
War Games Rules 3000 BC to 1485 ADH/P13-13
War Games Rules 3000 BC to 1485 ADH/P13-14
War Games Rules 3000 BC to 1485 ADH/P13-15
War Games Rules 3000 BC to 1485 ADH/P13-16
Army Lists 1490 to 1660H/P13-17
War Games Rules 3000 BC to 1250 ADH/P13-18
War Games Rules 1420 to 1700H/P13-19
War Games Rules Armoured Warfare 1950-1982H/P13-20
Tactical CommanderH/P13-21
Corps Commander OMGH/P13-22
Forces of the Imperium (War Game)H/P13-23
Skyfight, Air Combat Rules 1960-1985H/P13-24
Kadesh to Dyrrachium (Ancient Army Lists)H/P13-25
War Games Rules 1702 to 1714H/P13-26
Pony Wars (War Games)H/P13-27
Fast Play Rules for Napoleonic and Crimeaen War GamesH/P13-28
Imperial Command (War Games)H/P13-29
Army Lists 3000 BC to 1485 ADH/P13-30
16th Century Mediterranean Galley (War Games)H/P13-31
The Mid 18th Century (War Games)H/P13-32
War Games Research for 16th Century Naval WarfareH/P13-33
The Wooden Sword (Gladiator War Games)H/P13-34
War Games Rules for Armoured WarfareH/P13-35
English Civil War (War Games)H/P13-36
Naval Warfare for the Ironclad EraH/P13-37
Ruin from the Air (Hiroshima)Thomas, Gordon & Witts, Max Morgan241897262H/P13-38
Ruin from the Air (Hiroshima)Thomas, Gordon & Witts, Max Morgan241897262H/P13-38
Ruin from the Air (Hiroshima)Thomas, Gordon & Witts, Max Morgan241897262H/P13-39
The Duneera ScandalPearl, Cyril0-207147078H/P13-40
AquariusTailliez, PhilippeH/P13-41
The Greatest Generation Speaks SOLDBrokaw, Tom0-385335385H/P13-42
Record of ServiceRobinson, BruceH/P13-43
Military Engineering Vol 5H/P13-44
Australia's Colonial NaviesGillett, RossH/P13-45
Dreadnought Battle Ships and Battle CruisersMcMahon, William E.H/P13-46
Military Review July 1986 (US Magazine)H/P13-47
RAN in RetrospectH/P13-48
The Chinese Armed Forces Today0-853682232H/P13-49
Modern ArtilleryChant, Christopher1855018616H/P13-50
D-Day and the Battle for Normandy1841651451H/P13-51
Aircraft of the Battle of BritainGreen, WilliamH/P13-52
Fleet DestroyerMacDonnell, J.E.H/P13-53
Ring of FireHorton, Dick0-333356152H/P13-54
Wars to ComeBaker, David0-850594839H/P13-55
Soviet Military IntelligenceSuvorov, Victor0-241112648H/P13-56
War in 2080Langford, David0-726950351H/P13-57
HMAS Canberra SOLDPayne, AlanH/P13-58
Aircraft Pocket Book Vol 1, FightersH/P13-59
Aircraft Pocket Book Vol 2, Bombers and Reconnaissance ...H/P13-60
Aircraft Pocket Book Vol 4, Military TransportsH/P13-61
Aircraft Pocket Book Vol 6, RotorcraftH/P13-62
Modern Rifles, Shotguns and PistolsHogg, Ian V.0-861242351H/P13-63
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The Complete Handgun, 1300 to the PresentHogg, Ian V.H/P13-65
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The World of GunsAkehurst, Richard0-600392368H/P13-67
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Guns and Ammo 1987 Annual0-822730397H/P13-71
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South African War MachineHeitman, Helmoed-Römer0-861242025H/P13-73
The Pleasure of GunsRosa, Joseph G. & May, Robin0-706403681H/P13-74
The Pleasure of GunsRosa, Joseph G. & May, Robin0-706403681H/P13-75
Australians at War, For Queen and CommonwealthTime Life0-949118087H/P14-01
Australians at War, For Queen and CommonwealthTime Life0-949118087H/P14-02
Australians at War, Modern Military Towards 2000Time Life0-949118419H/P14-03
Australians at War, Modern Military Towards 2000Time Life0-949118419H/P14-04
Australians at War, Modern Military Towards 2000Time Life0-949118419H/P14-05
Australians at War, Modern Military Towards 2000Time Life0-949118419H/P14-06
Australians at War, Modern Military Towards 2000Time Life0-949118419H/P14-07
Australians at War, Prisoner of WarTime Life0-949118257H/P14-08
Australians at War, Greece, Crete and SyriaTime Life0-949118400H/P14-09
The Armored FistTime LifeH/P14-10
The Third Reich, Storming to PowerTime Life0-809469545H/P14-11
The Third Reich, The Southern FrontTime Life0-809470160H/P14-12
World War II, Divide and Conquer + DVD184509168XH/P14-13
World War II, Battle of Russia + DVD1845091701H/P14-14
A Man Called Intrepid (British Intelligence WW II)Stevenson, William0-722181574H/P14-15sold
Escape from the HolocaustRuben, William S. & Paul0-532291026H/P14-16
Fortress without a RoofMorrison, Wilbur H.0-863790758H/P14-17
The Ultra SecretWinterbotham, E.W.0-860072681H/P14-18
In Hitler's ShadowSvoray, Yaron & Taylor, Nick1863950702H/P14-19
The Colditz StoryReid, P.R.0-340024062H/P14-20
The Automated BattlefieldBarnaby, Frank0-28399343XH/P14-21
Soldiers and ArmiesTucker, Ernest E.H/P14-22
War, Economy and the Military MindBest, Geoffrey & Wheatcroft, Andrew0-974717594H/P14-23
As You Were (Australian Army) 1947H/P14-24
As You Were (Australian Army) 1948H/P14-25
As You Were (Australian Army) 1950H/P14-26
Royal Marine Commandos Fitness & Survival SkillsWatney, JohnH/P14-27
One Man's WarArneil, Stan0-725103914H/P14-28
The French Foreign LegionYoung, John RobertH/P14-29
Soldiering OnAustralian War MemorialH/P14-30
Soldiering OnAustralian War MemorialH/P14-31
Active ServiceAustralian War MemorialH/P14-32
Active ServiceAustralian War MemorialH/P14-33
Jungle WarfareAustralian War MemorialH/P14-34
Khaki and GreenAustralian War MemorialH/P14-35
Khaki and GreenAustralian War MemorialH/P14-36
Khaki and GreenAustralian War MemorialH/P14-37
Victory RollAustralian War MemorialH/P14-38
HMAS Mk IIAustralian War MemorialH/P14-39
HMAS Mk IVAustralian War MemorialH/P14-40
On Guard (Volunteer Defence Corps)Australian War MemorialH/P14-41
The Role of the BomberClark, Ronald W.0-283983949H/P14-42
Modern SubmarinesMiller, David0-861014502H/P14-43
Weapons TechnologyRipley, Tim0-81605438XH/P14-44
War Machines, LandRansford, Simon (Ed)0-706404165H/P14-45
TanksMorris, Eric0-706403010H/P14-46
A History of WeaponryCanby, CourtlandH/P14-47
Weapons That Changed the WorldHogg, Ian V.0-852235909H/P14-48
Eyewitness to War0-949193003H/P14-49
History of the Second World War SOLDHart, LiddellH/P14-50
Visions of InfamyHonan, William H.0-312054548H/P14-51
Windows of FameHarding, BruceH/P14-52
VictoryFitzgerald, AlanH/P14-53
Chronicle of the 20th Century1872031803H/P15-01
Encyclopaedia of the World and Its People (Set)858352028H/P15-02
Times Past Vol 4 Magazine CollectionH/P15-03
Times Past Vol 5 Magazine CollectionH/P15-04
Times Past Vol 6 Magazine CollectionH/P15-05
Times Past Vol 7 Magazine CollectionH/P15-06
Twentieth Century, a Chronicle in Pictures0-600503534H/P15-07
Our CenturyChannel Nine TV0-670881953H/P15-08
Fighter and Bomber Squadrons at WarBrookes, Andrew185648246XH/P15-09
History of the 20th CenturyH/P15-10
Air WarfareVarious0-600331121H/P15-11
The Curtain RisesReynolds, QuentinH/P15-12
Slim (Field Marshal)Calvert, Mike0-345097882H/P15-13
Mediterranean FrontMoorehead, AlanH/P15-14
Letters Home 1939-1945Stuart, Lurline & Arnold, Josie0-002175576H/P15-15
The Spirit of KokodaLindsay, Patrick1740440705H/P15-16
Project KingfisherMoffitt, Athol0-207163758H/P15-17
One Marine's TaleHollis, LeslieH/P15-18
A Day's March Nearer HomeParkinson, Roger0-246105836H/P15-19
The Green Beret, The Story of the CommandosSaunders, Hilary St GeorgeH/P15-20
The Saga of a Sig. (Australian Army)Clift, KenH/P15-21
The Third World War, the Untold StoryHackett, John0-283988630H/P15-22
Soldier in a StormStretton, Alan0-00216406XH/P15-23
The Dawn of Liberation (Churchill speeches)H/P15-24
Their Finest HourBarclay, Glen St J.H/P15-25
Children with a StarDwork, Deborah0-300050542H/P15-26
Moscow DatelineCassidy, Henry C.H/P15-27
Four Packs to FreedomBrudenell-Woods, Basil0-86417912XH/P15-28
To the EndHannan, J.N.0-646268902H/P15-29
Journey to CaptivityRobinson, CharlesH/P15-30
Triumph in the West (Alanbrook Diaries)Bryant, ArthurH/P15-31
Soviet Military PowerKoenig, William & Scofield, Peter0-861241274H/P15-32
The Remote Garrison (British Army in Australia) SOLDStanley, PeterH/P15-33
Model Soldiers0-856131105H/P15-34
World War II in CartoonsBryant, Mark1904943063H/P15-35
Battle of the Great CommandersLivesey, Anthony0-718128591H/P15-36
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