Natural History [animals – dangerous AND dangerously cute ones]

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The CornerHill, RobinNH01-01
Unique Animals And Birds Of AustraliaMorcombe, MichaelNH01-02
SongbirdsMackenzie, John, P.S.NH01-03
Birds Of North AmericaPorter, EliotNH01-04
Birds Of The Tropics x 2England, M.D.NH01-05
Wading BirdsMackenzie, John, P.S.NH01-06
EagleIngram N TerrenceNH01-07
BushlAnd CampusNH01-08
How Birds LiveBurton, RNH01-09
Abbotsbury And The SwanneryFair John And Moxom, DonNH01-10
The Albatross Of Midway IslAndFischer, Mildred L.NH01-11
A Territory Of BirdsNH01-12
The Pictorial Encyclopedia Birds Hanzak, J.NH01-13
Continent Of Curiosities- KolarNH01-14
60 Camera Studies Of Australian BirdsNH01-15
Birds Of Australian SeashoresNH01-16
BirdsPerrins, ChristopherNH01-17
Bird WatchingClarke, HockleyNH01-18
GullsGraham And AyresNH01-19
The Living WatersSandling Gillian And Credland, PeterNH01-20
The Countryman Bird BookNH01-21
Birds At RiskWhitlock, RalphNH01-22
The Whooping CraneMcNulty, FaithNH01-23
Australian FinchesImmelmann, KlausNH01-25
The 1826 Journal Of John James Audubon FordNH01-26
The Complete Birds Of The WorldWalter, MichaelNH01-27
Australian BirdsFrauca, HarryNH01-28
The T.F.H Book Of LovebirdsRadtke, George,ANH01-29
Identification Guide To Cage And Aviary BirdsBirdsNH01-30
Birds Of AustraliaBreeden, SlaterNH01-31
Computer ClubBirdwatchNH01-32
Cormorants, Darters And Pelicans Of The World SmithsonianNH01-33
Bushland And SeashoreHill, RobinNH01-34
Fierce EncounterWilliamson, D.HNH01-35
Taming And Training LovebirdsTeitlerNH01-36
Tasmanian BirdsSharland, MichaelNH01-37
Birds Of ParadoxPollaNH01-38
Budgerigars- All You Need To KnowChristian, S.M.NH01-40
Canaries In ColourLynch, GeorgeNH01-41
Waterfoul In New South WalesNH01-42
Foreign Birds- Their Care And Breeding , Rogers, Cyril. H.NH01-43
A Wealth Of Wild FowlHarrison, JeffreyNH01-44
Animal StoriesNH01-45
Birds And Their EggsSimon, Andre LNH01-46
An Australian Bird BookLeachNH01-47
The World Of BirdsHamlynNH01-48
Birds In Bass StraitSimpsonNH01-49
Birds At RiskWhitlock, RalphNH01-50
PenguinsNagle, RobinNH01-51
Nature FactsBirds, Alderton, DavidNH01-52
The Life And Lore Of The BirdArmstrong, Edmund ANH01-53
The Bald EaglePatent, MiinozNH01-54x
Flashing WingsTerres John KNH01-55
Bird Kepinh In Australia xHarman, IanNH01-56
Birds Of The SunHarland, MichaelNH01-57 x
Australian BirdsHolmes, EdenNH01-58
A Guide To Living With WildlifeTemby, IanNH01-59
The Searching SpiritAdamson, JoyNH02-01
How Mammals LiveBurton, MauriceNH02-02
The Shadow Of ManGoodall, JaneNh02-03 x
Friends To The EndGrieve, Bradley TrevorNH02-04
Dog Breed Handbooks Border ColliesSayer, Angela And Bunting, EdwardNH02-05
StardogsHope, HelenNH02-06
The Hidden Life Of DogsThomas, Elizabeth, MarshallNH02-07
Journey Of A Life TimePizzey, GrahamNH02-08
Sarapiqui ChronicleYoung, Allen,MNH02-09
A Species Of EternityDutton, A, And Joseph, KNh02-10 x
Anerdotes And AntibioticsCooper, Dr HarryNH02-11
The Complete Book Of Stories Working DogGoode, Angela and Hayes MikeNH02-12
The Complete Illustrated LabradorNH02-13
Puppy PrimerScidmore, Brenda And McConnel B Patrick NH02-14
The Living PlanetAttenborough, DavidNH02-15
The Living PlanetAttenborough, DavidNH02-16
The Australian Wildlife YearNH02-17
South Africa's Wildlife HeritageNH02-18
What Bird Is That?Cayley NevilleNH02-19
Wildlife CrisisPhillip Prince And Fisher, JamesNH02-20
The Last Grey ElephantHatti, Tula, AllanNh02-21
To Save An ElephantThornton, And Currey, DaveNH02-22
Readers Digest Book Of FactsNh02-23x
Tides EndingBB and Denys Watkins-PitchfordNH02-24
Wildlife- Fact FileNH02-25
Serengeti Shall Not DieGrzimekiNh02-26
MilleniumLewis, David, BradburyNH02-27
Wildlife Of AustraliaClyne, DenseyNH02-28
Australian Natural History Magazine No. 7NH02-29
Australian Natural History mAgazine No.4NH02-30
Wildlife Fact FileNH02-31
Butterflies Of AustraliaCommon, L>B.F And Waterhouse F.DNH02-32
The World Of DogsHamlyn, PaulNH03-01
The World Of DogsHamlyn,PaulNH03-02
A Dog's LifeBrown, LittleNH03-03
The Nature Library CatsNH03-04
Shih TzuNH03-07
Labrador RetrieversNH03-08
Basic Dog TrainingNH03-09
It's Really All Too MuchBaird, DavidNH03-11
Holidaying With DogsNH03-12
Bichon FriseNH03-15
Golden RetrieversNH03-16
Old English SheepdogsNH03-17
The Batsford Book Of DogsGlover, HarryNH03-19
Holdaying With DogsDennis-Sandy And PeterNH03-20
A Dog In Your FamilyKennedy-AliciaNH03-21
Dog StoriesSchauffer, WeberNH03-22
The Popular Welsh CorgiKaye, Charles, ListerNH03-23
SuperpuppyPinkwater Jill And MagnusNH03-24sold
Dogs On HolidaysNH03-25
The Batsford Colour Book Of DogsWoodhouse, BarbaraNH03-26
Dogs And DoggerelBlackman, Barbara And Westenberg, Cherryl NH03-27
101 Questions Your Dog Would Ask It's VetFogle, BruceNH03-28
Labrador RetrieversNH03-29
500 Mile WalkiesWallington, MarkNH03-30
The Tribe Of TigerThomas, Elizabeth, MarshallNH03-31
Starcats- Astrology For Cats And Their OwnersHope, HelenNH03-32
How To Raise And Train An Old English SheepdogBerkowitz, MonaNh03-33 x
Cats- “Day Book”NH03-34
The Pan Book Of CatsTenentNH03-35
West Sydney- WildFairley, Alan Waterhouse, DavidNH03-36
Bichon FriseBeauchampNH03-37
How To Raise And Train A Cardigan Welsh CorgiMelms, Mrs Henning And Pyms, MichaelNH03-38
How To Raise And Train A Irish SettlerGannonNH03-39
How To Raise And Train A Golden RetrieverMillerNH03-40
The Cat NotebookRunning PressNH03-41
Little White KingSteen, MargueriteNH03-42
Old English Sheepdogs In AustraliaNH03-43
Companion DogWillies, Monty, HamiltonNH03-44
Purnells Pictoria's Encycopedia Of DogsNH03-45
More Cats Of The Greek IslandsSilvester, HansNH03-46
The Earth It's Wonders It's Secrets Intelligence In AnimalsNH03-47
All Colour Book Of Cats Towe, Elizabeth And Metcal, ChristineNH03-48
Champion Cats Of The WorldNH03-49
The Rolf Harris Picture Book Of CatsNH03-50
From Kittens To CatsHamlyn, PaulNH03-51
Do Cats Need ShrinksNeville, PeterNH03-52
Nature Series- CatsWratten, PeggyNH03-53
Identifying Cat BreedersNH03-54
How Well Do You Know Your Pet?Nh03-55
The Guide To Owning A FerretFieldNH03-56
Marine Mammals Of AustraliaNH03-57
Tropical Fish AquariumAlderton, DavidNH03-58
Cat's CradleNH03-59
The Family Book Of Australian PetsRobinson, BrianNH03-60
The FishesNH03-61
Exotic Aquarium FishesNH03-62
The Aquarium Fish HandbookMills, DickNH03-63
A Fishkeeper's Guide To Central American CichlidsNH03-64
Why Big Fierce Animals Are RareColinvaux, PaulNH03-65
The Cult Of The GoldfishRoughley, T.C.NH03-66
Goldfish In AustraliaBakerNH03-67
The Optimum AquariumHorst, Kalper And Horst E KipperNH03-68
Pests And DiseasesLindsay, PaxNH03-69
The Cult Of The GoldfishRoughley, T.C.NH03-70
Tropical FishRogers, GeoffreyNH03-71
Tropical FishMcInerny, DerekNH03-72
The Tropical Marine AquariumHargreavesNH03-73
Animal BehaviourThompson, CloudsleyNH03-74
DownunderLines, BarryNH03-75
Australian Desert LifeDaveyNH03-76
Koala And Emu And The Unexpected BoxFossard, Esta DeNH03-77
Koala And Tasmanian Devil And The Possum HuntFossard, Esta DeNH03-78
Aquarium Fish In AustraliaNH03-79
Starfish WarsRaymond RobertNH03-80
Fish For Australian Freshwater AquariumsNH03-81
An Extraordinary LifeNH03-82
A Zoo In My LuggageDurrel, GeraldNH04-01
Beasts In My BelfryDurrel, GeraldNH04-02
Understanding Your DogMessent, PeterNH04-03
Protecting The Earth's Wild AnimalsNH04-04
Wildlife Of AustraliaServenty, VincentNH04-05
Wildlife Of Eastern AustraliaBreeden Stanley And KayNH04-06
Animals In The NightPrince, H.J.NH04-07
Animals Of The ArcticStonehouseNH04-08
Continent Of CuriositiesKolar, KurtNH04-09
Fijian WildlifeVeikau, MaiNh04-10
The White Lions Of TimbavatiNh04-11 x
Anectodes And AntidotesCooper, Dr HarryNh04-12
The Leading Lady Dinah's StoryWhite, Betty And Sullivan TomNH04-13
Velvet PawsGrindlay, IreneNH04-14
Every Living ThingHeriot, JamesNH04-15
Various TitlesHeriot JamesNH04-16
Stories From The Animal WhispererMcGagh, TrishaNH04-17
Discovering Life On EarthAttenborough, DavidNH04-18
Remedies And MemoriesCooper Harry DrNH04-19
Whatever You Do Don't RunAllison, PeterNH04-20
It Shouldn't Happen To A VetHerriot, JamesNH04-21
Wheelbarrows, Chooks And ChildrenSimons, MargaretNH04-22
The Moon By WhalelightAckerman, DianeNH04-23
Goodbye DoctorPoidevin, LeslieNH04-24
An HNh04-25
The Spotted SphinxAdamson JoyNH04-26
To Save An ElephantThornton, Alan And Currey, DaveNH04-27
Ivory KnightsGordon, NicholasNH04-28
Flock Book For Breeds Of Sheep In Australia Vol.70NH04-29
Flock Book For Breeds Of Sheep In Australia Vol.68NH04-30
Backyard Poultry KeepingBrann, H.V.NH04-31
Housing PoultryBrann, H.V.NH04-32
Sheep Management Wool TechnologyDarcy, J.B.NH04-33
Wildlife In The Home PaddockWoldt, BreckNH04-34
Sheep Management And DiseasesBelschnerNH04-35
Handbook For WoolgrowersNH04-36
The Basics Of Angora BreedingNH04-37
Breeding And Management Of LivestockLipscomb, G.W.ANH04-38sold
Sheep Farm And Station ManagementPearceNH04-39
PigsBowman , And VardleyNH04-40
Classing The ClipCowleyNH04-41
Classing The ClipCowleyNH04-42
Guernsey Herd Book Of AustraliaNH04-43
Breeding HamstersOstrowNH04-44
Handbook For Wool GrowingNH04-45
The HamsterNH04-46
Bunnies As PetsNH04-47
Mice As PetsNH04-48
Naturecraft AustraliaNH04-49
Beginners Guide To MiceNH04-50
The Ilsington Herd Of Dexter CattleBrown, RosemaryNH04-51
Reference Book To Australian Nature PlatesNH04-53
Encounters With Australian AnimalsFranca, HarryNH04-54
Four-Legged AustraliansGrzimek, BernhardNH04-55
Fundamentals Of Modern AgricultureNH05-01
Thornburn's MammalsNH05-02
Animals Of New ZealandNatusch, SheilaNH05-03
The Orientation Of AnimalsFranenkel, S And Gunn L NH05-04
The Gift Of The DeerHoover, HelenNH05-05
FaminesBrown, AndersonNH05-06
The Shining LevelsWyatt, JohnNH05-07
The Universal UrgePrince H.JNH05-08
When The Moon Was BigBeier, UlliNH05-09
The Ocean World Of Jacques Cousteau And Attack DefenseCousteau, JacquesNH05-10
the first EdenAttenborough, DavidNH05-11
In The WildButler, HarryNH05-12
Land Of WonderChrisholm, Alec, HNH05-13
The Mystery Of MigrationBaker Dr RobinNH05-14
The Sea Around UsCarson, RachelNH05-15
Australia's National ParksServentyNH05-16
Great Barrier ReefDakin, William, J.NH05-17
The Book Of AnimalsLloyd, John and Mitchinson, JohnNH05-18
ZarafaAllin, MichaelNH05-19
Born FreeAdamson, JoyNH05-20
A Field Guide To Wilderness LivingGearing, CatherineNH05-21
Bwana Game 'The Life Story Of George AdamsonAdamson, GeorgeNH05-22
Born Free A Lioness Of Two WorldsAdamson, JoyNH05-23
Wildlife Of Eastern AustraliaBreeden, Stanley And KayNH05-24
Living With LionsNH05-25
The Life Of Karen BlixenDinesen, Isaak And Thurman, JohnNH05-26
Tanka The OtterWilliamson, HenryNH05-27
Ring Of The Bright WaterMaxwell, GavinNH05-28
Wildlife In The SuburbsClyne, DenseyNH05-29
The CountrymanNH05-30
The Incredible JourneyNH05-31
Last SurvivorsSimon And GeroudetNH05-42
The Way Of A CountrymanNH05-43
The Fringe Of The SeaBennet, IsobelNH05-44
Birds, Beasts And FlowersGrace, Princess Of MonacoNH05-45
The Secret World Of The PandasGoodall, JaneNH05-46
The Country Diary Of An Edwardian LadyHolden, EdithNH05-47
Anecdotes And AntidotesCooper, Dr HarryNH05-48
The Earth Is But One CountryNH05-49
Fish And Fisheries Of AustraliaRoughleyNH05-50
To Hidden DepthsTailliez, Captain, PhillipeNH05-51
South African ShellsNH05-52
Shadowing The Ghost Of The EstuaryNH05-53
Nature WatchPettifer, Julian And Brown, RobinNH05-54
Saving The GameCullen, Anthony And Downey, SydneyNH05-55
A Fish Caught In TimeWeinberg, SamanthaNH05-56
1001 Questions Answered About The SeashoreNH05-57
DolphinsDavidson, MargaretNH05-58
The Ocean World Of Jacques CousteauNH05-59
Seashores Of AustraliaStodart And SlaterNH05-60
The Deep SeaWallace, JosephNH05-61
Oceans (Secrets Of The)NH05-62
The Life-Giving SeaBellamy, DavidNH05-63
The Territorial ImperativeAndrean, RobertNH05-64
The Australian BeachcomberNH05-65
The Fascinating Secrets Of Oceans And IslandsNH05-66
Mind In The WatersMcIntyre JoanNH06-01
Encounters With WhalesIssacs, RossNH06-02
Save The DolphinsDonoghue, Michael And Wheeler, AnnieNH06-03
Voyage To The WhalesWhitehead, HalNH06-04
Musco- Blue WhaleSmith, VincentNH06-05
Whales, Talbot, JenniferNH06-06
Whale WatchingIsaacs, Ross And Dalton, TinaNH06-07
Shark TroubleBenchley, PeterNH06-08
Shark TroubleBenchley, PeterNH06-09
The Boy And The SharkBrown W TheoNH06-10
Whale Of A SharkCropp, BenNH06-11
Killer SharksCoppelson, VictorNH06-12
The Life And Death Of WhalesBurton, RobertNH06-13
DolphinsAlpens, AntonyNH06-14
Journey Into Dolphin DreamtimeDobbs, HoraceNH06-15
Pictures In The Dolphin MindRobson, FrankNH06-16
Thinking Dolphins, Talking WhalesRobson, FrankNH06-17
The Mind Of The Dolphin-A Non Human IntelligenceCunningham, John LillyNH06-18
Social Groups Of Monkeys Apes And MenChance R A Michael And Jolly J CliffordNH06-19
Jim Corbett's IndiaHawkins, E.R.NH06-20
A Seal Flies ByPearson, R.LNH06-21
Seal MorningFarre, RowenaNH06-22
Ring Of Bright WaterManwell, GavinNH06-23
Rolf's WalkaboutServenty, HarrisNH06-24
Wonders Of The Great Barrier ReefRoughleyNH06-25
To The African Wilderness (With)Roughsey, E.B.O.NH06-26
Destination Barrier ReefNH06-27
Great Barrier ReefDakin J WilliamNH06-28
Escape To The AdventureMonkman, NoelNH06-29
The Gift Of The DeerHoover, HelenNH06-30
A Pattern Of IslandsGrimble, ArthurNH06-31
Men And PandasMorris, Ramona And DesmondNH06-32
The Pictorial Encyclopaedia Of The Animal KingdomStannich, J.V.NH06-33
The Seeing EyeKaye John ListerNH06-34
The Spirit Of The WildLong J WilliamNH06-35
How Animals CommunicateGilbertNH06-37
Wildlife Fact FileNH06-38
The Moorland GamekeeperSpottiswoodeNH06-39
Leopard In My LapDennis, MichaelaNH06-40
Animals As NavigatorsAnderson, EricNH06-41
Elephants, Elephants, ElephantsNH06-42
Worlds Of NatureDisney, WaltNH06-43
Continent Of Curiosities- KolarNH06-44
The Forest DwellersBrewer, StellaNH06-45
Naturecraft In AustraliaHarris,ThistleNH06-46
Wild Animal White ManGrzimek, BernhardNH06-47
Wildlife Of The Brisbane AreaNH06-48
Encounters With Whales And DolphinsDoak, WadeNH07-01
Bushland And SeashoreHill, RobinNH07-02
The Year Of The KoalaWilliamson, H.P.NH07-03
The Australian Guide To Whale WatchingIssacs, Ross And Dalton, TinaNH07-04
Primitive HuntersJelinek, JanNH07-05
The Lone African DayNH07-06
Australian WildlifeServenty, Vincent And CarolNH07-07
Australian NaturelandNH07-08
The Alpine Flowers Of The Kosciusko State ParkNH07-09
Western Plains ZooNH07-10
A History Of Minnamurra RainforestOkeefeNH07-11
The Treasury Of Many WondersNH07-12
Birds Trees And FlowersNH07-13
Marvels And Mysteries Of Our Animal WorldNH07-14
Our Amazing World Of NatureNH07-15
Whales Dolphins And PorpoisesNH07-16
Australia The Beautiful WildernessMoult, AlanNH07-17
SafariRodgers, Barbara, RadcliffeNH07-18
Great CatsNH07-19
Seals And Sea LionsCleave, AndrewNH07-20
Marvels And Mysteries Of Our Animal WorldNH07-21
The Day Of The DinosaurMan, JohnNH07-22
RSPB Nature ReservesRSPBNH07-23
Greenpeace Report 1976NH07-24
Man's Conquest Of The PacificBellwood, PeterNH07-25
Hunter's Of The WildTaylor, etc.NH07-26
Southern Africa Land Of Beauty And SplendourReader's DigestNH07-27
Australian NaturelandAUPNH07-28
Carcasson's African ButterfliesSmith- WrightNH07-29
Crocodiles - Killer's In The WildHermes, NeilNH07-30
People And Places- In Search Of Australia And The South PacificReader's DigestNH07-31
Animals Of The Rocky Shore Of New ZealandLeslie A MargaretNH07-32
Reflections Of EdenGaldikas Mf And BruteNH07-33
Butterflies Of The National ParkKloppers, JohnNH07-35
Crocodiles Of AustraliaWebb And ManolisNH07-36
Colour Book Of Baby AnimalsNH07-37
The World Of AnimalsLambert, DavidNH07-38
The White Lions Of TimbavatiMcBride, ChrisNH07-39
Australia's Wildlife Heritage Our Plants And AnimalsServenty ed. Hamlyn And HammondNH07-40
Discovering The Wonders Of The Our WorldWalker And BuchananNH07-41
Haleakala, The Story Behind The SceneryMack, JimNH07-42
Animals Of Australia In ColorStevens, LylaNH07-43
The Wildlife YearReaders DigestNH07-44
Discover AustraliaReaders DigestNH07-45
Our Amazing World Of NatureNH07-46
The Whale – Mighty Monarch Of The SeaCousteau Yves JacquesNH07-47
CreaturesDonald's DarrochNH07-48
A Vision Of EdenThe Life And Work Of North MarianneNH07-49
Close Friends And RelativesElsdale, BobNH07-50
Vanishing Wild Animals Of The WorldFittler, Leigh LambertonNH07-51
The Tiger's DestinyNH07-53
Australia The Beautiful WildernessNH07-54
australian sea fishescoleman, neville
the coral seascampbell, andrew
working dogsGoode, Angela
the tree where man was bornmatthiessen, peter
monster of godquammen, davidsold
the snow leopardmatthiessen, peter
faithful companionsporter, valerie
homer's odysseycooper, gwen
bad dogs have more fungrogan, john
nortongethers, peter
a seal pup in my bathgreenhalgh, steve
all things bright and beautifulHerriot, James
dog storiesHerriot, James
It Shouldn't Happen To A VetHerriot, James
queen of the elephantsshand, mark
first aid companion for dogs and catsshojai, amy
eight little piggiesgould, stephen jay
life on airAttenborough, David
the practical encyclopedia of koimatsuba, kin
paws and reflectplakcy and sakson
your kitten's first yearharper, don