Planes, Trains, and Automobiles….and Ships.

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Chasing The America's Cup 1974Jones, A TheodoreTran1-01
Newport And The America's Cup ChallengeJones, Ted0-002164051Tran1-02
The Cool Weather RouteCaptain Balletyne, P.L. 0-727013920Tran1-03
SHowdown At NewportHammer F GeorgeTran1-04
The Charter GAmeMongrove, Ross0-245534350Tran1-05
Sailing The Great RaresBurton, Robin0-0070935319Tran1-06SOLD
Against All Odds Around Alone In The Boc ChallengeNebaner, Alan0-074703315Tran1-07
Challenge Lone Sailors Of The AtlanticAsaria, GeraldTran1-08
Transactions Of The Naval Architects 1957Tran1-09
Transactions Of The Naval Architects 1949Tran1-10
The Naval And Military Club Melbourne 1881-1981Perry, WarrenTran1-11
Chapman PilotingMaloney S Ebert0-688072461Tran1-12
KodukuHones, KenichiTran1-13
River Journey's0-56320204Tran1-14
Make SailHeaton, PeterTran1-15
Let's Try SailingTognill, Jeff0-50950066Tran1-16
The New Glean's Sailing Manual0-589012266Tran1-17
High WaterReeman Douglas0-70890184Tran1-18
The Return Of The First FleetKing, JohnathanTran1-19
Small Boat RacingMoore B James0-090820800Tran1-20
Fitted For The VoyagePAge Michael0-851799188Tran1-21
A History Of YachtingHeaton, Peter0-85468297Tran1-22
Sailing The Great RacesBurton, Robin0-007093519Tran1-23
Great Voyages Of The World0-864491972Tran1-24
Successful SAilingdlAlpuget170019369Tran1-25
Inshore- OffshorePockock Michael0-851773893Tran1-26
The LAst NavigatorThomas D Stephen0-01972613Tran1-27
The Future Of ShipsPhillips, D BirtTran1-28
Captain Cook CruisesGoldsmith, RobertTran1-29
To Win The Admiral's CupKenny DickTran1-30
Sailboat RefinishingCasy, Don0-070132259Tran1-31
Faster SailingBalier , N. RobertTran1-32
Boating For BeginnersHAmlyn, Paul0-600072185Tran1-33
Boating For BeginnersHamlyn, Paul0-600072185Tran1-34
Sailboat RefinishingCasey, Don0-070132259Tran1-35
The Dress Of The British Sailor11881400Tran1-36
Stapleton's Powerboat Bible0-6889084486Tran1-37
Talbot-Booth's Merchant Ships0-904478564Tran2-01
Talbot-Booth's Merchant Ships Supp 50-9044758565Tran2-02
The Racing EdgeTurner, Ted & Jobson, Gary0-906781035Tran2-03
The Twelve Metre Challenge For The America's CupHoyt, Golinkin0-207937797Tran2-04
Practical Yacht RacingSchiottz, EyvinTran2-05
Kay Cottee, First Lady0-72510760Tran2-06
Glass Fibre Yaachts Improvement And RepairJones, Charles0-295508015Tran2-07
Ships In ColourPick, ChristopherTran2-08
FarallonLloyd K SteveTran2-09
The Tall Ships 1986Liberman, Cy & Liberman, Pat0-912608293Tran2-10
The Cup Comes Down UnderAkerman, PiersTran2-11
Royal Australian Navy Major Warships Profile zNo.1Wilson, Michael0-646127217Tran2-12
Australian Seapower SubmarinesTran2-13
Australian Seapower DestroyersTran2-14
The Return Of The First FleetFairfax, King, JohnTran2-15
The Tall Ships 1986Tran2-16
Born To WinBertrand, John1863590856Tran2-17
The Master MarinerMonsarralTran2-18
An Extreme EventWhitmont, Debbie0-091820570Tran2-19
Breaking BanksLabban, Peter & Salter, David1740513150Tran2-20
Classic Sea StoriesUnsworth, Barns1858913276Tran2-21
Cruising Salt Or PowerHeaton, PeterTran2-22
Fatal Storm The 59th Sydney To Hobart Yacht RaceMundle, RobTran2-23sold
The Golden RendezvousMaclean, AlistairTran2-24
Honour This DayKent, Alexander0-330304577Tran2-25
Post CaptainObrien, PatrickTran2-26
The Master MarinerCassellTran2-27
The Thirteen Gun SaluteObrien, Patrick0-006178855Tran2-28
High WaterReeman. Douglas0-0708901484Tran2-29
ShipwrecksMettugh, Evan0-670040193Tran2-30
Yachtmaster OffshoreRussell, JohnTran2-31
Expedition WhydahClifford, Barry & Perry, Paul0-060192321Tran2-32
NavigatorScott, Michael & Gaghan, Gloria0-41317350Tran2-33
The Lonely Sea And The SkyChichester, FrancisTran2-34
Red Sky In The MourningAshcraft, Tami & McGearhart, Susan0-73415892Tran2-35
The Cruise Of The ConradVilliers, Alan0-33002984Tran2-36
Ice BirdLewis, David0-006346693Tran2-37
Honour This DayKent, Alexander97800994971Tran2-38
A Dictionary Of SailingBurgess, H.F.Tran2-39
Atlantic MeetingMorton,V.H.Tran2-40
Atlantic MeetingMorton,V.H.Tran2-41
And The Band Played OnWard, Christopher9.78E+12Tran2-42
The Cutlass And The LeashNeale, Johnathan0-745300790Tran2-43
Fitted On The VoyagePage, M0-851799183Tran2-44
The Voyage Of The Mir El-LahRiccardi, Lorenzo0-002118874Tran2-45
Upset: Australia Wins....Levitt, Michael & Lloyd, Barbara0-340355808Tran2-46
The War ChestHill, Porter0-285627139Tran2-47
The Wreck Of The TararnaMacintosh, JohnTran2-48
Tuning A Racing YachtFletcher, Mike & Ross, Bob0-207122733Tran2-49
Ben Lexcen The Man The Keel And The CupStannard, BruceTran2-50
The Penta Marine Radio Communications Manual0-646310798Tran2-51
The America's Cup ChallengeFairchild, ToniTran2-52
This Is SailingOsbourne0-006353307Tran2-53
Tall Ships Australia 1988Tran2-54
The Romance Of SailLeich, Michael0-600375765Tran2-55
Landfall Then DepartureJordan, HumphriesTran2-56
Introduction To Flight Radio0-949499315Tran2-57
Australian Aviation0-8130876Tran2-58
Sample Oral TestsTran2-59
Triangular Screw Thraeds In AustraliaTran2-60
Diamonds In The SkyHudson & Kenneth & Pettifer JulianTran2-61
Among The HeroesLongman, Jeve0-743230981Tran2-62
Double EagleMcCarry, Charles0-491028717Tran2-63
Down To A Sunless SeaGraham, David0-671412175Tran2-64
Beyond The Blue HorizonFrater, Alexander0-684188376Tran2-65
The Introductory Flying LessonPratt,M. Jeremy187478341Tran2-66
The Best I Can BeArnott, Allana0-732910218Tran2-67
Among The HeroesLongman, Jere0-74349738Tran2-68
HMS BountyMaxwell John0-600314812Tran2-69
Disaster At SeaMielke, OttoTran2-70
The Millionth ChanceLeasorTran2-71
Safety For Small CraftTran2-72
Two Years Before The MastDana, Henry, RichardTran2-73
The Last NavigatorThomas.D, Stephen0-091726131Tran2-74
Fatal StormMundle, Rob0-732269237Tran2-75
HeadwindNance, J. John0-330482475Tran2-76
The Perfect StormJunger, Sebastian184115377Tran2-77
Where Fate CallsFrame0-340549688Tran2-78
SamuraiSakai, SaburoTran2-79
Airshow South Africa 2005Dely Frans & Horan, HayleyTran2-80
The Fatal LightsMead Tom0-909089035Tran2-81
Sailing: A Sailors DictonaryBeard & MckieTran2-82
A Book Of Air Journey'sKennedy, LudovigTran2-83
Straight On Till MorningLovell S Mary0-099536005Tran2-84
Regatta SailingSkhonberg0-229986641Tran2-85
Life And Death AdventureFlannery, TimTran2-86
Our Earliest Colonial SettlementsAndrewsTran2-87
Sydney To Hobart The 1995 Golden LegTran2-88
British Bulk Carriers 1945-79Stewart G FTran2-89
The Man Who Stayed BelowGould, Alan0-207148910Tran2-90
Admiral Of The Ocean SeaMorrison0-930350375Tran2-91
Jeff Toghill's Book Of Holiday Cruising0-58950261Tran2-92
Incredible Flying MachinesJerram F Michael0-856558358Tran3-01
A History Of FlightCourtlandt, CanbyTran3-02
Australian Seapower Battleships1-876043148Tran3-03
Air Power0-080344178Tran3-04
The Hamlyn Guide To Commercial Aircraft & Airline MArkingsCampbell, ChristyTran3-05
The Hallelujah FlightLynn, JackTran3-06
Modern Reconnoissance AircraftCHANT, ChristopherTran3-07
Club Flying And GlidingPark, AdelseTran3-08
Flying VisitsJames, Clive JTran3-09
Imperial 109Doyle, RichardTran3-10
The Flying PhotographersCharlton LEOTran3-11
SAM 7Cox, RichardTran3-12
Trailblazer Of The AirTennant, KylieTran3-13
AirportHailey ArthurTran3-14
Master And Commander StoriesAshley, Mike1845291778Tran3-15
Born To WinBertrand, JohnTran3-16
Readers' DigestMotoring Guide To AustraliaTran3-17
GerobleurPilot's GuideTran3-18
Boat Owner's Maintennance ManualToghill, Reed JeffTran3-19
The How And Why Wonder Book Of Trains And RailroadsTran3-20
The N Seale Legend Returns In 19Tran3-21
Motoring GUide To AustraliaTran3-22
Servicing Kimberley TasmanTran3-23
The National DreamBenton, PierreTran3-24
Buses Trolley's And TramsHamlyn, PaulTran3-25
Suai Workshop ManualTran4-01
Honda N360 N600Z 1967-74Tran4-02
Workshop Manual BMW 1800 1800 1964-71Tran4-03
Citrown CXTran4-04
Commodore VC 6 Cyl.Tran4-05
Camina JB 1982 1983Tran4-06
Falcon Fairmount XC Series 6 CylTran4-07
Galant GC GD 1974/1977 17Tran4-08
Galant GC, GD 1974/1977Tran4-09
Workshop Manual, Dastun 100A 120A 1971-75Tran4-10
Fiat 1300, 1500 1961-67Tran4-11
Workshop Manual 1969-73Tran4-12
Workshop Manual 1971-76Tran4-13
Fiat Regata, HayneHaynesTran4-14
Fiat 120HaynesTran4-15
Falcon Covering SeriesTran4-16
Falcon Covering SeriesTran4-17
Falcon XWTran4-18
Falcon 165 A Fairmount 1979/1981Tran4-19
Falcon 160 FairmountTran4-20
Falcon FairmountTran4-21
Falcon Covering SeriesTran4-22
Falcon (Covering Series)Tran4-23
Laser- MeteorTran4-24
Gemini TC-TD 1977/1979Tran4-29
Gemini TC-TDTran4-30
Honda Civic 1200Tran4-33
Honda 1500Tran4-34
Isuzu Workshop ManualTran4-35
Mazda 808, 818Tran4-36
Mazda 323 SeriesTran4-37
Marina 1500-1750 1972/1975Tran4-38
Hilman Minx- Workshop ManualTran4-39
The Complete WOrkshop Manual For Morris Austin 1800Tran4-40
Austin A 40 Workshop ManualTran4-41
Kawasaki 79 83 K2250305 Twin Motorcycle Service ManualTran4-42
Mazda 1200,1300 1969-73Tran4-43
Mazda Capella 1600 1970/1973Tran4-44
Marina 1-3-1-BTran4-45
Mazda 323 FWD 1980/1982Tran4-46
Mazda 626 Fwd SeriesTran4-47
Mazda 323 1977/1980Tran4-48
Mazda 1500-1800Tran4-49
Nissan Bluebird' 81 thru '86 HaynesTran4-50
Mazda 800, 1000Tran4-51
Passat 1.3-1.5-1.6 Litre To 1977Tran4-52
Renault 16 HaynesTran4-53
Renault 16, 16TL 16 TS 1965-72Tran4-54
Renault 12 HaynesTran4-55
Renault 8 & 10Tran4-56
116A Sigma GE Series 1978/1980GE SeriesTran4-57
116A Sigma Ge Series 1978/1980Tran4-58
116A Sigma GE Series 1978/1980Tran4-59
116A Sigma Series 1978/1980Tran4-60
189 Sigma GH-GJ Series 1980/1983Tran4-61
Toran 1200-1300 LC-LJ-TATran5-01
Toyota Crown M6 65Tran5-02
Corona 1995cc 1983/1987Tran5-03
Corona 12R-1600 1971/1972Tran5-04
Toyota Corona Repair Manual BodyTran5-05
Toyota Crown Repair Manual ChassisTran5-06
Toyota Corolla & Trueno Repair Manual-ChassisTran5-07
Toyota Corona Mk1 & Mk11 1962-1969 Workshop ManualTran5-08
Toyota Corona Repair Manual ChassisTran5-09
Basis Car Maintennance & ServicingVafers, JTran5-10
Volkswageb 1600 BeetleTran5-11
Vanguard SpacemasterTran5-12
Corolla 1200Tran5-13
Volkswagen -Covering Series 1500 and 1600Tran5-14
Elf Workshop Manual AKD 3239Tran5-15
Telecom Red- The International Road Atlas To EuropeTran5-16
Just Joey- The Joey Dunlop StoryTran5-17
Reader's Digest Book Of The CarTran5-18
From The Engine To The Wheels Automative FundamentalsTran5-19
Racing CarsTran5-20
Greater Melbourne 2003 MelwayTran5-21
Your Learners And Driver's Made EasyTran5-22
Workshop MaunualTran5-23
Vauxhall Service Training ManualTran5-24
Vauxhall Service Training Manual Front Axle Suspension Axle Series PBTran5-25
Vauxhall Service Training Manual Gasolene Engine & Clutch Series PBTran5-26
Fire Engines & Fire – FightingTran5-27
The Fire Engine- GoodenoughTran5-28
Bypass MeGuier, MichaelTran5-29
Instruction ManualTran5-30
Manual Of Motorcycle SportTran5-31
On The RoadTran5-32
Exploring GPS0-958528101Tran5-33
Did I Wake YouTran5-34
Ford LaserTran5-36
Veteran & Eduardian Motor CarsMongrieffTran5-37
Cam's Manual Of Motor SportTran5-38
Tips And Practice Guide- For The Off Highway MotorcyclistTran5-39
Falcon Fairmount Fairmount GHIATran5-40
Motor Traffic Handbook- Department Of TransportTran5-41
Veteran and Vintage CarsTran5-42
ThrustNoble, RichardTran5-43
Explore Australia By Four-Wheel DriveWherrett, Peter & Wherrett, KimTran5-44
Practical Australian MotoristTran5-45
Auto Blues And Other ViewsTran5-46
Explore Australia 2005Tran5-47
Car Body RepairsTran5-48
Top Gear Australia ed. no.008Tran6-01
Top Gear Australia ed.010Tran6-02
Top Gear Australia ed.011Tran6-03
Top Gear Australia ed.006Tran6-04
Top Gear ed.009Tran6-05
Top Gear Australia ed. 005Tran6-06
Top Gear Australia ed.020Tran5-55
Top Gear Australia ed.004Tran5-56
Top Gear Australia ed. 003Tran5-57
Top Gear Australia ed. 012Tran5-58
Top Gear Australia ed.017Tran5-59
Top Gear Australia ed.016Tran5-60
Top Gear Australia ed.018Tran5-61
Top Gear Australia ed.015Tran5-62
Top Gear Australia ed.014Tran5-63
Top Gear Australia ed.013Tran5-64
Top Gear Australia ed.021Tran5-65
Top Gear ed.024Tran5-66
Top Gear ed.029Tran5-67
Top Gear ed.026Tran5-68
Top Gear ed.023Tran5-69
Top Gear ed.022Tran5-70
Top Gear ed.030Tran5-71
Australian Motoring Guide, Powell, Gareth0-091828767Tran5-72
Speed And Power- 100 Years Of Change1858339375Tran5-73
Greater Melbourne0-909439141Tran5-74
Explore Australia's Great Inland1875580018Tran5-75
Car Sep 2002Tran5-76
Wheels June 2010Tran5-78
Wheels Mar 2010Tran5-79
Wheels Aug 2010Tran5-80
Wheels Oct 2010Tran5-81
Motor June 2007Tran5-82
Overlander Apr 2006Tran5-83
Bentley 1919-1931Tran5-84
Car Jan 2004Tran5-85
Overlander Dec 2005Tran5-86
4x4 Feb 2006Tran5-87
Overlander Jan 2006Tran5-88
Overlander Mar 2006Tran5-89
Weekend Warriors IITran5-90
4x4 2006 year editionTran5-91
Australian 4wd Monthly Dec 2001Tran5-92
Overlander 4wd Nov 2006Tran5-93
4x4 Dec 2005Tran5-94
4x4 Nov 2006Tran5-95
4x4 July 2006Tran5-96
4x4 May 2006Tran5-97
4x4 Jan 2006Tran5-98
sailing for beginnerstoghill, jeff
four wheel drive off road off limitsfryatt & scott
commercial aircraft and airlinerssimpson, rod
flying the big jetsstewart, stanley
the darlington spitfirecaygill, peter
sport pilot airplanecarpenter, carol & brian
flight of the titanskemp, kenny
air babylonedward-jones, imogen
operational flyingcroucher, phil
sailing alone around the worldslocum, joshua
whalemen adventurersdakin, w.j
may on motorsmay, james
wizard of ozwalker, clinton
legendary racing motorcyclesduckworth and seeley
shipwreck on middleton reefbelcher, bill
bourne to rallybourne, possum
ramagepope, dudley
the doctors book of home rememdies for cats and dogs
world car catalgoue1971 automobile club of italy
rally yearbook world rally championship 2003solberg, patter
dream machines motor cyclesbrown, roland