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Singer of the BushPaterson, A.B.Top-01
Singer of the BushPaterson, A.B.Top-02
Song of the PenPaterson, A.B.Top-03
Song of the PenPaterson, A.B.Top-04
A Fantasy of ManLawson, HenryTop-05
A Fantasy of ManLawson, HenryTop-06
A Camp Fire YarnLawson, HenryTop-07
A Camp Fire YarnLawson, HenryTop-08
The World of Henry LawsonTop-09
The World of the Sentimental BlokeTop-10
The PenelopaeiaRawlings, Jane1567922066Top-11
Around the Borree LogO'Brien, JohnTop-12
Pudden Poems, from The Magic PuddingLindsay, NormanTop-13
My Country, Australian Poetry and Short Stories Vol 1Po01-01
My Country, Australian Poetry and Short Stories Vol 2Po01-01a
Tell Me the Truth bout LoveAuden, W.H.Po01-02
Tell Me the Truth bout LoveAuden, W.H.Po01-02a
TigersAdcock, FleurPo01-03
The Eye of the HurricaneAdcock, FleurPo01-04
The DumbfoundingAvison, MargaretPo01-05
Sunday at YarralumlaAnderson, EthelPo01-06
The Long Distance Poet's Entry into HeavenAnnand, PeterPo01-07
Bringer of LightAdamson, BartlettPo01-08
WintersetAnderson, MaxwellPo01-09
There Was a Crooked ManBanning, LexPo01-10
There Was a Crooked ManBanning, LexPo01-11
In, on or about the PremisesBlackburn, PaulPo01-12
Up Here on the HillBridger, Bub0-90860663XPo01-13
The Laurell Yet Is GreenBrown, Phiyllis DuncanPo01-14
BrowningBrowning, Robert0-14042024XPo01-15
BrowningBrowning, Robert0-14042024XPo01-16
The Poems and Plays of Robert BrowningBrowning, RobertPo01-17
Selected Poems of Robert BrowningBrowning, Robert39430943XPo01-18
Accidental Grace0-702228724Po01-19
Western StarBenet, StePhien VincentPo01-20
John Brown's BodyBenet, StePhien VincentPo01-21
The Light around the BodyBly, RobertPo01-22
Summoned by BellsBetjeman, JohnPo01-23
Seeing ThingsBroPhiy, Kevin0-864184492Po01-24
The Fourth ManBlackburn, ThomasPo01-25
Theatre Poems and SongsBend, Edward0-413454304Po01-26
Wardens of the SeasGrady, E.J.Po01-27
The Complete Poems of Rupert BrookeBrooke, RupertPo01-28
The Complete Poems of Rupert BrookeBrooke, RupertPo01-29
The Complete Poems of Rupert BrookeBrooke, RupertPo01-30
The Complete Poems of Rupert BrookeBrooke, RupertPo01-31
The Complete Poems of Rupert BrookeBrooke, RupertPo01-32
The Complete Poems of Rupert BrookeBrooke, RupertPo01-33
The Complete Poems of Rupert BrookeBrooke, RupertPo01-34
The Complete Poems of Rupert BrookeBrooke, RupertPo01-35
Robert Bridges Poetical WorksBridges, RobertPo01-36
Robert Bridges Poetical WorksBridges, RobertPo01-37
Sonnets from the Portuguese and Other PoemsBrowning, Elizabeth Barrett0-486270521Po01-38
Sonnet from the PortugueseBrowning, Elizabeth BarrettPo01-38a
Gems from Mrs BrowningBrowning, Elizabeth BarrettPo01-39
Raukkan and Other PoemsBrusnahan, Margaret1875641009Po01-39a
PoemsBrown, Rita May0-89594247XPo01-40
Dreams and SpeculationsBinding, Paul & Horder, John0-854490396Po01-41
Vice VersaBrennan, Niall0-725601353Po01-42
As It WasBeaver, Bruce0-702212792Po01-43
At the Flash and at the BaciBolton, Ken1862546924Po01-44
Home GroundBrasch, CharlesPo01-45
Conversations with Lord ByronPrantera, Amanda0-349100381Po01-46
The Little White BirdBarrie, J.M.Po01-47
Poems and Songs of Robert BurnsBurns, RobertPo01-48
Poems and Songs of Robert BurnsBurns, RobertPo01-49
Bluey One and TwoBaker, RosPo01-50
Golden Builders and Other PoemsBuckley, Vincent0-207132909Po01-51
Byron, a SymposiumLord Byron333178289Po01-52
Sar Bache PoetryBache, SarPo01-52a
Green and Pleasant LandBenningfield, Gordon0-670830386Po01----
The Wife of Bath's Prologue and TaleChaucer, Geoffrey0-330502891Po01-53
The Nun's, Priest's TaleChaucer, GeoffreyPo01-54
The Parlament of FoolsChaucer, GeoffreyPo01-55
The Canterbury TalesChaucer, GeoffreyPo01-56
The Canterbury TalesChaucer, Geoffrey0-460113070Po01-57
The Branch of Dodona and Other PoemsCampbell, David0-207121176Po02-01
Selected PoemsCampbell, DavidPo02-02sold
Blue Prints and Other VersesClark, DonovanPo02-03
Life by DrowningCouzyn, Jeni0-906427738Po02-04
Collected PoemsCross, NormanPo02-05
My Lover's BackCronin, M.T.C.0-70223284XPo02-06
The Women WHo Live on the GroundCataldi, Lee0-140586547Po02-07
Performance BendCompton, Wayde1551521644Po02-08
Canterbury FolkCouper, J.M.Po02-09
The Book of BlighCouper, J.M.Po02-10
The Book of BlighCouper, J.M.Po02-11
The Lee ShoreCouper, J.M.Po02-12
Love, Life and the Land Down UnderClayton, ClivePo02----
Verse and ProseColeridge, Samuel TaylorPo02-13
Coleridge and the Literature of SensibilityDekker, GeorgePo02-13a
The Sayings of ConfuciusPo02-14
The Stricken Deer (Bio William Cowper)Cecil, DavidPo02-15
The Dogman and Other PoemsClark, RobertPo02-15a
Works of C.S. CalverleyCalverley, C.S.Po02-16sold
Eartth CryDavid, Norma L.Po02-16a
The Adorers of DionysosPryse, James Morgan0-787303186Po02-17
Selected Poems of John DonneDonne, John0-486277887Po02-18
Selected Poems of John DonneDonne, John0-140420134Po02-19
Condolences of the SeasonsDawe, Bruce0-701513063Po02-20
Sometimes GladnessDawe, Bruce0-582665582Po02-21
The C.J. Dennis CollectionDennis, C.J.0-850912946Po02-22
Digger SmithDennis, C.J.0-207148570Po02-23
DoreenDennis, C.J.Po02-24
The Songs of a Sentimental BlokeDennis, C.J.Po02-25
The Sentimental BlokeDennis, C.J.Po02-26
Motley and Other PoemsDe La Mare, WalterPo02-26a
Winged ChariotDe La Mare, WalterPo02-27
Slave SongDabydeen, David8788213080Po02-27a
The Works of John DrydenDryden, John1853264385Po02-28
PoemsDickey, JamesPo02-29
A Sense of PlaceDoyle, CharlesPo02-30
DeorMalone, Kemp (Ed)Po02-31
LightDiesendorf, Margaret855510307P002-32
LightDiesendorf, Margaret855510307Po02-33
PoemsDugan, AlanPo02-34
The Three Fates and Other PoemsDobson, Rosemary0-869061328Po02-35
The Ship of IceDobson, RosemaryPo02-36
Rosemary Dobson Collected PoemsDobson, Rosemary0-207168644Po02-37
Rosemary Dobson Collected PoemsDobson, Rosemary0-207168644Po02-38
Ballades of Theodore De BanvilleDe Banville, TheodorePo02-39
Selected PoemsDickinson, PatricPo02-40
Because I love youDavidson, Alice Joyce0-091498414Po02-40a
Wild Imaginings, Poems of the MindDas, Deep K.Po02-41
Euripides VEuripides0-226307840Po02-41a
Eliot (T.S. Eliot Bio)Spender, StePhien0-006334679Po02-42
Four QuartetsEliot, T.S.0-571068044Po02-43
Old Possums, a Book of Practical CatsEliot, T.S.0-571105580Po02-44
The Achievements of T.S. EliotPo02-45
Eating the ExperienceEdwards, RebeccaPo02-46
The Remembered Valley and Other PoemsEvans, Nellie A.Po02-47
Selected PoemsEdmond, Lauris0-195581261Po02-48
The Collected Poems of Elizabeth JenningsJennings, ElizabethPo02-49
Luminous FruitEvans, Steve1876251117Po02-50
The Leonard Feeney OmnibusFeeney, LeonardPo02-51
Forty Years PoemsFitzgerald, Robert D.Po02-52
The Eyes of AngelsFitzgerald, RossPo02-53
The Poems of Eugene FieldField, EugenePo02-54
The Memory of War and Children in ExileFenton, James0-140068120Po02-55
A Travelling People's Feild GuideFeild, Reshad1852300035Po02-56
Poems of GitanjaliGitanjali0-853622027Po02-57
Rpbert Gray Selected PoemsGray, Robert0-207152586Po02-58
Rpbert Gray Selected PoemsGray, Robert0-207166471Po02-59
Creek Water JournalGray, Robert0-702209457Po02-60
Thomas Gray Selected PoemsGray, Thomas0-856353175Po02-61
Thomas Gray (Bio)Golden, MorrisPo02-62
Gray and His PoemsHudson, W.H.Po02-63
Echoes of the EcclesiaGlogg, Gary F.0-806245778Po02-64
Goldsmith's WorksGoldsmith, OliverPo02-65
Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes h/bGordon, Adam LindsayPo03-01
Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes p/bGordon, Adam LindsayPo03-02
Poems of GordonGordon, Adam LindsayPo03-03
Poems of GordonGordon, Adam LindsayPo03-04
Selected PoemsGordon, Adam Lindsay0-207142459Po03-05
Selected PoemsGordon, Adam Lindsay0-207142459Po03-06
Soviet PoemsGutafson, RalPhi0-88010087Po03-07
A Tear and a SmileGibran, Kahlil434290742Po03-08
The ProphetGibran, Kahlil0-434290785Po03-08aSOLD
Punch on, Punch offGoodfellow, Geoff0-958079528Po03-09
It's 'Ard to Keep Straight in the CityGrant, KayPo03-10
Surviving PassagesGreig, Andrew0-862410266Po03-11
The Poetics of Empire (James Grainger)John Gilmore (Ed)0-485121484Po03-12
The Cave and the SpringHope. A.D.Po03-13
The Devil's DykeHassall, ChristoPhierPo03-14
Letters to YeseninHarrison, JimPo03-15
Not Finding WittgensteinHarry, J.S.Po03-16
A White RadianceHagger, Nicholas1852304898Po03-17
Poems and Prose of Gerard Manly HopkinsHopkins, Gerard ManlyPo03-18
Poet of the 21st CenturyHooton, Harry0-207166463Po03-19
Emerald Isle, a Selection of Poems and Quotations1856276112Po03-20
The Proud KnowledgeHolloway, John0-710085419Po03-21
Plain JaneHerbert, A.P.Po03-22
Sea ShantiesHerbert, A.P.Po03-23
Heine, Selected VerseHeine, HeinrichPo03-24
Selected PoemsHarry, J.S.Po03-25
Time to RideHunt, SamPo03-26
Poetic GemsHarris, Max0-959805729Po03-27
Poetic GemsHarris, Max0-959805729Po03-28
Aussie Ettamogah PubsHulm, Neil0-959003266Po03-29
Tales of the BushHulm, Neil0-959003258Po03-30
Where the Snow Grass GrowsHulm, Neil0-959003207Po03-31
The Happy Warrior PoemsHore-Ruthven, PatrickPo03-32
Poems of Thomas HardyHardy, Thomas333126829Po03-33
Selected Shorter Poems of Thomas HardyHardy, Thomas333059069Po03-33a
Seeing ThroughHoward, R. & Wansbrough, D.0-959438825Po03-34
Herbert – PoemsHerbert, GeorgePo03-35
Flights of FancyHarrison, J.B.Po03-36
It Has No Sound and Is BlueHawken, Dinah0-864730489Po03-37
Horace OdesPo03-38
Word, Sound and Image in the Odes of HoraceLee, M. OwenPo03-38a
ConfigurationHunt, EricPo03-39
Come WalkaboutIngamells, RexPo03-39a
Poetical WorksIngelow, JeanPo03-40
Ben Jonson PoemsJonson, BenPo03-41
Fires and PatternsJohnson, Louis0-701608056Po03-42
Fires and PatternsJohnson, Louis0-701608056Po03-43
The Partiality of HarboursJurgenson, Manfred0-958780137Po03-44
A Mountain SongJohnstone, S.M.Po03-45
Sing for Our ExecutionJensma, WopkoPo03-46
A Choice of Kipling's ProseRaine, Craig (Ed)0-571147038Po03-47
Lugging Vegetables to NantucketKlappert, Peter0-300014538Po04-01
Thomas Keneally, a Celebration0-642276412Po04-02
HemisPhieresKemp, Margery0-646243357Po04-03
Selected Poems of Henry KendallKendall Cottage, GosfordPo04-04
Leaves from Australian ForestsKendall, HenryPo04-05
Colonial Poets – Henry KendallKendall, HenryPo04-06
Bellbirds, a Poem by Henry KendallKendall, HenryPo04-07
VerandahsKent, Jean0-868063975Po04-08
VerandahsKent, Jean0-868063975Po04-09
VerandahsKent, Jean0-868063975Po04-10
Practising BreathingKent, Jean0-868064440Po04-11
I am the Green GrassKinmont, MeredithPo04----
The Rubaiyat of Omar KhayyamPo04-13
YeastKingsley, CharlesPo04-14
In the GardenLenore, Miriel9.78186E+12Po04-15
The Dog RockLenore, Miriel1862546661Po04-16
PoemsLeunig, Michael0-670040916Po04-17
The Whitsun WeddingsLarkin, Phiilip0-571097103Po04-18
Lowell's Complete Poetical WorksLowell, J.R.Po04-19
The Biglow PapersLowell, J.R.Po04-20
Selected PoemsLowell, RobertPo04-21
Selected PoemsLowell, RobertPo04-22
Prose Works of Henry LawsonLawson, HenryPo04-22a
Prose Works of Henry LawsonLawson, HenryPo04-23
Prose Works of Henry LawsonLawson, HenryPo04-23a
Prose Works of Henry LawsonLawson, HenryPo04-24
Lawson, Best StoriesLawson, Henry0-207129150Po04-24a
Selected StoriesLawson, Henry0-727015716Po04-25
Henry Lawson Favourites0-859020274Po04-25a
Henry Lawson, an Illustrated TreasuryLawson, Henry0-701819319Po04-26
A Literary Heritage – Henry Lawson0-855612444Po04-26a
Henry Lawson's Australia0-729512169Po04-27
Henry Lawson, Poet and Short Story WriterRoderick, ColinPo04-27a
The Receding Wave, Henry Lawson's ProseMatthews, Brian0-522840396Po04-28
Results of LoveLaws, JohnPo04-29
Results of LoveLaws, JohnPo04-30
In Love Is an Expensive Place to DieLaws, John0-600070379Po04-31
In Love Is an Expensive Place to DieLaws, John0-600070379Po04-32
In Love Is an Expensive Place to DieLaws, John0-600070379Po04-33
Longfellow PoemsLongfellow, Henry WadsworthPo04-34
BridgesLe Noury, DougPo04-35
KnotsLaing, R.D.Po04-36
Eyes Closed against the SunLivingstone, Douglas192112899Po04-37
CounterpointLaverty, UrsulaPo04-38
Ross's PoemsLehmann, Geoffrey0-207135711Po04-39
The Wounded Prince and Other PoemsLe Pan, DouglasPo04-40
Collected PoemsMcKellar, J.A.R.Po04-41
Selected Poems of Louis MacNeiceMacNeice, Louis0-571060897Po04-42
A Vision of CeremonyMcAuley, JamesPo04-43
Stanyan Street and Other SorrowsMcKuen, RodPo04-44
Lonesome CitiesMcKuen, RodPo04-45
Come to Me in SilenceMcKuen, RodPo04-46
The Moonlit DoorwayMackenzie, KennethPo04-47
The Moonlit DoorwayMackenzie, KennethPo04-48
Lays of Ancient RomeLord MacauleyPo05-01
Aralanta's RaceMorris, WilliamPo05-02
The Complete PoemsMarvell, Andrew0-140422137Po05-03
The Complete PoemsMarvell, Andrew0-140422137Po05-04
The Complete PoemsMarvell, Andrew0-140422137Po05-05
Fallen AngelManefield, Jorie0-646380060Po05-06
Fallen AngelManefield, Jorie0-646380060Po05-07
Persistence in FollyMurray, Les A.0-207149488Po05-08
The Voyage of the Arctic TernMontgomery, Hugh0-744594839Po05-09
The WaterholeMoll, Ernest G.Po05-10
No One Sings Face DownMeudt, EdnaPo05-11
Sounds of a Cowhide DrumMtshali, Oswald JosePhiPo05-12
Old Roger and Other VersesMasefield, JohnPo05-13
Collected PoemsMasefield, JohnPo05-14
The Garden of GethsemaneMudooroo0-947062261Po05-15
Australia, My HomeMacGrath, Amy0-959187952Po05-16
123456Meltzer, David0-876852703Po05-17
Forsaking All OthersMiller, Alice DuerPo05-18
The White CliffsMiller, Alice DuerPo05-19
The White CliffsMiller, Alice DuerPo05-20
The White CliffsMiller, Alice DuerPo05-21
Far CryMcCaig, NormanPo05-22
MinesMaiden, Jennifer9057040468Po05-23
Hero and Leander and Other PoemsMarlowe, ChristoPhierPo05-24
Melbourne OdesMaurice, FurnleyPo05-25
My Book of PoemsMaher, AlicePo05-26
Think How I FeelMac, PetePo05-27
Selected PoemsMcCrae, HughPo05-28
The Ship of HeavenMcCrae, HughPo05-29
The Stock WHip and the SpurMills, DudPo05-30
Collected PoemsNewbolt, HenryPo05-31
The Face is FamiliarNash, OgdenPo05-32
There's Always Another WindmillNash, OgdenPo05-33
The Poems of Shaw NeilsonNielson, John ShawPo05-34
Collected PoemsNielson, John ShawPo05-35
Ballads and PoemsNoyes, AlfredPo05-36
Diagrams of ParadiseNelson, Jeremy0-207160457Po05-37
Taffy, the Spirit of IsolationNicholls, TaffyPo05-38
Hearts of Gold and Other VerseOgilvie, Will H.Po05-39
Collected Poems of Bernard O'DowdO'Dowd, BernardPo05-40sold
The Dark Edge of EuropeO'Grady, DesmondPo05-41
The Fiesta of MenO'Connor, Mark0-868060631Po05-42
Selected PoemsO'Connor, Mark0-868062367Po05-43
Around the Boree Log and Other VersesO'Brien, JohnPo05-44
A Cheerful HeartOhrbach, Barbara Milo0-517581817Po05-45
Bard in BondageO'Leary, P.I.Po05-46
Between High and Low Water, Sojourner SongsPickard, Jan Sutch9.78191E+12Po05-47
Coogee's ChildPeacock, Tony0-646213407Po05-48
The Man from Snowy River and Other VersesPaterson, A.B.0-207143269Po05-49
Collected PoemsPope, Alexander0-460117602Po05-50
Pope, PoemsPope, Alexander0-199110131Po05-51
Satellite LinkPage, Tony0-701630256Po05-52
The Green Fig TreeParr, MichaelPo05-53
Beached R.D.Paech, Neil1862546673Po05-54
Beached R.D.Paech, Neil1862546673Po05-55
Gifts and SorrowsPomian, RaPhiaele1876044047Po05-56
The History of ColourPearson, K.F.0-207169276Po05-57
Await the SpringPfizer, Marjorie0-949625078Po05-58
Selected PoemsPfizer, Marjorie0-949625019Po05-59
Selected PoemsPfizer, Marjorie0-949625019Po05-60
The Course of TimePollock, RobertPo05-61
English SubtitlesPorter, Peter0-192119427Po05-62
Lyrics and DramasPhiillips, StePhienPo05-63
Quasimodo, Selected PoemsQuasimodo, SalvatorePo05-64
To Mother with LoveRice, Helen Steiner0-091750547Po05-65
Just for YouRice, Helen Steiner0-091232600Po05-66
LovinglyRice, Helen SteinerPo05-67
PrayerfullyRice, Helen Steiner0-091138302Po05-68
Fleeting LightRays, Lenore0-646408291Po06-01
Poems of RosettiRosetti, Dante GabrielPo06-02
The House of LifeRosetti, Dante GabrielPo06-03
The Black AbacusRavlich, Robyn0-858690012Po06-04
Grace in Winter, Rutherford in VerseCook, Faith0-85151555XPo06-05
W.R. Rodgers Collected PoemsRodgers, W.R.0-192119099Po06-06
Everyday MiraclesRozhdestvensky, RobertPo06-07
ExcavationRyan, Gig0-330271938Po06-08
Passion and DevotionRosetti, Christina1860193870Po06-09
The Clock InsideRowland, J.R.0-207161631Po06-10
From the Midnight CourtyardRiddell, Elizabeth0-207161631Po06-11
The Restless Sea and Other PoemsRickard, AlanPo06-12
The Collected Poems of Alan RickardRickard, Alan0-936128501Po06-13
Adrienne Rich's PoetryRich, Adrienne0-303092410Po06-14
Friends and FoesSimonov, K.Po06-15
Yushin's Log and Other PoemsStapleton, Laurence498073629Po06-17
Feeding the GhostSalom, PhiilipPo06-18
Feeding the GhostSalom, PhiilipPo06-19
The Dosser in SpringtimeStewart, DouglasPo06-20
The Dosser in SpringtimeStewart, DouglasPo06-21
Selected Poems of Douglas StewartStewart, DouglasPo06-22
Selected Poems of Douglas StewartStewart, DouglasPo06-23
Selected Poems of Douglas Stewart p/bStewart, Douglas0-207125309Po06-24
PoemsSeeger, AlanPo06-25
The Shadow of CainSitwell, EdithPo06-26
Poems of Edith SitwellSitwell, EdithPo06-27
InheritanceSmithyman, KendrickPo06-28
The Second ManSimons, JulianPo06-29
One Hundred PoemsSlessor, KennethPo06-30
Poems by Kenneth SlessorSlessor, KennethPo06-31
Selected PoemsSlessor, Kenneth0-207158207Po06-32
Fifty Years AgoStrano, LuigiPo06-33
The White StarStewart, Kathleen1863306307Po06-34
A Day with Sir Walter ScottByron, MaryPo06-35
The Ramayana through Western EyesShaw, J.C.9747315092Po06-36
The Darkness around Us Is DeepStafford, William0-060969164Po06-37
The Mankind ThingShapcott, Thomas W.Po06-38
Meditations and InspirationsSatir, Virginia0-890874212Po06-39
A Letter to Lao TzeSmith, JohnPo06-40
The Poetical Works of SpenserSpenser, EdmundPo06-41
The Poetical Works of SpenserSpenser, EdmundPo06-42
The Poetical Works of Sir Walter ScottScott, WalterPo06-43
The Defence of PoetrySidney, Phiilip0-199110220Po06-44
Selected PoemsStePhiens, BruntonPo06-45
Selected PoemsScott, John A.0-702226882Po06-46
Selected PoemsSilkin, Jon0-415002192Po06-47
Selected PoemsSilkin, Jon0-415002192Po06-48
Selected PoemsSilkin, Jon0-415002192Po06-49
Love Poems and Other Revolutionary ActionsSykes, Bobbi0-909293392Po06-50
Under the War and Other PoemsSale, Arthur0-091231701Po06-51
Coping with FalloutSexton, Rae1875604413Po06-52
Selections from SwinburneSwinburne, A.C.Po06-53
Selected Poems by SwinburneSwinburne, A.C.Po06-54
Where the Sidewalk EndsSilverstein, Shel0-060513039Po06-55 setsold
A Light in the AtticSilverstein, Shel0-060513063Po06-55 setsold
Falling UpSilverstein, Shel0-060513098Po06-55 setsold
The Poems of Shakespeare's Dark LadyShakespeare, W.0-517537451Po06-56
American Poems and OthersSquire, J.C.Po06-57
A Discreet ImmoralitySmith, JohnPo06-58
The Works of Robert Louis StevensonStevenson, Robert LouisPo06-59
The PrinceTennyson, AlfredPo06-60sold
The Poems and Plays of TennysonTennyson, AlfredPo06-61
Tennyson's Works Vol 2Tennyson, AlfredPo06-62
Tennyson's Works Vol 3Tennyson, AlfredPo06-63
Tennyson's Works Vol 5Tennyson, AlfredPo06-64
Enoch ArdenTennyson, AlfredPo06-65sold
Gareth and LynetteTennyson, AlfredPo06-66
Tennyson, Poet and ProPhietTennyson, AlfredPo06-67
Selected PoemsThompson, FrancisPo07-01
Please Don't Ask Me to Your Tupperware Party, Sharleen etcTaylor, Roslyn0-207151008Po07-02
The SeasonsThomson, JamesPo07-03
The City of Dreadful NightThomson, James0-862414490Po07-04
The Light ShinesTrickett, JoycePo07-05
The Light ShinesTrickett, JoycePo07-06
The ObservatoryTsaloumas, DimitriPo07-07
Selected PoemsTsvetayeva, Marina0-140421661Po07-08
PoemsTaylor, Andrew0-702224030Po07-09
The Invention of FireTaylor, Andrew0-702212725Po07-10
The What of SaneThorne, Tim0-86900004Po07-11
Believed DangerousThurston, RobinPo07-12
The South and the NorthTait, JoanPo07-13
The Poetry of Father TabbTabb, John BannisterPo07-14
A Hellenistic Poet at RomeTibullus0-521224136Po07-15
A Distant FlutingTower, ChristoPhier0-297773003Po07-16
Living VerseThomson, A.K.Po07-17
Living VerseThomson, A.K.Po07-18
By the Clemency of HellUmavigani, MontriPo07-19
The Lightening Makes a DifferenceWitheford, H.Po07-20
Toil and SpinCrabb, Chris WallacePo07-21
A Joy ProposedWhite, T.H.0-436566303Po07-22
An Irish HeartWright, David McKeePo07-23sold
A Human PatternWright, Judith0-207164845Po07-24
Audible SilenceWhistler, LaurencePo07-25
The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf WhittierWhittier, John GreenleafPo07-26sold
Watermelon BabyWalther, Lesley0-864186673Po07-27
Poems of Ella Wheeler WilcoxWilcox, Ella WheelerPo07-28
More Poems of Ella Wheeler WilcoxWilcox, Ella WheelerPo07-29
The LovemakersWearne, Alan0-140245413Po07-30
Nanushka's Love PoemsWitcomb, Nan0-330273248Po07-31
Selected PoemsWatkins, VernonPo07-32
Poems of AustraliaWills, FredPo07-33
Kaddish and Other PoemsZwicky, Fay0-702216909Po07-34
Crow Feathers, Indigenous PoemsEdwards, Rebecca & Evans, Janelle1863340051Po08-01
InkBarker CollegePo08-02
InkBarker CollegePo08-03
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Australian Bush BalladsStewart, Douglas & Keesing, Nancy (Eds)Po08-05
Australian Bush BalladsStewart, Douglas & Keesing, Nancy (Eds)Po08-06
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Six Voices, Contemporary Australian PoetsCrabb, Chris WallacePo08-26
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On a Grass Green HornForberg, Ati (Ed)Po08-42
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The Power of PoetryEshuys, Guest, Lewer & Crawley0-170124851Po08-44
The Power of PoetryEshuys, Guest, Lewer & Crawley0-170124851Po08-45
The Power of PoetryEshuys, Guest, Lewer & Crawley0-170124851Po08-46
The Power of PoetryEshuys, Guest, Lewer & Crawley0-170124851Po08-47
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Poets' QuestSouthwell, E.A.Po08-57
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The Admirable CrichtonBarrie, J.M.Pl01-12sold
The Admirable CrichtonBarrie, J.M.Pl01-13
The Admirable CrichtonBarrie, J.M.Pl01-14
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Alcestis and Other PlaysEuripidesPl01-26
Alcestis and Other PlaysEuripidesPl01-27
Media and Other PlaysEuripides0-140441298Pl01-28
Media and Other PlaysEuripides0-140441298Pl01-29
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Murder in the CathedralEliot, T.S.Pl01-32
Murder in the CathedralEliot, T.S.Pl01-33
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The Boy with the CartFry, ChristoPhierPl01-36
The Boy with the CartFry, ChristoPhierPl01-37
The Lady's Not for BurningFry, ChristoPhierPl01-38
The Dark Is Light EnoughFry, ChristoPhierPl01-39
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Talking to a StrangerHopkins, John14045005XPl01-50
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VolponeJonson, Ben1854591940Pl02-02
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Summer of the Seventeenth DollLawler, RayPl02-04
Summer of the Seventeenth DollLawler, RayPl02-05
Summer of the Seventeenth DollLawler, RayPl02-06
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Three PlaysMilne, A.A.Pl02-10
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We're Going ThroughMoore, T. InglisPl02-13
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The Misanthrope and Other PlaysMoliere0-14044730XPl02-16
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RadianceNowra, Louis0-86819624XPl02-18
CosiNowra, Louis0-868194034Pl02-19
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The DragonSchwarz, Eugene0-43523990XPl02-26
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Oedipus TyrannusSoPhocles0-393098745Pl02-29
The Theban PlaysSoPhiocles0-140440038Pl02-30sold
The Theban PlaysSoPhiocles0-140440038Pl02-31
The Theban PlaysSoPhocles0-140440038Pl02-32
The Theban PlaysSoPhocles0-140440038Pl02-33
The Theban PlaysSoPhocles0-140440038Pl02-34
The Theban PlaysSoPhocles0-140440038Pl02-35
The Theban PlaysSoPhocles0-140440038Pl02-36
The Theban PlaysSoPhocles0-140440038Pl02-37
The Theban PlaysSoPhocles0-140440038Pl02-38
The Theban PlaysSoPhocles0-140440038Pl02-39
Electra and Other PlaysSoPhocles0-140440283Pl02-40
Electra and Other PlaysSoPhocles0-140440283Pl02-41
Electra and Other PlaysSoPhocles0-140440283Pl02-42
Four PlaysStewart, DouglasPl02-43
The Fire on the SnowStewart, DouglasPl02-44
The Fire on the SnowStewart, DouglasPl02-45
The Fire on the SnowStewart, DouglasPl02-46
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HamletShakespeare, WilliamPl03-07
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Henry IV, Part OneShakespeare, William0-140707182Pl03-10
Henry IV, Part OneShakespeare, William0-140707182Pl03-11
Henry IV, Part OneShakespeare, William0-140707182Pl03-12
Henry IV, Part OneShakespeare, William0-140707182Pl03-13
Henry IV, Part OneShakespeare, William0-140707182Pl03-14
Henry IV, Part OneShakespeare, William0-140707182Pl03-15
Henry IV, Part OneShakespeare, William0-140707182Pl03-16
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Measure for MeasureShakespeare, William0-140707158Pl03-23
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Richard the Second Study GuideSmythe, P.E.Pl03-28
Richard the SecondShakespeare, WilliamPl03-29
Richard the SecondShakespeare, WilliamPl03-30
Richard the SecondShakespeare, WilliamPl03-31
Richard the SecondShakespeare, WilliamPl03-32
Richard the SecondShakespeare, WilliamPl03-33
Richard the SecondShakespeare, WilliamPl03-34
Romeo and Juliet Study GuideSmythe, P.F.Pl03-35
Romeo and JulietShakespeare, WilliamPl03-36
Timon of AthensShakespeare, William0-141016612Pl03-37
Titus AndronicusShakespeare, William1853262900Pl03-38
Troilus and CressidaShakespeare, WilliamPl03-39
Troilus and CressidaShakespeare, WilliamPl03-40
Troilus and CressidaShakespeare, WilliamPl03-41
Twelfth NightShakespeare, WilliamPl03-42
Twelfth NightShakespeare, WilliamPl03-43
Twelfth NightShakespeare, WilliamPl03-44
The Winter's TaleShakespeare, William0-140707166Pl03-45
The Winter's TaleShakespeare, William0-140707166Pl03-46
The Winter's TaleShakespeare, William0-140707166Pl03-47
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Too Good To Be True, Village Wooing, On the RocksShaw, George BernardPl04-02
Geneva, Cymbelline, Good King CharlesShaw, George BernardPl04-03
Plays PleasantShaw, George BernardPl04-04
Plays PleasantShaw, George BernardPl04-05
Plays PleasantShaw, George BernardPl04-06
Plays UnpleasantShaw, George BernardPl04-07
Saint Joan, The Apple CartShaw, George BernardPl04-08
Saint JoanShaw, George BernardPl04-09
Saint JoanShaw, George BernardPl04-10
Man and SupermanShaw, George BernardPl04-11
Arms and the ManShaw, George BernardPl04-11
Mrs Warren's ProfessionShaw, George BernardPl04-11
CandideShaw, George BernardPl04-11
Arms and the ManShaw, George BernardPl04-12
Major BarbaraShaw, George BernardPl04-13
Androcles and the LionShaw, George BernardPl04-14
The Love of Four ColonelsUstinov, PeterPl04-15
Tristan and IsoldeWagner, Richard1862547289Pl04-16
Big Fish, Little FishWheeler, HughPl04-17
Our TownWilder, Thornton9.78006E+12Pl04-18
Our Town and Other PlaysWilder, Thornton0-141184582Pl04-19
Three PlaysWilder, Thornton0-060929855Pl04-20
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Introduction to the Sociology of Developing SocietiesAlavi, Hamsa0-333275624Phi01-05
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Learning Another Language through ActionsAsher, James J.Phi01-07
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The Social Psychology of IndustryBrown, J.A.C.0-14-020296XPhi01-18
The Social Psychology of IndustryBrown, J.A.C.0-14-020296XPhi01-19
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Ethnicity, Class and Gender in AustraliaBottomley, Gill & De Lepervanche, Marie0-868617121Phi01-27
Ethnicity, Class and Gender in AustraliaBottomley, Gill & De Lepervanche, Marie0-868617121Phi01-28
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A History of PhiilosoPhiy Vol 5 Pt 2Copleston, Frederick0-38506540XPhi02-03
A History of PhiilosoPhiy Vol 8 Pt 1Copleston, FrederickPhi02-04
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A Dictionary of PsychologyDrever, JamesPhi02-11
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Landscapes of the NightEvans, ChristoPhier0-340377607Phi02-13
Check Your Own IQEysenck, H.J.0-14-206566Phi02-14
Check Your Own IQEysenck, H.J.0-14-206566Phi02-15
Know Your Own IQEysenck, H.J.0-140135189Phi02-16
Know Your Own IQEysenck, H.J.0-140135189Phi02-17
Change Your ThinkingEdelman, Sarah0-733318320Phi02-18SOLD
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Nature's GambitFeldman, David Henry0-465048617Phi02-20
Socialist ThoughtFried, Albert & Sanders, RonalsPhi02-21
Living Together AloneFracchia, Charles0-060630116Phi02-22
Body LanguageFast, Julius0-330028266Phi02-23
Escape from FreedomFromm, Erich0-380011670Phi02-24
Horizons in Human GeograPhiyGregory, Derek & Walford, Rex0-333396111Phi02-25
Memory, How It Works and How to Improve ItGallant, Roy A.0-590076132Phi02-26
Total ManGooch, Stan0-349115206Phi02-27
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Self-LoveGordon, David Cole0-14021528XPhi02-29
A History of SocialismGraves, SallyPhi02-30
The Appraisal of IntelligenceHeini, A.W.Phi02-31
Psychology for Social WorkersHerbert, Martin0-333419251Phi02-32
Thoughts and MeditationsGibran, Khalil434290750Phi02-33
More Cunning than ManHendrickson, Robert0-88029180XPhi02-34
The Worldly PhiilosoPhiersHeilbroner, Robert L.0-611255967Phi02-35
A Treatise of Human NatureHume, David0-006329098Phi02-36
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The Condition of Post-ModernityHarvey, David0-631162941Phi02-38
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The Tao of PoohHoff, Benjamin0-414164696Phi02-40SOLD
Frames of MindHudson, Liam0-140211632Phi02-41
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Essays on the PathoPhiysiology of Higher Nervous ActivityIvanov-Smolensky, A.G. (Ed)Phi02-43
AttitudesJahoda, Marie & Warren, Neil (Eds)Phi02-44
Cash for CommentJohnson, Rob1864031379Phi02-45
Social Cohesion in AustraliaJupp, Nieuwenhuysen & Dawson9.78052E+12Phi02-46
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Modern PsychotherapiesJones, Stanton L. & Butman, Richard E.0-830817751Phi03-01
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Educating Exceptional ChildrenGallagher, Kirk0-395327725Phi03-03
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Extraordinary GroupsKePhiart, William M.0-312278616Phi03-05
Modern HypnosisKuhn, Lesley & Russo, SalvatorePhi03-06
The Politics of PatriotismKristianson, G.L.Phi03-07
Edifying DiscoursesKierkegaard, SørenPhi03-08
Not Happy, John!Kingston, Margot0-143002589Phi03-09
Between Therapist and ClientKahn, Michael0-805071008Phi03-10SOLD
The Environmental Protection AgencyLandy, Roberts & Thomas0-195086732Phi03-11
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