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Made in AustraliaMist, DavidTp-01
From Alice to OceanSmolan, Rick0-67084764XTp-02
Kakadu ReflectionsPrewer, Bruce & Morris, Ian0-859104672Tp-03
Australia, Impressions of a ContinentHansen, Gary0-207136696Tp-04
Patterns of AustraliaDutton, GeoffreyTp-05
The Magic of AustraliaElder, Bruce1864360739Tp-06
Australia from the HeartParish, SteveTp-07
This is Australia0-600073580Tp-08
Kakadu, a Heritage for the FutureMeier, Leo & Balderstone, Simon0-947116494Tp-09
Carnarvon Gorge, Tourist GuideTp-10
The Great Barrier Reef, Tourist GuideTp-11
Where No Road GoesMossel, Bob0-859130002Tp-12
Sydney, AustraliaParish, Steve1740210387Tp-13
Souvenir of Sydney, AustraliaParish, Steve1740210751Tp-14
The Colours of AustraliaMorrison, Reg & Lang, Mark0-70181652XTp-15
Impressions of AustraliaSteinberger, Ric J.0-958163308Tp-16
Australia Panorama0-980412560Tp-17
Classic AustraliaDuncan, Ken0-967786182Tp-18
Latvia (in Latvian)Tp-19
Soviet Latvia (in Latvian)Tp-20
A Day in the Life of America0-00217734XTp-21
AthensCanetti, Nicolai & Manley, Nick0-672523582Tp-22
Chasing RickshawsWheeler, Tony & L'Anson, Richard0-864426402Tp-23
Blue Lagoons and Beaches (Fiji)Siers, James0-908582765Tp-24
Fiji, I Love You, Full SpeedLipton, Sheree854670157Tp-25
Fiji TodayPearce, Lee & Wendt, Sue0-600071871Tp-26
Hotfoot to Zabriskie PointCooper, Jilly & Lichfield, PatrickTp-27
Beautiful LondonGernsheim, HelmutTp-28
AsiaHurlimann, MartinTp-29
Southern OceanHoflehner, Josef & Katharina3950151001Tp-30
Wonders of the WorldClucas, Philip0-906558883Tp-31
Madrid, Architecture, History and ArtJacobs, Michael0-540012637Tp-32
Images of EgyptMorris, Jan & Weir, Michael1871307848Tp-33
The Soviet Union in Photographs (in German)Misiano, Wiktor & Peschler, Eric3723103766Tp-34
The Cottages and Castles of Ireland0-672522217Tp-35
Iona, Tourist GuideTp-36
The Great Wall (of China)7800696731Tp-37
Scottish CastlesBaxter, Colin0-948661607Tp-38
The Pre-history of Stonehenge and AveburyTp-39
Images of Salisbury0-958091102Tp-40
Lost in New ZealandPatton, Craig9.78188E+12Tp-41
Souvenir of New ZealandWall, David1877246611Tp-42
New Zealand, a Special Place0-868660884Tp-43
Masterworks of Man and Nature0-816031770Tp-44
The Joy of Photography0-20103915XP-01
The New Joy of Photography0-201116928P-02
Photography 150 Years 1839-1989 SOLDCanberra Exhibition 19890-642130715P-03
Photography 150 Years 1839-1989 SOLDCanberra Exhibition 19890-642130715P-04
Visual InstinctsPam, Max (Ed)0-644105976P-05
Photography Year Book 1957P-06SOLD
Photography Year Book 1963P-07
Photography Year Book 1987/880-863430937P-07a
Diana, Princess of Wales, a TributeGraham, Tim0-297824163P-08
BetweenBurgin, Victor0-631152350P-09
Photo-Directory Australian Photography 1972P-10
Photo-Directory Australian Photography 1973P-11
Photo-Directory Australian Photography 1976P-12
Photo-Directory Australian Photography 1978/79P-13
Photo-Directory Australian Photography 1981/82P-14
Photo-Directory Australian Photography 1982/83P-15
The British Journal of Photography Annual 1967P-16
Camcorder BasicsHedgecoe, John0-731804929P-17
Complete Guide to PhotographyHedgecoe, John0-731803191P-18
Folkloric in AustraliaDean, Beth0-858070170P-19
Using Your Compact CameraWade, John0-863431054P-20
Changi PhotographerBowden, Tim0-642975590P-21
Dancing in the Kitchen, Portraits of Collingwood's ...WomenLindsay, Andrew0-646214055P-22
Snapshot PoeticsGinsberg, Allen0-811803724P-23
Snap!Freeman, Michael0-563214236P-24
Making Home MoviesKnight, BobP-25
RooftreeGranzow, JaneP-26
In Focus, 150 Years of Australian Photography sold0-642157197P-27
SLR Photographer's HandbookShipman, Carl0-895864274P-28
Compact CamerasGarrett, John0-091802784P-29
Photographer's Handbook 1987P-30
Michael Langford's 35mm HandbookLangford, Michael0-670901482P-31
Michael Langford's 35mm HandbookLangford, Michael0-670901482P-32
The Photographer's HandbookHedgecoe, John0-852231237P-33
Pocket Camera HandbookLangford, Michael0-852231709P-34
Beginner's Guide to Processing and PrintingReynolds, Clyde0-408005505P-35
All in One Camera BookEmanuel, W.D.P-36
The Pentax WayKeppler, Herbert0-240508890P-37
Edwardian AlbumBentley, Nicolas0-722115679P-38
Happy and GloriousFord, Colin (Ed)0-207957444P-39
The Royal Baby BookHitchins, Phoebe0-706422848P-40
Fixed in Time0-909558906P-41
SLR Year Book 1971P-42
The Camera Never Lies0-906671434P-43
Next Door, Down the Road, Around the CornerBabgar, Richard0-385054076P-44
WarLeventhal, Albert R.0-891040145P-45
Child PhotographySalomon, Allyn0-817436650P-46
Rock PhotographyKing, Bob0-726904937P-47
Life Laughs LastKunhardt, Philip B. Jnr0-671687972P-48
Professional PhotographyConstantine, John & Wallis, Julie0-500680256P-49
Mois de la Photo (in French)2904732144P-50
Passing ShotsBell, Catherine & Peters, Roy0-584110510P-52
Road PiratesHauser, Marc1556521367P-53
Secrets of Buying Art: PhotographyWenniger, Mary Anne & Mace1558702504P-54
Witness to an Era, David RubingerP-55
Lense WorkCanonP-56
The Hulton Getty Picture Collection 1920sYapp, Nick3829005199P-57
The Hulton Getty Picture Collection 1930sYapp, Nick3829005202P-58
The Hulton Getty Picture Collection 1940sYapp, Nick3829005210P-59
Blue + Magazine No 62P-60
Blue + Magazine No 63P-61
National Geographic Index 1888-1988P-62
Pictures are My LifeFresco, Marty0-859362248P-63
John Hedgecoe's Basic PhotographyHedgecoe, John0-731803752P-64
Hedgecoe on VideoHedgecoe, John1871307341P-65
Techniques of Photography by Available LightGlanfield, Colin0-890095574P-66
The Book of Colour PhotographyBailey, Adrian & Holloway, Adrian0-852233760P-67
Basic PhotographyBusselle, Michael185051173XP-68
The Family of ManMuseum of Modern ArtP-69
The Sydney Dream, Special Issue of 'Black & White'P-70
PricelessGreive, Bradley TrevorP-71
Wildlife Photographer of the YearBBCP-72SOLD
Photograph Australia with Steve Parish SOLDParish, SteveP-73SOLD
The Photography BookPhaidonP-74
Let There Be ... (boxed set) SOLDDuncan, Ken0-958054401P---SOLD
DubwiseWalker, Klive1894663969M01-01
Colours of My Life, the Judith Durham StorySimpson, Graham0-091829763M01-02
Master of the CeremoniesBirch, Ric1741144175M01-03
In the Beginning (Manic Street Poachers)Watkins-Isnardi, Jenny1857823788M01-04
Wagner's ParsifalBassett, Peter9.78186E+12M01-05
Strict RulesMcMillan, Andrew0-340495189M01-06
South Pacific ScoreRodgers & HammersteinM01-07
Paper ParadiseWheatley, Glenn0-733600122M01-08
Paper ParadiseWheatley, Glenn0-733600122M01-09
The Book of GenesisFielder, Hugh0-293990740M01-10
Heart to HeartSpears, Britney & Lynne0-340785373M01-11
Whistle as You GoVaughan, Terry1869412729M01-12
Whispering Jack (John Farnham)Forbes, Clark0-091694418M01-13
The Rolling Stones LiveKamin, Philip & Goddard, Peter0-283989408M01-14
Ball the wallNik Cohn Gordon BurnsM01-14a
Air GuitarHickey, Dave0-963726455M01-15
Spice WorldThe Spice Girls0-091864208M01-16
I Don't Mean to Be Rude, but ...Cowell, Simon0-091901480M01-17
The Guinness Book of British Albums0-851122469M01-18
Diva (Marcia Hines)Dewey, Karen0-732911044M01-19
Pay to PlayMilsom, Wendy & Thomas, Helen0-140083960M01-20
Nothing but HearsayKelly, Fergus0-439980917M01-21
Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Elvis)De Barbin, Lucy & Matera, Dary0-099569302M01-22
The Boy Who Would Be King (Elvis)Greenwood, Earl & Tracy, Kathleen0-451171403M01-23
A New Tomorrow, the Silverchair StoryApter, Jeff1741664837M01-24
Lone Star SwingMcLean, Duncan0-224041800M01-25
Riff Kills, Man!Poppoff, MartinM01-26
Elton JohnToberman, Barry0-297796461M01-27
Love You to Bits and Pieces (David Helfgott)Helfgott, Gillian0-140265465M01-28
Bit of a BlurJames, Alex9.78035E+12M01-29
Air GuitarGriffiths, Anthony0-143000357M01-30
If OnlyHalliwell, Gerri0-33036328XM01-31
Feel (Robbie Williams)Heath, Chris0-09189753XM01-32
Somebody, Some DayWilliams, Robbie0-09188473XM01-33
Pleasure and PainAmphlett, Chrissy0-733619592M01-34
Barbra Streisand, the Woman, the Myth, the MusicConsidine, Shaun0-099515407M01-35
The Name Is Barbra (Streisand)Reise, Randall1559722037M01-36
Beyond DesireLa Mure, PierreM01-37
Hit MenDannen, Frederic0-099813106M01-38
Puberty and Beyond p/bBrowning, Murray9.78065E+12M01-39
Puberty and Beyond h/bBrowning, Murray9.78065E+12M01-40
Nana Mouskouri MemoirsMouskouri, Nana9.7803E+12M01-41
Shania Twain, the BiographyEggar, Robin0-747253188M01-42
The J FilesKingsmith, Richard0-733310664M01-43
The Days Grow Short (Kurt Weill)Sanders, Ronald1879505061M01-44
New Singer, New Song (Cliff Richard)Winter, David340025255M01-45
The Road Goes On ForeverNorman, Philip0-552990515M01-46
The Penguin Australian Song Book0-140700048M01-47
Walk On (U2)Stockman, Steve0-88419793XM01-48
U2, Three Chords and the TruthStokes, Niall0-711921385M01-49
Phil CollinsColeman, Ray0-671855557M01-50
That Extra Half an InchBeckham, Victoria9.78014E+12M01-51SOLD
The Dance Band EraMcCarthy, Albert0-600329070M02-01
R.E.M. Inside OutRosen, Craig0-732262968M02-02
Music, Let's Do ItRixon, Bruce & Merrick, Brad0-853833416M02-03
Boy George and Culture ClubDavid, Maria0-517454742M02-04
The Story of Alanis Morissett\Rogers, Kalli0-825615488M02-05
There's Music in My Madness and Opera As WellCargher, John0-17007269XM02-06
There's Music in My Madness and Opera As WellCargher, John0-17007269XM02-07
A Showman's StoryDavidson, Jim0-72701871XM02-08
Graham Bell, Australian Jazz ManBell, Graham0-867771712M02-09
Best of the Rolling Stones Vol 1 1963-730-860016277M02-10
Who's Sorry Now?Francis, Connie0-49103394XM02-11
Stand By Your ManWynette, Tammy0-099248700M02-12
BareMichael, George0-14013235XM02-13
Billie HolidayJames, Burnett0-946771057M02-14
Owning UpMelly, George0-140029362M02-15
A Day with MozartM02-16
25 Years of Australian OperaWarren-Smith, Neil0-195544137M02-17
Voci d' Italia (in Italian)Provvedi-Fournier, DorianaM02-18
Basil Maine on MusicMaine, BasilM02-19
Who Wrote the Ballads?Manifold, John S.M02-20
My Life of MusicWood, HenryM02-21sold
Introducing MusicKarolyi, Otto0-140135200M02-22
Johnstone's Rudiments of MusicM02-23
The Wagner Operas Vol 1Newman, Ernest0-060910739M02-24
The Wagner Operas Vol 2Newman, Ernest0-060910747M02-25
Growing Up with MusicSale, Laurie0-380762110M02-26
Great Operas on Compact DiscHarrison, Michael0-73330057XM02-27
My Father's DaughterSinatra, Tina0-684870762M02-28
Anthology for Musical AnalysisBurkhart, CharlesM02-29
Tenors, Tantrums and TrillsBarber, David W.0-920151191M02-30
The American SongbagSandberg, CarlM02-31
The Complete US Country Music Encylopedia0-75221697XM02-32
Singers of TodayBrook, DonaldM02-33
Penguin Dictionary of Music0-14051290XM02-34
Dictionary of MusicHamlyn0-60033211XM02-35
Musical EuropeAdelmann, Marianne (Ed)0-84670031XM02-36
Twice Perfectly Happy (Constanze Mozart)Sjøqvist, Viggo1863780726M02-37
Twice Perfectly Happy (Constanze Mozart)Sjøqvist, Viggo1863780726M02-38
Twice Perfectly Happy (Constanze Mozart)Sjøqvist, Viggo1863780726M02-39
The Student DancerBuckroyd, Julia1852730749M02-40
Making Music on Your OwnM02-41
Behind the RockHayton, Jon & Isackson, Leon0-949118427M02-42
Musical Instruments through the AgesBaines, Anthony (Ed)0-140203478M02-43
The New Met in ProfileRubin, Stephen E.0-026058006M02-44
Score ReadingBennett, Roy0-521269490M02-45
DivaMatheopoulos, Helena0-57504554XM02-46
John BarbirolliRigby, CharlesM03-01
Cosi Fan TutteMozart, W.A.0-714538825M03-02
Discovering Music Together Vol 8Krone, Leonhard & Fullerton, WolfeM03-03
The Story of an OrchestraNeil, BoydM03-04
The Flute and Flute PlayingBoehm, TheobaldM03-05
La BohèmePritchett, V.S.0-718123034M03-06
BerliozCairns, David0-233979948M03-07
Sacred and ProfaneWeiss, David340026391M03-08
Sacred and ProfaneWeiss, David340026391M03-09
Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant MajorPage, Martin0-246107480M03-10
Irish Stars of the OperaSmith, Gus1870662023M03-11
OperaOrrey, Leslie & Milnes, Rodney0-500202176M03-12
Opera Themes and PlotsFellner, Rudolph0-67121215XM03-13
The Golden RoadBlanks, HarveyM03-14
Music, an AppreciationKamian, Roger0-07288505XM03-15
PrevinRutter, Helen Drees0-312642083M03-16
The Home Book of Music Appreciation SOLDKaufmann, Helen L.M03-17
The Pocket Kobbé's Opera Book0-09178168XM03-18
Know Your OrchestraBrown, AliceM03-19
The Techniques of Film MusicManvell, Roger & Huntley, John0-240508483M03-20
How to Stay Awake During Anybody's Second MovementWalden, David E.0-920151205M03-21
MahlerCooke, DeryckM03-22
The Power and the PassionSly, Lesley1863620699M03-23
The SongwritersStaveacre, Tony0-563176385M03-24
Norman Tucker, MusicianTucker, Norman0-904677087M03-25
Nurtured by LoveSuzuki, Shinichi0-909698163M03-26
Aspects of WagnerMagee, Bryan0-192840126M03-27
Joan SutherlandBraddon, RussellM03-28
The Book of David (Helfgott)Eley, Beverley0-207191050M03-29
The Listener's Guide to MusicScholes, Percy A.M03-30
Gramophone HandbookSpeight, SelwynM03-31
Unfinished SymphoniesBrown, RosemaryM03-32
Much Besides MusicWaters, ThoroldM03-33
Der RosenkavalierBurgess, Anthony0-718122100M03-34
Most Happy Fella (Inia Te Wiata)Te Wiata, Beryl0-589009540M03-35
Play OnSametz, Phillip0-733301029M03-36
The Music MonsterReid0-70432427XM03-37
Words on MusicRay, Robin (Ed)0-413539407M03-38
In Search of MusicYung, Percy M.M03-39
Joe Maddy of InterlochenM03-40
RhythmFogerty, ElsieM03-41
Practical HarmonyMacPherson, StewartM03-42
Textbook of HarmonyOakey, GeorgeM03-43
The Vienna OperaKralik, HeinrichM03-44
Music, Movement and the Young ChildGell, Heather0-900882069M03-45
Listening TogetherEele, MarjorieM03-46
Red Plush, Black Velvet (Nellie Melba)Wecksberg, JosephM03-47
A Key to OperaHowes, Frank & Hope-Wallace, PhilipM03-48
Songs the Angels SingHayes, Kenn1885514018M03-49
Mozart's Don Giovanni & Idomeneo Opera Guides0-876631510M03-50
Ariadne auf NaxosDaviau, Donald G. & Buelow, George J.0-807880809M03-51
Concise Encyclopedia of Music and MusiciansCooper, Martin (Ed)M03-52
Diaghilev ObservedMacDonald, Nesta0-903102145Dn-01
Irina, Ballet, Life and LoveBaronova, Irina0-670028487Dn-02
Irina, Life, Love and DanceBaronova, Irina9.78014E+12Dn-03
Irina, Life, Love and DanceBaronova, Irina9.78014E+12Dn-04
The History of Chinese Dance0-835111865Dn-05
South Pacific DanceDean, Beth0-858070340Dn-06
Princess Ballet Book No 2Dn-07
Australian Notes on the BalletGarling, Jean0-091075300Dn-08
The Dance Goes On (Elizabeth Higgins)Alexander, Marc0-907159001Dn-09
Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus 1988Dn-10
Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus 1994Dn-11
Movement is LifeCruickshank, A.J. & Stark, PrunellaDn-12
Off BalanceGordon, Suzanne0-39251985XDn-13
The Dancer's Book of HealthVincent, L.M.Dn-14
Ballet 101Greskovic, Robert0-786881550Dn-15
NijinskyBuckle, Richard671211692Dn-16
Becoming a DancerRayner, Dianne1863721002Dn-17
Dance Stories SOLDTrotman, Felicity (Ed)1854874535Dn-18
The Pointe BookBarringer, Janice & Schlesinger, Sarah0-871272040Dn-19
Diet for DancersChmelar, Robin D. & Fitt, Sally S.0-916622894Dn-20
Isadora, My LifeDuncan, Isadora0-747403775Dn-21
Ballet and Dance StoriesUre, Jean (Ed)0-006751466Dn-22
BalletHaskell, ArnoldDn-23
BalletHaskell, ArnoldDn-24
The Making of a DancerHaskell, ArnoldDn-25
A Dictionary of BalletWilson, G.B.L.Dn-26
A Dictionary of Ballet TermsKersley, Leo & Sinclair, Janet0-306800942Dn-27
The Joffrey Ballet School's Ballet-FitMoss, Dena & Leopold, Allison0-312194706Dn-28
Margot FonteynFonteyn, MargotqDn-29
Ballet Russes de DiaghilevExhibition France 1939Dn-30
The English BalletTurner, W.J.Dn-31
The Australian Ballet 21 YearsLisner, Charles0-702218448Dn-32
The Australian Ballet 25 Years0-949892440Dn-33
Ballet in Australia, the Second ActPask, Edward H.0-195542940Dn-34
Ballet BiographiesDavidson, GladysDn-35
Competing with the SylphVincent, L.M.0-836224051Dn-36
The Diary of Vaslav NijinskyNijinsky, Romola0-520009452Dn-37
Concise Oxford Dictionary of BalletKoegler, HorstDn-38
Invitation to BalletBorodin, GeorgeDn-39
Braunsweg's Ballet ScandalsBraunsweg, JulianDn-40
Swan LakeCook, Michael0-855588071Dn-41
A History of Russian BalletLifar, SergeDn-42
NureyevWatson, Peter0-340596155Dn-43
Torvill & DeanHennessy, John0-949493082Dn-44
inside the australian balletlawrenson, diana
a history of music in pictureskinsky, georg
sex, thugs, rock & roll. & most people I know....thorpe, billy
life smiles backKunhardt, Philip B. Jnr
bruce springsteen. born in the USAhilburn, robert
this is your brain on musicLevitin, Daniel. J.
australian memories in black and whitebatstone, kay
the ballroom dance packLaird, Walter
a day offray-jones, tony
a hymn to him: the lyrics of alan jay lernergreen, benny
balletwillson, robina beckles
girl. New book of world balletDavis, mike
dancers of tomorrowcapon, naomi
a concise history of balletreyna, f.
a life of dancepraagh, peggy van
the many worlds of dancedean, beth
footnotes to the balletbrahms, caryl
the wonderful world of balletodhams
onehouston, james
bono on bonoassayas, michkaSOLD
scar tissuekiedis, anthony
a new dictionary of musicjacobs, arthur
slashslash & anthony bozza
the love you make - insiders story of the beatles SsOLDbrown & gaines
leonard cohentour book
speaking in tonguesbuzacott & ford
1001 songs you must hear before you diedimery, robertsold
the ultimate encyclopedia of rockheatley, michael
the human facebates and cleese
george harrisonrolling stones magazine
scar tissuekiedis, anthony
the story of jazzstearns, marshall
the kodaly methodchoksy, lois
pop babylonedwards-jones, imogen
wotan's daughterdavis, richard
together in songaustralian hymn book 2
the beatles paperback songsleonard, hal
decoding hayley williamswulff, alana
out of stepbelair, alida
hois way frank sinatrakelley, kitty
the lives of john lennongoldman, albert
unfinished journeymenuhin, yehudi
the piano shop on the left bankcarhart, t e
joys and sorrowscasals, pable
maori songs of new zealand
kate and william a royal eventlomas, jess
natural icons of australiaxiong, john
outback australiaxiong, john
australia panoramaxiong, john
lifekeith richards
prokofievschipperges, thomas
700 years of classical treasuresreaders digest with 8 cds