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Under the Tuscan SunMayes, Frances0-767900383Tr01-01X 2
Burning the MapCaldwell, Laura0-733563511Tr01-02
Continent in CrisisSmith, David0-140111697Tr01-03
Long DriveCondon, Sean0-864423713Tr01-04
Investment BikerRogers, Jim0-471495522Tr01-05
Prowling through PapuaClune, FrankTr01-06
Last Tango in ToulouseMoody, Mary0-330421654Tr01-07
Africa, Dispatches from Fragile ContinentHarden, Blaine0-006378560Tr01-08sold
Toujours ProvenceMayle, Peter0-140279342Tr01-09
Toujours ProvenceMayle, Peter0-140279342Tr01-10
Toujours ProvenceMayle, Peter0-140279342Tr01-11
See Naples and DieGreen, Penelope9.78E+12Tr01-12
Caught in a Mirror, Reflections of JapanMartineau, Lisa0-333549376Tr01-13
Veuve TaylorTaylor, Henrietta0-73228144XTr01-14
Early Travellers in the AlpsDe Beer, GavinTr01-15
Return to TibetHarrer, Heinrich0-14007774XTr01-16
Travels with LisbethEighner, Lars0-747517649Tr01-17
Touching the VoidSimpson, Joe0-099771012Tr01-18
The Bamboo BarMcFinn, Morgan9748303697Tr01-19
Into the Never NeverJohnston, Brian0-522848079Tr01-20
Blood on the TracksBredin, Miles0-330341294Tr01-21
Penelope Goes WestBowden, Tim1865083070Tr01-22
I'm Not Eating Any of That Foreign MuckThacker, Brian1741145317Tr01-23
Ten Thousand Miles Without a CloudSun Shuyin0-007129742Tr01-24
No Place Like HomeNichols, BeverleyTr01-25
Crocs and BarramundiGazcki, Janek0-670911879Tr01-26
To Hellas and BackPenrose, Lana9.78E+12Tr01-27
To Hellas and BackPenrose, Lana9.78E+12Tr01-28
Rites of Passage: Tales of Backpacking round EuropeLonely PlanetTr01-29
Spanish LessonsLambert, Derek0-091879248Tr01-30
The Spirit of ManAllsopp, F.J. & Hunt, O.W.Tr01-31
The Kon-Tiki ExpeditionHeyerdaal, Thor0-140019960Tr01-32
Edible France, a Traveller's GuideChristian, Glynn1898697329Tr01-33
Bronte Parsonage Museum GuidebookTr01-34
JungleGinsberg, Yossi0-977171906Tr01-35
[email protected] Km/hHaley, Ken9.78E+12Tr01-36
In TransitVarious1875989765Tr01-37
In TransitVarious1875989765Tr01-38
Legless in GinzaGerster, Robin0-52284863XTr01-39sold
Under the Hunag Jiao TreeCarswell, Jane9.78E+12Tr01-40
Bamboo PalaceKremmer, Christopher0-732277566Tr01-41
The SBS World Guide187558997XTr01-42
A Welsh EyeThomas, Gwynn0-091540615Tr01-43
The Winner's EnclosureCaulfield, Annie0-671018019Tr01-44
Nine SummersHuber, Rina1921208902Tr01-45
Wallaby, an Aussie, a BroadMaclean, Rod1862546533Tr01-46
The Year of SunshineGeti, Maurice1741101816Tr01-47
Tales from the Dark ContinentAllen, Charles (Ed)Tr01-48
Voices from a Lost WorldRoberts, Jan1864290714Tr01-49
A Viking VoyageCarter, W. Hodding0-091877830Tr01-50
Long Way RoundMacGregor, Ewan & Boorman, Charley9.78E+12Tr01-51
Boogie up the RiverWallington, Mark0-099659107Tr01-52
Strange but True, New York CityHoward, S.B.1861058128Tr01-53
The Confessions of a BeachcomberBanfield, E.J.0-207158649Tr01-54
Let's Get LostNelson, Craig0-747264074Tr01-55
SydneyMorris, Jan0-140120505Tr01-56
TourismCohen, Bernard0-330272950Tr02-01
Caught InsideDuane, Daniuel0-864427670Tr02-02
AngkorWIltshire, Trea9627283754Tr02-03
Into the WildKrakauer, Jon0-33038970XTr02-04
Into Thin AirKrakauer, Jon0-330375369Tr02-05
The Plain and the Rough PlacesGough, MaryTr02-06
Off the Rails in Phnom PenhGilboa, Amit9748303349Tr02-07
Extreme NZDench, Alison1877246360Tr02-08
Imperial CityMoorhouse, Geoffrey0-340499397Tr02-09
Government and Society in MalaysiaCrouch, Harold1864481838Tr02-10
Cutting LooseLipscomb, James0-207956472Tr02-11
Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceRalston, Aron0-743263545Tr02-12
In God's Country, Travels in the Bible BeltKennedy, Douglas0-044404239Tr02-13
French SpiritsGreene, Jeffrey0-73227477XTr02-14
French SpiritsGreene, Jeffrey0-73227477XTr02-15
Down Highway One, Travels in Vietnam and CambodiaDownie, Sue9627160296Tr02-16
Hunter's RoadFergus, Jim0-805030085Tr02-17
Board FreeCornthwaite, Dave9.78E+12Tr02-18
French LessonsMayle, Peter0-375705619Tr02-19
Strange TelescopesKalder, Daniel9.78E+12Tr02-20
Going AwayFlanagan, Martin0-869142925Tr02-21
Bones of the MasterCrane, George0-553505823Tr02-22
On Mexican TimeCohan, Tony1863591303Tr02-23
On Mexican TimeCohan, Tony1863591303Tr02-24
One Step BeyondMoon, Chris0-33377969XTr02-25
Africa, In Search of the StrangeVarious1770070133Tr02-26
Absolutely Faking ItTempleman, Tiana1863254641Tr02-17
One Step BeyondMacdonald, Warren1864980443Tr02-18
Lost in TransmissionHarley, Jonathan1863253998Tr02-19
The Hills of TuscanyMate, Ferenc0-002258854Tr02-20
One of the Lucky OnesChing, Lucy9627019097Tr02-21
Treasure IslandsStephenson, Pamela0-755314050Tr02-22
Take Me with YouMacdonald, Sarah (Ed)1863255567Tr02-23
Beyond the PyramidsKennedy, Douglas0-044403364Tr02-24
Sons of the Moon (South America)Shukman, Henry0-006376134Tr02-25
Last Bed on EarthKelly, Teri Louise9.78E+12Tr02-26
Shoes in Indian Culture0-764921347Tr02-27
Pilgrimage, a Memoir of Poland and RomeMichener, James A.0-878579109Tr02-28
Letters from CicelyWeiner, Ellis0-140173323Tr02-29
Tales from the SteepLong, John (Ed)0-934802920Tr02-30
Quest for AdventureBonington, Chris0-330281135Tr02-31
Winter in JerusalemD'Alpuget, Blanche0-855610638Tr02-32
Now You See It, Now You Don't, Seven Years in HungaryMerrick, Marion9638278552Tr02-33
ManiFermor, Patrick Leigh0-140095039Tr02-34
The Noose of Laurels, Race for the North PoleHerbert, Wally0-385413556Tr02-35
My Dam LifeCondon, Sean0-864427816Tr02-36
My Dam LifeCondon, Sean0-864427816Tr02-37
Struggle Without EndMatou, Ka Whawhai Tonu0-140132406Tr02-38
South Pacific LiteratureSubramani9820200806Tr02-39
Third Class TicketWood, Heather0-140095276Tr02-40
Worst JourneysFraser, Kenneth (Ed)0-330321412Tr02-41
Travels of MenCurle, J.H.Tr02-42
Failure of a MissionHenderson, NevileTr02-43
Voices of the Old SeaLewis, Norman0-241113199Tr03-01
Sacred Sierra, a Year on a Spanish MountainWebster, Jason9.78E+12Tr03-02
Changing Places, Australian Writers in EuropeHergenhan, Lawrie (Ed)0-702226157Tr03-03
Without ReservationsSteinbach, Alice1863253769Tr03-04
Sketches from MemoryWhite, Edmund & Sorin, Hubert0-330336614Tr03-05
MalikaBrowning, Valerie9.78E+12Tr03-06
The World from ItalyNegus, George0-732264472Tr03-07
The World from IslamNegus, George0-732280486Tr03-08
No Sitting in the ToiletMoore, Peter0-733600777Tr03-09
Tales from the ProvincesDevendra, Tissa9555991251Tr03-10
Long Cloud RideDew, Josie9.78E+12Tr03-11
The Wind in My WheelsDew, Josie9.78E+12Tr03-12
Parks and Chateaux of FranceTr03-13
Off the RailsCope, Tim & Hatherley, Chris0-143005561Tr03-14
Scribbling the CatFuller, Alexandra0-330433997Tr03-15
Discovery RoadGarrett, Tim & Brown, Andy0-953057534Tr03-16
Miles from NowhereSavage, Barbara0-898861098Tr03-17
Matthew's TravelsCollins, Matthew1852532904Tr03-18
The Backpacker's HandbookMcManners, Hugh0-732260353Tr03-19
The International Conversation Book for HostellersYHA0-901496294Tr03-20
The Guest Years of My LifeMorse, CliveTr03-21
Fatal StormMundle, Rob0-732264359Tr03-22
The Villa MariniMontero, Gloria0-552997110Tr03-23
Orchid FeverHansen, Eric0-413747506Tr03-24
Journey from VeniceCracknell, Ruth0-670886149Tr03-25
A Journey in LadakhHarvey, Andrew0-330331841Tr03-26
IndonesiaLegge, J.D.Tr03-27
It Took Four Years for the Rising Sun to SetGarcia, Joaquin L.9715554024Tr03-28
Flying VisitsJames, Clive0-330288393Tr03-29
The Man Who Cycled the WorldBeaumont, Mark9.78E+12Tr03-30
Tennessee, a HistoryDykeman, Wilma0-393301443Tr03-31
The Quest for Arthur's BritainAshe, Geoffrey (Ed)Tr03-32
The Making of Modern Malaysia and SingaporeRyan, N.J.Tr03-33
Take Me to SpainSimpson, ColinTr03-34
An Unexpected Light, Travels in AfghanistanElliott, Jason0-330371622Tr03-35
Real ChinaGittings, John0-684816741Tr03-36
Island of the LostDruett, Joan (Reader's Digest)Tr03-37
On the EdgeHammond, Richard (Reader's Digest)Tr03-37
St Jude'sSisia, Gemma(Reader's Digest)Tr03-37
Sit, Ubu, sitGoldberg, Gary (Reader's Digest)Tr03-37
JamaicaHunt, George0-713431474Tr03-38
Snow Storms and AvalanchesBrown, Walker R. & Anderson, Norman D.0-201008289Tr03-39
AngkorRooney, Dawn9622176836Tr03-40
The War Against JapanMorrison, IanTr03-41
Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo and The PhilippinesRobequain, CharlesTr03-42
Nouvelle CaledonieHermann, Bernard & Daudriat, Gerard2857001487Tr03-43
East Anglia in ColourWorrall, John0-711024545Tr03-44
A Walk Through EuropeHallaby, John0-395139449Tr03-45
Window to AnnapurnaStephens, Joy0-575042907Tr03-46
Population Ecology of Human SurvivalOhtsuka & Suzuki0-860084566Tr03-47
The Barefoot Bush WalkerButler, Dorothy0-733300790Tr03-48sold
Far as a Man May GoMaddock, Shirley & Whyte, DonTr03-49
Once, While TravellingWheeler, Tony & Maureen0-143005359Tr03-50
The AscentLong, Jeff0-74620733XTr04-01
Sir Hubert Murray of PapuaLett, LewisTr04-02
Half Safe, Across the Atlantic by JeepCarlin, BenTr04-03
EothenKinglake, Alexander W.Tr04-04
The Oregon TrailParkinson, FrancisTr04-05
Watched by AncestorsGolski, Kathy0-73360868XTr04-06
The Way That I FollowedMitchell, Frank0-94617220XTr04-07
BypassMcGirr, Michael0-330364936Tr04-08
Les Patterson's AustraliaHumphries, Barry0-725103035Tr04-09
The Crossing, the Story of East TimorCardoso, Luis186207352XTr04-10
Pieces of HeavenPhelan, Nancy0-702227560Tr04-11
Three PleasuresHoldforth, Lucinda1740512898Tr04-12
Great Stories of Courage and Endeavour Vol 1Reader's DigestTr04-13
Great Stories of Courage and Endeavour Vol 2Reader's DigestTr04-14
Nots from a Small IslandBryson, Bill0-552996009Tr04-15sold
Stone PalacesCHilds, Geof0-898867320Tr04-16
Roller Around OzCarrick, Roger1864489529Tr04-17
Cities of the Hot ZoneSherdian, Greg1741342245Tr04-18
A Fragile Paradise, Nature and Man in the PacificMitchell, Andrew0-00637655XTr04-19
Rejoice in FreedomFarwell, George0-170051242Tr04-20
Earth, my FriendTownsend, PeterTr04-21
Croc's Own CountryBollinger, ConradTr04-22
The Great Railway AdventurePartway, Christopher0-90228097XTr04-23
Australia in New GuineaMair, L.P.0-522839576Tr04-24
Sixty Seconds That Will Change the WorldHadfield, Peter0-804817901Tr04-25
Sixty Seconds That Will Change the WorldHadfield, Peter0-804817901Tr04-26
Gods, Ghosts and Men in MelanesiaLawrence, P. & Meggitt, M.J. (Eds)Tr04-27
Isles of the SunBarrett, CharlesTr04-28
Heat TreatmentWintle, Justin0-460070126Tr04-29
London Was Full of RoomsBarnett, Bierbaum et al.19211013087Tr04-30
Sunrise with Sea MonstersTheroux, Paul0-241115434Tr04-31SOLD
Ambassador to the PenguinsMathews, Eleanor1567922465Tr04-32
Green, Gold and Granite, a Background to FinlandHall, WendyTr04-33
Cultures of the PacificHarding, Thomas & Wallace, Ben J. (Eds)0-029138000Tr04-34
Departures and ArrivalsNewby, Eric0-002556219Tr04-35
Down UnderBryson, Bill0-38540817XTr04-36
The Hakluyt Handbook Vol 1Quinn, D.B. (Ed)0-521086949Tr04-37
The Hakluyt Handbook Vol 2Quinn, D.B. (Ed)0-521202116Tr04-38
To the Ends of the EarthFiennes, Ranulph0-340252774Tr04-39
And Christmas Day on Easter IslandHacker, CarlottaTr04-40
Passage to PeshawarReeves, Richards0-671508423Tr04-41
NorwichPerkins, Andrew0-711716099Tr04-42
The Impossible AdventureGheerbrant, AlainTr04-43
Man on the RimThorne, Alan & Raymond, Robert0-207162468Tr05----
Tim Belong TumbunaKohnke, GlenysTr05----
Australia, the Greatest IslandRaymond, RobertTr05-01
Natural Wonders of Australia0-862837413Tr05-02
Thailand, Seven Days in the Kingdom9971401169Tr05-03
Britain and Her PeopleKamms, Antony & Poulet, Claude0-862837863Tr05-04
Jerusalem, the Living CityTr05-05
The Mountain MenBeard, Colin & Cowan, James0-580503510Tr05-06
Australia, the Golden Land0-670902616Tr05-07
Journey through the MaldivesAmin, Willetts & Marshall1874041202Tr05-08
The AmazonTime LifeTr05-09
The Great Cities: BerlinTime Life705404927Tr05-10
The Great Cities: San FranciscoTime Life705404951Tr05-11
The Great Cities: PekingTime Life705404919Tr05-12
The Great Cities: DublinTime Life705404986Tr05-13
The Great Cities: Rio de JaneiroTime Life705404900Tr05-14
The Great Cities: Hong KongTime Life705404935Tr05-15
The Great Cities: Hong KongTime Life705404935Tr05-16
The Great Cities: BombayTime Life705404978Tr05-17
The Great Cities: AthensTime Life705404943Tr05-18
The World of PleasureConti, Flavio0-304300217Tr05-19
A Portrait of New ZealandJacobs, Warren & Smith, Robin0-908598351Tr05-20
A Natural History of Australia: Tropical QueenslandBreedon, Stanley & KayTr05-21
A Natural History of Australia: Australia'a South EastBreedon, Stanley & KayTr05-22
Chateaux de la LoirePoisson, GeorgesTr05-23
The Beauty of AmericaLye, Keith & Inglefield, Eric0-600391515Tr05-24
The World and South East Asia0-909586039Tr05-25
Soviet Georgia 1921-1981Tr05-26
Reader's Digest Guide to Places of the WorldTr05-27
Dynamic AustraliaAustralian GovernmentTr05-28
Caravanning Outback AustraliaJunor, Lloyd9.78E+12Tr05-29
Islands of AustraliaBaglin, Douglas & Mullins, Barbara0-725400846Tr05-30
This is AustraliaPaul Hamlyn0-600073580Tr05-31
BrazilTime LifeTr05-32
SpainTime LifeTr05-33
RussiaTime LifeTr05-34
Columbia, Venezuela and the GuianasTime LifeTr05-35
GreeceTime LifeTr05-36
The Andean RepublicsTime LifeTr05-37
BritainTime LifeTr05-38
ScandinaviaTime LifeTr05-39
MexicoTime LifeTr05-40
South East AsiaTime LifeTr05-41
The Land and Wildlife of North AmericaTime LifeTr05-42
ChinaTime Life705408404Tr05-42a
Villages of England1855011247Tr05-43
CanadaVarley, Peter & Dobbs, KildareTr05-43a
Around AustraliaCollings, Lawrence & ViTr05-44
MoscowKornyushov, L.K.5888960733Tr05-45
St PetersburgMargolis, Alexander588810051XTr05-46
Splendours of Rome and the VaticanPolidori, TullioTr05-47
Colours of Scotland0-947782737Tr05-48
East of the CityBentley, James1862050570Tr05-50
AlaskaTompkins, Stuart R.Tr05-51
See Australia, RelaxElder, Bruce0-731914449Tr05-52
The Colour of CanadaMacLennan, HughTr05-53
AustraliaTiger BooksTr05-54
Alby Mangel's World Safari0-949155102Tr05-55
CaliforniaChester, Carol0-831711531Tr05-56
Thirty Amazing Journeys1875359419Tr05-57
Discovering Britain and IrelandUS National Geographical SocietyTr05-58
SBS World Guide 14th Edition1740664442Tr05----
Cifford's Towers and Castles of York, GuidebookTr05----
Going to ExtremesChester, Jonathan0-86824717Tr06----
Going to ExtremesChester, Jonathan0-86824717Tr06----
The Springs of EnchantmentEarle, John0-34024304XTr06-01
Going Higher, the Story of Man and AltitudeHouston, Charles S.0-316374466Tr06-02
Antarctic AdventureFuchs, VivienTr06-03
Antarctic AdventureFuchs, VivienTr06-03a
Hell on IceFiennes, Ranulph0-340222158Tr06-04
Cooper's Creek to Lantang IITaylor, PeterTr06-05
Howard Wilson of the AntarcticSeaver, GeorgeTr06-06
Touching the VoidSImpson, Joe0-060730552Tr06-07
Ascent of EverestJohn HuntTr06-08
Ascent of EverestJohn HuntTr06-09
No Latitude for ErrorHillary, EdmundTr06-10
A Practice of MountainsLawrence, Andrea Mead & Barnaby, Sara0-872235939Tr06-12
South Pole 2000Hamilton, Caroline0-732268621Tr06-13
Man of EverestUllman, James RamsayTr06-14
Because It Is ThereLowe, GeorgeTr06-15
The Story of EverestMurray, W.H.Tr06-16
Lost in the HimalayasScott, James & Robertson, Joanne0-850916100Tr06-17
EverestUnsworth, Walt0-140047638Tr06-18
Tenzing and the Sherpas of EverestTenzing, Judy & Tashi0-732276608Tr06-19
High in the Thin Cold AirHillary, Edmund & Doig, DesmondTr06-20
Two Below ZeroMcIntyre, Don & Margie1862760187Tr06-21
Two Below ZeroMcIntyre, Don & Margie1862760187Tr06-22
Anare, Australia's Antarctic OutpostsLaw, Philip & Bechervaise, JohnTr06-23
The Wind in My HairMuir, Brigitte0-67087955XTr06-24
Antarctic HousewifeBrown, Nan0-091085101Tr06-25
Antarctic HousewifeBrown, Nan0-091085101Tr06-26
AntarcticaHelm, A.S. & Miller, J.H.Tr06-27
AntarcticaHelm, A.S. & Miller, J.H.Tr06-28
Arctic and AntarcticBertram, ColinTr06-29
Across the TopWilby, Sorrel0-725107197Tr06-30
Across the TopWilby, Sorrel0-725107197Tr06-31
RakaposhBanks, MikeTr06-32
Wall of Shadows, JanuDingle, Graeme0-340214503Tr06-33
Angel of Hudson BayAnderson, WIlliam AshleyTr06-34
Tarrant on Top of the WorldTarrant, Chris0-297844229Tr06----
The Indifferent Stars AboveBrown, Daniel James9.78E+12Tr06-35
The Sea and the SnowTemple, PhilipTr06-36
Touch the Top of the WorldWeihenmayer, Erik0-733614183Tr06-37
South with ScottLord MountevansTr06-38
South with ScottLord MountevansTr06-39
Scott of the AntarcticPound, ReginaldTr06-40
From the Ocean to the SkyHillary, Edmund0-670331724Tr06-41
From the Ocean to the SkyHillary, Edmund0-670331724Tr06-42
AlaskaMichener, James A.Tr07-01
Mountains of the MindMacFarlane, Robert1862075611Tr07-01a
North West to Hudson's BayHansen, ThorkildTr07-02
The Voyage of the NarwhalBarrett, Andrea0-002258714Tr07-03
Across Greenland in Nansen's TrackStaib, BjørnTr07-04
Ice Bound in AntarcticaLewis, David & George, Mimi0-855611413Tr07-05
Rowing to LatitudeFredston, Jill0-865476551Tr07-06
Before the Heroes Came, Antarctica in the 1890sBaughman, T.H.0-803261632Tr07-07
Deep Sea SagaConti, AnitaTr07-08
Seventh ContinentScholes, ArthurTr07-09
A Test of WillMacdonald, Warren1740662296Tr07-10
Karluk h/bMcKinley, William LairdTr07-11
Karluk h/bMcKinley, William LairdTr07-12
Karluk p/bMcKinley, William Laird0-753811014Tr07-13
Kongur, China's Elusive SummitBonington, Chris0-340265140Tr07-14
The White, Last Day in the Journeys of Scott and MawsonCaesar, Adrian0-330361570Tr07-15
Climbing HighGammelgaard, Lene0-330392271Tr07-16
Expedition SouthAnderson, W. ElleryTr07-17
Quest for a ContinentSullivan, WalterTr07-18
Mr Arctic, Vilhjalmur StefanssonBerry, EricTr07-19
Miracle in the AndesParrado, Nando0-752871943Tr07-19a
The Lonely SouthMigot, AndreTr07-20
And I Alone SurvivedELder, Lauren0-002167816Tr07-20a
Defying Gravity, Defying FearSwan, Heather0-733311717Tr07-21
AdriftCallahan, Steven0-593011198Tr07-22
The Tigris ExpeditionHeyerdahl, ThorTr07-23
The Bone CollectorsCallison, Brian0-002227827Tr07-24
Nautilus 90 NorthAnderson, William R.Tr07-25
Journey into the Stone AgeDavies, David M.Tr07-26
Your United StatesBennett, ArnoldTr07-27
Far, Far the Mountain PeakMasters, John0-55209572Tr07-28
Forty Yarns and a SongCrump, Barry1869584619Tr07-29
The Perfect JourneyDale, David0-330362801Tr07-30
To the BullfightMarks, JohnTr07-31
The Worst Journey in the World (Scott of the Antarctic)Cherry-Garrard, AplseyTr07-32
Fabled ShoeMacauley, RoseTr07-33
First OverlandSlessor, TimTr07-34
The Mighty, Mighty AmazonSt Clair, DavidTr07-35
How Did It Begin?Brasch, R.0-207182175Tr07-36
Into the BadlandsWilliams, John0-586090185Tr07-37
Picture PalaceTheroux, Paul0-140050728Tr07-38
Across the FrontierGibbs, PhilipTr07-39
Nottingham, Settlement to CityGray, DuncanTr07-40
Under a Lilac-Bleeding StarBlanch, LesleyTr07-41
The Curve and the TuskCloete, StuartTr07-42
ShabonoDonner, Florinda0-370304942Tr07-43
ShabonoDonner, Florinda0-370304942Tr07-44
English JourneyBainbridge, Beryl0-715618520Tr07-45
No Purdah in PadamDeacock, AntoniaTr07----
Bull FeverTynan, KennethTr07----
NungaPryde, DuncanTr07----
AntarcticaMoseley, Geoff9.78E+12Tr07----
Austria, Facts and FiguresTr08-01
SpainInsight GuideTr08-01a
Mexico, Inside the VolcanoRiding, Alan0-340502398Tr08-02
Room for Romance – France0-953174662Tr08-03
Room for Romance – UK and Ireland0-953174670Tr08-04
Exploring the PacificBay BooksTr08-05
Bahamas 97Frommer'sTr08-06
Paris GuideHoliday MagazineTr08-07
The Hardy Guides Vol 10-140087990Tr08-08
The Hardy Guides Vol 20-140088008Tr08-09
BahamasFielding GuideTr08-10sold
TokyoInfo GuidesTr08-11
Malaysia and SingaporeEyewitness TravelTr08-12
ChinaCulture Smart GuideTr08-13
The Competetive Destinations, Sustainable TourismRitchie, J.R. Brent & Crouch, Geoffrey184593010XTr08-14
Where to Stay, England 97, Bead and BreakfastEngland Tourist BoardTr08-15
Cheap Eats in LondonGustafson, Sandra A.0-811842835Tr08-16
Hospitality in South Africa 2001/2002Tr08-17
Facts about IsraelTr08-18
FranceLonely PlanetTr08-19
Andalucia SOLDLonely PlanetTr08-20
ChinaLonely PlanetTr08-21
Egypt and SudanLonely PlanetTr08-22
Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and PenangLonely PlanetTr08-23
BelizeLonely PlanetTr08-24
Rio de JaneiroLonely PlanetTr08-25
FijiLonely PlanetTr08-26
South Africa, Lesotho and SwazilandLonely PlanetTr08-27
South Africa, Lesotho and SwazilandLonely PlanetTr08-28
Prague Superlatives, GuideTr08-28a
Indonesia SOLDLonely PlanetTr08-29
Western EuropeLonely PlanetTr08-30
RomeLonely PlanetTr08-30a
IranLonely PlanetTr08-31
TurkeyLonely PlanetTr08-31a
South PacificLonely PlanetTr08-32
Thailand's Islands and BeachesLonely PlanetTr08-32a
Baja CaliforniaLonely PlanetTr08-33
BeijingLonely PlanetTr08-34
ParisLonely PlanetTr08-35
Mauritius, Reunion & SechellesLoney PlanetTr08-36
GreeceLet's Go GuideTr08-37
AngkorRooney, Dawn9622176836Tr08-38
Undiscovered EuropeAgora BooksTr08-39
Phaic Tan, Sunstroke on a ShoestringJetlag TravelTr08-40
TurkeyLet's Go GuideTr08-41
GermanyLet's Go GuideTr08-42
FranceAmerican Geographical SocietyTr08-43
I am Going to FranceTr08-44
Transit Guide to EuropeTr08-45
Insider's Guide to South AfricaLonely PlanetTr08-46
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ThamesStreatfield, NoelTr12-35
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Perfume from ProvenceFortescue, WinifredTr12-45
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The Tiwi IslandsPye, JohnTr12-49
Why Malta? Why Ghawdex?Tr12-50
Norway's NorthTr12-51
Illustrated Guide to Southern AfricaReader's DigestTr12-52
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