Bookstore offers more

– by Sarah Swain, Hornsby Advocate, Thursday May 28th, 2015 –


A Hornsby bookshop has opened a new chapter by introducing music, art and chess to the store.


The Bookplate on Hornsby’s west side is run by father and daughter team Tanya and Maitri Kurukulasuriya.


And as well as selling secondhand books, the pair have started Tunes & Tales, a night of music, creative writing, collaborative art and games.


Miss Kurukulasuriya said they were keen to expand outside the book business.


“The book business is quiet, but we love it, so we don’t want to leave. The more business we can get the better, as it brings people in,” she said.


Tarot card readings are also planned for Thursdays, and local artists will display their work.


Mr Kurukulasuriya, who lives in West Pennant Hills, also holds Sunday afternoon chess classes for beginners.


It has always been the pair’s dream to run a bookshop, so when Miss Kurukulasuriya, who worked part-time at the shop, heard the owners were selling in 2009, they bought it. And the pair say it’s great working together.


“My dad is the best – though I’m in charge,” joked Miss Kurukulasuriya, who lives in Glebe.


Rare volumes on offer include a first edition book of Bob Dylan’s sheet music for $350.


A collection of Shakespeare’s plays dating back to 1860 recently sold for $500 but regular books at the store start from $1.

– Joanne Vella, Hornsby Advocate