‘Thank God’ the humble bookstore’s still here

“Hornsby book stores are doing just fine.”

– by Elias Jahshan, Hornsby Advocate, Thursday February 24th, 2011 –


Second-hand and independent bookstores have said the recent bankruptcy of industry giants does not signal the death knell for books.

While the future of Hornsby’s Borders store remains uncertain, stores approached by the Advocate said they were doing well.

Owner of The Bookplate at Hornsby, Tanya Natalie, was not concerned about the rise in online shopping and e-book downloads, which REDgroup – owners of Borders and Angus & Robertson – blamed for their $46 million debt and collapse.

“I don’t think it’s going to affect me,” said the second-hand book specialist.

“If you buy a new book online it’s going to be a lot cheaper….

“We’ve got all the really old books that might not make it online. We’ve also got collectables that can’t be downloaded.”

The owner of Pennant Hills’ second-hand book store Dog Eared Books, who declined be identified, said part of REDgroup’s failure was not making “non-new books” attractive to shoppers.

“A lot of the stuff they had was re-published stuff and what they were charging was far too expensive,” she said.

“I’ve had customers come in and say ‘thank God you’re still here’, because Borders have always been too expensive.”

She said people will always turn to books and only use e-books for convenience, such as when they travel.

“I don’t think books will ever die. I truly believe that,” she said.

That comment was echoed by Ms Natalie and Jane Coffey, who owns the independent Novella bookstore at Wahroonga.

Ms Coffey said books had been sold on her premises since 1917.

“People like having a book shop in the village. We have loyal customers,” she said.

Ms Coffey added that the internet could not replace “being looked after” in a store.

The QBD bookstore at Hornsby Westfield declined to comment.

– Elias Jahshan

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